Musical Game - Multiple Choice Questions!

My last Musical Game was decidedly a Hit. With a capital H, and all that. And I love games that are Hits. And I know you love Musicals. So here's another Musicals Game! This time it's not a 'musical group' or 'lyrics' game... it a multiple choice question game, with a little bit of everything about musicals all around. Yeah, it's got to be another Hit, because it sounds fun, right? RIGHT?

Rule for this game: Guess the right answer in the comment box, as usual. Only guess once. No, 'Oh maybe a, or maybe c, or wait, maybe it's b, or it could be d's - that makes it supes complicated for me (and of course that's not allowed to happen, ha.)

That boring intro aside, have fun, my musical peaches!

#1. In the Sound of Music, what is the Baroness' name?
a. Elsa Häusmann
b. Loise von Schreader
c. Elsa Schraeder
d. Evangeline Häusmann

#2 In Les Miserables, what does the Bishop offer Valjean after he (V) stole his silverware?
a. Two silver candlesticks
b. A straw-berry pink cupcake with tiny frog-shaped sweeties on top
c. A silver cup
d. A silver cup and two silver dishes 

#3 In 'Singin' in the Rain', Don and Lina star in the movie, 'The Dueling Cavalier' . Lina causes some problems. It's not only her squeaky voice - what else does she do wrong?
a. She closes her eyes continually
b. She keeps on licking her lips
c. She keeps on moving around her pearl necklace
d. She taps her shoes, making awkward noises

#4 In 'Mary Poppins' , what is Mr Banks' reaction when his wife tells him the children are 'missing'?
a. I'm singing a song Winifred, stop interrupting!
b. Yesyesyesyes
c. At two o'clock dear, I have time to think of that.
d. Splendid, splendid

#5 In 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers', what's the name of the youngest brother?
a. Frank
b. Micah
c. Gideon
d. Benjamin

#6 In 'The Fiddler on the Roof', Tevye sings about wanting to be rich. He dreams about long staircases, among other things. He would like one staircase to...
a. Lead no-where, just for show
b. Lead to heaven
c. Lead to the synagogue
d. Just kidding, he never sang about staircases. I mean, that's silly. Who does that? right?

#7 In 'My Fair Lady', how does 'Enry 'Iggins (I can't think of his name any other way) bribe Eliza Doolittle to stay at his house?
a. With a angry voice. 'Stay, Eliza!'
b. By promising 'alf a tuppence
c. By promising her a lovely bath and some new dresses
d. With chocolates, of course. Is there any other way to bribe, pray?

#8 In 'Chitty chitty Bang bang', there's a song called Toot Sweets. What is that?
a. They are sweets that go Toot when you suck on them.
b. They are like sweets that you can whistle on.
c. It's just a name for sweets.
d. It's a nickname for the two children; they are just too(t) sweet!

#9 In 'Meet me at St Louis', when does Rose have her long distance phonecall?
a. During dinner-time.
b. During lunch-time.
c. In the evening, after nine.
d. During breakfast-time.

#10 Okay, back to my beloved 'The Sound of Music', what does the Baroness find a delightful little word? (Don't ask me why these questions are both about the Baroness. I'm not that fond of the lady. :-P)
a. Edelweiss
b. Harmonica
c. Boardingschool
d. Maria

Answers coming next week! Have fun!


  1. A musical game? *squee* sounds fun

    1. c
    2. a
    3. c
    4. d
    5. c
    6. a
    7. d
    8. c
    9. c
    10. c

  2. 1. Loise von Schreader
    2. ummm A
    3. C
    4. D (I couldn't remember between b and d but I think i am right)
    5. C
    6. B (I can't remember ahhhh)
    7. C
    8. A and B and C are all kinda the same. Basically they are little candy sticks your whistle through!
    9. D? Idk
    10. Edelweiss?

    How did I do?!!
    Mae :)

  3. 1) b?????? I really should know this!
    2) a
    3) c
    4) d
    5) c
    6) a
    7) d
    8) b
    9) d???? I've never seen the movie. :(
    10) c
    This is fun! Thank you Naomi! :)

  4. Always love seeing these games pop up! I'm not very sure on a few, but it was fun guessing :)
    Thanks for the quiz!

  5. 1. b
    2. a
    4. d
    5. c
    6. a
    7. d
    8. a
    10. a

    So much fun!

  6. All right, here goes:
    2.a? (Totally guessing, haven't seen Les Miserables yet!)
    5.b? (really want to see this one!)
    7.d? (but I can really picture him doing any of those things!)
    9.c? (because that's the most dramatic?)

  7. 1. Elsa Schraeder
    2. (no idea! ;))
    3. She keeps on licking her lips (guessing here!)
    4. Splendid, splendid
    5. Frank? (I've watched it but forget. lol!)
    6. Lead no-where, just for show!! :D (LOVE THIS SONG! ;) )
    7. By promising 'alf a tuppence
    8. They are like sweets that you can whistle on. (duh! ;))
    9.During lunch-time?
    10 "Max, haven't you ever heard of a delightful little place called 'boardingschool'?" lol!

    -Julia Ryan

  8. #1 I am sickeningly unable to remember this. Grr. I shall guess C.

    #2 a (but could I have b? It sounds yummy!)

    #3 c

    #4 d (but basically a)

    #5 c (I love Gideon!)

    #6 a (my father-in-law played Tevye once on stage!)

    #7 Um... d? I can't remember his original bribe.

    #8 b (favorite song!)

    #9 a ("Cabbage has a cabbage smell." We quote that a LOT.)

    #10 c (some days, it is)

  9. Musical PEACHES??? Okay, that's pretty darn adorable. ;-P

    Fun, fun, fun! Of course it will be a hit. Your games are always a hit. You're just so stinkin' clever. Duh!

    #1 I'm gonna guess C
    #2 A strawberry pink cupcake with tiny frog-shaped sweeties on top, of course. Haha. It's A. ;-D
    #3 Gah I don't remember! How about A?
    #4 D. Haha.
    #5 C! I love Gideon!
    #6 I like your D answer, and since my mind is blanking I'm just gonna go with that.
    #7 D, maybe?
    #8 B
    #9 A
    #10 Probably A...wow, I'm really guessing here!


  10. Hello Naomi!
    Wow...how do you do it? How can you think up such marvelous ideas?! I love your games! :-)
    I can never catch their names - they sound so similar! But I'm going to go with c.
    Oh, a Les Miserables one! I hope you do someday watch the whole thing - the second half is by far the best part! I love your b answer, hehe, but I'm going with a.
    I've only seen a little part of this but I thought I'd guess anyway. I'm going to say...c.
    Oh my.....I think it's b?
    I haven't seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but I hope to someday! It looks wonderful!
    a. That song is so much fun to sing. :-P
    d. There is no other way.
    b. I find it funny you say, 'sweets.' I call them lollies. :-P But I don't live in Belgium....
    Uh...I've only seen it once. I think it was a - during dinner-time.
    Hehe...."My dear Max, haven't you ever heard of a delightful little word called BOARDINGSCHOOL?" Ahem. c.
    Thanks for the game - it was splendid! You're too clever, Naomi. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  11. #1 B. Loise von Schreader
    #4 D Splendid, splendid.
    #6 A
    #7 B
    #9 A
    #10 C

  12. Oh dear, I'm afraid it has been a very long time since I was here! Well, here I am now. :) It's nice to be back. :)

    1. c
    2. c?
    3. Ooh man, I should know this! Er...d?
    4. d. :)
    5. d. I'm not sure on this, I've never seen this musical
    6. Lol, we sang this so much! a.
    7. d.
    8. Oh, it's been years. Is it b?
    9. b.
    10. c.

    Thank you dearie! :)

  13. I'm a musical fan, so I'm testing my knowledge… :P
    I haven't seen Mary Poppins for years, but I think 4:B
    Same as above… But I think 5:C
    7:D ( I certainly agree, I wouldn't have stayed just to get a bath, but for chocolates…)
    I have never seen Meet me at St. Louis, so I'm not even trying on this one.
    I really have no idea… um 10:C.
    Thanks! That WAS fun!

  14. A musical trivia game? Yes, please!:D Here goes:

    #1: c
    #2: a
    #3. c
    #4: d
    #5: c
    #6: a
    #7: d
    #8: b?
    #9: a?
    #10: c

    That was AWESOME!:D

  15. Here are mine!

  16. 1-c

    Some of them are just guesses!

  17. Cool post!
    my answers are:

    1. c
    2. a
    3. a
    4. b
    5. c
    6. b
    7. b
    8. c
    9. c

  18. 1c 2d 3b 4d 5c 6a 7d 8b 9d 10c

  19. Squeep! A quiz! And yes, musicals are widely popular, I believe. :-)
    My answers:
    1. c.
    2. a.
    3. No idea.
    4. d.
    5. c.
    6. Ummmm...
    7. d.
    8. b.
    9. a.
    10. c.
    This was a heap-and-a-half fun. Thanks so much for doing it!! :-)

  20. 1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. D
    5. B
    6. C
    7. A
    8. D



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