I like who I am. Thank goodness I do.

I have moss-green eyes with brown flecks. I'm a frizzy brunette with a nice smile. I have a little bit of acne and I blush quickly. There are times when I will look in the bathroom mirror after a bath, or after putting in my contact lenses in the morning, knowing that my face isn't 'perfect.' I dare say every girl does it. But seriously, I'm happy with my face - it's who I AM. It's ME. Goodness, I wouldn't want to change that, would I? God made me - I like who I am and thank goodness I do, because I have to stick with me every day, every second.
Why not make the best of who you are? You CAN make everything good by just thinking about things in a different way. You find your nose ugly? Look at it in a different way - your nose is unique and it makes you look like a quirky, down-to-earth beautiful person. Everything is beautiful - but not everything is obviously beautiful. (And define beautiful!)
I often wish my voice was better; my pronunciation can be quite unclear. And then the next day I wish fervently that I was a gem at skating. And then I decide that tap-dancing would be my biggest dream. Tomorrow I'll be worrying about my clumsy-ness in physical exercise. And then how I never seem to 'wear' clothes the way some other girls on the road do, even though I have the same ones.
Piffle, Naomi, piffle. You cannot do EVERYTHING. No-one is able to do everything. You're good at being nonsensical and cheering up children; writing is your talent; you're creative; you have the skill of finishing one book in one hour... ISN'T THAT ENOUGH? Seriously Naomi old thing, if you had more skills you would get crazy because you wouldn't have the time to put them into practise. God knew what he was doing when he made you - when he decided what your feet and your fingertips would be nifty at. Focus on what you're good at. On what you have.
I am me. Naomi. A sixteen-year-old who asks strangers weird questions and who loves being sarcastic. I am not perfect; my complexion is not beautiful; I am disastrously bad at sports, but I do not care. I try not to think about what I am not. I mean... what's the point? Why focus on what you're not when... when it won't help? I mean, I don't even WANT to be perfect if I would have the choice - I wouldn't want to be good at sports (cause I hate 'em) and my complexion is unique and not-boring and I love it.
I love who I am. Not in a boastful way, because that would be vain. I'm just simply happy inside the flesh and bones and talents God decided would suit me best.
I hope you are too.
Because if you're not, that must be awful. And if you're not, change the fact. It's possible.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! This part:

    You find your nose ugly? Look at it in a different way - your nose is unique and it makes you look like a quirky, down-to-earth beautiful person.

    Made me VERY happy because I have always HATED my big nose. Thank you for the smiles! You seem like a beautiful person inside and out!
    Mae :)

  2. *sniffle* Oh darling, this is so BEAUTIFUL. Really. And I can hear you in every word.

    This is something I've actually thought a lot about lately. I love what you said: I'm simply happy inside the flesh and bones and talent God decided would suit me best. AMEN. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could say that?

    I'm usually content with who I am. Sometimes, though, I'll think of the things I'm bad at, and others who seem 'better' than me, and I'll start to get discouraged. But I couldn't change myself if I wanted to, because it would be wrong-- I am ME, and why should I really want to be anything else? I'll just be the best ME I can be. That in itself is a full-time occupation. :-)

    LOVED this post! You are so encouraging. I love you, Naomi. :-)


  3. Mae, I'm so glad this post made you smile - and in your profile picture I think you look absolutely beautiful! :-)

    Emma, you're just TOO SWEET. Thank you for your lovely words, darling! I get discouraged too, more often than I praps should - but I'd never want to change myself. I'd never want you to change either, because I like you just how you are.
    Thank you again - your comments are always just deliciously darling.

    ~ Naomi

  4. THANK YOU. I needed this.
    "There are times when I will look in the bathroom mirror after a bath, or after putting in my contact lenses in the morning, knowing that my face isn't 'perfect.' I dare say every girl does it. But seriously, I'm happy with my face - it's who I AM. It's ME."
    ^^That bit. Thank you again, dear. For being so open - I don't know if I'd have the courage.
    This was a real encouragement.
    I say it again - THANK YOU.

  5. Beautiful post!

    I'm very happy that for the most part, I can tolerate my appearance with equanimity;) Haha, there is one thing in particular about my face that will get me down if I let it, but on the whole, if I don't think about it, I can like my face pretty well:D

    Great job!

  6. You know what? I like who you are too! :) I've never seen a picture of you, but your wit, charm, and overall sweet personality comes through in your posts. :) And frizzy hair is the best!Also, you don't have to worry about your voice, if you ever came to America you'd find that everyone gushes over foreign accents. :P It's true, we looooooove different accents. It's the coolest thing ever! Although I know what you mean about annunciating. I've always admired the transatlantic accent of the actresses in the 40s. But anyways, thanks for this refreshing post on being happy with yourself, it makes me feel good about myself too. :)

  7. Girls, THANK YOU for your lovely, lovely comments. You are all just so sweet! :-)

    Miss Elliot, aww I was so happy the hear that you got so encouraged by this post. YOU'RE WELCOME, m'dear. :-P

    Arwen, I know - focusing on your least-favourite parts isn't the right attitude, is it? :-)

    Hannah, thank you dear! I didn't say I didn't like my accent - I'm rather proud of my British accent, especially after I phoned my best friend who, as you said, gushed about it. :-) Thank you for your sweet words. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  8. Awwww, Naomi, this was such a lovely post. In the past I have struggled with comparing myself to other girls and always wishing I had a better nose or less thick hair, or that I was shorter, or a clear "rose leaf" complexion (okay, I'll be honest, I'd still like the complexion :P) but as I've grown older I've learned to appreciate who I am and be happy with my unique self. :) I'm thankful that I don't follow all the trends and try to look like everyone else-it's so boring! It's sad when you go out in the world and see girls who dress alike, wear their hair the same way, wear the same makeup, and just pretty much lose their individuality.
    So, anyways, sorry for the ramble-y comment but this was such a great and heartfelt post!

  9. Truly, truly inspiring. And very well put! I could not have said it better myself. Great job, Naomi!

    Oh! and by the way, I know I haven't visited your blog for a long while... but I just wanted to let you know how GORGEOUS it is since I saw it last. I love it!!

    Have a lovely day, my friend! :)


  10. Natalie and Cryslyn, thank you so much for your lovely words!

  11. I really needed this today... strings wasn't the best and my teacher pulled me aside and said "be positive ok?" he talked about needing to talk to someone about it or reading positive things because I kept putting myself down..


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