List of Happy going ons in my life

1. Knowing you might wake up with a new sibling any moment. (This is the most exciting thing ever. Like, suspense and excitement and curiousness about the gender... gah, I'm curious. I'll let you know as soon as it's born.)
2. Writing loads. Word after word, not caring whether it's bad or good. Just writing loads. Drafts can be dafts. :-) I'm writing a WW2 book - it's in a very dramatic and kind of soppy, old-fashioned style, with descriptions with words I've invented. I have always preferred writing dialogues, but I've recently created a fondness for describing, because I kind of invent words and I LOVE doing it, ha. Some examples:
- Sippy Watermelons
- Crackly dewy mornings
- Squintfully happy
- Nighty feeling in her bones
- Stingy thoughts
- Pinky tears that hazed in her eyes slowly
3. Popcorn. Salty and buttery. Nuff said. Right, Emma?
4. Cynthia Kirkpatrics tea-dress in Wives and Daughters. I'm re-watching the adorable flowery, beautiful Period Drama again, and MAN THIS DRESS THIS DRESS THIS DRESS. I've like, decided. It's my favourite PD dress at the moment. JUST LOOK.
And that's only the top.
5. Reading a P.G.Wodehouse book (Right-ho Jeeves, to be precise) in one-and-a-half hours and loving Wooster's way of talking like, wayyyy to much. Why can't I talk like that? I mean, dash it, it really takes the jolly biscuit, and all that. Pip pip. What-ho. He's just so adorable and dorky, Bertie Wooster is. I've developed a really weird kind of crush on him - not a serious one of course, because that's impossible. :-)
6. Whipped cream. I'm a sugar-lady. Today we had a small family party, and we had strawberry ice-cream with whipped cream. And I just adore whipped cream. I took second helpings and had a whole plate filled with nothing but warm, taste-less-but-yummy-anyway cream. I'm weird that way.
7. It's warm enough to wear nylons to Church. I'm a nylon's fan. I did make a character of mine describe nylons as 'greasy legs', though, but it has nothing to do with my opinion of them.
I want a cracked mirror.
8. Naming my characters. Probably one of my favourite bits about writing is naming the characters. I love special names - I don't name my characters Elizabeth or Jane or John. I like a name with a swing and a crackle and 'hey-there.' Some of the characters names in my current work (blue ones are males, just in case you don't know):
9. Seeing someone wearing the same jumper as you is so cool. It like, 'Oh hello there, twin!'
10. Going to bed so ridiculously HAPPY. Thank you, dear Lord. And I mean that with all my heart. (And is it amazing to know that Jesus knows I wrote this down?)
This is not from a movie. I screencapped it from a Youtube video of the Queen visiting some place quite a time ago - these are the people crowding to watch. So this picture was life. These people look like a movie. HOW DID EVERYONE LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL. IT'S PERFECT. I want to be vintage.
I'm in a very capsy mood today. Sorry about that. I personally find it annoying when bloggers use too many caps, so really, that apology is a sincere one. :-)


  1. You're happy, I'm happy. :-) I loved this post. Like, so much. Gaaahhhh. Your writing, dear-- it's so fresh and sweet and clear as a summer morning.

    What? 'Greasy legs'? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I personally hate nylons-- the things snag so easily-- but I LOVE tights. I'm wearing bright orange ones right now. I look like an oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I LURVE how Bertie Wooster talks! And I've only seen one episode of the show. ;-P He's just...gaahh. Hilarious.

    OH MY GOODNESS BABY COULD COME ANY TIME!!!! Sooooo exciting!!!

    Naming characters is totally one of the best parts of crafting stories. :-)

    And lastly....popcorn. Just, yeah.

    Have a lovely evening, sweet Naomi. :-)


  2. This post made my day, and probably my whole week! :) I just love this so much!~That first picture is gorgeous!~A baby must be incredibly exciting! You're so lucky!~Have fun with your writing!~People talking about how good popcorn makes me jealous; I'm allergic to corn!:P ~I HAVE to see Wives and Daughters! How have I not seen that yet? It'll be my easter break assignment!~If you want a cracked mirror badly enough, it shouldn't be too hard to "make"! ;)~I've created so many character names without actually making stories for them!~I had to do a double take on #9, that's British English again, isn't it?~I want to be vintage too! :)
    Well,apparently some people get capsy when they're happy; I get exclamationy! Wow, that comment was longer than expected! Have a great day! -Abby

  3. Emma, STOP IT. You're too sweet!!! The way you described my writing... ahh, thank you!!!
    I thought you weren't the nylon-kind-of-person, and yes, they are very fragile and snaggish. I sometimes really don't like tights, actually, because sometimes they are so... prickly.
    Nope, baby's not born yet.

    Abby, AWW Thank you! Oh I'm sorry you're allergic to corn - at least you're not allergic to chocolate, so that's something.
    YES WATCH Wives and Daughters. It's beautiful. :-)
    Oh dear! Jumper is not an American word? Oh yes, you say sweater, don't you?
    Haha, I like exclamation marks.

    Ainsley, thank you, dear!

    ~ Naomi

  4. A positively splendiferously delicious post, Naomi dear! ;D (There, I used three long-ish words in a row.... ;))

    I can't wait to hear when your new sibling arrives!

    And THAT....THAT....THAT DRESS! Probably my absolute favorite in all of W&D (an agonizing choice) -- they're just all so fresh and perfect and summery and flowery and delightful! ;) My sisters were rewatching it again recently while one of them was on a knitting stint. I got to pop in and out (and I'd forgotten how much I love it)! I DID get to see the tea scene, but I was out of the house the afternoon they watched the last episode. ;P So yes, very sad.... ;P

    And B-E-R-T-I-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Okay, speaking of caps, I have a feeling I rather overloaded on this comment.... ;D)

  5. What an adorable post!

    OH MY WORD. Yes. I wish I could talk like Wooster, too. I mean…it rather takes the bally cake, doesn't it, old chap?

    All the pictures you used!!!! *fangirls over the beauty*

  6. Aaahh, this is so lovely.
    I'm so excited for your family's new baby!!! I can't wait for the moment you get to tell us about him or her! :)
    Heehee, we just had popcorn last night while watching the first half of The Book Thief.
    I'll have to try P. G. Wodehouse sometime. I've never read any of his books.
    I like nylons too! I love wearing them with straight skirts and heels or flats-it feels so vintage-y. :)

    Wow!! Those people DO look like they're from a movie. So classy and elegant and lovely... I adore how all the colors are matching...red, black, and white. It reminds me a bit of the race scene in my fair lady. And of Les Mis because....red...and black. ;P

  7. D'awwww - this is lovely! :-)
    YES YES I can't wait to find out about your little brother or sister!! Yay!!
    Oooh, I love your word inventions.
    POPCORN. Yes. :-)
    I need to read P. G. Wodehouse. Ahahahaha, you imitate Bertie's style so dashed perfectly. :-)
    YES I am a sugar lady too! :-)
    What are nylons, exactly? And yessss spring is here!!! (Almost. :-))
    Oh, that last one. YES and yes.
    And you can be as capsy as you want. I don't mind. :-)

  8. Heidi, THANK YOU so much! I know, right?!!! Wives and Daughters have so many gorgeous-beyond-words dresses, it's not even funny. But that one of Cynthias - yup, I've decided. My favourite of them all. Oh that's a pity you didn't get to watch the last episode - it's SOOOO lovely, that episode is. I cried buckets. :-)

    Arwen, Bertie is such a good old chump. I keep on telling myself that my future husband has to be able to talk like that. I can copy it a little, but I always return to my girlish squeals and then I'm me again. :-)
    Thank you!

    Natalie, the baby is super late. We're still waiting. I know, nylons make me feel so vintage-y. :-) It makes me feel like a rich vintage person during WW2, because they were really expensive then, and all in the rage (which is pretty unfortunate, haha.)
    I know. I just couldn't BELIEVE it when I watched the live clip of the crowd. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND COLOUR COORDINATED. How did they manage?

    Miss Elliot, why thank you! Wodehouse is hilarious - reallyreallreally hilarious and all that. Thank you old chump, I try, try (to imitate Bertie's style.)
    Nylons are like really thin, see-through, fancy-dress-up stockings. Like made of silky, thin threads. I love them. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  9. Happy fluffyness!! XD
    How's the baby? Has it come yet? My aunts due soon with number 2!!
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  10. I hope everything is still well with the baby! I'll be keeping you(and your mom!) in my prayers and am excited for the big announcement!! :)


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