Susanna + My Favourite Links

This past week has been a very beautiful week. Susanna, my one-week-old sister, still fresh and smelling-of-the-womb was a constant darling distraction - I hardly got anything done because of her; I just can't stop staring at the calm tiny face. She is seriously the beautiful-est little thing ever. Her skin in like velvet, her fingernails are one millimetre wide, and her eyes are dark blue and shiny as a lake in the midnight. And when she has her eyes open and stars calmly up at you - gah, I just burst into tears because of the beautiful-ness. The pictures don't do half of the credit. You really have to feel her, see her, stroke your nose against her cheek, smell her, and then you can only see fully how amazing she is. I love her so much.

Now, here are some blog posts / articles / random stuff / links I have enjoyed lately:

Sadie's new blog, Buttermilk Sky.
You all know my good friend Emma, right? Well this is the blog of her younger sister! It's brand-new, beautiful, and needs some followers. :-P

Emma's post: Less is More.
Read how Emma tells writers that sometimes description isn't the key towards visual vividness for the readers. Sometimes less is more.

This pin is SOOOO true. (-:

I love this list of ideas for a literary wedding. I might go back there one day and steal some ideas (although not all of them. Some are plain weird and can only be made when breaking and tearing books apart which isn't what book-lovers do.)

"Should Guys open doors for Girls?"
I really enjoyed the last Blimey Cow video. I enjoy all of them, really. :-)

A Lantern in her Hand is the book I'm burning to read the most right now. Especially after Natalie's beautiful review of it.

Read this, old thing.

Rachel Heffington's verbal self-portrait is SO amazing. (I have tried to create my own verbal portrait, but I can't seem to get 'me' fully on paper. :-))

I adored Olivia's guest post on Hamlette's blog about Beth March. Oh to be like Beth. You wrote it very well, Olivia.

This picture makes me want to be Romola Garai's friend even more than before.

What have you been enjoying lately?


  1. Awww, thanks for the free publicity! You're so sweet. :-)

    Ohhh. *sniffle* Susanna is just so gorgeous! I want to stroke my nose on her cheek. :-)

  2. Oh little Susanna, you are so precious:)

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! IT IS A BABY!! :D She is absolutely beautiful you blessed big sister! I have not held a new born baby in over 3 years.. sniff Oh!! I WANT TO FIND A BABY! :D

  4. Susanna!!!! She's so beautiful. I wish I could hold her and touch her-she is just so soft and adorable. <3
    An awww, thanks for linking to my post!!! :) You're so sweet!
    And so is Susanna. Because we can never stop talking about her, right? ;)

  5. She. is. SO. adorable!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!! I so wish I could snuggle her. ;) Make sure to give her an extra big kiss for me from around the world..... :D

  6. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh my word. THAT FACE!!!! She has a wise sort of look about her, strange as that sounds! Too precious:)
    You linked to my guest post? *blushes* Thank you so much! 'T'is so sweet of you:D

  7. Awwwwww your sister is so so cute! My aunts having a girl soon so I'm uber excited!!!!!! XD so sorry about not replying to your email yet we're still packing and moving so we have no internet. I only have my phone and it's low on data :-(.
    your Aussie pal
    Oh and Emma that's the same reason why I haven't replied to yours yet too.. Sorry all!!

  8. Emma, you're welcome for the free publicity. :-D And I'm so sorry you can't stroke your nose on her cheek. How sad.

    Kristen, I know, she is. :-D

    Julia, Thank you so much! I KNOW - I'm so blessed and lucky and yes, I do realise it. :-) I hope a baby pops up somewhere where you live soon, so you can hold one too. :-)

    Natalie, I wish you could hold her too. Goodness, I feel so envied-at by everyone - maybe I should stop sharing Susanna!
    You're welcome! I loved that review so much. Normally I don't enjoy book reviews, so that's praise, you know. :-)

    Heidi, I know - she is, she is! I will definately bombard her with more kisses from you all. Goodness, Susanna doesn't realise all the havoc she's causing. :-P

    Evie, Thank you! You're MOVING? Oh, How Exiting! I've moved house twice and I remember those weeks being some of the most exciting weeks in my life. Eck, commenting on a phone sounds not so fun - don't worry about catching up on emailing, I fully comprehend. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  9. That pin -- yes!

    And what a coincidence: I just started following Sadie's blog this morning :-)

  10. OHHHHH SHE IS THE SWEETEST LITTLE MUNCHKIN I EVER SAW. Those delicious little fingers... ahhh! Give her a kiss for me. :-)
    Ooh, I like all your links. Very Approved. ;-)

  11. Hamlette, I'm glad someone agrees with me about the smiley-business. (: That, that just isn't right.
    Sadie's blog is wonderful!

    Miss Elliot, I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW SHE IS. :-D
    And I'm glad these links are Miss-Elliot-approved. :)

    ~ Naomi

  12. Naomi~ Oh wow, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed my review. :)
    And yes, haha, I think we are all very envious, but don't stop sharing her! ;)
    I enjoy seeing her pictures so much. :)

  13. a big kiss from the other side of the world from me too! sadly my baby bro is now 2 1/2 so not much of a baby. babies are such an amazing,precious blessing!!


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