Two Awards!

Yesterday Clara Ruth Stone nominated me with two Awards. The liebster award and the Sisterhood of bloggers Award. I kinda felt like answering a list of random questions, so this tag came in handy at the right time. So thank you, and all that, Clara! Jolly nice sport of you. :-)

Now, I know this is very BAD of me (*insert growly tiger picture*) but I'm not going to follow all those tag rules today. Again. I just don't know WHO to tag as I have the feeling I've just, like, tagged everyone I know yesterday and I don't... apple-porridge, I hope you understand. 

(Not that your name is 'apple-porridge' or anything like that. Please don't get offended. I invented a new 'dash it!' kind of word. Apple-porridge! Sounds like something you'd call out now and then, isn't it? I kind of like it. Apple-porridge!)

So I'm just going to DO the tag and not the rules. It's like eating the cake and not tidying up the crumbs. You therefore know what it feels like, because I'm sure everyone of you is guilty of once having eaten a cake and not helped prepare or clear up before or aft. It's HUMAN.

Okay, so first eleven delicious, un-known-to-the-internet facts about myself, and then the list of questions from both tags all mixed together in one long list. Sounds fun, right? Right.

Eleven facts about myself:

1. I often mis-use the word 'epic'. My older brother says I don't know the meaning, but I do.
2. Half of the time in my life, I speak in a Cockney accent. Once you watch My Fair Lady this can happen to you. So you've been warned.
3. I use the word 'golden' to discribe a lot of things. The blogging world is golden. My room is golden. Those goldy-pink roses drying on my wall have this golden glow. It's probably my favourite word, 'golden.'
4. I love inventing words. Most of them are adjectives.
5. I would love Audrey Hepburns eyebrows, thank you very much. Not that I'm not happy with me own eyebrows, I just... well, wouldn't MIND, Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows.
6. The soundtrack of Belle (is golden) and it makes me cry every. single. stinking. time. Apple-porridge!, it's epic.
7. I am currently with a sore throat and I can't sing properly.
8. Sometimes when I see the orange 'comment awaiting moderation' thing on my dashboard I go, 'Oh, person, I LOVE YOU,' out loud. Just so you know, you're so appreciated.
9. I am left-handed.
10. I attach people with colours. My fifteen-year-old sister is purple. Susanna is raspberry-red. Is this weird? Because I do it all the time. Also you blogging people. I kind of have a colour attached to you. Yes, I really do.
11. Why are there eleven facts? I mean, why not ten? It's a nicer number. (Okay, now I'm officially dubbed with the title 'breaker of rules.')

Now, zee glorious questions.

1. How many siblings do you have?
I have nine. One older brother, he's a good sport, four younger brothers, they're also good sports (although with a high level of decibel), and four younger sisters, all coincidentally also good sports.

2. How many kids would you like to have?
I want a big, but not huge, family - a there's-a-party-without-inviting-anyone kind of family. Also, I want an even number. I'd like six. I actually try not to think and plan out my whole future, though. I might not get children, I might not get married. I'm fine with that.

3. Favourite colour for a horse? 
Pink. Well, YOU asked.
No, probably brown, spotted. I don't know, really. I haven't really an opinion. I just once saw a brown spotted horse and it really looked like art and I loved it.

4. Last food you ate? 
I'm actually eating an apple right now, as I write.

5. Last book you read?
I'm reading (very slowly this time) my beloved 'Jane Eyre' at the moment, but the last book I read was called 'Charms for the Easy Life.' It was really nice, but it isn't the first book I'd recommend. You may read my Goodreads review here, if you wish to do so.

6. Favourite colour?
Pink and green. Not bold pink - soft, frippery, darling pink. And I love the Vintage grey-green. Or the green of spring - new and fresh and light. I also love the combination of pink and green - it's so pretty.

7. Favourite movie?
Pride and Prejudice 1995. It just STAYS with me forever. 

8. What do you most want to do this summer?
I made a long summer-to-do list here, but in short, I want to DO a lot. I want to read tons, fill notebooks with creative stuff and write my book. I would like to look back afterwards and go, 'Wow. What a productive holiday!'

9. Do you like to dance?
Yes, I LOVE TO DANCE. But, I don't follow any dance clubs and no-one here organises English Country Dance thingies, so I mostly do it on my own. I have taught myself, by watching videos of Country Dances on Youtube, to dance a lot of English County Dances and Group Dances. My favourite at the moment is the Heel-Toe Polka. It's crazy fun.

10. What is your favourite flower?
Wisteria. It's dreamy. I imagine heaven must be cluttered head to toe with them.

11. Do you like eating or gathering wild edibles?
Well, I don't mind it, but it's not like, my absolutely favourite thing ever to do, no. I have to say, though, when I see a blackberry bush or something in the woods, I do go over and eat a lot. :-) It depends on the food.

12. Which do you like better: Walking in the woods or watching hot coals/fire?
Oh, so random! I love this. Maybe watching hot coals? It's so cosy. :)

13. Where do you live?
In Belgium. That little shoved-in-the-middle forgotten country. :) You know, in Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson version?) when Elinor and Edward talk nonsense about countries to try to make Margaret get out of her hiding place? You know they mention Belgium? Well, that's an error, because Belgium didn't exist then. *dances* Yaysies! I found an error!

14. Which do you like better: Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate?
I like some kinds of tea - not English tea, the herbal, tea-bag kind of tea. Those are so lovely.

15. Are you scared of spiders or do you think they are fun pets?
SPIDERS?!! FUN PETS?!!! I mean, who are you that you even suggest such a thing?!!
Don't laugh. I am really dead scared of spiders. I'm scared of many things, but spiders is high on the list. *shudders*

16. Do you own a harp and if so may I play it?
Nope. I don't own any. They are so gorgeous though, aren't they? So golden. ;-P

17. Which do you like better: candlelight or electric light?
I have to go with the boring answer, electric light, because 1) It's better for my eyes. 2) I don't have to worry about my hair getting burnt or anything getting burnt and 3) There's a switch and it's just much more practical.

18. Would you prefer to own a dog or a cat better (if any)?
No thank you. I'm okay with no pets. If one, though, definitely a cat. I'm excruciatingly scared of dogs. It's incomprehensive.

19. Do you have chickens?
No. But I have a little brother who sounds bit like a chicken sometimes, so I guess it counts. (I mean that with all respect, really. I'm crazy about that said little brother.) :-)

20. Do you know any languages besides English and are there any other languages you would like to learn?
I am half Belgian, so I speak Flemish fluently. Belgian is also half French, so I speak French too. And I also learnt German (just well enough to 'manage', if you see what I mean) because it's not very hard as it's very similar to Dutch/Flemish. But English just is the BEST - nothing is like it.
No, I don't want to learn any other language, thank you. Not ever again.

21. Do you plan to start your own business? If so, then what sort of business would it be?
I have no plans, but if I had to, I would perhaps start a book-club, bookish kind of business? That just sounds very adorable and me-ish.

Thanks again, Clara! This was very fun! :-)

And very well, I tag anyone wearing pink or green. With these questions. I'm a good girl I am. 
Have a good day, folks. I hope all of you are in good life-phases, good health-situations and without any major (or minor) problems. May God bless you all.


  1. Okay, this was too perfect (like, EXACTLY what I felt like reading) so I just HAD to comment.
    Oh my, I am wearing my pajamas at the moment (that sounds awkward, but hey, it's past 8 PM here :-P) and they have pink on them. I don't know if you can tag people without blogs but as those questions are so much fun, I thought I would.
    Let me note that those chandelier gold engrave white hall pictures are oh my stars so pretty!! THAT would be my ballroom, in my House of Dreams. :-)
    Aww, I hope your sore throat goes away! I can't sing at all - I'm up to the sniffy nose croaky voice stage and singing is not happening at my end. (I sing a lot. Ahem.)
    That's so interesting that you are left handed! Never would have guessed. ;-)
    Haha, strange. There is a word for that, y'know, about people matching colours with people/objects. It's a THING. Don't ask me the name, though. :-P Ooohh, do I have a colour? ;-P
    #1. I have 5 siblings. All a fun-loving bunch and all love to tease. :-P
    #2: Hmm...I'd like six. Because I think our family is smashing and I'd love to be Mum. :-) But you can't exactly choose these things...
    #3. Oh, um....cream. I like cream horses. Not fussed though. As long as it doesn't kick or buck me off, it's a nice horse. :-P (Yes, I've had a horse take me off - the cheeky thing ran to a corner for a tree near a barb-wire fence and pushed me off. Naughty, evil thing.)
    #4. My dinner. Which I made - home made lasagne. :-D
    #5. Um...can't remember. But the one I'm NEARLY finished is "Our Mutual Friend' by Charles Dickens. Good stuff.
    6. Blue or aqua. After that, royal purple.
    7. Nope. Not happening. I have about 20 of those. (Which include about 5 different genres - I take interest in a variety of things.)
    8. *bursts into tears* Oh, I wish it WAS summer. Winter = awfulness. I loathe winter, it's my least favourite season. We don't even get SNOW. *sniff* I live such a deprived life. ;-P
    Can I take a moment to say THOSE DRESSES THOSE DRESSES THOSE DRESSES THAT PICTURE THAT PICTURE THAT PICTURE I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT. It sounds rude but I'd dearly love those dresses - I love the mother's hat although it's too big for myself - I'd like Bobby's outfit, the DRESS AND THE HAT.
    #9. Yes, absolutely love it! I've been to several huge bush dances with a live band and loved it, and I've done it with my friends a lot. I haven't done much English Country Dance but I have been invited to a friend's party that involves that sort of dancing and I am SO EXCITED!!!
    #10. Ugh. I have no idea. Roses or daises. Very original, I know.
    #11. We don't REALLY have much of that around here, but I would say yes, if we did.
    #12. Hmm... probably walking in the woods. I'd feel like Anne then. :-D
    #13. I come from the land Down Under....bother, now I've got that song stuck in my head.
    #14. HOT CHOCOLATE. Just because I'm not allowed coffee yet (otherwise that might come first) and I'm not fussed with tea.
    #15. I'm fine with spiders, they're fine as long as they're not a huge hairy one climbing up my leg or something. I'm not big on having them as pets though, especially since we have Redbacks here, which are highly dangerous.
    #16. Haha, wow. No I don't. :-P Wish I did, although the only people I've seen play a harp on movies is a bad guy. Maybe I don't want one. :-P
    #17. Candlelight - I'm a romantic, you see.
    #18. Dogs. All the way.
    #19. Too many, I've lost count. They're smelly and loud. I don't really like them. (Thankfully they're not my department.)
    #20. Yes, I learn Latin and Greek. (Yay for the former, ugh to the latter.) I'd like to learn Italian or Spanish or French or something along those lines - languages are fun! :-D
    #21. Um, no. Sorry. Not happening.
    Oh, yes I like Eliza Doolittle. She is too much fun. :-)
    Ahem. That was a long comment. Well, no harm done, I suppose. :-D Thanks for the delightful post - I enjoyed it muchly!
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. (This will be another one of those comment-as-I-read comments. :))

    Firstly: where do you get such GORGEOUS pictures?! This entire post is a feast for the eyes (and you may notice that I've pinned about half of the photos to various Pinterest boards). *siiiiigh* I'd read all your blog posts just for the illustrations. But they're excellent just by themselves, too.

    The facts: Yep, I use 'epic' all the time. Mostly in the wrong way, but I DO know its proper meaning. Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows! I love them (and everything else about her). You're left-handed? Cool! Okay, now I'm curious...what colour have you paired me with? :)

    The questions: Aren't apples delicious? I love them, as long as I get one that meets my exact specifications - a little sweet, a lot sour, and VERY crunchy. The crunchiness is the most important thing, as I detest soft apples. I want the same thing for my summer, too. Mom says that a move is a good time to make a fresh start (to answer your email question, we're moving this Monday), and since I'm officially Out Of School for good, I'm making up a list of things that I want to learn how to do this summer (making bread and sewing clothes and such).

    Sorry, but I can never get used to tea. I tried a cup just a couple days ago, and it just seems too...weak. Not like coffee. Although maybe I should keep experimenting with different types of tea, with or without milk, the amount of sweetener I put in, etc. How do you take yours?

    I quite like spiders IN THEIR PLACE. AKA, the bathroom. There were three spiders that I named - Chauvelin, Annette, and Thenardier Jr. - and then they had five adorable babies that I named after the five main characters in one of my favorite TV shows (Rat Patrol). It was fun while it lasted, but they've all disappeared now.

    Hmmm. I'm wearing a grey sweater with pink lettering. Does that count? :) 'Cause if it does, I'd love to do these questions on my blog!

  3. Hey, Eva, you graduated??? YAYYY!!!

    Wow, Naomi--English, Flemish, French, AND some German? That's impressive! It's great to be able to speak so many languages. I took Latin for many years, but now I'm doing German in college and it's a lot of fun. I'm, like, between one-quarter and one-half German myself, so it's my favorite language. People call it ugly, but *I* have never seen anything of it. (Thank you, Mr. Darcy's housekeeper, for providing me with that quote.)

    Do I have a color, too? Just wondering.

    Ooohhh . . . yes, I love the word "golden." I came up with the phrase "gentle golden sunshine" for my novel a couple of weeks ago and I was prodigiously proud of it.

    Wisteria is absolutely beautiful. Where I live (in the southeastern U.S.) it actually grows wild, all over the place--sort of like ivy--so every spring we get this veritable explosion of purple and it looks FANTASTIC.

  4. Oh, I'm sorry you have a sore throat! Those are so depressing.

    Wisteria! I wish they bloomed all the time; their scent is my favorite part. So lovely.
    Cats :) I used to dislike them until I met a really sweet one who completely changed my view of them.
    You speak Flemish? I didn't even know that language existed! I feel rather inadequate now - I'm just barely squeaking my way through Spanish.

    This was a delightful post to read! The pictures are all so beautiful...very "golden". :)

  5. This post was so much fun!! I just wanted to fall out of my chair laughing :P

    You "attach" colours to people too?!? So do I! :D

    And just HOW was it possible that I was wearing a pink shirt when I read this post? It's almost scary..... :P

  6. I've begun reading through your blog, and I really like it! I, too, adore reading, writing, and period dramas(though I haven't seen very many)! :)

  7. Jessica: Well, I haven't had the actual graduation ceremony yet (that'll take place on July 11th), but I'm still pretty happy that I'm done school. FOREVER. :)

  8. Lovely, golden post, Naomi! :) I usually don't read tag posts (they can get a little old sometimes) but I am always glad when I read yours because they are so cheerful and amusing!
    The Belle soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous! I love the bittersweet and passionate sound of the whole thing!
    There aren't any English Country Dance groups around here, either, and I thought it was really interesting that you looked to Youtube for dance videos. I tried that briefly too, but who do you use as a partner? A sibling, or an imaginary dance partner? ;)
    Question 15 made me laugh so much... spiders could NEVER be pets! They are crawly, scurrying, biting little things!
    I really wish I had a harp! What instruments do you play?
    That's so cool that you know so many languages! I am conversational in German (still have a lot to learn) and am trying to learn French and Dutch. You're very lucky!
    Have a great day,

  9. Heehee, I'm even worse than you....I hardly EVER tag anyone anymore. :P As you said, once I get around to posting my tag answers it seems everyone has already been tagged..plus, it's kind of take some time to go around and "tag" everyone. :P
    I really think you have one of the most golden (;)) blogs on the internet. It's so gorgeous, Naomi, and all your random pictures... :)
    I love the world golden too. And yes! I'd love Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows too!
    I hope your throat feels better soon! :(
    Ooh! Do I have a color? Please do tell!
    Haha, I like that a lot- enough kids to have a party without inviting everyone. heehee
    Jane Eyre! I love Jane Eyre so much.
    And ooh, yes, pink and green (the right shades of it, mind you) are sooo lovely together.
    I want to learn how to dance SO MUCH. Friends of mine at my church go to a swing dance thing-y often, and I hope to perhaps go sometime too. :) Learning how to swing dance would be SO vintage-y and fun!
    Ha! I never knew that about Belgium and S&S! Thanks for the fun trivia!
    I'm about to go make some mint green tea right now. :)

  10. I'm so happy for you, Eva! I know how good that feels :)
    I myself will not be done for quite a while--I have one more year of college, and then I plan to go on to grad school and hopefully earn a PhD in history. But one day I will finish! I shall conquer this, I shall! :)
    No, just kidding--I really do enjoy college. It's just a lot of work. So I'm resting right now. Thank the Good Lord for inventing summertime.

  11. Miss Meg March, I highly HIGHLY enjoyed your lovely answers! Let me comment on them now. :-) (And of course you may complete the tag! One doesn't need a blog for that. :D) I'm sorry you're up with a cold. It's not fun. My sore throat is magically gone, thank you. :-)
    I know, there's a word for it. I can't remember it either. It sounds very scary and long, haha. Mmm... what colour are you? This is hard because I don't know what you look like and I don't know your real name (I'm not complaining, I love pen-names a LOT and yours is charming), but the first colour that comes to mind is Vintage Pink. You're welcome. :-)
    Ohh, you want six kids too. :-P
    You don't like winter?! I LOVE WINTER - don't feel bad! I love summer too, but winter is so cosy and snuggly and story-like, even if it doesn't snow. And the cutest clothes are the winter clothes. :-)
    I LOVE THE RAILWAY CHILDREN PICTURE TOO. It's GOLDEN. It really, really is. My favourite dress is the mothers. The mother is such a nice character, isn't she? So kind and beautiful. :-)
    Ohh, have fun at your friends party! It sounds so nice. Dancing. :-)
    Well, I'm not fine with spider. No, ma'am. Noooo. Oh, Latin and Greek. You did those. My older brother is an expert in those languages, but they both look faaar to codey and whats-the-use-because-they're-dead!-ish to me. :-P Thank you for your lovely long comment!

    Eva, Oh, well, well, I have my ways. *wiggles eyebrows secretively* Haha. Well, I find most of my pictures on Pinterest, but quite a lot of these come from some tumblr blogs which I've discovered. I could send you links of the prettiest tumblr blogs if you want, so you can swoon with me. :-)
    Oh, yes, you have a colour. It's pine-green. Don't ask me why.
    I detest soft apples!!! BUT I LOVE THE CRUNCHY ONES. I agree with you completely on the subject of apples, m'dear. Only I like it a little sour a more sweet. :-) I have a weakness for sweet things.
    I don't like coffee. Don't look at me like that, Eva! I don't. I like the herbal tea. Y'know, mint, rosebottle and so on. They aren't THAT delicious, but I like them.
    I guess it kinda cute that you named your spiders, but EWW I JUST DON'T LIKE THEM. When I spot a spider in the bathroom I go like, 'OH FETCH ME A HOOVER SOMEONE' and my siblings go, 'What's he doing?'
    Of course that counts! As long as there is, like, a tiny bit of pink or green. :-) I'd love to read your answers! (And see your randomly nice pictures. Haha. I'm expecting them.)

    Jessica, Well, here it's pretty normal for a person to speak a lot of languages. In fact, everyone HAS to be able to speak Dutch and French in Belgium. :) I don't mind German, but it's not my favourite language. Maybe I'm just saying that because I was tired of learning it. Probably the case, that. :-D
    Your colour... is cornfield yellow. Don't ask me why! :-O
    'gentle golden sunshine.' My, that's beautiful. :-)
    Ohh! Wisteria is a WEED where you live?!! Well, that's the best thing ever.

    Mary, thank you for your concern - luckily it's disappeared by now. :-)
    I know, Wisteria disappear so quickly. You really have to enjoy them (yes, especially their scent! So amazing!) when they are there.
    Well, Flemish is exactly the same as Dutch. It's like British and American.
    Haha, I chose slightly golden-ish pictures for this post. I'm glad someone noticed that. :-)

  12. Blessing Counter, I just LOVE it when people say my posts make them laugh. It makes me SO happy. So thank you!!! :-)
    Oh, you also attach colours to people! What colour am I? I don't know my own one, and it annoys me a bit. :-)

    Meredith, aww, thank you! Welcome to my humble blog-abode. :-)

    Abby, Oh, goodness, thank you dear! That's so nice of you to say. I'm glad you find my post 'golden.' :-)
    OH THE BELLE SOUNDTRACK. It just breaks my heard of the beauty of it. Soooo beautiful! :-(
    Haha, yup, I just use an imaginary dance partner. I like to imagine it's Mr Knightley or some other Period Drama boyfriend of mine. :-D I have tried to use one of my siblings, but didn't really work.
    I'M GLAD YOU AGREE. Spiders are just NOT pets. Nooo.
    Harps are so beautiful! I play the piano and the guitar. The piano, for a lot of years, and the guitar (just chords, nothing fancy) for three years. I enjoy music, but I'm not the most musically talented of my family - I have several siblings and a father who are just AMAZING. :-)
    I know, I'm very lucky to have been brought up in two languages. Thanks for commenting!

    Natalie, GOOD. I'm not alone in this then. :-) Also, what I don't like about tagging people is the fact that you have to go and find them and tell them about it. But I should do it, though, because yeah, rules are rules. :-)
    Aww, thank you, Natalie! I'm so glad you find 'Wonderland Creek' a gorgeous spot on the Internet. :-) That means a lot.
    Thank you, my throat is a lot better now. :-)
    Yes, you do have a colour. You're the corn-flower-kind-of-blue. As I told the other people, don't ask me why. I have no idea. :-)
    Ohhh, oh, oh, I want to learn how to swing dance SO BADLY! It's so glenn-miller-vintage-y. Although I do think it looks rather tiring. :-) But so fun, nonetheless.
    Hehee, you're welcome about the fun trivia. :-) Ohhh, tea! Hope you enjoyed that. I know I would. :-)

    Thanks for all the comments, m'dears! Apple-porridge, you all are good sports!

    ~ Naomi

  13. NAOMI I LOVE CORNFIELD YELLOW. Seriously, it's one of my favorite colors EVER. And it looks really good on me, too. HOW DID YOU KNOW.

    Yes, around here, wisteria just sort of climbs over all the trees like a regular old vine. Sort of like kudzu, if you've ever seen a photo of that (another Southern plant). So as you drive around in March/April (the exact time of blooming varies, I think) you can look around and see these purple vines randomly scattered all over the place. It's so beautiful.

  14. wowzers! Lovely lovely answers! =D
    Ooooooooh now I'm curious, what's my colour? Oh oh oh! I am watching the 2009 Emma again (writing a review too actually) It's SO gooddd!!!!
    Sorry I'm typing this in a hurry on my mums phone as we are seeing my nephew and neice this morning!
    ~Evoe :-)

  15. Oh and I do hope your sore throat goes away too! I have one at the moment!
    Just noticed your new comment thing.. *hands chocolate cookie*

  16. Ah, Pinterest. What would we do without it? :) Unfortunately, my computer filter blocks tumblr, so I won't be able to view all those lovely blogs. I'd like to, though! Maybe some day... In the mean time, I'll content myself with your blog and your boards.

    Pine green is a good colour. I'm very flattered. ;) I thought about it for a bit, and decided that I'd give you a sort of pink and black and white mix for a colour, if that makes any sense. Sort of a combination of your favorite colour and all the vintage-y stuff you love, right?

    I love apples that are so sour they make me pucker up. I think I have an affinity for sour things more than sweet.

    Coffee is delicious!!! But my mom and my sisters don't like it, so I understand. :) Hehe...my siblings and I were watching Laura the other day, down in the basement, and there was a HUGE centipede crawling along the wall, and then it suddenly dropped to the floor and started coming toward us. We all screamed and scrambled and missed a good two or three minutes of the movie. =) 'Twas rather dramatic while it lasted.

    DUH. Of COURSE I'll put oodles of pictures into my post! I'll work on it over the next few days whenever I get the chance.

  17. Apple-porridge! I love it. :-)

    Wow, I can't help noticing that you seem to be in a very whimsical mood when you wrote this...even more so than usual! Your answers made me laugh. Especially the one about candlelight versus electric light. ;-P

    You associate colors with people! I don't do that with people, but I've always associated colors with numbers and the letters of the alphabet. Very weird, I know. N is orange, and E is green.

    This was so much fun to read!


    P.S. I love the picture of the cat sleeping on the bed. It looks a little bit like Oliver. :-)

  18. Jessica, goodness! What a coincidence! :-O

    Evie, thanks for commenting. :-) You are... mmm, your colour is hard. :-) I think I've decided. You are a dark blue. :-) Very orchestral. :-P
    I hope your sore throat gets better too - mine is gone, thanks.

    Eva, oh that's a pity. If you ever want the links, tell me. :-)
    Oh, yeah, I can see that! My colour being pink and black and white. Thank you for telling me! :-)
    HAHA. That story about the centipede. I'm sure I would have shouted the loudest had I been there. :-P

    Emma, HAHA. Of course, you are the only one who notices my moods by just reading a post of mine! That's what besties DO. :-) Yeah, I was feeling rather whimsical - 'more so than usual' hahaha. :-) I hope it's not over-exaggerated. :-P
    Oh, I DO THAT TOO. Yes, all the numbers and letters of the alphabet have colours in my mind as well. OHHH yes, E is SO green. But I think N is purple. We both have types of 'synethesia' then. That's what it's called: Someone who associates colours with people or sounds or smells or numbers and letters. I seem to have it very strongly. :-D
    Haha, that picture reminded me of Oliver. I put it up there for you. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  19. Attaching colors to people is totally normal -- it means you have a metaphorical mind, which many writers do. I associate people with numbers, and my mom thought that was really weird, but when I took creative writing in college, my prof asked us all if any of us do things like that, and explained about how we could use that to help us as writers.

    (I'm curious now what my color is. Your number is 6. This has nothing to do with scales of 1 to 10 or anything, it's just the number you remind me of.)

    Today I have killed three spiders -- it's been a bad day. I HATE spiders too. And one was a black widow inside my kids' dirt box outside that they play in with their little construction trucks, so... I was displeased. Bad, naughty, evil spiders!

  20. Heehee! This post is delightfully amusing:D

    I'm left-handed, too! Lefties together!:)

    *sheepishly* Do I have a color?:D I find it really cool when people have that--I don't (the seeing people with color), but I wish I did, what!

    "Although at a high level of decibel…" XD XD XD

    Wisteria! Yes! Oh my goodness, I hope heaven has LOADS of flowers (I expect it does)!

    *sighs enviously* You know so many languages!!! Then, I already knew that, but still!

  21. YES!!!! I'm wearing green!!! :D :P Do I answer here, or on my blog? And my! Your knowledge of languages has me very impressed! I think, deep down, every girl wishes she could speak French. :P

  22. Hamlette, that is so interesting that you attach numbers with people. I have that sometimes, but I attach things more often with colours. I attach numbers with colours too. :-) Okay, I'm 6. I can see that. :-)
    The first colour that comes to mind when I think of you is a dark theatrical red. Maybe I'm influenced by your 'Hamlette's Siloquy' blog's background, but I don't think so. The colour makes me think of you. :-)
    OH goodness! You have black widows? Those big scary hairy ones?!! I'm glad those aren't around here... so GLAD. I'm sorry for you, though. :-P

    Olivia, Ohh! You're also left-handed. I LIKE you. :-)
    You're a bronzey-kind-of-orange. Deep and flickering. Once again, don't you ask me why. :-)
    HAHA. Yes, my brothers are super loud. I'm sure heaven is swamped with flowers. :-) Yeah, I guess my language-knowledge should appear a bit impressive for some people. As I told someone else in the comments, it's pretty common in Belgium - it's a very international country.

    Hannah, You can choose! I don't mind. Maybe you can answer them on your blog? Or in a comment, I don't mind. :-)
    Really? Well, I suppose it IS a rather elegant language. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  23. No, black widows aren't hairy. They're usually not more than 2-3 inches long, including legs, and they have a red hourglass shape on the bottom of their abdomen. Tarantulas are the hairy ones, and we do NOT have those here, thank the dear Lord.

    ...sorry for my caps, I just get excited when I see New Edwardian-Looking Period Dramas.
    Also how have I not been reading your blog before this, m'dear? *look of shock* I've been missing out on something very delightful indeed, and I'm so sorry for the oversight!

  25. Miss Dashwood, Haha, your reaction to a pretty picture of a Period Drama you haven't yet heard of sums up me in a LOT of situations. :-D That picture is from the old version of 'The Railway Children' - the one with Jenny Agutter as Bobby, not the one with Jenny Agutter as Bobby's mum (because she's in two Railway Childrens.) It's a lovely, lovely movie - an old family favourite - and the costumes are GORGEOUS.
    And I'm very, very pleased to have you 'on board'! I'm a fan of your blog (I rather look up to you, oh high and wise blogger (heehee)) so thank you very much for the follow. :-)

    ~ Naomi


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