Who's the bride? Game Answers

Et voilà. The answers. (A tad too late, but present nonetheless.)

Character: Mary Crawley
Period Drama: Downton Abbey
Actress: Michelle Dockery

Character: Tracy Samantha Lord (had to pop in her second name, haha.)
Period Drama: High Society
Actress: Grace Kelly

Character: Maria von Trapp
Period Drama: Sound of Music
Actress: Julie Andrews

Character: Jane Bennet-very-soon-Bingley
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 1995
Actress: Susannah Harker

Character: Nellie Oleson
Period Drama: Little House on the Prairie
Actress: Alison Angraim (or however you spell that last name)

Character: Scarlett O'Hara/Hamilton
Period Drama: Gone with the Wind
Actress: Vivien Leigh

Character: Marianne Dashwood
Period Drama: Sense and Sensibility 1995
Actress: Kate Winslet

Character: Queen Victoria
Period Drama: The Young Victoria
Actress: Emily Blunt

Character: Fanny Price (apparently)
Period Drama: Mansfield Park
Actress: Billie Piper

Character: Emma Woodhouse/Knightley
Period Drama: Emma 1996
Actress: Gwenyth Paltrow

Player's scores:
Aerykah: 260
Morg: 250
Kerry: 240
Miss March: 230
Emma: 220
Miss Meg March: 200
Emily Blakeny: 220
Olivia: 210
Lois Johnson: 190
Jessica: 180
Ruth Elizabeth: 180
Mary: 170
Abigail: 170
Rosie McGann: 60
Lydia: 60

Thank you so much for playing!


  1. Thanks for having the game--it was a lot of fun! (And I agree with you--that is NOT Fanny Price, that is a wicked imposter :) )


  2. Soo cool!!

    Aggh! How did I miss Maria's??!! She had such a pretty dress!

  3. Oh, Grace Kelly is very pretty. :-D
    Scarlett isn't even smiling on her wedding day! How awful. I haven't seen that movie for years, but I think it got thrown out....I think the last time we watched it, it was too vexing for everyone and we threw it away. :-P Whoops.
    Eww, she does not look like a Jane Austen heroine (nor does Mr. Elton look like a JA hero). I haven't seen that movie and don't particularly wish to at present. ;-)
    Oh.... *facepalm* That was Emma. I should have got that. Well, I only saw that movie once, years ago...I should rewatch it, methinks. :-D (Although I find the Romola Garai one infinitely superior. Ahem.)
    Well, 200 points is nothing to laugh at. :-P It was very fun Naomi!
    ~Miss Meg March

  4. Don't even get me started on Billie Piper's portrayal of Fanny!

  5. SWEET!! :D
    The suspense was killing me! Guess I could have just looked them up to see if I was right... didn't have the chance, though. :/

  6. This was fun, Naomi! Thanks ever so much for doing it! I like playing your games! When I first looked at this one I thought, "oh dear. We have to name the actress? That's too hard," but then I was surprised by how many names I knew. I usually consider myself quite uninformed when it comes to actors and actresses, but I think I've picked up a lot of information without knowing it, simply by reading all of you girls' blogs. :)

    It's fun to see so many different bride pictures altogether. I think Mary Crawley's is an especially pretty one, don't you? Oh, and isn't Nellie's hairbow ridiculous? Haha! That was such a funny episode. :D

    ~Miss March


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