A General Saturday {in my Life}

How-dee-doo, people!
First of all, before you start. Click here. Please. And have it open for the rest of this blog post.

(You clicked it, right. Right.) So. What's up here? I'm very tired, but I'm fine. It's Saturday tomorrow, and my room is tidy, and I'm having a good hair day, and I'm reading good books, and Pinterest exists. Sooo yes, people. Life is good.

My normal school days aren't very interesting - y'know, school isn't interesting. So I won't bother explaining what I do in a normal school day. (As I said, it's boring. And it's tiring.) So I thought I'd tell you how a General Saturday in my life goes. Of course, this is general - because (*everyone duh's*) no two days are the same. For example, tomorrow is going to be a very hectic Saturday. (But hopefully fun.)

So here, voilĂ , a 'normal' Saturday of mine. I love Saturdays, and welcome into one of mine. :-)

I wake up. Normally because of one of my brothers making noise in some room, or because I just automatically wake up. I can't sleep in, and I don't want to sleep in. Mornings are glorious things - why would you want to miss it? There are things to do! Books to read! Wake up, peeps. :-P
When I wake up, I do my what-you-do-when-you-wake-up-stuff and help my little cute roomate-sister (a five-year-old adorability person called Tabitha - I call her Tabby, or Tibby, or Dorcas, or - don't ask - Prittstick. (No, I shan't explain that.)) with her clothes and so on. Then I go and check all my social media. I read and publish my comments, I delete all my hilariously annoying spam comments, and read e-mail and the-like. I smile at your sweet notes and whisper sentimental thank you's you never hear. :-)

This normally takes about fifteen-minutes, sometimes a little longer/shorter: depending on the amount of emails/comments. After that I 'do' my hair and put in my contact-lenses, and eat breakfast.

After breakfast I have a cuppa tea. Because it's Saturday and there's time to drink tea after breakfast. Yaysies. Then I go and brush my teeth, and I go and brush the teeth of my two little siblings in the blue bathroom. (We have two. The blue one is the Girl's bathroom, and the other bathroom (which has no particular colour) is the boy's bathroom.)

At eight o'clock we normally have Family Prayers. This consists of singing two or three songs around the piano, reading the Bible and praying together. Sometimes we do it a little later or earlier - it all depends on how late my other siblings or parents get out of bed. This normally takes around fifteen minutes, and my day ain't the same without it. :-)

Time for some 'Things-that-must-be-done.' I normally do these things all in the morning, so I have my afternoon free from chores. That's the way to do things, friends. Work first, play later.
First, I tidy and hover my room, 'cos I'm a good girl, I am. Then, I have my piano-lesson. Yes, my dad is my piano teacher. Then I go and play tennis with my dad. (I'm frightfully bad at it, but I need to do some sport, so I do a bit of tennis. It's rather cool. Also, my dad is a brick and doesn't snort at my stupid serving attempts.) Aaaand when I get home I take some fruit to my bedroom and do my French Evening Class Homework. I know, but it must be done.

I'm pretty tired of doing things-that-must-be-done by this time, so I forget all other chores ('Chores.' That word is so American.) and I grab my laptop and Pin some Pins. Also, I comment on blog posts and answer emails or write Goodreads reviews and so on. Then, if I'm a good girl, I write some. I also often write a blog post on Saturday mornings. I do this 1) either on my bed or 2) on the ground. Normally on my bed. :-D

Time for lunch. One of my siblings will shout this from downstairs. "FOOOOOOOD TIIIIIME!' (Like that. Yeah. Totally like that.)

After lunch, I go and check the mail-box. That's totally something I love doing. Although mostly it's just boring publication stuff. (No, Ikea, I don't want that black sofa. Yes, H&M, I like that pull-over, but I already have three in the same style, so don't tempt me to buy another.) And then I have ONE more thing-that-must-be-done. (I sometimes do this in the morning.) I hoover the down stairs floor - I'm rather good at it, seriously. I'm super good at hoovering floors. :-D

Now my day can really begin. I have no more things-that-must-be-done. I read books, I write, I sometimes go to some shops with my Mum, I nibble on biscuits and drink fizzy water, I just do my hobbies, and I love it. I might do some DIY's, re-arrange my books, or chat with Emma (who wakes up around this time, haha.) Last Saturday Emma and I did a video-call, which was seriously the most fun thing ever. (Emma's impression of 'Jane Austen' in Becoming Jane is SO impeccably spot on. I can't even.)
Needless to say, my Saturday afternoons flyyy. Time flies on Saturday afternoons - that is a truth universally acknowledged.

And suddenly it's time for supper. (This is also proclaimed in a loud voice by one of my siblings.) We almost always have a bread-meal in the evenings, and a hot meal in the afternoon. (Juuuust so you know. (Goodness. This post is unclassily self-absorbed.))

(The timings I set here in this post are rough, by the way. Our meals are often longer than just fifteen minutes. Rest assured.) After supper, I help my mum put the little ones in the bath and all that jazz. I'm rather a professional at making children ready for the night. (The hardest bit is finding ways to persuade them to come out of the bath. "Joseph, if you come out, um, you can play with the little cars." "No. Cars are boring." "Well, bath is boring too." "No, I LIKE it.")
I like to have a long evening in my pyjamas, so I make *my*self ready for the night too. And take a WAAARM bath. Baths are my *one* weakness. (Although my books are calling me. I must get out.)

I tidy my room + read + do social media for a quick half-hour.

We have our evening Family Prayers at roughly this time. Very similar to the one in the morning - about fifteen minutes. 

After that some of my younger siblings go to bed. Ah, it's seven o'clock, time for a good ol' movie. These last weeks/months it's been Lark Rise to Candleford. Ah, we all love our daily episodes. We're currently half-way through season three. Many of us snuggle on the sofas and watch good BBC drama. (And yes people, I've met Daniel Parish. He is very Cool. Um, no, that's not the best word I could think of. Hello. I love his exciting smile - it's so adorable.) Also MINNIE AND ALFIE CUTENESS ALORE.

The Lark Rise episode is over, and I go up into my bed. The room is dark, because my little sister is (supposed to be) sleeping. I'm in the yellow glow of my little bed-light, with cushions all around me. (Goodness, this sounds so nostalgic when I write it down.) I normally take my laptop in my bed and either chat with Emma or waste my time for a few minutes. And then I finish my day with a good book and the Bible.

I pray and snap the light off. Aaaand dream of all kinds of adorable stuff.

That's a bit of an average Saturday, guys! :-) Did you enjoy this post? Would you like to see a Sunday edition? And is my Saturday a little similar to yours? (Yes, that's quite a few questions. Wait, only three. It's answerable.)

Have a great daight! (That's a mixture of 'day' and 'night', by the way. Because for half of you it's morning, and for the other half of you it's growing towards the night. So daight is a good mixture. I thought. :-P)



  1. Goodness, Naomi, I love ALL your posts! Especially this one. Even if I don't comment on every single one, I read/love them all. :) And that's not an exaggeration. I'm thinking of doing a post like this on my blog, though probably not about my typical Saturday, 'cause I don't really have one. But weekdays, I can do!


  2. Aww Eva, thank you so much for your lovely comment! You're so sweet. :-D Seriously, you comment absolutely made my day. :-) Same goes for you - I love love your blog. ESPECIALLY YOUR LAST POST. (Okay, we're not going to start.)
    Also, you might like to know that one of *your* old posts inspired me to write this one! Remember you once wrote a post about your typical day? Yeah, that one. :-)

    ~ Naomu

  3. Goodness, apparently I can't even spell my own name. NaomI. Naomu, indeed, huh! :-D

  4. I love this! I really enjoy reading stuff about other people's routines, mainly because I love routine myself, haha :)

    Your Saturday is--well, sort of like mine. Not exactly. Depending on whether we're talking about a Saturday during the college semester, or not :) Because during the semester, I always have a lot of homework, even on weekends. Although this year I have Fridays off! So I've got a bit more time to relax. Which is most appreciated.

    So basically, every Saturday, I wake up at like 6:30 or 7:00, I get dressed and write in my prayer journal, and I eat breakfast. (Which is always a bowl of oatmeal, a cup of orange juice, and a bagel. I LOVE BAGELS.) Then I go for a good long walk, which is my favorite way to get exercise, and SO MUCH FUN. Then I do blog stuff. Which is also a LOT of fun :) And then, if it's a Saturday during the college semester, I have to get down to business with my homework. (Sigh.) But I take breaks every so often to do blogging, maybe go for another quick walk, etc. So it ain't really that bad. I shouldn't complain :)

    And we always have hot dogs and beans for supper on Saturday, and people, I don't know about you, but hot dogs are one of my absolute favorite foods. Seriously. That's like, one of the biggest highlights of my week right there :)

    Just one question: What does it mean to "hover" a floor? I've never heard that word before :)

  5. Jessica, Your Saturday sounds lovely! I love routine too - you get so much more done with routine. :-) Lucky you for having Fridays off!! :-D
    Hoover. (I mispelt it. It's got two O's.) Mmm. That must be the British word. Let me google the American word. Ah yes, vacuum-ing. It's vacuming. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  6. One, I love the rainy-day noises. THANK YOU. :D
    Two, your Saturdays sound awesome. Much more productive then mine...(during Saturday I like to sleep in until 10:00 in the morning and then hop on the computer and stay on it all day. Maybe get up and sit in front of the TV to watch Star Trek. But only if I'm extra motivated.)
    Yeahhh...my weekdays are MUCH more productive. XD
    I would love to see a Sunday edition! :) I love routine posts for some reason. Probably because I love making routines for myself, and planners, and organizing in general.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Oh, right--vacuuming! See, I just didn't recognize it. First I thought maybe you meant sweeping, actually :) I don't know why we Americans don't say "hoover-ing," too--I mean, most of our vacuums are actually Hoover-brand ones, so it would work fine. But no. We just say "vacuuming."

    I know, right???? It's awesome to have Fridays free, although of course I still have to do some homework :( But this morning has been fun--I've been listening to Celtic Thunder and writing my novel. I'm in a very sad part right now, so it's a bit tough, but I still enjoy it SOOOOOOO much :)

  8. Another American asking about a word; what is your normal equivalent to "chores" if you said it was so American? I am kind of on a Uk/American differences "research" (e.g. Google) kick.

  9. Okay, this is absolutely, postitively, a wonderful post....and the rain was so nice:) (loved that touch). So I have been wondering....I know you are a big fan for period dramas as have you ever seen the Abduction Club? You would totally LOVE it soooooooo much so if you haven't seen it, it is the next movie you need to watch.....seriously:)

  10. Yay tommorow is Saturday!! I love Saturdays. No school:D

    I really enjoyed this post. And YES! A Sunday edition would be COOL.

    Your Saturday is rather similar to mine :) I also have to tidy up all of the things-that-must-be-done that I couldn't do during the week. And I do all sorts of things: writing, reading, RELAXING, and dreaming. No, I don't mean I take naps :P I mean, I dream about stories and all that. It's fun, and I NEVER *scream* have time during the week! I also ride my bike around the neighborhood. Excercise. You know how it is. And it's fun to see all the neighbors. Especially the babies :D
    Oh yes, and we have hot dogs and beans for dinner. Every. Single. Saturday. SERIOUSLY AWESOME! I can't even begin to describe how lovely it is . . . *rapturous sighs*

  11. Wow, you REALLY do love rain, don't you?! *stares in amazement* Heehee. :-D No, I really like rain too. Honest.

    Your Saturday sounds so full and fun!

    ...."or chat with Emma, who wakes up around this time." You make it sound like I wake up at 12:45! How shameful! Dear people reading Naomi's comments: I do not wake up at 12:45. I live five time zones to the west. Thank you. (Haha.) ;-P

    It WAS fun video-chatting. Ahh, one of these days I'll get used to seeing your face and talking with you that way! Ha, my impression of Jane Austen seriously wasn't THAT good. I've done better. (Like Elkanah Bent from North and South...but you don't know who that is.) I'll work up a good one for you next time. :-D Oh yeah, and I can do Scarlett O'Hara pretty good.

    YES, I enjoyed this post! It was fun having a peek into your day. Is your Saturday similar to mine? Hmmm....not really. ;-P Heehee. I usually spend my Saturdays reading books in the hayloft, playing with bunnies and cleaning the house. Well, we both clean and read! (and I totally did not know what 'hoovering' meant until I read the comments. Oh! So it's vacuuming! You may not know this, but I am the QUEEN of vacuuming. It's like, my life. Haha.)

    Anyway. This was adorable, Naomi. :-)


  12. I loved this post, Naomi! And I did click on the link! It was cool to be able to hear the rainfall, while looking at all your lovely pictures and reading about your wonderfully cozy Saturday. :)

    You have much more of a routine than we do. Though I guess our lack of routine is rather routine...if you know what I mean. :) Drinking tea after breakfast? That sounds so elegant and cozy!
    Haha! Your siblings yelling for lunch! That made me smile. We do that here, too, only we yell "COME FOR LUUUUUNCH!"
    I was wondering what you meant by "hoover" but I read the comments above so now I know! :)
    Wow! Your younger siblings go to bed very early! Actually, you all do. Our routine here is, youngest three in bed by 8:30, next youngest in bed by 9:00, those who have to get up early for work retire by 9:30, and then the rest are usually in bed by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00...or whenever they manage to get there. :)
    Lark Rise to Candleford in the evenings? That sounds delightful! :)
    And chatting with your best friend and reading right before you go to sleep sounds SO lovely.

    I did enjoy this post. Very, very much. And I would certainly like to see a Sunday version!

    ~Miss March

  13. AHHH....THAT RAIN NOISE. :-D I saw this post last night, but decided to leave it for today, because then I'd have something to look forward to. :-) Lemme scroll up....
    Yes, I love these kind of posts! (BTW, I don't really like the word 'post'. It sounds too hard for such a warm and fuzzy piece of writing + pictures.) I've been trying to wake up early too, 'cause it makes my day longer and I feel much more productive (bed time on a school day is 10:30 - 11 PM for me, and I get up at 7:15ish. I'm a bit of a night owl) but Saturdays are normally the sleeping in ones for me. (7:30-8.) Haha, we've only got one bathroom for the 8 of us and every morning there's a big scramble for it. :-P Often times I read blog posts while I'm waiting for my Dad to finish shaving. ;-P Oh, I like tennis, although I flop at it too! And your Dad teaches you piano? Awesome! My oldest sister teaches me and my second oldest sister teaches my younger sister. :-) Haha, yep, my 5 year old brother loves ringing the dinner bell and screaming out LUUUUNCH TIIIIIIME! (Tea time is even more loud, especially if it's his favourite, lasagne.) Hoovering? We call it vacuuming. ;-) I knew what you were talking about though, hehe. Oh, a video call? Is that kind of like Skype? (Maybe you don't have Skype. Never mind.) You have supper at 5:00? :-O We have our lunch around 1, and our dinner (or tea or supper or whatever you're supposed to call it) any time between 6-8. :-P We're not very predictable sometimes. We used to have bread for dinner too, when our Dad did night shifts, but now we've switched it back. :-) Haha, well MY little brother LOVES cars so that works for me! ;-) I have a hard time getting him to sit still for a story, but once he's down, 5 stories aren't enough for him. ;-P (And of course I do all the voices. As demanded.) GUESS WHAT MY COUSINS LENT ME LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD?!! I wasn't even expecting them to, they're just so nice. :-D So in our two weeks of holidays I can't wait to watch it! That must be so much fun talking to your friend in bed. I'm jealous. ;-)
    Sure, I enjoyed it wholeheartedly! Oooohh, Sunday edition? Yes please. :-D (You're so thoughtful about that daight. Haha. Its currently midday here.) Well, to be honest, my Saturdays aren't like yours at all. :-P We clean the house on Fridays (we get the day off from bookwork - we either go to an old people's home with the cousins, do spring cleaning, or do art/craft stuff). So Saturdays are full of loveliness. :-) This morning I went out op-shopping for second hand clothes with my mum and sisters, 'cause we've been invited to a ball and the dress is formal pre 1900s. Eeekk! So we're trying to find something to wear....this arvo (excuse me, that's an Aussie term for 'afternoon') we're going to the cousins to hopefully borrow one of their dresses if they fit. Because finding a pre 1900 ballgown is next to Mission Impossible. (Y'know, it has to fit, be modest, you can dance in it, affordable and the right time era.) Nothing about my Saturdays have much of a routine. Friends, parties, movies, books, shopping - who knows! They're very exciting days. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  14. Ach, what a cute post! I love that rainy background noise. I like to use that website for studying sometimes. :)
    You get spam comments? What are those like? Are they unpleasant, or just nonsense?
    Ok, here are some weird, nosy questions. Sorry. What do you usually like to eat for breakfast? What's your favorite tea? And how do you do your hair? I don't know, I'm just curious I suppose. It's my one weakness. :)
    That's so cool that your family does a devotion together! And I play tennis with my dad too, sometimes. It's kind of fun, if it isn't too hot out!
    Your Saturday afternoons sound like a dream come true. Seriously, how is your life so perfect?
    So wait, you have two different meals after noon lunch? What is that like?
    As for your questions, yes, this was a great post, YES, a Sunday one would be cool too, and no, my Saturday is not much like yours at all, except for the reading and the pinning. :)

  15. Lydia, I love rainy-noises too. It's perfect. :-)
    Well, my Saturday's aren't ALWAYS productive. But I try to make them as productive as I can. :-D

    Livia Rachelle, well, we say 'tasks'. I know! It's interesting, isn't it, the UK/American differences?

    Madison, AW THANK YOU. No! I've never even heard of 'the Abduction Club' - I'll have to look it up. Thanks for telling me of it!

    Rosie, I knowww it's Saturday! :-D
    I know it's just so fun to do things you don't have the proper time for during the week days. And your Saturday meals sound AWESOME. =D

    Emma, Yes, darling, I LOVE rain. :-D
    Oh! Sorry! I didn't even think about that. I thought people would be clever enough to figure THAT out. You definitely do not wake up at 12:45 at your time. Huh! :-P
    But it was! It was very good. :-) Next week you must do a Scarlett O'Hara impression, then. I can do a pretty good, 'Oh Aaaashleyy,' too. :-) We must do it again and again till we're stinking used to it, yes? :-D Yes.
    We're both the queen of hoovering. Or Vacuuming, whatever you want. :-) Haha, we both clean and read. And write. Surely, you write. :-D
    Thanks, dear!

    Miss March, Thank you!
    Yes, I do like my cuppa tea at the breakfast table. Although it's not super elegant. :-D
    Haha, I bet every large family has people yelling lunch announcements!
    Yeah, well, we might go to bed earlier, but we also wake up earlier than the avarage people. Normally it's 6:30 - in the weekdays it's 7:00. (My older brother goes to bed at 11:00, though.) Maybe we just need more sleep than your family! (When do you wake up?)
    Yes! Lark Rise in the evenings IS delightful. :-)

    Miss Meg March, I KNOW. IT'S GLORIOUS. :-D
    I don't really like the word 'post', too. :) Epistle sounds better. Haha. I remember when we had one bathroom and eight kids. It WAS a scramble.
    Yes, a video call is like Skype. I don't have Skype, but a video call is basically exactly the same thing. :-D Yes, we have an early supper. Our family is kinda early in everything.
    Yes, chatting *as in type-chatting, not face-to-face chatting* with Emma before I go to bed is very fun indeed. :-D
    And I'm soo jealous you're going to a ball. WHY DOESN'T BELGIUM HAVE THIS.

    Abby, thank you, m'dear!
    Ugh, spam comments are a nightmare - I get so many of them. Normally it's just advertising stuff, or weird things like, 'Hey! I love your site, man. Very thoughtful and will link it to my site.' And then they add their URL, because they want me to visit it. But I never do. :-P
    Yay, questions! We have cereal for breakfast - y'know, oats and cornflakes and milk. I love mint tea. It's DE BEST. I do my hair either in a messy bun or in a pony-tail or whatever. Nothing fancy. :-P
    What do you mean, my life is so perfect? I mean, I love it, I'm not complaining. I'm flattered that you consider it perfect, that's all. :-)
    Wait, we don't have two meals after lunch. We have breakfact, lunch and dinner. (Oh, and a snack between lunch and dinner. But that does count as a meal. :-D)

    Thanks for all your comments!

    ~ Naomi

  16. What a delightful Saturday! =D
    I love the rain and the cold too, it's perfect weather for curling up with hot chocolate reading. xD
    Or maybe that's my Scottish heritage coming out in me.
    I also love to dance in the rain, do you?
    Although if it's freezing I try not to get too soaked like Marianne did. Hahah. It's warming up here :( I greatly prefer the cold muchly.
    We have a snack between Lunch and Dinner too, we call it Afternoon Tea although sometimes we forget about it if we're all too busy or still full from Lunch.
    As it's now 5.20pm I've spent my Saturday cleaning out my stationery and deciding what I need to keep for university and chucking out old stuff. The satisfaction that comes with chucking out a Maths Book from yr 8 is immense. I've also been trying to find the best period drama/lovely pictures to collage my binders and books with for next year. =D What do you use for school? I love covering notebooks too, it's SO relaxing.
    Good grief Evie this is long!
    Tooooorah! *takes sip of tea and waves happily in farewell*

  17. Oh and I often wake at around 6.. Choir starts at 7 you see :-D and get to bed around 9.30 too xD

  18. Yes yes yes tell us about your Sunday's!!!!! Please!!!
    Love post like these...haha your family sounds like ours...."time to eat"!!!!!!

    What does hoover mean? Never heard that word before is it vacuuming or sweeping?

    Anyway, wow! Your dad is your piano teacher! That must be neat!
    My dad is a music minister so he is our voice coach but doesn't know piano (he plays guitar)....

    Love this post and your blog so much Naomi...my only wish is that you would maybe do a Vlog so we could hear your voice!!!

    Although I can understand you not doing it for privacy reasons...

    Still haven't watched Lark Rise need to start soon though

  19. Lovely!

    Whew, I'm so glad we're not the only ones who watch something in the evenings as a general rule. Right now we're making our way through the first season of Gilmore Girls as I try desperately to persuade my mother to give BBC Robin Hood a chance;D

  20. Well...I had plans as Fall rolled around to start getting up at 6:00, but that only lasted for about a week. :) Since then it's been 6:30 at the earliest and very often 7:00 or slightly thereafter. The rest of my siblings usually get up later than that unless they have to go to work or something. We're usually all up by 8:00. :)

    ~Miss March

  21. This was such a fun peek into your life, Naomi!
    You seem much more organized and scheduled than I am. :P If someone asked me for my schedule I honestly couldn't give them one!
    My dad likes tennis, too! We rarely play together though (because I'm really bad at it too, haha). We tend to go on 2-mile walks together, though. That's my exercise. :)
    Really? Chores is an American word?
    Wait-what? Hoover? What does that mean? Do you mean vacuum?
    Heehee-we watch movies at night, too! We do our Bible reading right before it.
    Yes! Please do a Sunday edition!

  22. Yes, people, hoovering is vacuuming. :-P (*Shakes head at Americans.*) Haha. Just kidding. :-D


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