"I always like a good list of questions" -- Naomi Bennet

Look, I quoted myself. That means I'm famous. :-D

Juuuuust kidding. But I DO always like a good list of questions. Irresistible, and all that apple-porridge. It was funny, two days ago I was thinking, 'Sigh, I do feel like a good tag of some sort. I wish someone would tag me.' And then, boom, wonders of wonders, miracles or miracles, my goodreads friend, Aerykah, tagged me with the 'Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award'! So, thank you Aerykah - you came at the right time. :-) (Which is a bit creepy if you think about it for a long time, but just nice and coincidental if you think about it for the right amount of time.)

And for once in my life I'll follow all the rules. You may gasp.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. (Done! I'm a good girl, I am.)
2. Put the award logo on your blog. (Done that too.) (Did, Eliza. DID!) (Gaaaarn.)
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. (Will do. Patience.)
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. (Will do. Patience.)
5. Nominate ten other bloggers. 
(I nominate Evie, Emma, Miss March, Madison, Jillian, Olivia and Sadie. And then I nominate Jessica, Rosie and Miss Meg March to answer the questions in the comment box if they wish to do so. It's up to you. :-D)

Now we come to the fun bit.

1. Are you a movie/book quoter?
Sink me! As a child I had good principles, but now - be quiet, Sparkler - all I can say is 'Yeth' whenever someone asks me something. I would so hate to be predictable, you know. I'm a nonsensical girl, I know (Sparkler, there IS nonsense about me) but at least I'm not vulgar. Vulgarity is no substitute for wit, you know. Wit, after all, is my one weakness. Thank you for pointing that out, my dear.
That last paragraph was absolute precious gibberish, but I wrote it down to answer the question in a more interesting way than just 'yes' or 'no.' (If you still don't know, it's a great big YETH.)

2. Would you say you’re an introvert or an extrovert?
I don't knowww. I'm not shy and I love talking to people + hugs + cosy gossip (not mean gossip.) I can also be a bit sassy. But then I would always choose a book or a night with my laptop in my bed over a party. So I like to say I'm somewhere in the middle - that's apparently called an ambivert.

3. Are you sarcastic?
Me? Pha! Sarcastic?! Me?!! Pha.
Yes, I am very sarcastic. I have often received glances and then felt the need to go to a hasty explanation, 'No, no, don't worry - I was just being sarcastic.' (A lot of British people have quite a bit of sarcasm, I've heard. Is that true, or is that just a myth of some sort? Are there any clevah people out there who know it for realsies?)

4. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Strawberry. Because it's so sweet and tastes colourful and it's piiiink. Alse, it looks so gorgeous and beautiful - and tastes like a piece of top-spot-heaven when it's topped with a good curl of whipped cream. (I also love caramel. That's also delumpious.)

5. Do you play any musical instruments?
Yes ma'am. I play the piano, and I'm able to strum about a bit on Ginny, my light-brown guitar. I don't play extremely ill, but I come from a family with quite extraordinary musical talent, so I'm not the best of the lot, nope. But we have a grand piano, so I can imagine I'm a Victorian lady in silks, which is a good thing.

6. Do you schedule your blog posts or post whenever you can?
No, I don't schedule. I post when I feel like it (or when I happen to have free time.) Or when I have a lot of ideas (which is often, because I never lack ideas. I do lack the will to write them down sometimes, but I never lack the ideas. It is one of my few gifts.)

7. If you could travel to any place on earth, where would you go?
I would go to America to VISIT EMMA. I want to soooo bad. I have a whole list in my brain of things I want to do with my best friend. 1. Sit on her desk (this might sound very weird, and it is.) 2. Go English Country Dancing. 3. Eat strawberries. 4. Write together 5. Read each others novels 6. Read all Emma's books she has and I don't have. 7. Watch Meet me at St Louis and alllll the other movies Emma has been recommending me for decades. 8. Play a prank with her. 9. Watch Downton Abbey episodes, although, no, not all in one go, because that would make my eyes goes plumb-crazy. 10. Write blog posts TOGETHER. Like, side by side. 

.... to name a few. Haha.

8. What is your favourite princess movie?
You might be talking about Disney, but I'm going to bend the rules and say 'the Young Victoria.' Which is about a princess who becomes a queen. And Which is the most sparkling beatiful gemstone of a movie that there ever was. And which is filled with swoony music and costumes that makes one dazzle.

9. Who is your favourite author? (you can list more than one)
Duh, of course I'll list more than one. One doesn't simply mention one author. My favourite authors are Lucy Maud Montgomery (forever amazing), Lynn Austin (hashtag writing goals), Jane Austen (BECAUSE) and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Also, talking about Montgomery. I made a trailer of what-I-wish-was-a-movie from Rilla of Ingleside. It's not a perfect trailer (cuz I had to make it simple by ignoring Jem and Dog Monday and Susan and so on) but it's pretty good. Watch it here. If you want to.

10. What book(s) are you currently reading?
Oh, good question. Any question which mentions the word 'book' is a good one, you see. (Now, that's a quote that could go viral. "Any question which mentions the word 'book' is a good one." Mmm. I will make that appear on Pinterest.)
I am currently reading two books. One - a reread. 'A Proper Persuit' by Lynn Austin. It's dashed good, but that's no surprise. And the other is a WW2 book called 'the Sweethearts.' I've only just started, so I can't form an opinion yet. But it's about a group of young ladies going to work at a chocolate factory, so I have high hopes. CHOCOLATE, you guys.

Here are my questions for my nominees. (Haha, that sounds like the Oscar Awards or something posh like that.)
1. Describe your eyes, please.
2. What's the last thing you bought? (And food doesn't count.)
3. Do you keep a diary? (And do you let people read it, or is it filled with dark secrets?)
4. If you could choose, have pink hair for a week, or have one encounter with Blandois from 'Little Dorrit' in the night on a lonely road? (For those of you who haven't read or seen Little Dorrit, Blandois is this horrible murderer who turns blood into ice. (not literally.))
5. What do you imagine I look like? (I'm curious.)
6. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus?
7. When do you allow yourself to start listening to Christmas songs?
8. Do you have a pair of pink shoes? (Because I think I want them.)
9. When you say the word 'brother' in a British accent, do you end up saying 'brotha' or 'brother'? (Because often when people try out British accents, they make the mistake of doing the latter.)
10. Which literary character can you mimic the best?

'Ave fun. :-)


  1. Yay, a tag! I always love reading tags - you learn so much about other bloggers!

    You like Young Victoria? *squee* That is my favourite period drama.

    "Any question that mentions the word book is a good one" Words of wisdom indeed!

  2. Oh, my gosh!!! You have a grand piano?!?! I play piano as well but would really like to learn the cello. What piano level are you in?

    Oooh, a proper pursuit! That's one of my favorite Lynn Austen. Don't you just love Violet?

    I'm kind of like you...I wouldn't say I was a total introvert/extrovert but somewhere in the middle of the road...

  3. You are quite the quoter. :) Your "Little Dorrit" quotes are hilarious. That's interesting to hear that British people are sarcastic. I am an American, but can be overly sarcastic at all times. :) If only I could keep a poker face better, it would be very nice. :) Your question and answer about ice cream is filled with the delicious abundance of words with "u" in it (favourite, flavour, colourful). We keep those words shorter in America unless we are obsessed with BBC period dramas and the British accent makes its way into our fingers to jump out on the keyboard at times. :) "Jane Austen (BECAUSE)" of her amazing vocabulary and grasp of wording and wit. Because she created hilarious and heart-capturing (please pretend that that is a word :) ) characters. Because her characters still exist today in ordinary people.

    I know you didn't nominate me for the questions, but I'm going to jump in the conversation anyway. :)
    1. My eyes are hazely brown, although one time someone thought they looked green.
    2. Yesterday I bought a knit maxi dress that is the same style as another one I recently got and adore. If I cannot wear period drama costumes for everyday life, I can at least wear modern floor length dresses sometimes. :) However, I lack the grace of period drama actresses since my shoes get caught up in my skirt. #imclassyandiknowit :)
    3. I don't keep a diary. I have journaled some, but not lately. I really should. I guess Facebook could kind of count, but I don't put everything on there. (Which is why I still have FB friends. :) )
    4. Definitely pink hair instead of dealing with Blandois. I haven't read LD, but I've seen the miniseries. He is an extremely creepy character. Not everyone survives "one encounter with Blandois" (for example, Jeremiah Flintwich's twin brother).
    5. I would suppose you have green eyes (or is faded moss brown?), light brownish blonde wavy hair, and are about 5 feet 3 inches tall. Do you have freckles?
    6. I wanted to believe in Santa Claus when I was in my teens. :)
    7. Christmas songs can happen anytime. :) Especially since I've discovered Straight No Chaser (it is a group of 10 guys who sing acapella). Their Christmas songs are lovely any time of the year. :)
    8. I do indeed have pink shoes. :) They look similar to these (in Berry): http://www.amazon.com/Crocs-Womens-Malindi-Slingback-Black/dp/B00133C6V4/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1440775222&sr=1-1&keywords=crocs+thea I rarely wear them. They are a smidgeon big and not in pristine condition. I'm more into glitter shoes/flip flops right now. :) If you like comfortable shoes, I do recommend Crocs. :) These are my current "dressy shoes": http://www.crocs.com/p/girls-kadee-sparkle-flat-juniors/16240.html?cgid=sparkly-shoes&cid=040#start=2
    9. I don't usually say the word "brother" when I am attempting a British accent, but I would go with "brotha". Mr. Thornton said it like that, and he seems to know how to manage a British accent well. :) Although he doesn't have a typical accent (in my American opinion). :)
    10. Ooooooohhhh, mimic time. :) Do you mean which literary character *do* you act like or *can* you act like? I like to think that I am like Lizzy Bennet although some of Emma's badly done "qualities" do show up at times. I sometimes do Lydia snorts (which is, perhaps, not something to be proud of). :)
    Thanks for the questions! :)

  4. Love this post, Naomi! Your humor is delightful. I like all your little witty comments. "And for once in my life I'll follow all the rules. You may gasp." :) Haha!

    Your answer to "Are you a movie/book quoter?" was the best! Such delightful gibberish! I love being able to string quotes together into a cohesive (or at least mostly cohesive) paragraph. It's hard to do sometimes, but so much fun if you can pull it off. Which I must say, you did quite remarkably well.

    Oh! Sarcasm! I love sarcasm. But you're right, you definitely have to explain yourself sometimes, because not everybody understands sarcasm and if you don't make your meaning clear they'll get a terribly wrong impression of you. Haha. :)

    Scheduling blog posts. I've thought about doing that. But I don't think it would work real well for me since my thoughts never seem to flow on schedule. I have a very hard time sitting down and saying "now's the time to write" when I don't have an idea burning in my head to begin with. I have to hand it you, though, you certainly do not lack ideas for posts. :) I'm still amazed at how often you manage to post something new. But I love it, because there's always something nice to read. :)

    Your Rilla of Ingleside trailer was SO good! You did an amazing job pulling all those movie clips together and making a new story! :) Excellent. Have you ever done a post about your dream cast for Rilla of Ingleside? That would be interesting to read.

    Anyway, I'd better hop along! Thank you so much for tagging me! You came up with some really fun questions!

    ~Miss March

  5. Awww, me likey that last gif. Tracy darling. :-) (You would so love High Society, darling. When you come over we must watch it. And eat strawberry popcorn and drink apple cider, because that's the only way to watch High Society.)

    HA, you are VERY sarcastic. We all know that by now, I think.

    Yes, come visit meeeee!!!! I LOVED what you wrote about all the things we'll do. Yes, yes, yes, to all. (Though I'm not sure we could both fit on my desk....but heck, we'd make it work. ;-D) We would watch LOTS of musicals, you can be sure. And we'd sing lots. And play nasty pranks on people. And laugh our heads off. :-)

    Thanks for tagging me, doll! Your questions look like fun, so I'll be sure to fill it out. (I don't always do tags, you know. But when I do they're from you.) :-)


  6. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I got nominated! Yo, thanks so much, old thing. (Can you mix the words "yo" and "old thing"? I don't know. But I'm going to anyway.)

    1. My eyes are sort of greenish-grayish-gold, with a dark gray rim around the iris. They also happen to be kind of deep-set in my head, which is most likely the result of being part Polish :)
    2. Last Saturday I bought an online copy of "Amazing Grace" so I could watch it on my laptop. Best $9.00 I've ever spent. IT WAS AMAZING. (No pun intended.)
    3. Nope, no diary.
    4. DEFINITELY Blandois. I've never seen the movie or read the book, but seriously, gals, I don't care how creepy he is--it would absolutely be preferable to having somebody turn my hair pink. Nobody messes with my hair. NOBODY.
    5. Soooooo . . . I imagine that you're a bit shorter than me (I'm 5'6") and that you have sort of frizzy dark-brown hair, an oval face, a sort of curvy nose, and greenish eyes. I always think of you with a big smile on your face, too :)
    6. I STILL believe in Santa Claus ;-)
    7. I listen to Christmas occasionally year-round, EXCEPT during Lent because it's not allowed in Lent. However, I don't start my non-stop-Christmas-music-listening until around the beginning of Advent.
    8. Nope. No pink shoes (sorry).
    9. Ummmm . . . I think I say "brotha"? I'm not too good at accents and so I don't try them very often.
    10. I mimic Jeeves and Bertie ALL THE TIME, and also Sergeant-Major Flannery and all kinds of other Wodehouse immortals. They're just the best, you know what I mean? Oh, and I LOVE to mimic Sam Weller and Tony Weller from "The Pickwick Papers."

  7. Rose, yes, I LOVE Young Victoria! It made me soooo happy because of the beauty. :-) Haha. Thank you! :-)

    Morgan, I don't know about the American level - but in the English system I'm in Grade seven or Grade eight. I basically have two more years in the system. (Or one. I'm hoping one.)
    YES. I love Violet. She's such a darling.
    Yay for ambiverts! :-)

    Kerry, I LOVED your comment. :-)
    Well, of course there ARE American sarcastic people. :-P Ohh yes - well, I personally think those words look EXTREMELY empty without the 'u'! And the word 'pyjamas' - how CAN you guys spell that with THREE A'S. Pajamas. That's just so weird. :-P Heehee.
    Now, your answers. Ohh, I love hazel eyes. Like Gilbert Blythe, haha. Me too - pink hair over Blandois. BLANDOIS IS TOO CREEPY. :-D
    I have dark brown hair, and no freckles - (only one tiny one on my nose which no-one knows of.) And yes, I have green eyes. :-)
    Really? I didn't notice that Mr Thornton goes with an 'a' at the end of words like 'brother' or 'mother'. Is it not more like, 'brotheh'?
    I do Lydia snorts too. I think they're a lot of fun. :-)

    Miss March, Aww, thank you. I'm glad some people consider me witty. :-P
    Haha, I don't quote movie quotes THAT packed up normally - it was fun to answer though, that question. :-) Haha, yes, exactly. Sarcasm can't be taken seriously. That's awkward. :-P
    Thank you so much on your compliments on the Rilla of Ingleside trailer! I have considered doing a post like that, but someone else in the blogging world did one once which was so perfect, sooo. :-)
    Looking forward to your answers, m'dear!

    Emma, But I DID watch 'High Society'! Remember, I told you? I LOVED THE COSTUMES TO BITS. (That gif, though, isn't from 'High Society'. It's from another Grace Kelly movie - forgot the title. 'Millionaire' something, I think. It's a Hitchock movie.)
    I am, indeed, ma'am. :-)
    YES WE MUST VISIT AND SIT ON YOUR DESK WE MUST. OR YOU COME HERE I DON'T CARE WE MUST HUGGGGG. yes, we'd sing lots. And SO laugh. And SO play nasty tricks. :-P (I could bet you stuff to tell strangers at the fair. HAHA. Just joking.)
    Well, you don't HAVE to do these, but I'd sure love to read your always-lovely answers. :-D (Although the 'how do you imagine me to look like' question is not really meant for you, haha.)

    ~ Naomi

  8. Jessica, Whoops! Your comment popped up just before I published my previous reply! That often happens. :-)
    (I don't know. It sounded good, though, Yo + Old Thing. :-))
    GOODNESS YOUR EYES SOUND AMAZING. Goldish?!!! Ohh, Amazing Grace is *so* good! I wuvvv it too. (And the fact that there are *so* many recognisable actors in it, just wow.)
    OH BUT JESSICA BLANDOIS IS SOOOO SCARY. (And t'would only be pink hair for one week.) Although I agree, pink hair is VERY ugly. :-O
    Haha, I don't measure stuff with 5"6. What is that? Feet? Inches? I measure in metres and centimetres. Not inches or whatever. Aww, I'm happy to know that you think I'm a smiling gal (smiling right now, in fact.) Your description is rather good - although my nose aint that curvy. But it's not super straight either. I have no idea how I would describe my nose, haha.
    YOU LIKE TO MIMIC SAM WELLER TOOOO?!!! I've been mimicing that guy for years and I still love it. (Especially the line: "... as the man said to his five pound note.")

    ~ Naomi

  9. Hello lovely! I can't do this at the blog right now as I have gobs of homework & spent the morning at work! Thank you for tagging me! I shall briefly answer below. :)

    1. Brown with lots of green. I inherited both my parents eyes in a muddy mix. When I wear certain colors they look green, but they can also look black. In the right light they're green.

    2. A hardcover dictionary and thesaurus, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the AP Stylebook. (For an editing class.) :)

    3. Why yes I do! It contains my emotions & such. No one sees it! It has butterflie stickers in it. x

    4. Pink hair!

    5. I picture you with dark hair & dark eyes, but I think I recall you posting a picture of yourself as a child once? And that picture had blonde hair. However, you have black hair in my imagination.

    6. Very much so! I still do!

    7. I listen to them all year long, if I can. I love Christmas music. Especially the song from Little Women:

    "Here we come a-wassailing
    Among the leaves so green;
    Here we come a-wand'ring
    So fair to be seen.

    "Love and joy come to you,
    And to you your wassail too;
    And God bless you and send you
    A Happy New Year
    And God send you a Happy New Year."

    I sing that one ALL THE TIME! My favorite time of year is when the radios start playing Christmas music, & the stores start putting out wreathes & pine, and the holiday specials start on TV, and The Wizard of Oz flies through, & the air takes on a crisp it tries to hold all winter & finally let's loose, in spring. x

    8. I don't! But I have a pink camera. :)

    9. I say it like "brotha." Is that right? I think my British accent is likely quite bad. PS: I always make people read me the headlines in a British accent while calling out "Extra! Extra! Come read all about it!" I have also insisted that people be town criers for me, pacing the room calling out the time & "ALL IS WELL!" in a British accent. What's strange is that people generally do these things when I suggest it!

    10. Scarlett O'Hara. Of course.

    (I am also an ambivert. And my favorite icecream is cherry cordial. :) Thanks for tagging me!) xx

  10. You did watch it? *scratches head* I must have forgotten. And oh, it's not Tracy after all. I was remembering the scene where she drives Mike to the old house and he sings 'You're Sensational' to her...:-D

    Haha. Yes, I had fun with that question.

  11. Eeep, thanks ever so much, old thing. I can't wait to answer the questions!:)

    Oh, wow! A grand piano! You lucky thing, you;)

    TYV is a really good movie! Actually, *drops voice to a whisper* I wasn't nuts about it the first couple times I watched it. But third time's the charm!;) (Or was it the fourth time? I'm not sure. Oh, well.)

    Thanks again!

  12. Oh, thank you--that's so sweet of you to say! Yes, "goldish" eyes seem to run in our family. Isn't that funny?

    Well, you see, it's not so much the idea of "having pink hair" that revolts me--it's the idea that somebody would actually come along and DO something to it (without my consent) to turn it pink. That would be an invasion of my personal space, or privacy, or whatever you want to call it--and if there's one thing I cannot stand it's an invasion of my privacy. (I also can't stand to wear a blindfold, even just for fun. And I also can't stand to have anybody ask me "what are you thinking about?" Weird idiosyncrasies.) So yeah. Blandois all the way. Don't care how scary he is.

    Yeah, that's 5 feet, 6 inches. What would that be in meters? I don't know . . . oh, wait, Google tells me it's 167.6 centimeters. Haha! I say, Google, is there ANYTHING you don't know?

    YES--I LOVE Sam Weller and I LOVE to use his lines. I think my favorite's got to be, "Sorry to do anythin' as may interrupt such wery pleasant proceedin's, as the king said wen he dissolved the Parliament, but . . ."

  13. Haha! I wasn't reading your mind or anything, I promise! I actually scheduled that post a few weeks ago, but I'm glad it was good timing for you. ;)
    I must say I loved your post-- your answers were such fun! #3... Haha! I can so relate!! I've heard that British people are quite sarcastic, though I can't say I know enough to say for sure. ;) You have a grand piano?! I am so totally jealous right now!! *pouting* And, for the record, I meant any princess movie, not just Disney. I liked "The Young Victoria" too, though it's been a while since I watched it. I did just re-watch "Sissi" last night. Wish they had the second one on YouTube with English subtitles... :/ Those are some good authors you listed-- I've read books by all of them! :)

    Oh, and your questions look fun too! I might just have to answer them myself... :P

    1. My eyes are mostly green, with a tiny bit of blue in there that shows up from time to time, and a brown ring around the iris-- I believe it's called "central heterochromia". You can see mine here: https://photosbyaerykah.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/ive-got-my-eye-on-ya/
    2. Um... Swim shorts? I think. Or maybe it was Toothbrushes? Exciting stuff, I know.
    3. I have tried to keep one several times, but I never was very good at it. If I did, though, I likely wouldn't let anyone read it. ;P
    4. Well, I've never read or seen Little Dorrit, but I hesitate to say that I could handle having pink hair, much less for an entire week! I really do not like pink. :/
    5. I guess I always pictured you looking something like Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey...
    6. Nope. My parents never encouraged it so my siblings & I were the ones who crushed the dreams of our cousins by telling them that Santa wasn't real. Lol!
    7. I usually only listen to Christmas music in December & maybe January, though I do listen to the occasional Christmas song throughout the year.
    8. Oh, honey, NO! (See answer to #3-- I do not like pink.) If I ever got a pair of pink shoes, my family would think I had lost my last marble. :P
    9. I never leave the "r" on there when I'm speaking in a British accent (which is more often than most people realize- lol!).
    10. Okay, when I think of mimicking characters, I think of movies. In which case, my brothers say that I can mimic Giselle from Enchanted "scarily well" (their words). Honestly, I like to mimic way too many people/characters to even try to figure out who I do the best. :P

    Well, that was fun! :D

  14. Oh and, by the way, that gif of Grace Kelly? I'm pretty sure it's from "To Catch a Thief". A Hitchcock movie that she starred in with Cary Grant. I've always liked that movie. ;)

  15. You have the most gorgeous costumes in this post!!!!! And yes! The Young Victoria is so awesome! I just introduced my mom and sister to it last week... obviously they loved it!

  16. Wahoo!!! I've been nominated! Thank you, Naomi, my friend :-)
    Oh, I am SO excited. *rubs hands estatically* Okay, here goes.

    1. My eyes are a sort of glowing medium brown - and they usually snap with either excitement and exuberance or . . . anger and indignation. (yes, I'm afraid I am rather a gairl of spirt.)

    2. The last thing I bought was four prints of a photo of me, to send to friends in the mass-produced letter I wrote during the summer. (that may be cheating, but I didn't have a lot of time and they don't live in the same place/don't know each other.)

    3. I don't keep a diary. I used to keep a journal, but was rather hesitant about expressing my thoughts in it, so it turned out Really Boring. So much so that I allowed my brother to read it. And since that experience, I don't keep either diary or journal :P

    4. Definitly meet Blandois. I'd do anything rather than have PINK HAIR for a week! *shivers* Nope. No one's touching MY hair if I can help it, haha. I'd rather try my hand first at taking care of myself (which I flatter myself I can do pretty well), than have pink hair. You see, my hair is very long and thick, a lovely brown, and I AM rather proud of it. So.

    5. Well, I always think of you as of medium height, slim, with dark brown wavy hair. You have deep brown eyes that are always laughing with delight. YOu have sensitive hands, and are very curious. You are the sort of person, who to look at, makes one think "She really loves life."

    6. I did and still do, IF not being able to sleep Christmas Eve because of the tingles down my spine, counts as belief in that fella.

    7. Really the only time I don't listen to Christmas music is early summer and Lent. So probably about the first time the weather turns cool, you'll find me digging out the CDs.

    8. No, I don't have pink shoes. Sigh. But if I did, I would share them with you :D My shoes are dark brown, because that goes more with my general color scheme and wardrobe.

    9. I say "brotha", I think. I think? Well . . . you see, I don't know. haha.

    10. I like to mimic Bertie Wooster. His lines just crack me up.

  17. Thanks muchly for tagging me!!! Your questions are delightful as ever! :D Oh and that gif of Grace Kelly! I think that's from How to Catch A Theif?

  18. Eeekk, I squealed when you nominated me, hehe. Wow, THAT'S a first. ;-) But it was very exciting - thank you!
    Haha, your book/movie quote answer was hilarious, very well done. ;-D
    Funny thing, I had heard before that British people like sarcasm, but then I've also heard (and know from experience by American people who I have met) that Americans don't "do" sarcasm as much. But really, it depends on the person, not the country. ;-D
    YOU HAVE A GRAND PIANO?!!! *Jaw drops open* MY DEAR GIRL, DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE. :-P That's amazing. Now I want to go to your house and play it. :-P
    Aww, I can totally imagine you and Emma doing that. It sounds like fun - and I'd love to see a blog post that you wrote together (I'm assuming you got that from Amy and Melody. :-D)
    LOOK IT'S LILY JAMES WITH A BIG BOW ON HER HEAD! How can people pose in bed and still look absolutely darling. Not fair.
    Okay. *cracks knuckles*
    1. Well, with first impressions my eyes appear black, but when you look closer (and also when I'm in the sun) they are a dark brown. They are very large and can be very expressive. I've also got long, thick, dark eyelashes which make them stand out more. I think my eyes are the prettiest aspect of my face, as most people's are. (I don't have a gorgeous face or anything, haha. I was lucky enough to inherit bad acne. *sigh*)
    2. Um....the last thing I bought was...a $1 nail polish that was weird and funky. :-P I was feeling bored and wanted something interesting for the day. Before that, I bought a gorgeous, large, wooden chest to stick all my treasures in (like letters, or sentimental things like movie tickets :-P) which I bought with some money from my great-grandma. :-)
    3. I do keep a diary and I write in it regularly. Haha, my diary is a very strange place. No one reads it (that I know of!) unless I'll occasionally write out some of it to my friends. It's filled with many secrets, although not really dark ones. :-P
    4. Oooohhh.....as I've read the book and seen the movie, I know the depth of Blandois's villainous ways, but I'd absolutely Hate to have pink hair. I actually find Blandois interesting because he's so strange (and can be gentle, he was gentle with Amy, just creepy at the same time :-P) so I'd go with Blandois. Because I'm in a daring mood, haha. And besides, I'm quite sure he would have no reason to murder me. I don't have family secrets or anything. ;-P
    5. I imagine you to be average in your height and build (on the slim side) and to have green eyes, frizzy dark hair and an infectious smile. :-D
    6. Nope, I never believed in Santa Claus. I always thought kids who DID believe in him were so adorably "cute and childish". :-P
    7. Um...late November is around the time our family starts.
    8. Nope, sorry. I'm not a big fan of pink.
    9. I say "brotha". I love practising accents and British aren't too hard to do, but I'm not sure how accurate I am. ;-)
    10. Um, well, I like to mimic Anne Shirley. :-D And I quote anything that comes into my head and is appropriate for the circumstance. (And then sometimes I'll yell out "How do you spell FBI?" just for the fun of it. :-P) But yeah, I reckon Anne is the most dominant. She's so much fun. :-D
    Thanks for the tag, it was very fun and the questions were very creative! ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  19. Jillian, Thats allright! :-) Our eyes sound rather similar, actually. Good for you for opting for pink hair. Yes, when I was young I was blonde, but now I have dark brown hair - it's not black though - it's definitely brown.
    My sister has a pink camera too and I'm jealous. :-) Haha, it's funny how some phrases are stuck into your head with a different accent! (And duh, of course yours is Scarlett. :-))

    Emma, Yes I did. Someone else in the comments told me the gif was from 'To catch a Thief.' :-)

    Olivia, Yup, we have a nice piano. Haha, I LOVED TYV for the first view - but I can see why it would need getting used to. (At least you liked it enough to watch it four times! Haha!)
    You're welcome!

    Jessica, I understand. :-) It's just a silly question. :-P
    I'm about the same size as you, then. I don't know precisely though, but approx. =)

    Aerykah, Haha. Thank you so much! Soary for making you jealous. Once you have a grand piano you don't appreciate it enough - I should appreciate it more, really. :-)
    I'm glad 'The Young Victoria' counted. :-)
    AERYKAH, YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL. :-) You don't like pink, though? Well, well, all for their own, I suppose. (I understand why you don't want pink hair though. Haha.) You think I look like Lady Sybil! That's such a compliment! :-)
    Same here - my parents never encouraged us either. I have been the bearer of bad news to other children too. Oh dear. :-/
    Thank you for answering the questions, and - once again - for tagging me! :-)

    Lois, The Young Victoria is soo good! Of COURSE your mum and sister loved it!

    Rosie, Yay, your answers! :-)
    Your eyes sound quite a lot like Elizabeth Bennet's really! Fine eyes. :-)
    Haha. Your journal was 'so boring that you allowed your brother to read it.' That's funny. I don't know why, it just is. :-)
    Your hair sounds gorgeous too! :-) But you and Jessica have OBVIOUSLY not seen Little Dorrit. You're underestimating this Blandois guy. :-D
    Aww! Your description of me! So flattering. :-) YES. I'M VERY CURIOUS. How did you know... ;-)
    Ahh yes. Mimicking Bertie. THAT'S fun. :-)

    Evie, Ahh yes! It's 'To Catch a Thief!' You're welcome for the tag! :-)

    Miss Meg March, Y'know it's not just because you don't have a blog that I can't nominate you. I'm glad you liked it. :-)
    Yeah, I have a cousin who went to America and who got some weird glances because of his sarcasm. Haha. :-) YES. I doo. :-) It's a nice one - brown - but it IS rather old. (And you're welcome to visit. Haha.)
    You have LONG eyelashes. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GIRL. *green face*
    I don't keep very DEEP secrets either. Just small ones. :-) Blandois? GENTLE? He wasn't gentle with Amy, he was 100% CREEPY. He'd haunt me. :-)
    I like to *think* I have an infectious smile. :-)
    Same here. I never believed in Santa Claus either. Mimick Anne Shirley is SO much fun. I LOVE IT.
    You're welcome!

    ~ Naomi

  20. *gasps* Your new header is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! And you even included Edward and Elinor from S&S 08 (my favorite Austen movie ever). *sighs happily* Life is good, eh what?

    Just out of curiousity . . . what do you imagine Rosie and I look like? I already know you've assigned me a color (cornfield yellow), but do you have any particular image of either of us in your head besides that? (Like I said, just wondering :) )

  21. Jessica, THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad you like it! I was thinking it was perhaps too simple, but I do love it. AND I LOVE EDWARD AND ELINOR. :-) (Hey, Dan Stevens is my favourite actor.) :-)

    Well, now that you two have told me about your eyes and hair etc I have a better 'image'. I imagine that you, Jessica, have this kind of olive-corn-yellow complexion and dark brown hair and gooooold eyes (SQUEE). You have a nose like Margaret Hale. :-) (Which is very pretty.Haha.)
    Rosie, I imagine with sassy eyes and lighter hair - and slightly shorter than you. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  22. *swoon* Your new blog look is sooo beautiful. I love the flower print along with the new header. Those pictures are so awesome together! And you have Edward and Elinor! Joy shall reign supreme, and all that sort of thing :D

    You're right, I haven't seen Little Dorrit, so perhaps I am underestimating him . . . But all the same, I am very proud of my hair and no one is touching it if I can help it ;)

    So, I am actually a bit taller than Jessica, and my hair is a darker brown, with more red than gold, if you follow me. Her hair is a lighter brown than mine. And I have an olive-gold complexion. But you're right about my eyes. They do look sassy a lot of the time :D

    If you want a better mental image of me, I am sort of a combination of Sydney Penny as Megan Wheeler in Pale Rider (http://i41.tinypic.com/dzvub5.jpg)
    and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet (https://readingthereel.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/pp.jpg).

  23. I loooved hearing your answer :) Actually, it's kind of funny--as far as color goes, you sort of got Rosie and me switched around--she's the one with the olive-y complexion and the dark brown hair, whereas I've got more golden-brown hair and lighter skin.

    You're right--I DO look a rather lot like Margaret Hale, which is why I used her as my profile photo (as you probably guessed). We have the same head-shape and the same square jaw and all that, but my eyes and nose are differently shaped than hers. They're a lot more like Nadia Comaneci's--you know, that famous Romanian gymnast from the 1970s. Here's a photo of her:


  24. Ohhh THE HEADER! I LOVE that picture of Kit and Ella:D Squeals. And all of the other pictures, too!

  25. Hahaha this was so fun, Naomi!
    Oh my....that first picture is gorgeous!
    Ha! You a very clever with your answer to #1. Very very clever indeed. ;)
    I know!! I'm an ambivert, too! It's kind of a strange thing to be. But I like it. :)
    Heehee, I think I have heard that British people are sarcastic....at least they have "dry wit" and all that.
    Ooh! You have a grand piano!!! You are very fortunate.
    I loovvee The Young Victoria. Oh, it's so beautiful.

    I love how many movies you managed to fit into your new header! It's so sweet!

  26. It's such a fun post Naomi :)
    I'm following you now

  27. Well, you can just call them "sleep clothes" instead of "pajamas" or "pyjamas" if you want (how CAN you spell it with a y? :) ). It's easier that way if you have to sign it (American Sign Language, anyway - not sure if it's the same for signing across the pond). Did Gilbert say something about hazel eyes? You can no longer say that no one knows about the freckle on your nose now that you have admitted it publicly. Hehehe! :) We may be saying the same thing about Thornton's pronunciation, but our dialects make it seem different. Take the "u" sound out of the word "yum" and put it after "broth-". Is that "uh" sound what you meant for "brotheh"?

  28. What movie was that picture of the girl in the blue dress-thing and giant bow?

  29. Clara Stone, that's not from a movie. It's just a photo shoot of some sort, I think.


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