BOOKS. And I mean, books, for free.

There is a lot of awesomeness in the blogging world at the moment, dear people! LOADS OF BOOK GIVEAWAYS. Hosted by the awesome Hamlette. :-)

I will be editing this post with more give-aways as I 'discover' more, but for now here's Hamlette's big giveaway. Not one, not two, not three, but TWENTY books she is giving. Go and snag them.


  1. I know! Isn't it awesome? Or rather, I should say, isn't SHE awesome? :-)

  2. *Snort* You're going to turn my head! All I did was notice that 3 of my blogging friends had recently mentioned they were thinking of holding a giveaway. And I was also planning one. So all I did was say, "Hey! Let's do them all at the same time so we can sort of share the fun and maybe get more participants because we all have different followers, so they can learn about new blogs by going around all of our giveaways."

    Anyway, all 8 giveaways are live now!


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