Wonderland Creek is 1 year old!

This is a proud moment for me. My blog is one year old. I've been blogging for three-hundred-and-sixty-five days. Last year I sat down and created this here. And then a few days later I published my first post. Publishing my first post was HUGE. I was trembling like a crumbled leaf in autumn wind as I clicked on that orange publish button, and I was SO oozing and elating when I got my first comments. Heidi, Emma, Sadie and Natalie, you were my first four followers and commenters. Thank you. :-)

But you need to hear the whole story. :-D

So, Naomi was once a girl who knew nothing about the Internet. She only very occasionally used her parent's email address, but for the rest she had no social media thingies. She used the Internet, of course, now and then, and one day bumped into 'Elegance of Fashion.' Naomi was but ten or eleven. Naomi thought 'Elegance of Fashion' was the prettiest thing ever - it had these things (posts) all about her favourite movies! Why! Then Naomi found Oldfashioned Charm, Frims and Frills, Regency Delight and Yet Another Period Drama blog. She LOVED those blogs. She found them pretty, fascinating.

The thought about having a blog (she didn't know it was called a 'blog', of course, but that's beside the point) didn't even occur to her. Having a blog must be extremely expensive, Naomi thought.

Years past. Naomi continued to love those Period Drama blogs. She didn't understand much, though - what on earth is 'a tag'?!!! What, for Pete's sake is 'Beautiful people'?!!! And Naomi was killed with curiosity about not knowing what 'Nanowrimo' was. And so on. 

In her real life, she watched some more Period Dramas and became a real Period Drama geek (which officially started with P&P95 of course - read about my PD story here, if you're interested (which you're probably not, I know.)) And then... one day she bumped into another blog. It was called 'For the Beauty of the Earth' and the writer of the blog was Naomi's age. 14. Like, how could she afford it? :-P

This header brings back so many memories.

And then Naomi discovered commenting. She played Miss Laurie's games on her blog 'Old Fashioned Charm' and commented on all Emma's posts. She couldn't take in the thrill of CONVERSING with the rich owners of those blogs. She adored those people and dreamt of 'really being one of them.'

And then she realised she COULD BE one of them. It was POSSIBLE.

So then, readers, I didn't want anything else but to have my own blog. But that time I was already emailing seriously with Emma, who was the main person who influenced me to blog. Then, after my parents consented to it, I started one. I had LOADS of problems first, no clue about anything and all that. Thank goodness I had my Emma to email to in frantic tears. She was ever so sweet and emailed me all the how-to's and all that. Thank you again about that, dearie. :-)

And the rest is history. I posted LOADS and I ADORED (and still adore) blogging. I have never ever regretted blogging.

Time for the numbers and all that jazz, now.

~I have written 174 posts. WOW. How izz that possibul. That's like, one every three days. Glup.

~I have changed my blog look loads of times...

~I have 25,004 pageviews. BEWILDERNESS.

~ 20 Movies I am Burning to see was the most popular post, with 689 pageviews. I guess people like to see what I've not seen rather than what I have.

~ I haven't had too many weird search keywords, but this one made me giggle because sorry, whoever wrote that, I haven't got any posts about that: edmund pevensie costume

~ The majority of my readers comes from USA.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

~ I have 55 followers.

~I have received 1315 comments.

Now it's time to thank you. I have to do so profusely and from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Your comments are just so beautifully kind and you make me smile and be me more than you realise. Before I started blogging I wasn't really me. Blogging has made me shape and find who I really was, and without you all that wouldn't have happened. Thank you for being so welcoming from the very start and thank you for commenting and commenting those glorious I-will-always-love comments. Thank you for wanting me. It means the world. :-)



  1. OH! I didn't realize it was so soon! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY blog-iversary!!!!!

    Isn't it crazy when you realize you've been doing this for a FULL YEAR already?!? Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday we were just beginning to know each other, and you were emailing me 'in frantic tears' {heehee} and asking me bloggy questions. Ahhh. What good days those were. :-)

    And now my dear Naomi is a successful blogger! I am SO happy and So proud and SO thrilled for you. You've made blogging so much more enjoyable for me too, did you know that? Did you know I used to read about friends who had met through blogging and dreamed of one day finding such a kindred spirit? Yes, I know you did. :-)

    Get out. You didn't really think I was rich, did you? Sorry, but that's just...that's funny. ;-P

    I KNOW! When I first started reading blogs, there was soooo much I didn't know. It was wonderfully exciting and overwhelming, because I wanted to learn everything. What is a tag? How do you do that? What is this? I want to do it too!

    *Sigh* I still feel so honored to be the one who really inspired you to begin this blog. I can't tell you how much. :-)

    Now I'm going to go back and read your first post, for old time's sake. I'll probably cry. ;-)

    Happy one-year anniversary, my dear. Here's to many more!

    ~ Your darling Violet

  2. Emma, Thank you so much, darling. :-)
    Oh, me too - I dreamt about meeting a good friend over blogging. But I kinda had before I started blogging, y'know, which was fortunate. :-)
    Well yes, I just thought blogs cost money, so I thought you had to be wealthy to be able to afford it. But maybe by the time I met your blog, I knew about blogs being free.
    Haha, my first post is SO awkies. IS THAT ME.
    Thank you for the darling comment, Violet. :-)

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited for you! Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more :D

  4. Happy one-year-blogiversary!! <3

  5. Yikes! All the movies you hadn't seen in 2014! Those are some of my favorites and then I too haven't seen some of them so I guess we're kind of even. I hope you've rectified some of them by now though! ;)
    Congratulations on one year! I know that I had no idea what I was getting into when I first started out but I'm so glad I did. I love the period drama blogs though I'm not one myself. :)

  6. Ashley and Cryslyn, thank you, my dear friends!

    Lois Johnson, yes, don't worry, I have seen quite a few of the list. :-P Let me see... I saw Little Dorrit, Young Queen Victoria, Miss Potter, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Inheritance and State Fair. All amazing. :-) Thank you for your comment!

    ~ Naomi

  7. Such happiness!!!! :) Congratulations, dear!!! Your blog is so utterly lovely and you're so enthusiastic and hospitable, it's such a delightful pleasure to be friends! :)

    And oh, my.... I'm blushing. I got mentioned in your first paragraph here?? ;) I can still remember clicking through to your blog after that first post (just after Emma's period drama fashion party) and then hitting the "follow" button. So much delightful wonderfulness since then! And here's to more coming soon!!! :)

  8. *blasts party poppers*
    SURPRISE! I simply HAD to comment because it's your swellisimus (you have me using that word now dear) anniversary!

    Awww your story is so cute! Mine is very similar! I found yours when I was just begining and you were (and still are) so sweet to me and every blogger!

    Awwww you and Emma's friendship is so so lovely! Jess and I's is very similar.. she's sent her first letter and it should be coming soon! SUCH a ta do in this house let me tell you!!!!!!!

    (I may be a bit excited about this)

    You make the most lovely headers! and oh my! :D

    *slowly raises hand* that comment was me...

    *crickets chirping*

    WAHAY! Australia's second on the list! :D Must be our lovely little country.. couuuuuuuuuughitshugeactuallytakesfivehourstogetfromPerthtoBrissyandthatsbyplanecough


    Awww THANK YOU dear! *tackles in hug* You're such a great bloggy penpal friend to have.. *rasies champane glass* Join with me friends! *clinks glasses*
    TO NAOMI!!

    I need to email you from my new email too!

  9. Congratulations, Naomi! I hope you have years of bubbly, bonny blogging ahead! Maybe... someday I might start a blog, but you set the standard very high!

  10. Wow!!! Yay, Naomi! Happy Blog-o-versary!!
    Awww.....was I really one of your first followers and commenters? I'm so happy to have that honor!
    Haha, your blogging story sounds so much like mine. I "followed" most of the same blogs you mentioned for a long time before finally getting my own. :)
    And yes!! Tags were a giant MYSTERY to me.
    I love all your blog headers....you're so talented with them! I think my favorite is number 3....soooooo elegant and lovely.
    Your last paragraph...so sweet. Thank you, Naomi!! :)
    Happy One Year!!!!!

  11. Awwwwww!

    This post...it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy; don't really know why...


    Hee, I'm gonna check out the story of how you became a period drama geek now;)

    Congratulations on a year of splendiferous blogging, Naomi!:D

  12. Heidi, oh my! Thank you for your sweet words, m'dear. :-) I'm so honoured that we're friends. You were, I believe, the first commenter of them all! Thank you dreadfully much. :-)

    Evie, whah! You make me feel like a film-star, my dear! *puts end of sunglasses in mouth* - thank you so much, Evie, you're a darling. I miss you on blogger, by the way. :-(
    Oh, Jess sent you a letter. IT'S SO COOL GETTING AN AMERICAN LETTER, I PROMISE. I was squeeeaaaling my head off. Haha, you wrote 'edmund pevensie costume', you mean? Sorry I don't have a post about that. :-)
    Awww. You make me blush.

    Abby, thank you so much! If you ever start a blog, let me know, so I can pop in a pay you a visit. :-)
    And don't worry, I wasn't at all that good a blogger in the beginning - but thank you for the compliment.

    Natalie, yes, you definately have that 'honour' (if it's an honour. I'm honoured that you fancy it an honour, haha!)
    Heehee, yes, here too - WHAT WERE TAGS. I seriously just couldn't understand. Oh yes, I like the third header too - it might come up again next autumn, but we'll see. Thank you so much. :-)

    Arwen, aww! You're just too sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed my story (and went off to check on my Period Drama story *clenches fists proudly* Someone did it! Someone did it!)
    I'm glad you like my headers! If you'd like me to make one for you, you can contact me on my 'header' page. But I love your header too - practise makes perfect...

    ~ Naomi


  14. Yay! Happy 1st anniversary, Naomi!

  15. Awww thanks, I miss you too!! heck I miss everyone!! *hugs* I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE LETTER!! :D
    Has your mum had her baby yet??

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