5 authors I've read the most of

AHHHHH LOOK AT THAT PICTURE LOOK AT THAT PICTURE LOOK AT THAT PICTURE. Mary and Matthew are finally reunited and I CAN'T STAND THE CUTENESS. (The real story: Michelle Dockery uploaded this picture on her Instagram (yes, I stalk famous people's instagrams, yes, I am sneaky) with the caption 'I've missed this face.' AND I AGREE. I'VE MISSED THIS FACE.)

Anyway. Ahhhhhem.

*puts on serious mask*

Hello, dear people! How are you? I'm very well, thank you, despite the fact that I am back to school again, so I can't afford to waste my time like I did disastrously, gloriously often these last two months. But I can afford to write blog posts now and then, sooo. 

*Patiently waits for sighs to pass over.* 

This idea was 'stolen with permission' from Jillian, who blogs over at 'a room of one's own' (a lovely blog, by the way, highly recommended. Especially if you love Gone With the Wind.) Basically when I'm going to do is tell you (aren't I nice?) the five authors that I've read the most of. (This doesn't mean all my favourite authors are on this list, or all my favourite books. Because I adore 'Rebecca', but I've only read two of Daphne de Maurier's books. And Gone with the Wind is a big favourite of mine, but it's Margaret Mitchell's only book. So yeah.)

#1. Lucy Maud Montgomery.
The author I've read the most books from is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Also, it helps that she wrote a lot of books, haha. I'm one of the biggest L.M.M fans EVER - I cry myself puddles over her books (one word: Walter), I swoon over them (one word: Barney), I laugh over them (one word: Anne) and I just LOVE them. I cannot get enough of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books.

1. Anne of Green Gables (read this about seven or eight times)
2. Anne of Avonlea (read twice)
3-7. All the other Anne books (I read them all very quickly several years ago, but it's time for a reread)
8. Rilla of Ingleside (THE BESTEST - I've read it four times and I only discovered it three years ago.)
9. Emily of the New Moon (read twice (perhaps three times))
10-11. The other Emily books (read twice)
12. The Blue Castle (loooove. Read it about 9 times)
13. Jane of Lantern Hill (read twice)
14-15. The Pat books
16. The Story Girl (read about four times)
17. The Golden road (read about four times too)
18. Magic for Marigold 
19. A Tangled Web
20. Tales of Avonlea
21. Futher tales of Avonlea
22. Several short stories and poems
23. Stories of courageous women written by Montgomery (read twice)
24. Lucy Maud Montgomery autobiography (read twice)

My favourite is definitely 'Rilla of Ingleside.' It's beyond amazing and it makes me cry like no other book will ever be able to make me cry. 'The Blue Castle' and (of course) 'Anne of Green Gables' follow very closely. GOLDEN BOOKS. READ THEM READ THEM.

#2. Laura Ingalls Wilder
While I'm not as big as a fan now, I used to be disaaaastrously fond of anything, anything Laura Ingalls Wilder related. I WAS OBSESSED. My childhood is basically reading the Little House books over and over again and reading every tiny detail till I knew everything there is to know. Ask me anything guys, my brain has it inscribed.

1. Little House in the Big Woods (I would say 10 times. I don't know. A LOT.)
2. Little House on the Prairie (About 8 times)
3. On the banks of Plum Creek (seriously, ennnndless amounts of reads - this one was my favourite when I was little.)
4. Farmer Boy (About 7 times.)
5. By the shores of Silver Lake (aren't these titles scrumptious?) (Again, I read this one so much)
6. The Long Winter (Guessing around 7 reads?)
7. Little Town on the Prairie (100000 reads. Approx. :P)
8. These Happy Golden Years (Soooo many reads. LOVE THIS ONE)
9. The first four years (Read about four/five times.)
10. Laura's diary on her journey to Missouri (Read at least three times)

Other Laura Ingalls related books:
11. Laura's album
12. Little House cook book
13. Little House crafts
14. Little House sewing book
15-18 The Martha years
19-23 The Charlotte years
24-30 The Caroline years
31-38 The Rose years
39. The Little House guidebook

Yeah. Told you. :-) My favourite is a tie between 'Little Town on the Prairie' and 'These Happy Golden years.' I actually haven't touched these books for years, because every time I do I seem to be reading them with my eyes closed. I know them sooo off by heart. :-P

#3. Michael Morpurgo
This isn't really my favourite author - sometimes I'm in a Morpurgo mood, and I read all of the books we have in one week, and sometimes I'm so not in a Morpurgo mood. You might call it a love-hate relationship - but he really does have some nice gems of childrens books around. And he's written TONS of books - that's probably why he's on this list. Because he's written so much, and because I have a Grandma who buys them all for her grandchildren to read. Haha.

1. War Horse (this one is surprisingly not-really-my-favourite, considering it's his most famous.)
2. Private Peaceful (read twice)
3. Alone on the Wide Wild Sea (read twice)
4. Cool! (read twice.)
5. The butterfly lion (read twice)
6. Born to run
7. Kaspar, prince of cats (I know, Emma, I actually read animal books.)
8. Shadow
9. An Elephant in the Garden (read twice)
10. Running Wild (read twice)
11. Billy the Kid
12. Little Foxes
13. Toro! Toro!
14. Dear Olly (read twice)
15. Twist of Gold (read twice)
16. Waiting for Anya
17. Escape from Shangri-la (read twice)
18. Kensuke's Kingdom
19. Mr Nobody's eyes
20. Friend of Foe (read twice)

Told you he had a lot of books. I don't like them THAT much, but some of them - such as 'Alone of the Wide Wilde sea' and 'Running Wild' and 'Friend of Foe' - are really good. I'd want my children to read them. A lot of these books are super short, so I read quite a lot of these top-speed. I know, doesn't really count. :-P

#4 Lynn Austin
I love everything about Lynn Austin. HER FICTIONAL WORKS ARE STUPENDOUS. I can't recommend them enough. Lynn Austin has been such a big part of my life - I named my blog after one of her books, and me and my best friend give each other Lynn-Austin-characters' nicknames. Her books have been re-read by me OFTEN and I never ever tire. LOVE THESE BOOKS WITH FONDEST LOVE. (Tell me to stop pressing caps lock, please. Doubt I'll listen, though, but tell me all the same.)

Some of these books I've 'just' read for the first time (by just I mean last year or something) - therefore the not-THAT-many re-reads.

1. Hidden Places (read about 5 times)
2. Candle in the Darkness (read thrice.)
3. Fire by Night (read twice - maybe three times?)
4. A Light to My Path (read twice)
5. Eve's Daughters (read 3 times)
6. A Woman's place (read twice)
7. All she Ever Wanted
8. While we're far apart (read 3 times)
9. A Proper Persuit
10. Wonderland Creek (you were waiting for that one. :-) I've read this one three times, I think.)
11. Until we reach home (read twice)
12. All things New (read twice)
13. Though waters roar (read twice)

I've read all her works of historical fiction, and they all have a special place in my heart. My favourite of them all is 'Hidden Places'. It makes me so happy. I also LOVE Fire by Night IT'S SO AMAZING. And Eve's Daughters is pure brilliance. Ohh, they're all good. :-)

#5. Jane Austen.
I wish she'd written more, but at least she's written enough to have a good list. :-) THAT's something, you know. :-)

1. Pride and Prejudice (read about 7 times)
2. Sense and Sensibility (read three times - or, as I like to say, thrice.)
3. Emma (read 2ce)
4. Northanger Abbey (twice)
5. Persuasion (twice)
6. Mansfield Park (twice)
7. Lady Susan
8. Sandition & Love and Friendship

Other books about Jane Austen:
9. The making of Pride and Prejudice 1995 (read about a dozen times- I loooove this book.)
10. Emma Thompson's script of Sense and Sensibility + her diary. (read twice)
11. Just Jane, by Nancy Moser
12. Longbourn, by Jo Baker
13. Death comes to Pemberly, by P.James
14-18. Four cheap-on-kindle sequels which weren't that good, heh.

Jane Austen is precious. Yes, her books aren't the most relaxing reads ever, and I will admit that I do find them a bit 'hard' sometimes. But I love them anyways. Pride and Prejudice is my favourite, closely followed by Northanger Abbey. And S&S. And Emma. Oh, and Mansfield Park...

What are some authors you love?

Have a lovely day. :-) I think of you often, you know, and wonder if you're having a good day or not. I randomly think stuff like, ohhh Emma is doing this now (I normally KNOW what Emma's doing - I don't need to wonder) and 'I wonder what Jessica and Rosie are doing' or 'Are they still sleeping where Natalie lives' or 'Is Miss Meg March awake by now'? I'm curious beyond, and I think of you often. Juuuust so you know. :-) I LOVE YOU.


  1. Oh, I think I saw this about 2 minutes after you posted it. ;-) (*cough* Not that I'd been waiting or anything... :-P)
    I love that picture at the top, although I haven't seen DA, I just love looking at those kind of pictures where they're having such a great time.
    I'm sorry to hear you're back to school, I shall miss the disastrously, gloriously frequent posts (which aren't disastrous and shall never be) that you've been writing. I have around 1 month before a fortnight of holidays.
    Ah, yes, L.M. Montgomery! I've read around 5 or 6 of those, and reread some about 4 times and listen to the tapes/CDs endless times. I would love to read the whole series (and they're on my to-read list!) I've been reading them chronologically, so I've not gotten up to The Blue Castle or Rilla of Ingleside but perhaps I may skip ahead just to read them.....or maybe not. I hate skipping books. :-P I'm not a terribly fast reader (compared to typical teenagers YES compared to you NO) and I like to read varying books. (I only read one at a time.)
    Yes, I've read most of Laura's works, they're very delightful when you're little, aren't they? And very fun to read aloud to your younger siblings when you're older. :-D They're such simple, sweet stories. (Oh my, I don't see why I need to practice alliteration in my writing class, I can do it fine! :-P)
    I haven't heard of Michael Morpurgo, so I can't really comment. Except to say I didn't realize War Horse was a book. *hides in shame* I've only seen the first part of the movie, and was kicked out when the war parts came in. But I want to watch it's entirety now, as I believe I'm old enough. :-)
    Haha, I thought Lynn Austin would be on this list. ;-) I would love to try one of her books....hopefully our library has Hidden Places!
    I'm dying to read Jane Austen but I "must wait until I'm older" so I shall try to bear this trial patiently. :-P I just content myself with watching the 3 JA movies we have and playing that kind of music on the piano. (I can play a couple songs off the *cough* P&P '05 movie, (it IS a beautiful soundtrack, y'know) and I used to play the song (and sing) the one that Emma plays with Frank in the new Emma movie. Bluebells of Scotland, I think it was called. The music was simple so I tweaked it by ear to sound like the one off the movie. :-D)
    I love Charles Dickens, hehe. :-P Just had to put that in....um, Louisa May Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Piet Prins, Chuck Black and goodness gracious plenty more I'm sure. :-)
    Oh my stars, I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned my name, hehe. It's so WEIRD seeing my name on that screen. ;-) And to answer your question, yes I've been awake for quite some time, haha. When I first saw your post (which I'm quite sure was very soon after you published it) it was 6 PM here. So there you go. :-)
    Aww, how sweet of you! :-D I love meeting other lovely girls out there who share the same interests. And besides, I love the idea of "having a friend in Belgium." :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. I like L. M. Montgomery(Anne of Green Gables is the best ever!). I also love the Emily Starr trilogy. And Jane Austen(so far I've only read P&P, but I'm working on Persuasion). And Laura Ingalls Wilder. Besides those three, I like Tolkien, Lewis, N. D. Wilson, Elizabeth George Speare, and Louisa May Alcott.

  3. Well, you are quite the reader. I have been meaning to read the ENTIRE Anne of Green Gables series because um...I LOVE Anne but unfortunately life has gotten in the way. I wish that I could take a whole semester off and just READ!! Wouldn't that be lovely:)

  4. I really must get into the Montgomery books. I believe I have a problem of reading books when I'm too young for them and I toss them aside, thinking they are uninteresting. But now I can't wait to get my hands on some of these books you mentioned! They sound amazing!
    Ah, Laura Ingalls. All of the stories and pictures are just lovely. Did you have Laura Ingalls paper dolls as a kid? They are so cute! I think On the Banks of Plum Creek is my favorite.
    Honestly Naomi, you really MUST stop pressing caps lock. It is most unbecoming! ;)
    You have made me a big Lynn Austin fan! I think I've read 5 or 6 of her books just this year! I think my favorites are Fire by Night and Until We Reach Home.
    Wow, you've read ALL of Jane Austen? I've only made it through P+P, Emma, and Persuasion! We should really make thrice a popular, stylish word to use. It deserves to be written! :)
    Aww, that's nice! I've always thought you couldn't have online friends really, but it would be hard to say that I don't think of you as a sort of long-distance one! :)

  5. Let's get one thing straight

    We LOVE YOU TOO NAOMI! <3 *hugs* I often think about my blogger friends too! Whenever someone mentions Belguim in any conversation about anything I give a little excited squeak and go "I have a good friend that lives there" :D
    That photo of Michelle and Dan I literally was like AHH
    Great post idea, I might do it too hmm and yes I agree fully about JA nad LA :D
    The second Aussie

  6. I HAVE ONLY READ ONE LM MONTGOMERY BOOK. I know! I will make Rilla happen! I own the whole Anne series and I will make it happen too!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I've already changed the theme. I am flighty -- I mean crazy -- I mean creative.

    I adore Laura Ingalls and happily only read them for the first time a couple years ago. So I do not have them memorized. :) I'm rereading Little Women for the fourth time right now. I quite love that book! But I've hardly read any Alcott either! I seem to find a fine book and want to keep it & explore nothing else lest it disappoint.

    I'm back in school too! I was wondering why you got quiet. It's been a piping good summer of reading & journaling though, eh?


    (I thought your most read author would be Lynn Austin!) :)

    Sincerely, Jillian, Esquire.

  7. I really need to read more L.M. Montgomery besides Anne of Green Gables series and Emily of New Moon. Those are the only ones my family had of her books growing up so those are the only ones I got to. :(

  8. I honestly think Rilla of Ingleside is one of the most powerful novels I've ever read. Ever. I mean . . . it's just amazing, the way it really, really "draws" you into Rilla's life and the lives of everybody in Glen St. Mary during the war. By the time I reach the end of the book and I come to Miss Oliver's line, "Germany and Austria are suing for peace," I'm just about shivering with the awesomeness of it all. I feel almost as though I participated in the war effort right along with all the characters, even though of course I didn't :) So, yeah, I totally agree that it's an AMAZING novel. I'm not as big a fan of the earlier Anne books, but I just love Rilla.

    I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, too :) I think my favorite would have to be "The Long Winter," but I'm also really, really fond of "Farmer Boy" and "By the Shores of Silver Lake." I cannot get enough of her descriptions of food, clothes, and everything else. They're just fantastic.

    Authors I love? Mmmmmm . . . I think my favorite author ever would have to be G.K. Chesterton. His stuff is just so BEAUTIFUL. I love Willa Cather, too--that is, I don't like all her books, but "Death Comes for the Archbishop" and "Shadows on the Rock" are definitely among my favorites. And of course, P.G. Wodehouse :)

    Oh, Naomi, that's so sweet of you! I wonder what I AM doing when you think of me? Depends what time of day it is. If it's between 8am and 4pm (Central Time Zone), then I'm most likely at college, either reading history books, or doing German homework, or sitting in a classroom talking about history. My classes have all been super so far this semester, so that's a plus :)

  9. I love your last paragraph. You are too cute. :-) Haha, you normally DO know what I'm doing -- or at least you can make a very educated guess. I'm probably either sitting in the haymow with a book, cuddling rabbits, or sitting on my desk with some notebook or other. (Actually, right now I'm sitting AT my desk for a change. In a chair. Like a normal person. You are shocked.)

    I've only read Anne of Green Gables....we must remedy that! Keep reminding me, and I'll look for Rilla at the library next time.

    Any person who doesn't have fond memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books in their childhood is to be pitied GREATLY. Those books are golden. Haha, I laughed when you said you remember everything from the books, because that's just how Sadie and my cousin Henry are about Farmer Boy. Between the two of them, they can practically quote the thing. (Henry reads the Little House books like mad, did I ever tell you? Henry's a fine chap, he is.)

    Your Lynn Austin list has inspired me to go after more of her novels. In fact, I don't think I've read one of hers (for the first time, anyway) since last summer! (That was All She Ever Wanted, of course-- which left me emotionally scarred for eternity. A good thing, I assure you.) We've read Hidden Places the same number of times. You know, this is the first summer in four years I haven't read Hidden Places? I suppose it's not too late....:-D

    Lovely post, dear!

    ~Violet Rose

  10. " . . . so I can't afford to waste my time like I did disastrously, gloriously often these last two months." Awwwwwww, Naomi, I know how you feel. I've started school again too and so my free time has been cut DRASTICALLY.

    I loved this post. Oh you used to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books?? So did (do) I. Yeah, I think I probably know them by heart too.

    So, I think my favorite authors to read are P.G. Wodehouse and Jane Austen. I enjoy the characters, the carefully worked plots, the Real Life feel, and the Very Good Writing. It encourages me. Aaaaand I think I've left out an author, but I can't think who, so. Maybe I'll remember . . .

    Awwww, Naomi, we love you too, darlin'. You're so SWEET! *hugs* :-)

  11. I enjoyed this so much!!

    L.M.Montgomery is such a great writer! I read your book review on Rilla of Ingleside, and it made me so happy! Also, this book makes me cry more than any other because of a certain character, so I'm not alone! :D It's such a good book and I feel like it gets lost in the Anne series, since it isn't as well known. Anne of Green Gables is a classic and even though Rilla of Ingleside is so different, it's definitely one of my favorites of Montgomery's! Emily's Quest was good too, mainly because I had to stop multiple times to ask "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?". I was very concerned for her!
    I'll have to read The Blue Castle, it looks so good!

    Jane Austen is sooo good too! They aren't the easiest books to read, for sure, but they are such lovely stories. I've read Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Northanger Abbey (which I think is my favorite!). I will admit that I started Persuasion this summer, but started reading the Emily of New Moon series and got sucked into that. :)

    Did you like Longbourn? I've seen it at my library and almost checked it out, but I saw a certain word that Jane Austen would never use, so I put it back. The story sounds interesting though!

    Thank you for letting me ramble a bit! I have nobody but my sister to talk about these sort of books with, so it's always love to when I get the chance! :)


  12. Miss Meg March, I love it when you comment so quickly. Because I'm always waiting for comments, haha. :-)
    Awww, thank you. I'm glad you like my posts (even if they are too frequent.) Well, whatever you do, skipping or not skipping, PLEASE READ RILLA OF INGLESIDE (and The Blue Castle, of COURSE.) They will change your life. Nope, not exaggerating a bit. I didn't like "War Horse" that much - although the movie was a bit better, t'wasn't my all time favourite. Too horsey (duh.)
    Jane Austen isn't that mature at all, in my opinion, it's just a bit challenging to read. But yes, one must be positive - at least you have the movies. :-)
    Oh, you have Piet Prins books?! They're dutch, you know! My sister LOVES the 'Snuf' (the dog) series - she has them all. :-) And yes, I knew you liked Charles Dickens. So do I, but his books are all so looooong. :-P
    Yes, you DO have a friend in Belgium. :-) Thank you!

    Meredith, yes, I LOVE the Emily Starr trilogy. I remember when I read them first and became enTRANCED. :-) Ah yes, Alcott - she's always a good idea. :-)

    Madison, Yup, I Am. :-) You know, I haven't read the entire Anne series for a looong time (in fact, I can't remember some of the later ones) - and yes IT WOULD BE AMAZING TO HAVE A WHOLE YEAR DEVOTED TO READING. :-)

    Abby, Well, *I* know I will never be too old for Montgomery's books. You should try 'The Blue Castle' and 'Rilla of Ingleside' those two are really aimed to an older audience. 'The Blue Castle' is known as Montgomery's only book for adults (although I'd recommend them to teens too).
    No, I never had the Little House paper dolls. But I heard of them and I WANTED THEM. :-)
    Haha for telling me not to use Caps. I'M AFRAID I'LL IGNORE YOU. :-D
    I've made you an Austin fan! YAY. MY LIFE MISSION COMPLETED. :-) And I'm so glad you consider me a friend. I am a strong believe in online friends being very REAL friends. :-)

    Evie, AWW THANK YOU YOU ARE SO SWEET. :-) I think of you too, when someone mentions Australia! :-)
    I'd love you see you do this post idea. It's great fun to write out.

    Jillian, YES YOU MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. Especially Rilla. Read ittttt. :-)
    I actually really love it that you change your blog look so much - it's like a surprise every time I open it. :-) So don't stop on my account. :-D
    I should read more Alcott too - I've read Little Women, of course (several times), but I should read some of her other books, like 'Old-fashioned Girl' and 'The Inheritance.'
    Yesss. It's been a jolly good summer. AND YOU LOVED THE PICTURE TOO. Thank you for your caps. :-)

    Lois, well at least you've got a LOT to look forward to! :-)

  13. Jessica, I AGREE COMPLETELY. Rilla of Ingleside, in my opinion, is DEFINITELY the most powerful book I've ever read. It makes me so emotional. I prefer it to the Anne books too (Although I do love the first Anne book.)
    Ohhhh YES LAURA'S DESCRIPTION OF FOOD. You know, 'Farmer Boy' makes me *sooooo* hungry. It's a torture. :-P And oh yes. P.G. Wodehouse. He's a gem. :-)
    Yes, I always wonder the same. Of course. :-)

    Emma Jane Violet Eponine aka Whimsical girl,
    I know what you're doing right now. Reading this comment. (AREN'T I STUPENDOUSLY CLEVER.) And of course I'm shocked. :-) Haha, you can COUNT on me, my most dearest, to keep on reminding you to read Rilla. Promise.
    Really?!! Henry loves Little House too! I LOVE HENRY. (And eggzactly. Any childhood without Little House is a very boring one indeed.)
    Well, Emma, I'm always telling you - READ EVE'S DAUGHTERS. I'll CHANGE. THAT. LIFE. OF. YOURS. :-)

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who suffers from lack of free time. (I knew I wasn't the only one, of course, but it makes me happy all the same. :-D)
    I bet we could have a whole conversation made up from Laura Ingalls quotes, then. :-)
    YES. PG WODEHOUSE. He's soooo such a genius.
    THANK YOU. Awwww! :-) *starts to cry*

    Oh yes, my caps-lock-filled Goodreads review! Haha, I'm glad you liked it. Me too! And I can't say WHY Rilla of Ingleside is not so well known, because it's SO SO GOOD. :-D
    I know! Emily Starr did some weird things in the last book! The first one is my favourite, for that reason.
    Persuasion is probably my least favourite Austen novel (after Lady Susan) because it REALLY requires a high level of concentration. I understand why the Emily series distracted you. Still, it's Austen, so it's good. :-)
    Well, Longbourn - it was very well written (although not in the same style as Jane Austen) - but it wasn't amazing. And yes, there WERE some things Austen wouldn't have mentioned. But it was very nice, though.
    Don't apologise! I LOVE rambles. :-)

    Thanks for all the comments!

    ~ Naomi

  14. I have to admit.....I haven't ever read the Anne of Green Gables books thought I saw the first movie when I was about six and I ADORE the Web Series. I really, really need and want to read them.

    And Laura Ingalls!! I grew up on those books. These Happy Golden Years is my favorite.

    Ahhh!!! Jane Austen!! I LOVE those books!! I like to listen to audio versions while I crochet or knit. I am listening to Pride & Prejudice right now.

  15. *sniffles and sobs* WALTER. Okay, so, I got a typewriter a while back, and I typed out a lot of his letter to Rilla. Just cuz it'd look so "authentic" and GAHH THAT LETTER!

    Anywho. Love this; it's a great idea:) And that is an adoooorrraaable picture of Dan and Michelle:D

  16. Totally. I am so crammed full of her quotes . . .

    You are WELCOME. Oh, the other author I forgot was G.K. Chesterton. He is such a master at making completely ordinary and uninteresting things so amazingly - well, interesting. :D

  17. Awwww, Naomi, that last paragraph was SO SWEET. It's so funny that you mentioned me and wonder whether I'm still sleeping, heehee.
    I think of you a lot too, Naomi! As I do all my blogging friends. It's so wonderful that we have such a close community--and the opportunity to "meet" people we'd otherwise never know!
    Working through your post backwards....
    I feel so "not" a Jane Austen fan by reading how many times you've read her books! I think I've read P&P twice. The others I've only read once except for S&S and Persuasion which I still have yet to read! It's pitiful, really.
    Again, I've read only a couple Lynn Austin books, but she is on my list. ;)
    Wow! I never knew Michael Morpurgo wrote so many books! I have War Horse but haven't read it yet. My brother has, though.
    Eee, yes, Little House on the prairie! I loved all things LH when I was young and recently "rediscovered" my love for them. I haven't read them nearly as much as you have though! You must be the biggest LH fan.
    It does help that LMM wrote so many books, doesn't it? And each one is so lovely. I've read most of the ones you mentioned, although there are some I still desperately need to buy and read. They sound so good!


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