Real-people movies (or whatever they call 'em)

You know those real-people movies? You know what I mean, right? You know, for example 'The Kings Speech' and 'Young Queen Victoria' and the life of Martin Luther King etcetera. Real-life-stories made into movies. (Or stories grossly exaggerated so they would be interesting enough for a movie.) I love having a look at the person in real life and the actor/tress they chose to act him/her. Sometimes they did a really good job. Other times they just chose the actor/tress because she knew how to act and because 'they' wanted people to buy the movie.
Naturally I won't be able to look at all the real-people movies (do these movie have a name?) out there, so I'll focus on the ones I've seen. Just so you know. Yes, I know you knew anyway, but I just had to be sure. Okay, okay.
Heh. They don't look that alike.
But it's not too bad, either. And in this movie, it didn't really matter, because I didn't even know what Beatrix Potter looked like until a few seconds ago when I looked her up. When I typed in 'Beatrix Potter' in google images all that came up were pictures of Peter Rabbit and Jemimah Puddleduck. Her face isn't famous, so it doesn't bother me. Renee Zellweger was adorable in the role.
This is, by the way, an amazing movie. It's my mother's favourite movie in the whole world - she says she wants to watch it every three months, but I always say, 'Hey mum, you won't let me watch Pride and Prejudice more than once a year,' because yeah, that isn't fair. But whenever she watches it, I have to say I snuggle up on the sofa too, because an hour filled with Lionel Logue is rather irresistible, haha.
They don't really look alike.
Now, don't get me wrong, Colin Firth was the image of superb acting. But let's face it, he didn't get cast because they thought he looked like George VI, did they? But it doesn't matter, of course. I mean, hey, Colin Firth. He's FAMOUS. Catch him when they can, eh. Who cares about looks? :-P
I personally think the guy they cast as George's older brother looks a lot like the real George VI - here's a picture. Don't you think? (But then, the poor actor wasn't famous enough and got cast as the nasty older brother.)
I think these two don't look at all similar. It's all about Helena Bonham-Carter. Of course, one can't deny she didn't do a good job --- she was amazing. But I don't think she looks much like Elizabeth Bowes Lyon at all. Helena is thin and prim, Elizabeth had a round face and she was a bit chubby in a graceful way. But at least they gave Helena her kind of clothes to make up for that. And the hair is good too.
I won't go into all the characters (because Lionel Logue doesn't look much like he was in the movie, heh) but I have to say that George V, the father who dies, portrayed by good old Mr Gambon, was SO well done. He looks so much like King George. Maybe it's just the beard and the mustache, of course, but I think he really looks like him.
I watched this movie!!!! I adored it. It's so dreamy and fluttery and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. There are some ecky bedroom scenes we fast-forwarded, but for the rest... oh, I loved it. And it was super well cast, too! AND THE BALLROOM SCENE. Ohhh, that's just my favourite scene in the whole movie... her dress to start with. And then they waltz and she does her gorgeous smiiiile. *Naomi melts* (not really. I don't think people can melt.)
Wow. They were lucky to have Emily Blunt. She does look a lot like her - the same kind of eyes, especially. Of course, they could never have found the exact look-alike, but they were lucky to have Emily Blunt, because I really think she looks like the real Victoria.
Look, look! How perfect is that! They look so alike - they have that LOOK, both of them. Really, wow. I think they did very well indeed in the casting of prince Albert.
Not too bad. Not too good. :-) The real Eric Liddle (guy on the left) is more muscular. Nothing else to say. It's kind of the same issue as Miss Potter - I didn't even know what he looked like before I looked it up. His face isn't famous. But they didn't cast the guy because they thought he looked like Mr Liddle, I don't think so.
I remember seeing a picture of the real Laura Ingalls as a girl for the first time - I was SO disappointed I could hardly take it in. Where were the braids, the cute rabbit-teeth, freckles and snapping brown eyes? Where was the adorable huge-spread cheeky look? Of course, Laura wasn't allowed to smile in the picture according to old-fashioned etiquette, and she wore her hair loose in the fancy way for the picture. So I think she must have looked a bit like Melissa Gilbert when she was all out and about doing her farm-chores, don't you think?
Seriously though, the Little House cast doesn't really look much like their real characters. Don't get me started with Pa. As much as I don't think beards very flattering, Pa needs that wiry plucky beard. :-)
What are your opinions?
Do you like the people they cast for these roles?


  1. I agree that "Miss Potter" doesn't look much alike, but they each had such a "unique" look, I think it works out just fine.

    And I've seen The Young Victoria twice now and both times I was simply floored by how look-alike both leads are. SO neat! :D

    (And....um....yes. Don't get me started on Little House! DON'T. And I do like beards. So yes, trust me, let's just Stop There. ;D)

  2. I LOVE these movies! Mrs. Potter was so good it made me cry!
    Mae :)

  3. I've heard others rave about Young Victoria before but I haven't yet seen it. My library has it though so I should probably check it out to enjoy over Spring break next week. :)

  4. This is such a fun post!
    I love Miss Potter. Renee did such a wonderful job-even if she doesn't look like the real Miss Potter. :)
    You've seen Young Victoria??? Yay!!! I adore that movie so much....Emily Blunt is perfect as Queen Victoria. Sometimes she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in her role as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday. Something about her voice and mannerisms...
    And Albert. I love Albert. And they did a fantastic job casting him.
    Chariots of Fire is SO fantastic...it's pretty much my dad's favorite movie and I love it too. Do you enjoy it? (It's ok if you don't. :))
    Haha, I too was disappointed the first time I saw the real Laura... :(
    I still love the LH show despite how inaccurate it is.Have you seen the LH movie with Erin Cottrell as ma? The man who plays pa has a beard in it.

  5. I've never seen a picture of Laura Ingalls before, and I think she looks striking! I agree with most of your opinions on the choices, based mainly on appearance. However, I think that Beatrix Potter and the actress look very similar. In a different way, I can't quite place my finger on it. Almost like their softness in their faces look so on spot with one another it really fits for me. Nice post!

  6. They're called "biopics." Movies based on the life of a real person, I mean. I do love them, especially Beyond the Sea and Walk the Line and Chariots of Fire and Luther. I'm quite fond of Miss Potter and Amazing Grace too. But I prefer that an actor capture who a person was and what they were like rather than have to look exactly like them, so I don't mind when they're not a good physical match.

    Oh, and it's my understanding that people didn't smile in old photos not because it was bad manners, but because it took more than a minute for a photo to "take," and it's really hard to hold a natural-looking smile for that long, so rather than look like crazed mannequins, they just looked noncommittal.

  7. "Real-people movies" haha! I love that! :P Laura was quite pretty but didn't really look like Melissa Gilbert. Oh, I'd never known what Beatrix Potter looked like 'till now! She looks sweet. :) And WOW Young Queen Victoria truly knocked it out of the park! All of the actors and actresses look so much like the real people!

  8. Oh, and I remember seeing a picture of ma, just like you did with Laura, and being disappointed. The books and series lead you to think that she was this village beauty, and Karen Grassle had always been the face to the name (she did an amazing job portraying her). And she looks rather plain. Then I read that Caroline Ingalls was just as sweet and hardworking and gentle as she was portrayed. She really was someone to aspire to. I am no longer disappointed because it's so rare to be just as wonderful as how you were nostalgically written.

  9. I was gonna say, "They're called biopics", and then I just read Hamlette's comment...:-D So, yeah.

    My favorite is definitely Amazing Grace. Also Hidalgo, but I don't know if that counts. It is about a real person, though! ;-P

    Wow. Rupert Friend looks just like Albert! Or maybe it's just the hair. Either way, I think he was perfect. :-)

    I don't care if Renee Zellweger doesn't look like Beatrix Potter-- she just IS Beatrix Potter in that movie! No one could have done better, and that's coming from one of Miss Potter's biggest admirers. *sigh* I love that movie so much. :-)


  10. Ooh, *this* is gonna be good.
    "Real-life-stories made into movies. (Or stories grossly exaggerated so they would be interesting enough for a movie.)" HAHAHAHA THAT BIT.
    Hmmm, yes, the 'nasty older brother' looks a LOT like the original Bertie. But I mean, Colin Firth's AMAZING acting. And and and. (I STILL haven't seen this one yet.)
    OH MAH WORDY LOOK AT THE TWO PRINCE ALBERTS. TWINS, they are!! But I DO like Rupert whats-his-name better because he doesn't look so soft and ummm.. yeah.
    I 'appen to love Ian Charleson as Eric (in one of my favorite movies evah, no holds barred :-))
    Veddy good. This was interesting! :-)


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