10 Old Movies I'm YEARNING to watch

I feel I am now finally pretty updated on the Period Dramas. I've seen Little Dorrit, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Young Victoria, and I feel I can fit into all the Period Drama conversations. But in the meanwhile my to-see list has also grown another way. I am yearning now to watch those glorious old movies. To see those old famous stars such as Judy Garland and Gregory Peck and Hepburn on screen. I haven't seen many at all - in fact, hardly any. It's a miserably crying shame, I know, I know. So here are 10 I am yearning to watch the most.

These are in no specific order, by the way. I told ya I was bad at order-ing. (Did I ever tell you? Well, in that case, I'm telling you right now.)

Meet me in St Louis
This has been on my to-see list for decades. Ha. Ever since I met Emma's blog, that is to say. It looks like the kind of dive-in movie, like State Fair. The costumes are painfully inaccurate (because when does this movie take place again?) but everything is so delightfully Old-movie-like and colourful and quirky. I think I'd enjoy it a TON. Plus, Judy Garland. Her voice is just immaculate in here - the songs are just delicious. (Yes, I do know the songs by heart already.)

Easter Parade
Again, a Judy Garland movie. And Fred Astaire's in it too. AND the songs are so much fun!! It has some very famous tunes from Irving Berlin, and there's a lot of dancing (I mean hey, look at the lead male role, guys). I don't know that much about the story, actually, but I know it's been on my to-see list for more than a year now! Yeah, gotta go to it. And Judy and Fred as a couple - just, aww. They just look so adorable.

I Love Melvin
Half of this list seems to be Musicals! I discovered this musical several months ago, and I knew had to watch it one day. Donald O'Connor is a charming actor - with the most adorable glint in his eyes (Ashley, I have to admit I like him better than Gene Kelly. Yes, yes, you heard me, you did.) and then guess who has the lead female role? The one and only always-adorable, pretty-faced Debbie Reynolds! How can this movie be cuter?! I love Melvin already! :-)

Babes in Arms
Back to Judy Garland, everyone. This is one of her along-side-Mickey-Rooney roles. I personally think she and Mickey Rooney are super adorable together, and I basically want to see all their teenage movies they made together. The Andy Hardy series, Thoroughbreds don't cry and - especially - Babes in Arms. This movie has the song 'Good Morning' in it (later used in Singing in the Rain) and - all in all - seems like a lovely movie to cheer one up. :-)

Little Nellie Kelly
Yeah! Another Judy Garland movie. Isn't it weird that I'm a huge Judy Garland fan but haven't seen any of her movies? It is, right? Yes, it is. So that's why I want to remedy the fact. Little Nellie Kelly - wow, I want to see this so badly. This movie has the song 'Singing in the Rain' in it! It was used ten years afterwards in the musical the song is named after. Again, I know all the songs in the movie (all most utterly delightful and Garland-ish) and I don't know much about the story. I do know that it's about an Irish girl, and that the story spans over several generations - Judy playing the mother and then the daughter several years afterwards. Nellie Kelly and Little Nellie Kelly. :-)

It's a Wonderful Life
I KNOW. I haven't seen this. *Listens to the stricken-faced gasps of all the sixty people out there who read my blog and tries not to cower her face in embarrassment.*  I KNOW. I HAVE TO. Because I love Jimmy Stewart and this is a classic; come on, Naomi!

The Shop Around the Corner
This is actually the Jimmy Stewart movie I want to watch the most. I do want to see 'It's a Wonderful Life' desperately, but I feel like I would like this one more. It's like an old version of 'You've got Mail' and it looks like SO MUCH ridiculous fun.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
I actually feel like I've seen this movie already, because I've watched the clips of the songs endless amounts of times, and I know the story very well, but I really have to sit down and see everything in one go. Because no, I haven't and it's a crying shame. This seems like the kind of happy toe-tappy movie; colourful and never fading with smiles and jolly tunes. I know it is. :-) Yeah, I know, it's shocking that I haven't really watched it yet.

Roman Holiday
I feel like I'm missing so much in my life because I haven't seen this!!! Everyone gushes about how adorable Audrey Hepburn is as Princess Ann, and how handsome Gregory Peck is in here. No-one stops. :-) Also, the infamous ending - I want to know what this is all is about. I NEED to know, quickly, because my curiosity is burning on a high and dangerous level right now. I want to see this.

High Society
Gotta see. Gotta see. So, I have another confession to make - I know, another: I have never seen any Grace Kelly movies. It's really a shame - I've just seen so few old movies. The fact MUST be remedied in the following years. High Society is going to be the first Grace Kelly movie I'm going to watch. You wait and see.

Whoa. Ten? That's not all. No way. Here's a list of some others: Laura with Dana Andrews (side-wink to Eva), Summer Stock (argh, soo badly!!), The Parent Trap, Top Hat (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, need to see), The Andy Hardy series (all of them), In the Good old Summertime, Summer Magic (Hayley Mills!), The Harvey Girls, and a lot more. :-(

Which one, according to you, do I have to see the most badly?
Attack me with caps.


  1. Oh my goodness! You haven't seen "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"?? YOU MUST SEE IT! It's not my most favourite on the list, but it's the one I think you'd enjoy most;) My favourites on your list are Easter Parade, High Society and Top Hat. I am a HUGE Fred Astaire fan! I also really badly want to see Meet me in St. Louis and I love Melvin. Hope you get to see some of these soon!
    Naomi x

  2. I KNOW. I thought you (and someone else who loves this movie - Olivia) would attack me with caps. :-) I think I'll enjoy it a lot too - together with Meet me at St Louis. :-)
    Oh! You're a big Fred Astaire fan! I love him too. He's such an amazing dancer. WOW.

    ~ Naomi

  3. Yayyyy, old movies!!! Nothin' like 'em. ;-)

    You MUST watch MMIST. As soon as possible. Haha, the costumes are kinda laughable, yes. The story takes place in 1904, and most of them look true to period, but then some...yeah. ;-)

    IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!!! Jimmy Stewart is absolutely adorable in that movie. It's one of my favorite old movies. Roman Holiday is fun, but I didn't LOVE it. Gregory Peck is an absolute dream though. ;-) High Society is a blast (though I should tell you, Grace Kelly spends half the movie slightly intoxicated.) That's the movie that made me a Frank Sinatra fan. ;-) And Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! YES!

    I approve of your list. :-) Hope you can watch some of these soon!


  4. I love Meet Me in St Louis! You must watch it!

    I lot of these I haven't seen myself. I should put them on my to-watch list. Especially the one with Jimmy Stewart.:)

    I like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers too. I love that scene when the girls have those gorgeous colored dresses and the boys are wearing those colorful shirts.

    We saw Roman Holiday and High Society this winter. Roman Holiday was very sweet, I loved Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn together. High Society is lots of fun. The music is funny. You'd probably like it.

    Nice post!

  5. Of this list, I've only seen four of the ten films. *sigh* And I watched St. Louis and Seven Brides so long ago that I don't remember a single thing about them. :P But I REALLY want to watch High Society sometime soon and The Shop Around The Corner. (And, wow, you haven't seen any Grace Kelly movies yet??? REMEDY THAT AT ONCE.)

    Laura. Yessssss. I just watched another Dana Andrews/Gene Tierney (the actress who plays Laura) movie last night in which they were a married couple, which was lovely. They did five films together - I've now seen two of them. :) (It was The Iron Curtain, by the way.) When you finally do get to see Laura, I expect a long, squeey email. ;)

  6. "Meet Me in St. Louis" is my daughters' favorite movie right now. They know all the songs and get in fights over who gets to sing Judy Garland's parts in them.

    "It's a Wonderful Life" is as wonderful as can be. Loves it.

    I'm afraid I was disappointed by "The Shop Around the Corner." It's not as sweet as "You've Got Mail," and has an ascerbicness to it I never got used to. Maybe you will like it better!

    "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is one of my favorites. Endless fun.

    "Roman Holiday" is delicious.

    "High Society" is fun and I like it better than "The Philadelphia Story," which it's a musical remake of.

    "Laura." WONDERFUL movie. "The Parent Trap" is such fun. Best of luck on your quest to see lots of classics!

  7. You have to see The Parent Trap!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!! And It's a Wonderful Life! (Actually, I have not seen all of it. But the beginning. was. supercalafragalisticexpealadocious.)

    I really want to see Roman Holiday and Meet Me in St. Louis. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3

  8. I can't believe you haven't seen "It's A Wonderful Life"!!! Gasp!! :):) It is such a good movie...you must watch it. "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" is super great too and "Roman Holiday" isn't to bad.

  9. Old movies are so much fun! MMISL is awesome! It does get really emotional though.
    Fred Astaire is not my favorite, but I always appreciate good dancing. And I think the song Easter Parade is used in Holiday Inn?
    I Love Melvin!!!! Yesssss!! I have to see it! Donald O'Connor is a very, very close second to Gene Kelly for me! He's so funnny! And Debbie Reynolds is the bestest! Did you know she was a gymnast? I love that song you got the screencap from! And I need that dress!!
    I should probably rewatch It's a Wonderful Life! Now that I know the awesomeness that is Jimmy Stewart!
    YOU MUST WATCH SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS! The barn dance scene is awesome, the red head guys with colorful shirts, the songs, almost everything about it is awesome!!!
    And Roman Holiday is a sweet movie. EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING. HOW DARE THEY. ETC. ETC.
    SUMMER STOCK! HOW DID THIS NOT MAKE YOUR TOP TEN???!!! (Hey you said attack you with caps ;) The Harvey Girls, I forgot about that one! You would probably like Summer Magic. I can only take so much of Hayley Mills (though I love all of her movies?) so this movie is definitely not a favorite.
    I loved your list! And you definitely need to watch some of these soon!

  10. Oh Naomi dear, you absolutely MUST watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! It's one of my all time favorite classics, as well as It's a Wonderful Life! I am certain that you'll adore both of which I mentioned. :-)

  11. Love 7 Brides for 7 Brothers!!! One of my all time favorite musicals :)

    What?! You haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life?? Its our Christmas Eve Tradition :)

    I just saw I Love Melvin a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it!! Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor are two of my favorite all time actors. I also just saw Bundle of Joy with Debbie Reynolds and her first husband Eddie Fisher. (They had just gotten married the year or two before they played in the movie). It is also one of my favorites! You should check it out :)

    Old musicals like these are some of my favorite movies.

  12. Meet me in St. Louise is one of my all time favorites!! Oh and I LOVE Seven brides for Seven brothers! Both are soooo good!! Such beautiful simple stories!

  13. Emma, I KNOW. :-D
    Yeah, that's what I though - kind of the Edwardian time. :-) But some of them are VERY musical-y. Yeah, yeah, I know your opinions on It's a Wonderful life VERY well, my dear. ;-P And oh dear! Grace Kelly is half intoxicated? Hadn't expected that. Oh well, still want to watch. :-)

    Sadie, yes, that's what really makes me want to see 7Bf7B - the colourfulness of it. And also the CHARMING songs, of course!
    And doesn't the Shop at the Corner look nice? Jimmy Stewart! AHH!!! :-)

    Eva, Well, I'm rather relived you haven't seen all of these - makes me feel slightly less bad and 'behind' now. :-) Yes, I haven't seen any Grace Kelly movie. It's a freaking shame.
    Yes, you can definitely expect an email after I've seen Laura. Let's hope it's not to long in the future!

    Hamlette, I think my younger sisters would love MMiSL too - it's just such a family classic, I think. Haha, here am I saying what the movie is like when I have never seen it. :-)
    Well, I haven't seen 'You've got Mail' EITHER - so I'll have to add that one as well as the Shop around the Corner, I guess!

    Lydia, NO I HAVEN'T. Ohh deary me. I'm so not-having-watched-things. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't seen Roman Holiday, though! *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF*

    Madison, you know what? I can hardly believe it myselt either. HAHA.

    Ashley, yes I know you always appreciate good dancing! :-)
    ME TOO. 'Teach me how to dance' from 'I love Melvin' is so much ridiculous fun!!! AND YES HER DRESSS!!
    Oops, soary. I DO desperately want to see Summer Stock, but not AS desperately as the others. Thanks for the cap attack, dear. :-) Yes, I DID ask for it.

    Cryslyn, well - good news - I know a friend who has those two movies, and I'll be seeing her on Thursday... so I'll probably be seeing the two you mentioned the soonest. :-)

    Kristalyn, 'A Bundle of Joy' sounds like SO much fun. *Looks it up* I just love it when the people acting are a real couple in real life! SO cool!
    Aren't old musicals fun?!!! (Well, they ARE; Obviously.) Haha.

    Morg, I probably want to see the two you mentioned the most of all in this list. SO BADLY. :-D

    Thank you for all the comments, my dear ladies!
    ~ Naomi

  14. Here come the caps.


    Ahem. Watch them. They are fantastic and wonderful:D

    I have a confession to make...I'm not nuts about It's a Wonderful Life. Sorry, I'm just...not:-/

    But I reallyreallyreally want to watch some of the others on your list!

  15. Oh, yes yes yes!!! I really want to see those, I've only seen two on this list. The Shop Around the Corner reminds me of an old movie I saw once but can't recall the name of. It was about a girl who shares an apartment with a guy but since they have different schedules, they've never seen each other. They hate each other and pull tricks all of the time, meanwhile, without realizing who the other is, they begin to fall in love while passing on the street. BOY if I could just think of the name! Hmmm, I'll get back to you if I think of it because I'm sure you would love it.
    Thanks for your lovely posts! :)

  16. OOH!! I remember. :P It's called Rafter Romance. I believe it's on youtube.

  17. -GASP-
    You.....you haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life?????
    Naomi....how have you survived?
    Haha, just kidding. ;) But seriously. You need to see it (but I think you know that already...). Hope you can soon!
    And hahahaha, I am one of the guilty Roman Holiday gushers, aren't I?
    We just never shut up about it, do we? :P
    I hope you enjoy it when you do see it....and that it isn't a let down after your expectations have been built up! (I can't believe it'd be a let down, but...)

    The Shop Around the Corner is SO sweet. There's actually a newer older version with Judy Garland called In the Good Old Summertime (ha, see that one's on your list too!)....but I like the Jimmy Stewart one best. :)

    Laura, The Parent Trap, Summer Magic....those are all such good movies. I hope you can see them soon!!!

  18. I know a lot of people have already said this, but you should definitely watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's such a fun movie.

    It's a Wonderful Life and Shop Around the Corner are excellent. The heroine in Shop Around the Corner can get a little annoying at times, but Jimmy Stewart's character is very sweet and funny. And there's a host of other good characters in that film as well.

    I've heard of "I Love Melvin" but have never seen it. I'd definitely be interested in reading your review on that one whenever you get around to watching it. :)

    ~Miss March

  19. I'll admit I'm not a fan of Judy Garland so I'll skip over those movies you mentioned.
    You've got to watch Shop Around the Corner! It's a family favorite. We watch it every Christmas. It's so hilarious. :)
    And Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Seriously? ;) It's my favorite musical EVER!!!
    Roman Holiday is pretty cute. :)
    And yes! Watch the Parent Trap! That's a family favorite too!
    Top Hat is fun too!


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