Ways in which Movie Trailers have Changed

I love watching Movie Trailers. It's an obsession of mine. Sometimes I just sit down and watch ten or more movie trailers in one go. I don't know why I love it so much, but I do. Especially if it's a trailer of a movie I'm yearning to see. (Such as A Royal Night out - Oh goodness, all the views that trailer has on Youtube must be mine. I know that trailer embarrassingly by heart.)

I also like watching Old Movie Trailers, because they make me feel like a 40's girl with bobby pins and victory rolls and epaulettes. Despite the fact that my laptop is on my lap as I watch the trailer, heh.
Being such a movie-trailer-obbsessor, I'm proud to announce that I'm rather an expertee. :-) I have observed the very big changes Movie Trailers have made over the past years, and, as promised in my last post, I am here with a hopefully vaguely interesting post on this little topic.

First people, watch this trailer. I chose the old black-and-white trailer of this movie called Captain Blood because I think it's one of the worst old trailers ever. I admire you if you manage to get through it. :-)

Granted, this IS one of the worser ones. But the movie trailers of Gone with the Wind, State Fair or Meet me in St Louis all have similar aspects. Here's a list of old trailer aspects. I love lists. (We're not talking about the film quality here, okay? We're talking about the trailer qualities.) But first, I'll pop another Old Movie trailer here, just because.

~ They're always long. By long, I mean longer than they are interesting. Trailers now make you really upset when they're finished. Trailer then did drag a bit now and then. Seriously, four minutes is too long. It's also  strictly something very Vintage and Old-fashioned.
~ The lettering is swirly and bold. When the trailers are colour-movies-ones, the lettering is one of a very bold colour. Strinkingly yellow, often, or flashing orange. And the lettering covers the whole screen. It's gotta be huge.
~ Loads of boasting. Loads of adjectives. Stuff like: "The Best Movie Ever come to the Big Screen." "A Movie that is bound to Charm Many Nations to Come." "Stunning, Brilliant, Captivating, Thrilling." Seriously, they don't stop. The old trailers are filled, swamped, with big swirly adjectives and boasting exclamations. It's pathetic how many 'best movie ever made's there are. It's funny though, but I really think it's over done.
~ Little jokes. Seriously, the trailer makers had fun. For example, in 'State Fair's trailer, when all the actors are listed, at the end of the list we get a shot of the pig and big swirling letters on top of him, saying, 'And our guest star, Blue Boy!' or something like that. Haha. Very funny.
Or sometimes, it's something like in the trailer of 'Roman Holiday' - 'There's a new holiday on your calendar! ROMAN Holiday!'
~ The actors get praised. Stuff like 'Judy Garland is back, and better than ever!' and 'Clark Gable at his best! Handsome! Perfect!' and 'The Singing in the Rain kids together again, and bound to captivate new nations once again!' (With images of the characters smiling behind the words.)
~ A man narrates the trailer. Wow, wooow. You will never find a trailer narrator now. But back then, it was considered very attractive. (Sometimes the man also reads all the adjectives out loud. And it always seems to be the SAME man. I wonder who he was, that Mr Trailer Narrator Man.)
~ Almost full scenes are shown in the trailer. Have you seen the trailer of 'My Fair Lady'? I was so surprised to see how much they showed. Like, entire conversations! Now, you're lucky if you catch two sentences in one shot.

Now, let's have a look at some modern trailers.

I'm going to show you my two favourites. The fun, glorious, Glenn-Miller-music-filled trailer of 'A Royal Night Out' (which as I told you before I AM SO YEARNING TO SEE - it's not funny) and the beautiful chill-giving, goose-bump-giving trailer of the lovely movie 'Testament of Youth'. Are you ready for the beautiful trailers?

By the way, does anyone know HOW you can tell blogger to put Youtube videos in a larger size onto my blog? Other people manage this, but I have no idea how to.

~ Fast Paced. We don't realise these trailers even take time in our life. Before we know it, it's over, and it only feels like two seconds. Seriously. Tiny bits of scenes race in front of our eyes one after another. (Normally they make sure to show us that there's some kissing, hehhh. :-P)
~ Good backgroud music. Music makes the trailers super good, and it's the background music in Trailers that has really improved. I love how the music builds up the the end of the trailer and then suddenly stops with a big and epic sudden stop.
~ Epic words. Such as LOVE *insert super short clip of a kiss*, HOPE *insert a super short clip of crying people*, and REDEMPTION *insert super short clip of something else.* Or something else that pops up a lot is this particular sentance: 'In a World of Rules and Tradition...'. They make it fast paced and THRILLING. (But they don't insert long lists of adjectives.)
~ We hear the characters say quote worthy things. Such as 'I can't live without you!' (*snort*) and other such things we hear in every movie but remain awesome and epic.
~ It tells you at the end when it comes out. We all know the 'THIS CHRISTMAS' or 'COMING MAY 15th' thing. That's something the trailer makers now find very important. Dates.

How do you think the trailers have improved? Or do you prefer the old ones? I personally think the trailers now are more captivating. Sometimes, you know, less is more. Or more is less, whatever you like. :-)

Do you like to watch Movie Trailers?


  1. Haha, I knew this was coming. ;-D
    I found Captain Blood absolutely hilarious to watch! The main reason being (1 it's so cheesy and typical of those days, (2 the ridiculous, "Handsome, Dashing, Beautiful, Talented" haha, and (3 Errol Flyn, Olivia can't-remember-funny-surname and Basil who-knows-what play in it, and they play Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Guy of Gisbourne in a Robin Hood movie we own. Sheesh, and I though BBC overdid having the same actors everywhere....
    I personally don't mind the Meet Me in St. Louis trailer, because I loved that movie so much I like re-watching it, but yes, they practically show full scenes. :-P
    Yes, I've wondered that too (but I often do that with adds - the 'narrators' on adds sound the same!) and I like the name Mr Trailer Narrator Man. It suits him. ;-P
    Yes, definitely agree, the trailers are so much more gripping now! They show short snappy scenes that keep you wanting more and really, they are quite clever with how they put it together like that. :-)
    And the picture of Cinderella = perfection. I'm putting that on my desktop background. :-D
    Well, I like to watch movie trailers, but not so much as you, I should imagine. ;-) (Not obsessed, you see. ;-P) I did, however, watch the Cinderella trailer a ridiculous amount of times before it came out. By the way, have you seen that yet?!
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. That Captain Blood trailer...I couldn't stop laughing. XD

    I agree with you the newer trailers are more captivating, but I think I like older trailers better - I do like watching them, I mean, they are so old-timey and vintage-ey. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. I have to say I sort of disagree with you here, but thanks for giving me a post idea :P
    Personally, if I'm interested in the movie, I'd rather watch a long trailer. It gives me a pretty good idea of what the movie is about, and it's FREE! Some trailers today don't tell you a lot. That can be a good thing, but sometimes a disappointing thing. "Awww man, I thought this movie was about dogs, but it's about man-eating gorillas!" If a movie isn't a musical, anything longer than 2 minutes starts to drag, but if it's a musical, I can watch it all day!
    I love your choice of trailers to include! To be honest, while I heard the whole Captain Blood, I didn't watch it all. But if it was a MGM musical, I probably would have. Also, Errol Flynn is really handsome!
    I also love that you have those old trailers memorized! Such as that line about the Singing in the Rain kids, which comes from I Love Melvin :D (I think) And the Judy Garland line is maybe from Summer Stock?
    I notice the big, bold adjectives most of all in the old MGM musical trailers! Which are the ones I watch the most.
    However, although I love vintage trailers, the modern ones you put up were splendid too! However, I think maybe they are even more vintage than most modern trailers because of their time period.
    All in all, I sort of agree. If a movie is modern, a vintage trailer most certainly would not work. Also, if a movie is suspenseful , a shorter trailer is definitely better. But if it's not suspenseful (such as a MGM musical), I like longer trailers better!
    Now to go write a blog post!

  4. This was a great post, Naomi! And yes, please call me Rosie :-) I call myself Rosie McCann online after the girl in the song "The Star Of The County Down." Do you know that song? I love the way the Celtic Thunder do it.

    Haha, Mr. Trailer Narrator Man. That's a great name! I've often wondered about that with narrators in general. Like the TV documentarys that always seem to have a man with a deep, sppookkyy voice.

    That's a good point, that they used to put in whole conversations. Hard to believe now, when you see those quick images and snippets of scenes/conversations flash by.

    I like the new trailers MUCH better. I think they draw you in more and give you a better sense of the entire movie's atmosphere and message.

    That picture of Cinderella is SO SWEET!!

  5. THANK you for writing this! :) It was a lot of fun to read. However, though I agree with all of your points for both old and new trailers, I tend to prefer the old ones. Most times, at least. I do like how you get the feel of the story out of the old ones, and I don't mind all the praise and adjectives (well, sometimes I do, but not often). Still, I re-watch modern trailers obsessively, but not old ones. That probably means something. :) Old trailers do make me roll my eyes at times, but new ones can be cliched, too, in their own way.


    I'm a little obsessed with them. But not as much as you, I think. :-) I just like to watch them on other DVD's, whereas you actually seek them out. Sometimes I do that, but not often.

    Haha, so I'm not the only one who likes to laugh over old movie trailers! They're so....dorky. And much too long. And you're right, it seems like alllll the movie trailers from the 80's through the early 2000's were narrated by the Same Guy! I'd really like to know who that is. ;-P

    AAAHHHHH the Testament of Youth trailer is SO GOOD!!!!!! MUST WATCH IT. Okay, I don't even think I'd watched the trailer before now, but NOW -- gaaahhhh. I'm going all ga-ga. It kind of made me think of The Young Victoria trailer, for some reason. The same sorta style. My FAVORITE trailer ever is the Legends of the Fall trailer. Just....because. The music and the horses and the scenery and *coughBradPittcough* and the sheer BEAUTY. *collapses in a happy faint* Oh, and the Miss Potter trailer is really good. Ha, now I feel like doing a post about my favorite trailers! :-)


  7. Haha, this was great, Naomi. The Captain Blood trailer is pretty bad do not, do NOT judge the movie by the trailer! Captain Blood is actually a really good movie-I haven't seen it in so long but I LOVED it the first time I watched it! It might not be your cup of tea, but I recommend giving it a try! :D

    Hahaha, "Mr. Trailer Narrator Man", I love it!!

    I too find newer trailers more thrilling and suspenseful. Oh my, just watching the ToY trailer made me tear up. It's the most beautiful and yet most depressing movie I've ever seen.

  8. Sure, you can call me Jessica! (Sorry not to get back to you right away--I was verra verra sick last night and this morning and couldn't do ANYTHING except lie in bed. I'm getting better now, though :) )

    I agree with you--I like the new movie trailers better because they're way more exciting. I know they don't give you as much info on what the movie's going to be actually about, but that's okay--I can always find that on Wikipedia, haha. These new trailers are sort of a "mini-movie" in themselves, if you know what I mean. And yes, I do love watching trailers just for fun--even for movies I've already seen! One of my favorites is the "King's Speech" trailer, and I also really like the one for "Secretariat." (Ever seen "Secretariat," by the way? It's really pretty cool :) )

  9. I also want to see a royal night out!!!

    Would you believe I've never watched Meet me in St Louise? I really need to now that I've watched the trailer!😉.

    one thing I can't stand about trailers is that they almost give out spoilers or put in things out of context with the movie! You know what I mean?

    Enjoying reading your blog!

    and I really need to start watching Candelford!! Never seen that either!!!

  10. Miss Meg March, I know, right? The Captain Blood trailer is SO funny. I was smirking the whole way through. :-P
    I've seen the Cinderella trailer DOZENS of times. And no, I've STILL NOT SEEN IT. IT'S A NIGHTMARE, RIGHT? But I will, one day. :-)

    Lydia, Right? It's funny. :-)
    I see what you mean, though - the old trailers really do have a CHARM. :-)

    Ashley, now that IS true. And I do think new trailers sometimes give a wrong first impression. I love old trailers, don't get me wrong. I was just pointing out the differences. :-)
    Haha, yeah, I have my trailers Very Memorized. :-)
    Looking forward to that blog post, though! :-)

    Rosie, No I haven't heard of that song! But if the Celtic Women did it, I would love it, I think. :-)
    Yes, oh! The deep spoooooky voice they use nowadays is CREEPY. :-/ I like both trailers, but I have to admit I think the new ones ARE better. :-)

    Eva, Yes, I see exactly what you mean! (And I don't mind the praising in old trailers that much either, I was just pointing out that they did that. Although sometimes it really makes me roll my eyes. Haha.)

    Emma, Yes haha, I REALLY do go and seek them out. :-) Sometimes I just go to Youtube and go on a Trailer hunt. Haha. Not joking, seriously, I do that.
    YES PLEASE. WATCH TESTAMENT OF YOUTH. Goodness, I'm still not over that movie - it's just amazing. I can't wait to really TALK about it with you. :-)
    Yes! The Miss Potter trailer! That one's lovely. (I haven't seen it in a while now, though. Mmmmm.)

    Natalie, I know, my brother says Captain Blood is a pretty good movie too. I might try it one day. :-)
    Yes RIGHT. ToY's trailer gives me SO MUCH GOOSEBUMPS. OH THAT MOVIE.

    Jessica, I'm sorry you're ill! (And don't apologise! You don't *have* to comment immediately. There are no rules, dear. :-D)
    Exactly, you can just go to Wikipedia. Haha. And YES. THE KINGS SPEECH TRAILER. Wowww. I've seen the Secretariat trailer, but not the movie. I've heard quite a lot of good about it though, sooo. Yeah, I should. :-)

    Morgan, Phew, well at least I'm not the only one waiting desperately to watch both 'A Royal Night out' AND 'Meet me At st Louis'! :-) Because nope, I haven't seen Meet me at st Louis EITHER. And I SOOOOO WANT TO. :-)
    Yes, I do know what you mean. That's annoying. Sometimes they hint a spoiler and I guess far to quickly. Haha.
    Thank you so much for reading my blog!

    ~ Naomi

  11. Thanks, I'm okay now (luckily, since college starts in one week!)

    Yeah, Secretariat is definitely worth a watch. I don't like it quite as well as Seabiscuit, but it's way more family-friendly than Seabiscuit--and Diane Lane is amazing as Penny Chenery.

  12. By the way, does anyone know HOW you can tell blogger to put Youtube videos in a larger size onto my blog? Other people manage this, but I have no idea how to.

    I do! When you get the embed code to put it in your post, click on "Show More" just under the embedding code -- it'll drop down a bunch of choices, the first of which is Video Size, which has a drop-down menu with 4 or 5 options. I tend to use 560x315, but if you want bigger, they have bigger!

    Hope that helps :-)

  13. Hamlette, thanks! But I usually take my video's from Youtube. I don't use embed codes - neither do I know where to get those. :-/

  14. Wait, you can get videos from YouTube to show up in your blog posts without using the embed code? Wow!

    To get the embedding code on YouTube, you click on "share" under the video, then choose "embed."

  15. Hamlette, I figured it out - the embed code thing - after I published my reply. (As you can see in my last post.) Yes, it's possible to put Youtube videos in your blog posts by simply clicking on 'insert a video' (it's next to the 'insert an image' thing.)
    There! We've both learnt something new. :-)

  16. Wow! That is so cool! I totally thought that was just for uploading your own videos, like vlogs. Guess I've just been doing it this way for so very long I didn't realize they'd made an easier way! Good for Blogger. Thanks!


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