What I do to get motivated

Do you sometimes feel SO not motivated?

Sometimes I just feel like, 'Duh. What's my life.' My hair feels all greasy, my life feels boring and what's-the-point-of-it-man-ish, and Everything seems just Boring and Listless and Not Right. Mostly I have this feeling after a nice weekend with visitors and chats, or after a really, really, really good book. I feel like my life is so boring in comparison, or I overthink the tiny miniscule problemsthat-aren't-really-problems in my life over and over again till they become enormously major. Sooo, yes. I feel like this now and then. I dare say everyone does. (Does everyone?) 

But luckily I know what to do with myself to get myself out of that ugly mood. I thought I'd make a blog post of that. Because t'might help you, perhaps. So here are some things I do to get motivated.


It doesn't necessarily have to be pearls and tulle and powdered-wig-stuff. I just mean a nice necklace, some bracelets, a leather waist belt, my favourite skirt. That kind of thing. For some reason or the other I get much more motivated when I curl my hair and dress up a bit. It really helps.

For me, anyway.


This does miracles.

I tidy up. It doesn't have to be a ten-hour reorganisation (although that's fun too, if you're up to it) - I mean stuff like putting the books straight, folding up your cardigans, making up your bed, hovering the darned dust away. For me, changing around some furniture always makes me very happy, too.


Remember this post? If you don't, click on it and read it. Most of my old posts are embarrassing, but that one is jolly nice, even if I do say so myself.

When I'm all kind of upset and unmotivated and what's-my-life-ish, I take a pen and one of my scribble bookies, and fill a page with little good things in my life. Not just 'the birds whistling', 'my parents' and 'my new blouse' but also absurd things like 'that little fluffy cloud in the shape of a spooky heart' and 'my grandparent's play room's door handle' and stuff like that. There are millions of good things, and writing down a page-full makes one very happy.


For me, at the moment, this would be listening to Glenn Miller, reading 'A Distant Melody', watching 'Gone with the Wind' and writing blog posts.

Go back to 'your stuff' and rediscover how awesome your life is. Because life, although the world is sad and tumbling and has-horrible-things-going-on, is beautiful and we - or at least I know I am - are uber-lucky. Shhh, I know I'm being sentimental. Shhh.

What do you do to motivate yourself?


  1. Yes, oh yes, this is perfect. You have such a way of timing things. :-)
    Oh, how you describe how I feel SO WELL! "Overthink the tiny miniscule problems that-aren't-really-problems in my life over and over again till they become enormously major". I do that too much. I just OVERTHINK it so. Yes, totally feel like that!
    And I was very obedient and re-read your happiness post. I'm so glad I did. I was happily rocking to and fro and smiling to myself the whole time. :-D Anyway, back to THIS post. I totally know the feeling. I feel like that a lot as I am an extrovert and love being a social butterfly, but rarely get the chance. I like dressing up but only my family sees it and sometimes I wonder 'why do I bother.' But really, it does make you feel better. :-D
    Haha, I can't really tidy up (although it makes everything SO MUCH BETTER) because I'm such a neat-freak all of my stuff is already tidy. :-P Well, generally speaking, hehe.
    Yes, I love writing down nice things in my journal. (I often write those 'awkward and awesome' things in there too, because I'm such an awkward human being there's plenty of those. :-P)
    Shh, I won't tell anyone! ;-) I'm feeling rather sentimental right now too, haha.
    I either listen to music or make music. I listen to my MP3 player and go for jogs around our house yard because I like the idea of staying fit and it makes me feel much better. Or I listen to some of my favourite musical artists. (I've got too many of those.) Also playing the piano does wonders, and singing. I like to read good books, if I'm in the mood, but sometimes I just want to go outside and breath in the air and just live. Look at the rolling hills, trees, and hear the birds around me. Go really high on our swing, close my eyes and just be still. Even though I'm an extrovert, I tend to make the most of being alone as well. Sometimes you need 10 minutes peace just to get you through the day. :-)
    I know reading blog posts (especially lovely, encouraging ones!)which make me very happy and motivate me, or inspire me. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. This post has too many sprinkles in it. I'm going crazy.

    :-D I'm just kidding. I love this post!!! I think everyone feels like that, occasionally; just down and lumpy and uninspired. I call it 'disillusioned with life'. But there are ALWAYS things to do that help, and these are some great ones.

    Haha. What do you mean, you don't have to put on a white powdered wig to feel better? Of COURSE you do. I wear mine all the time. DUH, Naomi.



    P.S. Did my italics work? :-)

  3. Nice Post Emma!

    I have been following you for a while. Such a pretty blog you have and those lovely (make-me-jealous) pictures too. I like reading your posts a lot.

    Yes, I do become despondent sometimes. A cup of tea can always perk me up. I also read my journals when in low spirits, it helps me to cherish all the good things I had.

    If nothing works, I tidy up my room/home :D
    "Not just clean, Monica clean"
    That really does a magic!


    Keep writing!

  4. Miss Meg March, THANK YOU. Aww, I just love your long comments!
    Oh man, yes, the overthinking. I do that so much. Like there are these things that don't bother me at ALL, but when I think about them for a long time, they BOTHER THE LIFE OUT OF ME. It's so annoying! :-)
    Oh, good for you, friend, for being a neat freak. I WANT my room to be neat, but I have to TELL myself to. But I AM more of a neat person than a messy one, and that's at least something. Right? :-)
    Oh, I love listening to my MP3 player too. But I don't like jogging. :-/

    Emma, Ahem, my dear friend, don't comment on unecessary stuff such as sprinkles, please. :-)
    SNORT. You WOULD, wouldn't you. I'm glad you don't have one, actually, because you would really go out with it. :-)

    Ria Sanive, thank you for the comment and for following me and for all the lovely compliments! You're very sweet. But ahem, my name isn't Emma. It's Naomi. But maybe you mixed me up with my best friend Emma (who commented up there), so I can understand the confusion, because we're rather similar in a lot of senses. :-)
    Ohh, yes, a cup of tea. And cake. That helps too. :-)
    Yeah, tidying up does magic. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  5. Naomi, THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. Your descriptions non-motivation and reasons why one wouldn't be motivated apply to me pretty much perfectly right now. I've been struggling with stuff like that for a few days now, and while I've re-discovered that God is the Purpose to and for everything, not sinking into a slump has still been a struggle. This post cheered me up immensely with the colours and pictures and lovely words (as always - what's your secret??? :))

    I'm going out on a road trip with my grandparents today to the place where Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote about half of her novels (and some other historical sights), or else I'd be sitting here, listening to Glenn Miller right along with you. At least I'm taking GWTW to read in the car. :)

    Again, thanks soooooo much for this post!


  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I just read you old post, and it was delightful! That is such a good idea to write a random list of the things that make you happy! And wow! There really are SO many things to be thankful for! So many little things that mean such a lot! :D Thank you for this post, Naomi!

    And, to answer your question, yes, I definitely have those days of feeling unmotivated. Don't know what I do to get myself out of it...but your ideas were splendid!

    I love the colorfulness of this post! :)

    ~Miss March

  7. Well, I'm SORRY, but that's what I noticed first. :-P

    YAY MY ITALICS WORKED. This makes me happy.

    Haha, someone called you Emma. :-) Someone called me Naomi once in a comment. That's really hilarious.

  8. I loooooove this post, Naomi! It's actually encouraging to know other people go through "slump" periods like that too :) I guess it happens to everybody. Sometimes I feel like it's just me, haha.

    What do I do to get motivated? I LISTEN TO CELTIC THUNDER. Lots and lots of Celtic Thunder. Great heaping gobs of Celtic Thunder. All the time, every day. I don't know why that particular music is so uplifting and relaxing, but it is. It works wonders when I'm swamped with college homework and it's also essential for getting my brain in the mood to write fiction :)

  9. Horray for Gone with the Wind!! I actually pop open my copy of the novel & read passages when I'm feeling down, or hug my kitty, or say something that will make people laugh, or watch the 1994 Little Women or listen to twenties jazz, or that excellent version of "The Maple Leaf Rag" I stuck on your Facebook page, Naomi. For all who feel blue, here you go:


    A quick fix! :)

  10. This was SUCH a great post. I do feel like this sometimes. It's good to know I'm not the only one, hahaha :-)

    Well, to get motivated I listen to music or dream about plots to stories that I will write someday. But mostly I listen to music. What kind of music? CELTIC THUNDER. I see my sister already mentioned that but I just had to say it :-D

    Seriously, that is the ONLY music that can really get me motivated and happy about life in general. It also helps me to focus - especially when I have to write. I like the sad songs best, actually, when I'm feeling down. Ironic, I know.

    Oh, and I love those bright pictures you used! I feel like eating them right now, they make me feel so good. Yes, eating them. Even the shoes picture :-)

    Thanks so MUCH! You have made my day. *smiles galore* Do you like Celtic Thunder by any chance?

  11. This post is motivation in itself! bravo m'dear!

  12. Yes! To echo everyone else, jolly fine post, what!

    I completely get the "listless, restless" feeling. And yep, sometimes it happens to me after those very occasions you described. One feels rather humdrum after such epochs:D

    (And the pictures. My word. I need Pinterest. And the colored fonts helped too, hehe:D)

  13. I know this feeling all too well! You described the most unperfect feeling perfectly. These are great ways to get motivation, and I shall definitely try some of them in the future. Sometimes going for a bike ride, or just exercise in general can be very helpful for me. Have you ever just hopped on you bike and peddled really fast, letting the wind blow in your face, and getting out of breath, and working off all the bad feelings? I often find it a wonderful solution. (-:


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