Things I have been loving lately

Chatting with my best friend Emma and realising that, no matter the differences between us, we understand each other and I'm disastrously lucky to have her as my bestie. Love you, Emma. // Fashion Haul videos of random internet strangers which make me very jealous. // Audrey Hepburn pins. // Goodreads, I love Goodreads. I also love good reads, which is probably just coincidental. // Pretty teacups. I love the red-and-white-spotted mug my mum brought several weeks ago. // Pineapples. // Queen Elizabeth. // 

My current Daddy-Long-Legs-inspired book I'm writing. Letter form is so much fun! // Princess Charlotte's christening. Zee elegance. // Warm weather and rain. // Messy braids. I haven't got the complete knack of them yet, but one day I shall conquer it. // Anything colour coordinated. // Listening to divine choir-boys-choirs and Celtic Women songs on my mp3 player before going to bed. This song is so beautiful it makes me cry. // 

The necklace Grandma gave me (or I begged from her) which looks up-to-date despite she having worn it around my age. // Comments. I love you stinkin' much, and that's a compliment despite the fact that the word 'stinkin'' sounds weird. // The sarcastic e-mails of my Granddad. // Holidays. // My new blog look. (Hey, let me be proud of my own blog look.) // I love that the word Google popped up decorated with the Belgium flag, today. It's the national Belgian day-thing, y'see. // Smiles from random strangers. // 

Getting letters. I hope I will never stop getting fun things in the post, because I frankly can't do without that. // The prospect of reading long-awaited-for books. // Stalking Instagrams of famous people. Reese Witherspoon's is elegant indeed; I love her fashion sense, and I want all her sunglasses, okay? Okay. That's a deal. // The fact that there are so many things to be happy about! God is too good for me to keep up with thank you's. // 

My new green jumper. Can't wait for the winter so I can wear it. // Lemonade. // The fact that a happy attitude can change everything. The cup is never half-empty, but always half-full. // Old family romance stories. // Eyes. They fascinate me because all of them are just gorgeous. // Let's go fly a Kite, from Mary Poppins. // The fact that I have 77 followers!!! // My little siblings. // My thick, impossible, frizzy hair. No matter how annoying and weird you can be, I love you, hair. // YOU. I just do love you. Don't tell me that was sentimental, because t'wasn't. Adieu!

Have a lovely day! (That was a command.)


  1. Oh, this is a very fuzzy post. :-) I like these kind of posts - they're so relaxed, comfy and paint a picture in your mind.
    Yes, I think smiles from random strangers are so wonderful! They really do make your day. :-D
    Oh, I LOVE getting letters too. I love writing them. Sadly, almost none of my friends do. *sniff* I still write to them, anyway. ;-)
    Totally agree about a happy attitude. I've been going through a bit of a rough time right now, but to look at everything in a joyful way, makes it so much better. I guess that's why the Bible says, "The joy of the Lord is my strength."
    Yes, I am fascinated with eyes too! People very often tell me I've got amazing eyes, but I think everyone's eyes are beautiful.
    I'm afraid I cannot accept your command as I'm about to go to bed, but I shall try to enjoy tomorrow! :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. Aww! This was a sweet post, Naomi! And so colorful! :) It's cool how you changed the color of the font for each different fact.

    You're right, we do have a lot to be thankful for; and so many things to enjoy. Thanks for reminding me! God is SO good!

    You have thick, frizzy hair? Me, too! I always keep it pulled back because it looks pretty awful if I leave it out with no restraint. But, still, I like my hair, too. :)

    You have a lovely day, too!

    ~Miss March

  3. May I conclude that you took my suggestion and wrote this post modeled on my 'little things' series? :) Even if you didn't, I LOVE IT! It was lovely reading all about these wonderful, happyful things that made you happy and, in turn, made me happy. I hope you do more of these posts. :)

  4. Awwwwww:D Like Miss Meg March said, these kinds of posts just make you feel all cosy and warmly-fuzzy:)

    (As always, beauteous pictures.)

    Celtic Women is GORGEOUS. I cannot even;)

    Letters…long-awaited books…Reese Witherspoon's fashion…God's blessings…YES:D

    Oh, OH, I know right! EYES. They're just so fascinating and beautiful. I love to study people's eyes.

    Aww! I love you, too:D

    Excellent post!

  5. Queen Elizabeth!!! Yes. Indeed. She's lovely.

    CELTIC WOMAN! They're amazing! Have you listened to their version of "Scarlet Ribbons"? That's kind of the "theme song" of the novel I'm writing right now, and it's just SO beautiful and it inspires me so much, because it's all about miracles.

    We're awfully fond of you, too, old thing :-)

  6. Oh Naomi...your posts always brighten my day:) They are full of such wonder, happiness, beauty, elegance, and magic!

  7. This was such a cute post, Naomi!
    Wow. That picture of Audrey is GORGEOUS. I've never seen it before!
    You seem to be always way more caught up on Royal Family news that I am! ;) I immediately went and googled Princess Charlotte's christening after you mentioned it!
    And yes! Your new blog design is lovely! I especially adore the background.
    When can you ever have too much pink!!?
    Smiles from strangers....letters....getting to read anticipated books...yes yes yes! And oh!! Old family romance stories are the BEST. :)

  8. I'm disastrously lucky to have YOU. We're disastrously lucky to have each other. :-)

    Reading long-awaited books...yikes...I bet I know what THOSE are. *winky-wink* I'm seriously almost as excited as you.

    Um, did you just say you can't wait for winter?!?!! NO, PLEASE. Do not speak the words.

    It's so exciting that you have 77 followers!!!!! :-) I'm happy for you, dear.


  9. This is such a delightful post! I agree with many of the things, lemonade, my hair that is especially frizzy this time of the year, anticipated books, and stalking famous people's Instagrams (but never following them of course!).

    Since you enjoy listening to choir boys, do you mind if I give you a suggestion? This is the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7ch7uottHU
    It is in Latin, but it's so beautiful, like the song you shared! It's definitely my favorite choir song. :)

    I love the way your blog looks! It's girly and so very pretty!


  10. Miss Meg March, Aww thanks. :-)
    I don't have many people writing letters to me, either. My friend Emma writes me letters now and then (really cool ones. :-P) but further than that I don't get real handwritten letters that much. :-(
    Aww, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a rough time. I hope all goes okay!
    Ohh! You have beautiful eyes?! I want to see them now. (Wow, that sounded creepy. I DO apologise.) Oh well, have a good day tomorrow then. :-)

    Miss March, I know! I need reminding too, sometimes. When I have one of those 'sad-mopey' days I tell myself to take a paper and fill it with things I'm happy about. I always feel so much better afterwards! :-)
    Oh, You have thick frizzy hair too! Glad to have some who can relate. :-) Our hair is THE coolest.

    (I find it comfusing sometimes that I have two great commenters called 'Mis Meg March' and 'Miss March' haha. It's cool though, these pen names. :-))

    Eva, What? I stole this idea from you? Nope.
    Haha. JUST KIDDING. I did. :-) Thanks for letting me. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Olivia, Thank you! I KNOW. CELTIC WOMEN.
    Heehee, I was thinking of you when I wrote that down about Reese Witherspoons fashion. :-) We've talked about it in your comment section somewhere once, I believe. ;-P
    Me too - studying eyes is awesome. But it's also a bit difficult because one CAN appear creepy. :-)
    Thank you, m'dear!

    Jessice Prescott, Thank you for commenting despite an 'ill' computer! :-)
    I LOVE the Queen. I have such high respect for that lady.
    INDEED. CELTIC WOMEN ARE GORGEOUS. I just listened to 'Scarlet Ribbons' (no, I hadn't before) and it's lovely! I have to admit I prefer the songs where there's more going on, if you see what I mean. :-)
    Aww, you're a chump. Thanks.

    Madison, Your comments always brighten my day. Seriously. :-) Thank you, THANK YOU for your kind words. :-)

    Natalie, I know! That's a great Audrey Hepburn picture, right? There's a story behind it - I read it just a few days ago - the wedding dress belonged to her - she was engaged to some chap but then BROKE the engagement during the filming of 'Roman Holiday' because she thought her filmstar success would make her an undevoted wife. SO then she gave the lovely wedding dress to a random poor girl in Rome! Isn't that kind of her? Lucky random poor Italian girl, right? :-)
    Oh dear! You haven't heard of Charlotte's christening! It happened weeks ago. Yeah, I'm very VERY up-to-date with Royal Family news. :-/
    Oh yeah, Family romance stories. Our family has some great novel-worthy ones.

    Emma, *Awws for several minutes* You really are a darling. Thank you, Violet.
    YES YOU DO KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE. Next week, I will open their pages. :-)
    Hahaaha! I was WONDERING what your reaction would be. Hee. Don't worry, I AM enjoying the summer. But it's just that I feel like Christmas songs and nice knitted jumpers. :-) (Yes, I actually listened to a Christmas song several days ago. Hannah was like, 'NO.')
    And today I realised I had 79!!! *bursts*

    Emily, Ohh you have frizzy hair too! Goood. :-) (I mean, good that I'm not the only one. :-)) Haha, I can't follow the famous people because I don't have Instagram. But I don't think I would even if I had one. :-)
    Oh my goodness! That SONG you linked. It's BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for letting me know of it. :-)
    Thank you! I'm fond of it too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  11. Naomi,
    Thank you - you're so sweet and caring. :-)
    I had a good day today, thank you. (Haha, I can never figure it out - you're about 6 hours behind us or something. Sometimes you put up your posts and comments while I'm READING them! :-P)
    Hehe, well, *I* like my eyes and it's the thing I've had the most compliments about. ;-) They were black when I was a baby, but now they're very dark brown. If there's light on them they're more of a lighter colour, but generally speaking they're dark brown. I've always been able to master the trick of pulling any expression I want to. I had several people (the funny thing was, most of them were guys, haha) say that I look like I am 'staring straight into their soul'. It sounds freaky I know, but honestly, I'M NOT THAT SCARY!! :-P I just have an expressive face. ;-) (And when you say you have eyes the colour of faded moss, I want to see yours now too, hehe. Yes, I see what you mean about sounding creepy....)
    Oh, yes, I sometimes wonder if it's confusing having two Miss Marches! I was using my pen name last year, and didn't find out there was another "Miss March" until I had already used mine. Oh well. ;-)
    ~Miss MEG March

  12. Oh, I am sorry to be the cause of such confusion. I guess I didn't do enough research before choosing my name to see if anyone else had the same one. Miss Meg March, I'm sorry for stealing your name. You definitely had it first, because I wasn't around here a year ago. (Believe it or not, though, if I had, had to choose one of the March sisters I probably would have chosen Meg, too! Now that would have been extremely problematic!) I'm glad I didn't do that. :)

    ~just plain Miss March :)

  13. Oh, yeah, about that--my laptop is still "sick," I probably won't get it back for like a month :( BUT my mom is very kindly letting me share her PC until mine gets fixed. So I'll still be able to do some of this stuff :)

  14. Miss March, I'm not sure if you'll see this, but just in case. :-)
    Please don't feel bad about it! I am by no means annoyed or angry. I know there are several cases of people doubling up in pen names. Besides, I really like your name and it IS different to mine, hehe. ;-) I wanted mine to be specific, even though it's not quite historically accurate. (In those days the eldest daughter was called Miss Surname.)
    Yes, I think every girl can relate to Meg in some way or another. (Although all my sisters are Jos definitely, hehe.)
    ~Miss Meg March

  15. Miss Meg March,

    Aww, thank you. I'm so glad you're not annoyed. I didn't really think you would be, but thank you for telling me so, anyway. Because it's nice to know for certain. :)

    ~Miss March

  16. I loved how you took a list of random, lovely things, and made them into a fabulous blog post!
    The Libra song was BEAUTIFUl, and I agree, getting letters is kind of the best. (-:
    Keep blogging always! Your writing style is charming and engaging!
    Best wishes,

  17. Naomi,
    Oh my!!!!! Thank you for telling me that story about Audrey Hepburn. It is SO sweet! (although it's sad she broke her engagement :( )


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