5 (slightly unusual) Hobbies of mine

My main hobbies - the ones I promptly and factitious-ly reply when people ask me what my hobbies are - are writing and reading. But behind that I have quite a few weird hobbies. I think everyone has them (and I would most certainly, ducks, be interested in know what yours are!) So here are five of my weird and slightly unusual, or less-talked-of hobbies:

#1. Organising books by colour
I love books and I love colours, so it's actually not very surprising that this has become a great big hobby of mine! I just love organising books by colour. The books in my room (I did a great tag about it once here) have been organised in colour for quite a long time now, but this past week I've been doing loads more. The pictures here are all of the three book-cases we have in the hall, with all kinds of books stuffed into one. They were a dreadful mess and my mum asked me if I would like to organise them. (I said, yes, I would! :)

I LOVE organising books. It's just, the best kind of manual work there is. Especially if you do it via colour. It's so much fun!
I did try to keep the genres a little bit together (and the languages of the books - we have quite a lot of books in English as well as in Dutch and also two shelves of French ones), though, but my main way of organising was via colours. Not only is it fun to do, it also looks so beautiful. It's like having a picture frame up - it makes the room look so much artsy and happy and, obviously, rainbow-like. Oh, the endless things books can do! :)
As I said, this week I've been doing a lot of book organising-via-colour. We're kind of having a big house tidy-up for the Summer Holidays, and, really, I'm just loving it. I've organised about four bookcases, and I'm still ridiculously proud of them whenever I walk by. Look at them with a huge grin on my face, I do.
Organising books by colour is a very big hobby of mine. You should try it!

#2. Discovering things in books
 Whenever I discover a note or an old card in a book, I get so happy. Finding things between the pages of books has therefore also become a new weird hobby of mine. I love it, I love it, I love it. I have added two great between-the-pages-of-a-book finds to my collection this week, what with me organising all the books and all that.
One of them was in a book we were borrowing from my Grandparents, and in it was a note of an official invitation to my Granddad (I assume it's for him) from the President of Oxford College. I'm in love with the type-writer font. I need a typewriter so ridiculously bad.
The other find (turn your heads, peasants) was a fill-in card for a Ladies Gold Club. I seriously think it's adorable. I should've taken a picture of the inside - it really reminded me of a library card, with squares to write the scores in. Unfortunately it is not dated, but I think it might have been my Grandma's when Daddy was a little boy. (Although I can't imagine Grandma playing golf. Ha.)

#3. Drawing out outfits
Please don't look at their faces - they don't resemble the real characters at all and they are dashed ugly. *nervous giggle* It's the Period Drama dresses I love drawing. I love going on Pinterest (duh, who doesn't) and finding the most lucious pictures on my 'Period Drama Forever' board and then copying them over in sketches in one of my bookies.
It's not only Period Drama dresses and outfits that I enjoy copying, though, I also like just sketching out random nice outfits I spot on the road, or on people in Church and so on. I often write little imaginary letters to them, too, as you can see in the picture above.
And of course, I also love drawing out outfits of famous people, mainly, that is, the Royal Family.  I loved Kate's yellow dress she wore when she came out of the hospital with Charlotte, her first little daughter. (Again, don't look at Kate Middleton's face please, it looks awful. :-P)

#4. Writing little letters to people
I just love writing little letters to people who I don't even know the name of. I once did a post with some here. Call me weird, I don't care. :-P It's just so much fun, try it.

#5. Designing covers
Whether this is on a Word-file for a hopefully-one-day-to-be-book or really with paint and glue and newspaper-snippets on a folder or booklet, I. Love. Designing. Covers. It's just crazy, crazy fun, okay? I've loved this for years and years - In fact, when I was younger I seriously wanted to be a cover designer for a while. I think I might have started writing just to have another excuse to start a cover. Haha.
These are two examples of covers I've designed in the past. I am fully aware that I just took a picture from online and put it in a cover, but hey, I had fun doing it. Making covers helps me start a new book. The one on the left I made when I was about eleven or so. I was good, ey? *looks back proudly at little me*

So there you go! Five of my hidden talents, uh, I mean, hobbies.

What are some of your unusual, side-kick hobbies?
Do you share any of mine?


  1. LOVE your sketchbook....it just has everything in it. Loved the dresses that you drew (I love drawing dresses myself) and I simply adored those little letters to people:)

  2. Oh my word!!! Naomi!! I LOVED this post!
    I can't get over how creative you are...first off, I love the book organizing-and I know how you feel! Whenever I clean or organize something really well I get so happy when I walk by it or see it! :D haha
    I love discovering things in books too! I don't very often, and when I do it's usually something boring...but it's still fun. :)
    Your outfit drawings are SO ADORABLE. I LOVE the Victoria one....I adore that dress. I just really love your notebooks. I wish I made some like that....and the cut out picture of Audrey Hepburn! And the letters to random people!
    I love how you drew Kate's yellow dress...your notebook is just so artsy and fun and colorful!
    And your covers!! Wow, they are so good. You did the one when you were 11? They both look like real book covers! I especially love the one with the little boy. He's so cute. :)
    Thank you for sharing your hobbies with us! I don't think they're weird at all, I think they absolutely fantastic! I'm quite jealous. heehee ;)

  3. I love finding things tucked into books too! Various things I've found in old books include a shopping list and an appointment card. The other day I was in a charity shop looking at all the beautiful old books and inside a copy of "Gone With The Wind", there was a note saying:

    Please return once read.
    (a woman's name that I can't remember)."

    How funny is that! I guess Bill didn't return it, or maybe he did and the lady left the note in when she gave it to the shop. She had lovely handwriting. It makes me wonder who Bill and the lady were and what their stories are.
    Thought you might like to hear about that.
    Anyways, this was a fabulous post, as always:)
    Naomi x

  4. Haha, 'slightly unusual'. ;-P

    It's funny seeing all the Lynn Austin book titles in Dutch! I spotted Mozart's Sister on your shelf...and several other books I recognize.

    YOUR BOOK COVERS ARE SO COOL. You seriously could get a job doing that, I bet. Maybe you can design my book covers someday. ;-)

    Notes in books are the best. I have an old book that belonged to someone in my Grandpa's family, and in the inside cover it says 'To Robert, from Aunt Pearl'. The book was published in 1890-something!

    Carry on with your slightly unusual hobbies, dear!


  5. This was such a fun, pretty post :)
    Your drawings are done so well (Kate Middleton's yellow dress is one of my favorites too) and the book covers are gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite!
    The bookshelf where I keep my personal books is to small to organize by color, but I was put in charge of organizing the family books and I was able to do it then. :) They have so much more impact that way.
    Finding things in books is such fun! Just recently someone had left their library receipt in a book I checked out, and it was neat because they had gotten a lot of books that I did! (I think they must've been doing a WWII report, same as me, but it was still fun to have that connection!)
    Terrific post, Naomi!

  6. SO. AWESOME! I love to find things in old books. Once I found a really old biology book, and inside, an unfinished letter from the late 1800's! It was really cool.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Madison,
    Aww, thank you!! Isn't drawing out dresses fun? I could do it the whole day - the various possibilities on dresses are endless.

    Stop it. You're being too kind! :-) Thank you so much for your lovely comment, m'dear! Yeah, that proud feeling of your own organisation/clean-thing. Heehee, glad you know what I meant by that. :-P
    Thank you! I LOVE Victoria's yellow dress. Especially on real photos... it's sooo gorgeous! Yes, haha, I found a picture of Audrey Hepburn in a magazine and cut her out. I thought, 'Mmm, my notebook can't do wrong with a little bit of Audrey!' ;-P
    Haha, I like the cover with the little boy too. Made it several weeks ago, in fact, but I'm afraid I already gave up the book/story it belonged to. But anyway, I had fun making the cover, a LOT of fun. :-)
    Thanks again, for your lovely comment! You should start a creative notebook thing as well - I'm sure you'd come up with LOVELY things to put in it. :-)

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE what you found in that copy of GWTW! Thank you for telling me. I have never really found an old handwritten note in a book - I really want to. :-) Funny though, because last week I also found something in a GWTW copy - a cut out page of a GWTW article from an old newspaper. I guess GWTW has a lot of pages for notes, haha!

    I know, I THOUGHT you'd like seeing the Dutch titles. It's weird though - 'Wonderland Creek' is called 'In Wonderland' and 'Hidden Places' is called 'De Boomgaard' which means 'the Orchard.' (????)
    Oh GOODNESS! You think I could?! Well, I would love to design covers... although I'd even MORE love to write books. AND design covers. :-)
    Aunt Pearl. I just love that name. It's so oldfashioned. And you found such an old note!!! I'm jealous.
    Heehee, I will. :-) Thank you for your comment! ((I don't tell you that enough.)

    Aww, thank you - I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. Isn't Kate's yellow flowered dress lovely? It's already become this iconic thing. Haha.
    I know, I also love that because I organised the book shelves, everyone comes to me to ask where 'that' book is and so on. I'm like the librarian of the books in our house, and I bear that title proudly. :-)
    Haha, it's funny when you find notes of other people in library books. I've found one in the past - coincidentally of someone I happened to vaguely know - and it was rather fun. :-)

    NO. You DIDN't. I'm soo jealous!!! I SO badly want to find an unfinished letter from the 1800's!!!!! *green face* :-)

    Thank you, everyone!

    ~ Naomi

  8. I love your artwork--especially the two book covers, they're really cool!

    One of my hobbies, which is sort-of similar to some of the stuff you described, is finding photos of random nice people on the Internet or wherever and then making up stories about them.

    Of course, I haven't done this in a little while because I'm now writing an actual novel, and so I'm trying to just focus on that one story. But I did spend a lot of time going through Google and getting photos of people I thought looked sort of like my heroine and heroes (yes, there are two heroes, not one). Do you ever do that when you're trying to solidify characters for your stories?

  9. Your hobbies are so interesting! Organizing books by color? I never thought of doing that, but it looks lovely on the shelves! Like you said, very "rainbow-like."

    I think your hobby of writing little notes to strangers is so cool. I remember your post on the subject, and have since then thought about writing notes myself, but have never actually done it.

    Good job on your book cover designs. "The Entire Life of Marty Walt" is adorable. (By the way, Marty Walt is a very cool-sounding name. I'm not very creative when it comes to making up names for characters, but you seem to have a knack for it.)

    Lovely post!

    ~Miss March

  10. I love organizing my books over and over again. Sitting on the floor with tall piles of books around you is really comfortable. I organized my bookshelf one time by color, but I had to organize it again in a week because I got confused where books where. Now I have them alphabetized by the author's last name, which has been good so far. :)
    I also love to draw outfits. After I watch a movie or Downton Abbey (since that's the only TV show with amazing costumes), I usually draw a dress similar to one that I saw and add different colors and different details to make it not look like the dress I based it off of. Everyone can usually tell, though, which dresses are based off of Scarlet's gowns. Those hoop skirts really give it away. :)
    This was a really lovely post, and I enjoyed reading it. :)

  11. Ooooo, look at all those deliciously colorful books!
    Haha, I was so distracted by the books that I hardly read the post, but don't worry I did read it over again!
    I share your hobby of color coding books and letter writing. Except I write letters to my future self, future husband, future children, AND I just make up fake letters to imagined characters. Yup, free time of this overly imaginative homeschooler is spent on creating characters and then writing to them. But, hey it's fun!

    From DreamaCrochet on Etsy.

  12. Nice post! So funny to see the well-known Christian fiction works with their Dutch titles here on Blogger. I'm so used to seeing them in English.


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