20 Facts about Me

This is me, holding my youngest sister and wearing my favourite top and - oh dear, the box is on my face. :-)
Hello, lovely people. You know my Improvement Questionnaire? Well, I've been reading my answers and suggestions (32 people have filled it in so far - and please feel free to do it again or whatevs, because I love getting new filled-in-thingies), and quite a few of you said stuff like, 'Please share a bit more about your life!' or 'More posts about yourself, please.' 

One of you also asked me whether or not I'd ever show my face. A photo. For now, dear person, not quite yet. But maybe one day. :-)

But I understand COMPLETELY when people want to know more about me in general (because I'm, simply put, the most curious creature God ever made), and that's why I set out to make this post. Those of you who've known me longer (Emma *cough*) will probably know all these already, but hopefully it'll bring so more about-Naomi-Bennet-ness to the brains of most of you. Here are 20 random facts about me!

Also, I've noticed I have recieved some new followers during the past months, who don't know me at ALL. Twill be remedied, m'dear bricks.

1. I have five brothers and four sisters. I'm the oldest sister, but I have one older brother. We all have Bible names, and we're all noisy. So yeah, it's noisy. But it's not hard or tiring. I think it NORMAL. And I love it. :-) To link another little side-fact into a fact, we live in a big house and we're home-schooled.

2. I share a bedroom with my little sister. We have our bedrooms shared with one older sibling and one younger. Roughly like that, anyways. I love sharing my bedroom with my five-year-old sister who always comes up with the nuttiest one-liners I put in my books. :-)

3. I am British. Half-British, that is. I actually don't live in England (I live in a country close to it, Belgium), but I AM British. I'm proud of that. Deep-velvet-glimmer-in-the-bosom-kind-of-proud. That deep velvet proud little glimmer will, I believe, never fade.

4. I'm a regular choir-member of the Church I go to. And it's a fine, quality choir, I'm proud to say. A really English Choir With Authentically Gorgeous Music and all that.

5. Thick Books attract me. Some people go 'huuuhh' with frightened round eyes when someone offers them a five-centimetre thick book, but not I. My current favourite three books are Rebecca, Gone with the Wind, and The Book Thief and they are all thick. Especially GWTW. Which is sooo good (no, Emma, no talking, shh, shh, shh, don't say anything now, shh.) So yeah, I love thick books; classics; books that smell old. I also love new books, like The Book Thief, but my heart will always be in the literature of yesteryears.

6. I like following the Fashion. I feel comfortable following the fashions (most of the time, anyway) and yes, I enjoy doing it. I won't deny it. I love buying clothes and one day I just want to walk in a shop with 100 euros and spend it all at once.

7. I write on my hands. Mostly, it's school-work-facts I don't want to know but need to know (I've currently got something about blood tissues on my right hand), but sometimes I doodle some hearts on my hands. It's shameful, I know. But it's easily washed, so LET ME. My brothers say I have a tattoo. :-P

8. I LOVE WRITING. I didn't want to add this one first, because you are all supposed to know this, but then I thought, 'Oh why not mention it.' You have to know this, guys.

9. I don't enjoy Narnia and LOTR. I'm not against them, I just.don't.like. them. SORRY. Apparently this is the one thing about half of you don't like about my blog, but I can't help it! Arghghgh. I can say this though: I understand why people enjoy it. But I just don't.

10. I'm such a NOT animal person. I like looking at animals - they are all beautiful/weird creations, all amazing in their own way. But when it comes to touching them, or stroking them, or having them, or having-them-sniffling-at-you, I do not enjoy it. I'm scared of dogs, by the way. Like, ridiculously scared.

11. I love designing stuff. By 'stuff' I mean cards, wall-art, book covers, blog layouts, headers. I love being creative. The last card I designed was a birth-card with large rosy letters on the front, saying 'It's a girl!' and then underneath in black cursive and in small brackets, 'Just in case you forgot.' I like making things quirky. :-)

12. I do not like travelling. When it comes to holidays, I prefer spending it in my good ol' home, with Wifi and all my books and things near by. I like making day-trips, and I do like to go to England at least once a year to visit all my cousins. But in general, I do not enjoy travelling, sight-seeing, and all that jazz.
But I want to go to America one day, to visit Emma.

13. I love Blimey cow. Blimey cow is a Youtube channel which posts the always-hilarious Messy Monday videos every week, making my Mondays cool. They make Homeschooling the coolest, and laugh sarcastically about the Internet, things-people-say-and-do and other such things. I also love the bloopers. A lot.

14. Pink is my colour. The end.

15. I love the Royal Family. I mean to say: I love reading about them, even if it's just gossip. I have a huge big pile of Royalty Magazines in my room, and although some of them are so gossipy I just plain like them. Especially Queen Elizabeth. She's my favourite.

16. Historical inaccuracy really annoys me. In movies and books, although I don't always notice it, when I DO it annnooooys me. For example, if a book mentions the era and then something that doesn't belong in the era, I cannnnot read the book in a relaxing way. I also can't stand it when Period Drama ladies go to town with loose hair. IT WASN'T LIKE THAT.

17. My wall above my desk currently looks like this. The wall art is all done by moi.

I spend entire days doing boring work there, so it's nice to have some inspirational stuff to gaze up to. Every week or so, I'll add some new little things onto it.

18. I don't like watching movies longer than 2 hours in one go. My eyes go crazy - especially in the evenings. I have to split long movies up. (Although I still want to watch Pride and Prejudice 1995 in one go, one day. That's just something I HAVE to do. ONE DAY.)

19. I'm an early bird. I can't sleep in. CAN'T. Like, sometimes I want to, because I'm dead tired, but then I wake up at seven, or half-past-seven, in the latest. Maybe this is because I have siblings who are also early birds and therefore wake me up? I don't know. I just WAKE. I love it, though, because the longer the mornings, the better the days. Mornings are awesome.

20. SINK MEH! In other words - I'm obsessed with quoting quotable Period Drama people.

Did you learn something new about me today?
Tell me, which of these did you not know?
Or were there no surprises? :-)


  1. The fact post :D Yay!
    "M'dear bricks" I have to use that :D
    I always wondered about that British fact :D
    Thick books are good, unless you've heard that they're hard to finish or the beginning's not interesting...
    I'm not an animal person either!!! Dogs are okay, but I don't want/have time to take care of pets!! Kittens are cute too, but once they become cats.. Yikes!!! (I had a bad cat experience once..)
    You should be a graphic designer :D
    I like the idea of traveling, but not really the practice. I love that you can read in the car for ridiculously long amounts of time, but staying in new places is stressful! WIFI FOR THE WIN!!
    Blimey Cow is sooo funny! That is lawful!
    Queen Elizabeth is awesome!!
    Oooh I forgot about that be optimistic and smile song!
    Watching movies is hard for me! Not because of my eyes, but because I have to have something to do!!
    I'd like to be an early bird....
    Yes, I learned a few new things, such as you being an early bird, not liking to travel, not being able to watch long movies, and you not being an animal person!
    I loved this post :D

  2. Oh this was fun! Most were total surprises to me.
    I am in complete agreement with you on LOTR and Narnia. Not my cup of tea at all.
    Also, I love that quote on the bottom right of your wall.
    Wonderful post :)

  3. I didn't know you loved Rebecca! You've never mentioned it before:) It is my favouritest ever book!! I've read and re read it so many times, don't you think it has the most delicious plot twist? Every time I know it's coming but I still get shocked and scared and it excites me so much! Goodness, I could rant for ages about how much I love Rebecca.
    Thanks for the great post, I'm relatively new-ish to your blog so it was nice to learn more about you. By the way, I'm not an animal person either.
    Naomi xx

  4. Ashley, thank you so much for your lovely long comment! Your comments are always such jolly long ones. :-)
    Haha, I love the word 'brick'. I learnt it at a very young age, through E.Nesbit's 'The Railway Children.' Phyllis says it a lot.
    Yeah, true. I only like Thick books when they are good. :-) Because when they aren't it's just a DRUDGE to plow through. I'm now reading Anna Karenina and it's SUPER long and also kinda bleh.
    Yes, I know! Pet's are SO time-consuming! My sister had a rabbit once and that even took a lot of attention - (she loved it, though.) I don't like dogs at all, to be honest; but I wouldn't want a cat either. But I personally prefer cats to dogs.
    HAHA! Yes, 'that's lawful'. As a fellow Blimey-cow-er I know what you're talking about. I thought one of the funniest videos was the one of two weeks ago, about 5 things people say. 'Not gonna lie' and stuff like that. It made me laugh SO hard, because it's SO spot-on-true. :-)

    Mary, I'm glad you got to know me better, m'dear!
    Oh, I'm happy to hear that you have my opinions on Narnia and LOTR. I mean, I don't mind people who do like them, but it's nice to have people who understand completely. :-)
    Haha, yes, I found that quote on Pinterest and totally fell in love with it. I can't for the life of me remember WHO said it, though.

    Naomi, I never mentioned Rebecca before, because I only read it for the first time this week. I LOVED IT SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN. Seriously, it was one of the best books I ever read. Ever. Meee too, I could rant forever! Oh YES. I was SOOOO shocked when I Found Out The Big Secret! It was deliciously scary and beautifully creepy... and gah, I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED IT.
    So yeah, you WILL hear about this book more in the future. It's just TOO good not to mention.

    Thank you for the comments, lovely girls!

    ~ Naomi

  5. My family watched The Scarlet Pimpernel last month and I'm still saying "sink meh!" I can't stop! It's addictive!
    You should definitely go for watching P&P in one go! I've done that once and while it was exhausting it was a pretty cool experience and I found that you see things that you don't see when you watch it in segments.
    And BLIMEY COW!!!! I love it too! Though I'll admit I haven't been keeping up with it as much recently. :( School and all. :(
    Have you seen any Studio C? They are pretty good too. :)

  6. Lois, I KNOW. Those two words, once you hear them, you hear them constantly in your brain and they are automatically in your daily vocabulary. Great two words, sink me! :-)
    Yeah, I want to do it - maybe one day when I'm not feeling that well and have to spend the whole day in bed, or something.
    Yes, I have once tried one or two Studio C videos, but I actually don't enjoy them as much as many people do. I much prefer Blimey Cow - it's more my cuppa. :-)

    Thank you for the comment, Lois!
    ~ Naomi

  7. This is such fun!!:D

    (By the by, your little sister is absolutely adorable.)

    Ooh, you're in a choir! I'm in one myself. Would you mind me asking whether you're a soprano or an alto? Sorry, I'm really weird in that I love knowing that about people:D

    Haha, I understand about not caring for Narnia/LotR. It took me a while to get that into them myself. Now I am, of course, but that's a different story;) So I get that:-P

    Isn't designing things fun? I get these "creative spurts" where I just HAVE to make something. I've been dabbling in diy products for your skin and stuff recently XD

    Blimey Cow! Isn't it great?! They're hilarious. I loved their "myths about homeschooling debunked." :D

    Your wall!!! I loves it:)

    Lucky you, unable to sleep in. I have exactly the opposite problem:-/

    This was, again, such jolly good fun, old sport!

  8. Olivia, thank you!
    Oh no, I don't mind any questions - (in fact, I just adore questions :-P) - I'm all in all a definatly soprano. When it comes to low notes, you just can't hear me, because I can't sing them loud at all. What about you?
    Oh yes, I have that too! Sometimes you just get a WHOOSH of creativiy passing through your day. Wow, products for your skin? That sounds very good. :-)
    Ah yes, all the lies about Homeschoolers. Blimey Cow KNOWS.
    Thank you, I like my wall too. It's not too hard to create - you could do it!
    Haha, well, sometimes I wish I could sleep longer. But yeah, I'm lucky, in a way!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Twinsies! I'm a soprano, too:)
      Aww, thanks! I have stuff like that on my wall, but it's all spread out across the room XD

  9. Oh my gosh...you are BRITISH!!!! I have always wanted to be British (Seriously sad I am not, though I might pretend I am when talking to myself). I want to have a pocket full of money to spend all at once some time too:) I love to write and design things too, all the time. Pink is my color too...yay, and yes I do love reading about the royal family too (I guess it fills the void for not being British). Love your wall art, those are the type of bedroom walls that inspire me:) Oh, and I can't sleep in either!
    Loved reading all of this about you!

  10. Your favorite top is sooo pretty and elegant. :)
    I love fashion too! Or simply personal style. There's nothing like shopping and finding wonderful pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. I love being able to go to my closet and wear things I love! :)
    I adore your drawings! They are sooo pretty!
    Haha, I think that's perfectly fine that you don't enjoy Narnia or LOTR, although I do personally like them.
    Really? You don't like animals?? I never would have guessed that....I used to be really scared of dogs when I was little, but not anymore. We have three. :) haha When I was little I just couldn't stand it if a dog tried to lick me. It was terrifying. :P
    Hahaha, the birth card sounds adorable!! I love designing things too. And your notebooks are so cute. The titles are so funny!!
    Yup, I love Blimey Cow too. I notice your comments on the Ask Jordan videos! I want to try leaving a comment someday but I have a weird fear of leaving youtube comments, don't ask why. :P
    Yes! The Royal Family is so fun to read about!
    This was SUCH a fun post idea and I definitely learned some things about you I never knew!

  11. Hello peasants, I know all this. ;-) Haha.

    Delightful fun, Naomi! Who wouldn't want to learn more about such a jolly girl as yourself? ;-P

    Haha, I beat you to watching P&P all in one go! I only recommend it for the most avid of fans. It can get a bit....em...well, long.

    Love you, darling. :-)


  12. Great answers! I loved that last one, and also I think that you being British is so fitting and perfect! :) And go blimeycow! I have to say, I think I'm the only homeschooler ever not to read LOTRs yet, although I plan to. And while the first narnia book is good and the rest are pretty exciting, it does get a little disappointing. The Last Battle is weird.

  13. Madison, Heehee, yes, I really am. :-)
    I know, right? I really have to do that one day. Maybe for my eighteenth birthday. Just to be able to pick one thing after another. :-)
    Oh, that's so cool you can't sleep in either - I'd never met anyone before now who's the same as me in that respect! :-) Thank you for your lovely comment - we seem to have a lot in common!

    Natalie, Yes, I do think it's important to have a personal style. I definitely have one, although I do let the current fashions influence me a little. :)
    Yeah, I'm scared of dogs. And it still terrifies me when they try to lick me. My siblings always laugh at me. :-P As you can imagine!
    Heehe yes, I'd be SO alore if Jordan answered one of my questions one day, so that's why I keep on trying. I know what you mean about the Youtube-comment-fear - I used to be EXACTLY the same! I've only recently gotten over it!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the post, m'dear.

    Emma, AHAHA. Of course this wasn't very informative to you.
    Well, I AM the most avid of fans, therefore I shall have to do it one day. It'll have to be a day in which I don't have much to do, of course.

    Hannah, It's SO nice to hear from you again!
    I know that you are the most avid of blimey-cow-fans. I love your Youtube comments. :-P
    Oh, I haven't read LOTR either. I read the Narnia books, and I started the Hobbit (but couldn't finish) - I just know the LOTR isn't my thing. Maybe I should give it a go, though.
    Yeah, the first Narnia books are the best ones.

    ~ Naomi

  14. Hello, Naomi. I'm new to this whole blogging thing and have never commented on anyone's blog before, so I'm a little bit nervous. But I guess if I want to get in on the discussion, I'd better say something. I discovered your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed it very much, especially as you post so often and there is always something new to read. I come from a big family, like you do; and coincidentally, I was homeschooled and live in a big house, too! Is your house an old one? Ours was built in 1902.

    I thought it was interesting what you said about not liking Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. Do you dislike fantasy in general? I'm not a huge fan of that genre myself, but I do like LOTR and Narnia because there's a lot of depth to the stories, and the characters are really good. (The books are much better than the movies.)

    By the way, your blog is very pretty. I like your choice of colors. Light green and pink are lovely together. (Go figure. Those are the colors I chose for my blog, too!)

  15. Hi Miss March,

    Welcome to the blogging world! I love your blog-name. :-)
    Wow, your house sound gorgeously old! No, I wish ours was that old! Ours isn't really old or new, and we always have leaking problems and stuff like that to prove it. I don't know when it was built though. I wish it was as old as yours - I'd imagine all the kinds of stories happening inside in the past! :-)
    Yeah, sorry, fantasy in general isn't really my cup of tea. I do like a bit of un-realistic-ness and magical weirdness, but the genre fantasy has never really got me. But I agree, the books are very deep and well-written. I totally understand why people love them!
    Aw thank you! Pink and Green are probably my two favourite colours. I think your new blog is gorgeous too. And I LOVE the four pictures in your header... Pride and Prejudice 1995!!!!!

    ~ Naomi

  16. Hi Naomi,

    Thank you so much for your friendly welcome. I've been enjoying reading period drama blogs, and I thought it would be fun to join the group. I don't know how well I'll do at the whole blogging thing, though, since I'm painstakingly slow when it comes to writing. I'm far to picky and tend to edit my writing within an inch of its life.

    About our house, it is old, but since we don't decorate in old-fashioned styles it doesn't seem particularly old on the inside. At least, that's my opinion. Of course, being used to it, maybe I just don't notice the "oldness" of it anymore.

    Yes! Pride and Prejudice 1995 is the best! I grew up on that movie so it has a lot of memories for me. My sisters and I used to play that we were the Bennett girls. I was always Lydia. (Well, I was the youngest. It makes sense.) Actually, I was pretty young when I first watched the movie and I had no idea Lydia was such a bad girl. I thought she was the funny one. :)

    ~Miss March

  17. Ooh, you're in a choir! Lucky girl. :-) I've always wanted to be in a chior. And nice that you sing Authentically Gorgeous music. :-) Some new songs for choirs I've heard (and I listen to some every Sunday morning on our local classical music station) gets strangeish. Heh.
    Ha, you write on your hands. I like people that Do That. :-)
    Oh, you should read the Narnia books. I haven't seen the movies, but I've heard that they're not quite as good as the books. The books are perhaps my favorite in the world. I love the Christian symbolism most of all - and C. S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors.
    YES THE ROYAL FAMILY. We like them too. :-)
    I can't ever sleep in either! Isn't it annoying??
    Love this post. I learned a lot of new things! :-)


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