One of those posts again.

Tally-ho, fellow-alive-Wonderland-Creek-ers!
(Goodness, my starting-sentences get weirder by every post, don't they?)

I haven't done a random-ramble-picture-filled-talking-about-nonsense-and-what-not-post for ages, haven't I? Well, maybe ages isn't quite the word, but I do feel like I haven't done a random post of mine for a rather long time. Here's one, then! :-)

Things you will see in this post:
1. Randomly nice pictures. I am expecting you guys to thank me in the comment boxes for treating you with the delicious eye-candy. Heehee.
2. Little tidbits about my life at the moment. Not that you would be interested, of course, but I'll add them anyway.
3. Swoonings over some pretty dresses. (You've been warned.)
4. Gushings over book characters, and just BOOKS in general.
5. Nonsensicality.
6. An impossibly adorable picture of my 2.5-months-old baby sister Susanna, who's seems to be growing in a panic-ally fast way every day. I can almost see her growing.
7. Lists.
8. Just a jump-from-one-subject-to-the-other post. I happen to be really good at those.

Okay, so I've noticed that, every time after I watch 'My Fair Lady' (which I've only done twice so far) I seem to think in a Cockney accent 'alf of the tame. It's rather disastrous! In the list up there, when I wrote 'I happen to be really good at those', I seriously wrote 'appen' first. Not kidding. I also often go 'Garn' or 'AWW!' when someone says something slightly upsetting.

I suppose it shows one how fond I am of the Musical. It really IS jolly fun, you know. I've marked it as 'the-most-quotable-musical-in-history' because it is. I can't stop singing 'Just you Wait'. It's, in my opinion, the most sing-able and quotable song.

I haven't seen any of the Mr Selfridge movies, but when I spotted this picture on somebody else's blog yesterday, my fingers automatically clicked on the left-hand side of the click-y-thing and I promptly saved the picture. I must be addicted to wedding pictures. This one is just SOOOO beautiful. The lacy-collar and the mauve-clad bridesmaids! And the flowery-feelses.

I think I might add 'Mr Selfridge' to my 3-miles-long to-see list.

Dear girls and boys, although I am, and always will be, a winter-y girl at heart, I am enjoying spring and summer so much. It's so free and fresh and simple. It is in this season when I realise how colourful and alive everything is! My canary-yellow lemonade, the almost-orange-wood of my bookcase, the rainbow complexity of book-covers, and even the rainbow-y reflections of glass. I think it is the sunshine that makes me realise it.

10 things I like about summer:
1. Bare feet. I hate socks.
2. This one may be weird: the sound of water. I know, one can hear water too in the winter, but it's not the same. In the summer I always have at least one bottle of water in my bedroom, and I love to randomly pick it up and shake it. I just love the sound. It's so summery.
3. Ice cream. I LOVE ICE CREAM. I went on Pinterest to find a heart-kerfloppingly-creamily-gorgeous picture of ice cream, but I couldn't find any good enough. Ice cream is to eat, and then only you know how good it is. My favourite flavours are strawberry and coffee. With loads of whipped cream tumberloaded on top, of course. (I hope we'll get some tomorrow.)
4. The birds. There's nothing like hearing blackbirds twitter and tra-la in the morning. Whistling is art.
5. Soft winds. In the winter, winds are vivid, pheeeeww-y and icy-purple. I like those. But summer winds are my favourite - they are so dappled and romantic. I love how they are just enough to be pleasant. :-)
6. Lemonade. Or any fizzy and bright-coloured drink. (*Anne Shirley's raspberry cordial comes in mind*)
7. This one may be weird too: Waking up. In the summer I wake up feeling so fresh. Going to sleep isn't very pleasant in the summer - very sweaty - but in the morning, you kind of wake up in your cold sweat, and oh, I can't explain it. It's just divine.
8. Flip flops. I lurve them.
9. Cold watery fruits. I love Pine-apples and Watermelons the best at the moment. After Strawberries, that is.
10. As I said before, the colourfulness of the summer is just magical.

Flowers are just so beautiful. Thank God He made them up! :-)
11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.

This is the 'impossibly adorable' picture of my little sister I mentioned earlier on. Just look at the little strawberry-girl! She's a joy to behold, and I still can't believe she's actually entered our household. She charms us all and somehow - don't ask me how, because I can't do it - manages to shout orders which get obeyed.

In the evening, when it's all a bit dark in the room and she is wide awake, there is this one little star in the top-right-side of her eyes, and it's just impossibly perfect.

Now comes the part of the post where I gush about dresses. I've recently discovered the dress designer 'Elie Saab' and I am ENTRANCED.  Seriously, the day I discovered his dresses on Pinterest, I kind of lived in a sparkly-feathery-lacey world. I went crazy pinning and sighed and goshed and went, 'This is NOT fair' the whole time.

His dresses are magic. He's my favourite designer for life.

Some books I've been enjoying recently:
1. With Every Letter, by Sarah Sundin. Ohhh, I enjoyed this book so much. Kindle-people, it might still be a Freebie, so go and snatch it up quickly! It was so charming, and so much fun. I loved Mellie - very shy, very lonely. I also loved Tom - he had the most handsome grin in literature ever. And the whole Anonymous letter business just really melted my heart. READ IT. (My Goodreads review is here, by the way.)
Seriously, I want to read all of Sundin's books now.
2. I also really enjoyed Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot. It was a Kindle freebie several weeks ago, and it was just very charming. The title alone! :-) You can read my Goodreads review here.
3. I also love (re) reading childrens books. I absolutely love Michael Morpurgo's books. (He wrote 'War Horse' and millions of other childrens books - he's still writing 'em.) All his books are rather sad and touch your heart, but they are often very beautiful and fresh. I don't like all of them, but I love loads, especially 'Alone on the Wide Wide Sea' (read my review here.) Morpurgo's books strangely enough make me think of watermelons - but then with tears instead of water.

Of course, I'm loving painting and words, as I always do. I still have to write today - I'm miserably stuck in my novel - it's being so stubborn. Now, that's a reason why I prefer winter to summer: there's no sunlight and bird-whistling and romantic breezes to distract me.

But I shall finish that stubborn, elusive chapter fourteen today. I MUST. I shall conquer this, I shall!

Have a lovely day, people. <3


  1. Your baby sister is soooooo cute! I love babies so much. Sadly, my youngest sibling is five-going-on-six now, so we don't have a baby in the house anymore. I'll just have to wait until I get married myself, I suppose :)

    Good luck with that novel! This is the WWII one, right? I'm trying to write a WWII novel myself right now, and I keep getting stuck because I keep thinking I have to make the first draft perfect. It's supposed to be about an English girl and two American guys who are stationed in England with the USAAF.

  2. Ah, these pictures are so gorgeous! I love the flower ones, and that wedding!!! Mauve is one my favorite colors, and with the calla lilies too, it's just so pretty :)
    I'm learning that summer can have a good side, but it's just SO hot!! But ice cream definitely helps. Mint is my favorite.
    Yes! I'm loving With Every Letter! Although, I am to the frustrating part now.
    I hadn't realized that the rest of the Nightingale books followed the other nurses; that'll be nice, I think, that Tom & Mellie won't disappear.

    Lots of good luck to you with your book!

  3. I read Sarah Sundins Wings of the Nightingale trilogy and liked each one better and better! I think the last one was my favorite... But, I really enjoyed the second one as well. :)

  4. Coffee flavored ice cream? Really? Naomi, that is so funny! I can't believe you just declared that to be one of your favorite flavors! That was one of the flavors I had in mind when I asked you to list one that you did NOT like! Ha ha! Coffee ice cream has always been the notoriously bad flavor around our house! I do agree with you on strawberry, though! Strawberry is unquestionably good. :)

    Oh, yes! The sound of birds chirping in the morning! Love it!

    Your baby sister is adorable! Those cheeks! So kissable! :) It's so much fun to have a baby in the house! Sadly, my youngest brother is already seven years old. :( They grow up so fast!

    "I shall conquer this, I shall!" (Haha! That's Mr. Darcy's quote, isn't it?) I hope you do conquer it. It's so frustrating to be stuck on a writing project.

    One last thing. Because I can't bare to disappoint you by not meeting your expectations... Here is a BIG THANK YOU for your kindness in sharing all of those lovely pictures with us! Haha! Seriously though, you're always posting beautiful pictures. Where do you find all of them?

    ~Miss March

  5. This was an absolutely fabulous post! I loved all the pictures, and I loooove My Fair Lady! I'm a huge musical fan too. (-: And I'm definitely going to have to check out that designer on pinterest! Those dresses look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Oh, it's one of THOSE posts again....*Emma sighs laboriously*

    :-D I'm kidding. I love these kind of posts!!!

    Your picture collages are really swell; the colors and the floral fluffiness just make me want to dive in them. ;-)

    The only thing I've seen of Mr. Selfridge is the DA Christmas short he was in (with George Clooney). The show sounds a little...I don't know...different than what I'd like.

    Susanna! She's so IMPOSSIBLY ADORABLE!!!! You just want to gobble her up. Okay, that sounds terrible.

    You get distracted by sunlight and bird-whistling and romantic breezes?! Those are all the things that inspire me to write! Well, I guess it's just what each girl's used to. It's funny, you write best in winter and I write best in summer. So in winter you're like "Wow I'm writing so well!" while I'm lamenting about how low my creativity is, and in summer I'm the one gushing about how excited I am that my words are flowing, while you're distracted by sunlight and bird-whistling and romantic breezes. ;-) It's really quite funny.

    This was delightful and eye-pleasing and fun, Naomi!


  7. I hate socks, I loathe shoes, but I also detest flip-flops because things between my toes drive me nuts. Bare feet for me!!! Or sandals, if absolutely necessary.

    I write well in spring and fall, but summer can get stagnant, and then I get annoyed, and then my writing gets even worse, and... it can only end in tears. Grr.

  8. This is a dreadfully late comment, but I just wanted to say a few things....
    I LOVE the pictures in this post. So beautiful.
    Summer! I've been yearning for summer all winter and now it's finally here. It's simply lovely. My favorite thing is the fireflies. They're so glowing and beautiful.
    I'm going to google that dress designer! The pictures you included are gorgeous!
    With Every Letter is one of my very favorite books....the first time I read it I was squealing and smiling. TOM AND MELLIE. I love those two!!
    And yesyesyes. Isn't Tom just simply wonderful??
    I'm so glad you liked the book! I recently read another one of her books, but it wasn't as amazing as WEL. I'm sure none of her books are as good as WEL. :)

  9. lovely! :D Do you think I could possibly use one of your geeeeorgous collage thingos for a header?

  10. Oh goodie!! I love the first montage! =D
    *hands chocolate cookie*


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