Multiple Choice Game // Answers

Here are the answers! Thanks for playing, everyone - it was so much fun. In my opinion, that is. *snort*

#1. Which of these men did not propose (as in, an accepted proposal) outside?
a) Roger Hamely (Wives and Daughters)
b) Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey)
c) Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, either version)
d) Edward Ferras (Sense and Sensibility, either version)

#2. In Cranford, what does the old doctor advise Dr Harrison?
a) To ignore all gossip
b) To accept all pancakes
c) To wear black rather than red
d) To ride a horse (hint: preferably a white one)

#3. Which of these ladies refused a wedding proposal?
Am I wrong? Did Estella also refuse a wedding proposal? One or two people said 'd', and think I might have accidentally done something wrong. I did think though, that Pip never proposed. Do tell me if I'm wrong! :)
a) Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind)
b) Anne Shirley (Anne - the Sequel)
c) Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility, either version)
d) Estella Havisham (Great Expectations)

#4.  Barbara Flynn is an actress featured in a lot of Period Drama's. Which Period Drama did she NOT act in? (If you do not know who the actress is, here's a picture.)
a) Young Queen Victoria
b) Horiatio Hornblower
c) Miss Potter
d) The Christmas Candle

#5. In the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, Mrs Bennet's first names gets mentioned once. What is it?
a) Jane
b) Jemimah-June-Hamperditch (not even kidding)
c) Fanny
d) Louisa

#6. What movie/series does this screencap come from?

a) Uncle Tom's Cabin
b) Berkerly Square
c) The Paradise
d) Saving Mr Banks

#7. Which of the following characters did not cut their hair?
a) Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)
b) Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
c) Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey)
d) Jo March (Little Women)

#8. In Anne of Green Gables, what convinces Marilla Cuthbert to give Anne her permission to go to the Concert?
a) Anne begs and she gives in.
b) Her brother, Matthew, insists.
c) Rachel Lynde, her stubborn and wise neighbour, insists.
d) Oh, Marilla never gave in. Anne sneaked out of the house and just went, without permission.

#9. Which of the following Period Drama's has the most deaths?
a) North and South (7 deaths)
b) Wives and Daughters (2 deaths)
c) Cranford (this excludes Return to Cranford - 4 deaths)
d) The Mill on the Floss (About 5, I think(?))

#10. Which Period Drama features a treehouse?
a) Emma
b) The Inheritance
c) Little Women
d) Sense and Sensibility

Players' scores:
Olivia: 100
Miss Laurie: 100
Kerry: 90
Emily Blakeney: 90
Morg: 90
Kristalyn Huber: 80
Miss March: 80
Julia Ryan: 80
Miss Meg March: 80
Sadie: 70
Emma: 70
Hamlette: 70
Elizabeth Anne D.: 60
Lydia: 40


  1. Oh, I feel so silly! I just realized that I read question #4 wrong! I thought you were asking which movie Barbara Flynn DID act in, not which one she did NOT act in. (And I was so confident, too! Ha ha!) Now I see it was quite obvious what you were saying. I mean, you capitalized "NOT." I really should have noticed it. Anyhow, even if I had read the question correctly I probably would not have gotten the right answer. The Christmas Candle is the only one of those movies that I've seen, so I really have no clue who acts in the other ones... :)

    Thanks for another fun game, Naomi!

    ~Miss March

  2. Miss March, Haha, don't worry, that sounds EXACTLY like something I would do. In fact, I'm sure I have done something extremely similar to that.
    Oh, the Christmas Candle is the one movie in that question I haven't seen! I really want to. Is it good?

    Jessica, Aye, aye. SEVEN.

    Here are the seven, just in case any person wants to know:
    1. Boucher
    2. Boucher's wife
    3. The lanky dude Margaret's brother pushed down the stairs
    4. Bessie Higgins
    5. Mrs Hale
    6. Mr Hale (at this point I become crazy, ha)
    7. Mr Bell

    ~ Naomi

  3. Is the Christmas Candle good? Weelll...all I can say is my siblings and I gave a collective groan when we reached the end of it. And we had a hard time getting through the whole thing as it was a bit slow and boring. I'm afraid I'm extremely hard to please when it comes to certain movies, so my opinion may not count for much, but I found it to be slightly on the cheesy side.

    You should watch it, though, and see what you think. :)

    ~Miss March

  4. Eeek! This is the first time I've actually gotten all of a blog game correct, heehee XD

  5. Thank you for a lovely game, that was such fun! :)

  6. Hello! I'm new to your blog. And I LOVE period films! :)
    I read your last post "7 period drama character I feel so sorry for", and I totally TOTALLY agree with you about poor poor John Chivery! :( It's SOOOO sad how much he loved Amy! *dabs eyes with hankie*. (and I don't usually cry while watching movies either...but that was. SO. SAD!) He was so sweet! (even though, yes. Amy was totally all for Arthur. ;)
    I like your blog! :)


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