Why not? I'll do one of those plain-nice 'currently' posts. You can't do wrong with those. So here we go - Currently, I am...

This picture is so GORGEOUS. I'm so excited about Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!!!
A Tale of Two Cities. I had seen the movie, and I loved the story. It's an amazing story about sacrifice and love, and it teaches you much about that historical time-period. So now I'm reading the book. I've only just started, but I know I'm going to adore it and I know I'm going to cry tons when I reach that beautiful ending.

My World War Two book. I'm the kind of writer that writes scenes out of order, so now I've jumped ahead to write the scene where the whole town celebrates the end of the War. It must have been such a hugely emotional and happy, happy, happy time, don't you think? Writing it out just makes me happy already! I was thinking a few days ago, that if I could go back in time for one day, I would choose to be in London, on the 8th of May (hey, that was yesterday! Happy VE day, everyone!), 1945. It must have been the most amazing evening ever.

There are three main things I pin: 1) Fluffy, Pinky, Squee-y stuff (aka randomly nice pictures that end up popping up over here) 2) Vintage pictures (so much scope for the imagination!) and 3) Period Drama pictures (because that's who I am - I'm a Period Drama fan. You know it.)

I know, my pictures are awesome.

The Horatio Hornblower Series! It's so epic and big and... sheesh, it's exciting. As I told my dear friend Emma, it's the kind of movie where you squeal to whilst watching it. It just is. I'm enjoying it a lot, although it's not my favourite movie ever. I have to say, I now understand Lydia Bennet's fondness for men in uniforms! Uniforms just do make men ever so much more dashing! Sorry, they just do!

Looking Forward to
Watching Cinderella 2015 when I've finished all those beastly exams. I'm basically looking forward to the summer holidays. :-) I'm also really looking forward to the release of the movie I talked about last week: "A Royal Night out." I've been watching all the little scenes avaliable on Youtube and it's already like one of my favourite movies now. :-)

Cream. Whipped. I adooore whipped cream. Not kidding readers, I sometimes just fill a whole bowl with nothing but whipped cream and eat it all and then ask for another bowl. Did that today, in fact. Yeah, me and whipped cream get along bonkers.

Wishing for
Holidays (almost, Naomi, almost), a copy of 'Rebecca' and a sudden gust of inspiration for my novel. I'm just feeling a teensy bit stuck at the moment, and I really don't want to give my World War Two novel up - I really desperately don't.

Listening to
Anything Glenn Miller. Did you know that I'm a huge Glenn Miller fan? You probably did. If you didn't, however, well, there you go - I am. I most definitely am, in fact. The problem is, Glenn Miller isn't exactly the kind of music you should listen to when you're supposed to revise for your Biology Exam on Wednesday, heh, so I can only listen to it when I'm not doing something that requires a lot of brain-work. But yes, I'm really enjoying Glenn Miller.

For the people in Nepal. What happened there is just so ghastly. Those poor families!

Hoping for
Easy exams and comments on this post. :-) (No, that wasn't one of those begging-desperately-for-comments-endings.)

Wishing you
A happy day! A day which is writing-down-able, and a day which ends with a satisfactory sigh and a ahhh-this-was-a-good-day feeling. I wish you a very happy May the 9th (a very happy one-day-late VE day!) with a lot of smiles and happy eyes. Aren't those days the best? Well, I hope you have one of them today. I really, really, really do. I'm not just saying that to get comments, I promise. (As if I would be so mean, really. :-P)

"Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls" 
- Audrey Hepburn


  1. I have my biology exam on Wednesday too! (and I should be revising right now...) What exams are you doing? I'm doing SQA Highers. I'm dreading Wednesday because biology is my worst subject, but good luck with your exams!
    I love your pins:)
    Naomi x

  2. Yay for Glenn Miller! I love his music. That is such a lovely picture of the royal family; so sweet.
    Happy day after VE-day to you! I normally hear about these things to late, but this time I was ahead of the game and planned a little party yesterday.
    Good luck on your novel! (Oh and whipped cream in a bowl...just, yes :) :) :)

  3. The Horatio Hornblower series is awesome! I watched a few years back. I have the books on my list so someday I'll get around to them too. :)
    Have you seen the movie "The Glenn Miller Story"? I think it stars Jimmy Stewart. I was just thinking if you like Glenn Miller's music you'll probably like it. :)

  4. How does Kate look so good after having a baby!!!
    Anyway, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on A Tale of Two Cities!! I loved it so much! I should probably watch the movie too :D
    A World War 2 book! Oooh! World War 2 is sort of my latest historical reading binge!
    Whipped cream! Ewwww! Oh well, I know I'm weird because I don't like it!
    Glenn Miller is amazing!! (Also, is revising like reviewing?)
    Easy exams! Yessss! Please!!!!
    Guess who celebrated VE Day a day early accidentally.... Oops!
    Great post!!

  5. I was so excited when Princess Charlotte was born! She couldn't have a prettier name in my opinion! I also recently read A Tale of Two Cities, and it was really enjoyable. So dramatic with Darnay and Lucie and Carton, all during the French Revolution! I hope you like it!

  6. I'm so glad you're reading A Tale of Two Cities! It was my first Dickens novel that I read and oh my, I cried TONS on the end. I had NO idea that Sydney would die. :( It's so wonderful to read/watch a story without spoilers!

    Sigh. I too am waiting for another gust of inspiration on my current novel. :(

    And, echoing Lois, DO watch the Glenn Miller story if you haven't seen it! It's absolutely splendid and is pretty much introduced me to G.M. :)

  7. THAT PICTURE. SQUEEEP THEY LOOK SO ROYAL. So quietly glamorous, if you know what I mean.
    And ooh, I'm looking forward to your book! Will you be posting *coughcoughahem* snippets? *bright smile*
    YES your pictures are awesome. Where is the boy-in-car one from?
    Heehee, you eat whipped cream by itself. Ha. That is a good idea! :-)

  8. Naomi, oh goodness! What a coincidence! I'm taking the British exams - they're called IGCSE's.
    Seesh, yes, I'm dreading Wednesday too - Biology is, together with Maths, one of my worst subjects too. UGH.

    Mary, oh how nice that you had a small party! I wish I could've thought of that - I ALWAYS hear of things like that a day or two too late - tis super unfortunate, haha.
    Glenn Miller is awesome. :-)

    Lois, I really want to read the Hornblower books too now.
    Thank you for telling me about 'The Glenn Miller Story' - I LOVE Glenn Miller and I LOVE Jimmy Stewart, so I really, really, really want to watch it now!!

    Ashley, I know right?!!! How!?!??
    Yes, I'm writing a WW2 book - what good WW2 books have you read lately then? There are SO many good ones, right?!
    You don't like whipped cream?!!! Haha, that's okay - I understand. I used to hate it, but now I love it, as you know.
    Yes, revising is like reviewing. VERY tedious, I can tell you that. :-)
    Haha, well at least you were a day too early - I was a day too late. And it doesn't really matter if it was a day too early - I think they announced the declaration on the 7th, actually. So you were on time!

    Abby, isn't Charlotte a gorgeous name? I love it!
    I KNOW I will love a Tale of Two Cities. :-)

    Natalie, oh dear, oh dear, this means that I will cry tons too - (I'm the kind of person who just does, you know) - and I know; when you read a book first without the spoilers - SO scaaaary. I had a heart-attack (well, practically) when I read 'Rebecca.' :-)
    Oh dear, I hope you get the gust of inspiration, m'dear!
    Yes, now I really have to see the Gleen Miller Story - it looks amazing. I've watched the trailer and I love it!

    Miss Elliot, 'so quietly glamorous' is SUCH a good way of describing the royal family!
    Haha, thank you for your interest - I might post some snippits soon!
    I found the boy-in-car one on a random person's tumblr -I thought it was just really Vintage-y and adorable. It reminded me of my dad's pictures when he was young, and I HAD to save it!
    Yes, I totally do. :-)

    Thank you for the comments, everyone!
    ~ Naomi

  9. Awwww, that picture at the top! It makes me happy:D

    Yes. You will cry at the end of ATOTC. I don't think I've ever cried harder during a book, actually. But it's so doggone beautiful!

    Best of luck on your novel! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a gust of inspiration very soon! Sometimes it just takes a break:)

    Ooh, you must post about Cinderella when you watch it! 'T'is the sweetest thing:D


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