A General Sunday {In my Life}

So! I posted 'A General Saturday {In my Life}' post a week or two ago, and asked you at the end of it if you would be interested in 'A General Sunday {In my Life}' post. (Don't ask me why I put the 'In my Life' in those squiggly brackets. I think it looks rather nice, that's all.)

Many of you applauded the idea, so voila. I am here again. :-)

As I said in my Saturday post, every day is different, and so is every Sunday. So again, this is just a general Sunday. The timings are kinda rough - we're a scheduled family, but not THAT routine-strict. Haha. :-P My Sundays are normally rather relaxed. (We like to make Sunday a day of rest.)

I love Sundays; and welcome into one of mine!

We wake up. Duh. On Sundays I have a bit of extra fun with my outfit; I don't always doss and gloss up completely, but I try to look a bit fancier than usual. Last Sunday I wore my favourite (black skater) skirt and tucked my new plaid shirt into it. I always like a good excuse to dress up - it is my one weakness.

After all the morning stuff (which includes a quick comment-publishing-email-reading time, putting my contacts in, helping my little roomate get presentable, and doing my hair) I go down to have breakfast. Normally by the time I'm downstairs the table has a good amount of siblings around it already. On Sundays we have chocolate muesli. Nananana. :-P 
Oh, and after breakfast I do like a good cup of tea. It's a weekend thing. 

Brush-teeth time and general hubbub. I might sneak up to pin some pins. :-)

We have family prayers and then some 'nothing-really-happens' time (in which I read or whatever, you know; I always have something to do. ;-P) Oh yes, we always have some fruit around this time. I do like my apples - they are my one weakness.

We leave to go to Church. Eeeeeveryone in the cars (we have two cars), all the seatbelts on, all the packed lunches inside - we're experts at doing all this in five minutes, people. :-) Church is about twenty minutes away. Sometimes I take a book to read in the car, but normally I just talk with Mum or my sisters or whatever. Choir rehearsal starts at 9:45, so when we arrive the ones of us that sing in the choir (including me) go to rehearsal. (Basically what we do in choir rehearsal is sing over all the songs and make jokes.)

The Church service starts.

It's a disaster how accurate this is.
The service is usually around 1 hour and 20 minutes, so yeah, I'm being rough with timing here people. (I told you I would be rough with the timing. I tooold you.) After the service we get out of our choir robes (kind of red things. haha.) and we go downstairs into the "reception room" and talk to the peeps. Oh yeah, and eat our lunch. (I normally eat my lunch in the car.) I like to talk to my Church friends and perhaps play a game of table tennis. Sometimes we have brownies after Church. (*Puts chin in the air.*)

We go back. I eat my lunch in the car. (Which includes a nutella sandwich so YES TOLD YOU SUNDAYS WERE AWESOME.)

We arrive home and have ice-cream. It's Sunday; we're allowed some sugar over-dose. I take mine with a lot of whipped cream.

The following hours are relaxed ones. I read; I write; some might go for a walk. I like to reply emails on Sunday, too. Also often, on Sundays, we have visitors.

We have a hot dinner. Generally it's chips. (Or fries, as you American's like to call them. Fries, indeed.) Actually, it's always chips on Sunday, now I come to think of it.

After baths etc. we have family prayers (on Sundays we sing several extra songs than usual, and I take my guitar out; unfortunate as that may seem.)

On Sundays we generally have a family TALK rather than a TV-watching time. It's important to get THAT done too, you know. Last week we talked about whether or not it's a good idea that fox-hunting is going to be legal again in Britain. I said I liked the idea 'because they did it in Downton Abbey' and my older brother said that wasn't a good argument. BUT IT WAS. RIGHT?

I go to bed and read. I try to snap off the light early because tomorrow is Monday so yeah.

So there you go! VoilĂ ! I hope you enjoyed this. 
Are your Sundays similar to mine? What are YOUR Sundays like?


  1. *reads the title of post* "In my liiiiife, there are so many questions and answers that somehow seem wronnnnng!!!!!!"

    *tries unsuccessfully to get out of Les Mis mode*

    Well, well, well! This was fun to read, as always. :-D Your Sunday sounds very delightful. "I take my guitar out; unfortunate as that may seem." ;-P That made me giggle.

    UM, of course that's a legitimate argument! (Then again, if we started defending everything they do in Downton Abbey, we might run into trouble....)

    Are my Sundays similar to yours? A little bit...in the wintertime, at least. Last Sunday I went to church with my cousins, then worked at the stand, and spent about an hour up in the hayloft writing a letter to...someone....:-D


  2. Emma!

    I don't know that Les Mis song. Which one is it? (And of course the life of the person singing it goes wrong. Hey, it's les Mis.)

    Of course we shouldn't go defending everything in Downton. :-P But a lot of things - YES. R doesn't know what a real argument is. :-D RIGHT? Right.

    OH YOU WROTE ME A LETTER!!!!! I can't WAIT to receive it and read it. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  3. Oh I loved this post.

    Yes yes yes, reasons to dress up! Dressing up makes me so happy :D

    I know EXACTLY what you mean! Our family is really good at that 5 minute-oh-snap-all-ready-and-here-we-go stuff. Probably all big families are . . .

    That choir picture was hilarious! Are you any of those? Perhaps the music-sorter? :P

    Where is that lovely picture from??? I feel like I recognize the girl with dark hair but it's not from any movie that I have seen. SO BEAUTIFUL - um *goes and checks* it's under the "6:00 PM baths etc."

    So yeah, I think your Sunday is rather like mine - dress up, go to church, relaxx, *do what-ever ye want-cough-cough*, do things with your family. Sundays are AWESOME - oh yes, and at our house we ALWAYS have pasta and pizza for dinner. Mom is just an awesome cook :)

  4. Rosie, Haha! I'm not really anyone in the choir picture - although I am the one who sorts out the music AFTER the service (although certainly not alphabetically. What a waste of time, haha.) I do it more to help the choirmaster, haha. :-)
    That picture is from Northanger Abbey. :-) I recommend it!
    Your mum DOES sound like an awesome cook. Pasta AND pizza for dinner! I WISH WE HAD PIZZA EVERY WEEK. How does your mum do it - because the reason we don't eat pizza that often is because my mum finds it hard because the oven is hardly large enough for alll the pizza's our family needs. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  5. I love this Naomi!!!
    My father is a music minister so...that choir drawing was too accurate! So do you sing alto or soprano? I'm a high alto/2nd soprano..while my sister is a very high soprano...I'm so jealous...but I like to think of myself as the Idina Menzel type you know she can do low or high...haha!!!
    Do you have any favorite Christian artists or music artists in general!

    I love these type of pots you do! Maybe you can do a week day soon...yes???

  6. Ohhhhh Catherine Morland OF COURSE. Why didn't I think of that :P I haven't seen the movie, but I have looked at pictures.

    Yes, it's awesome. Well, on Sunday she only makes 1 pizza because, of course, she also makes 1.5 lbs of pasta :D and so we only need 1 pizza to make a meal. When we have pizza, just pizza as the main course, nothing ELSE, then she makes 5 pizzas and bakes the crust ahead of time, with the sauce. Then when it's time to make dinner she adds the cheese and other toppings, and then the 5 pizzas take turns in the oven getting their cheese melted - THEN! WAHOO! dinner time :)

    But yeah, with so many people and two ovens (one of which overheats all the time so we basically can't use it), my mom does have to be creative :)

  7. Pasta and pizza--yep. I tell ya, Rosie and me are very lucky in our family :) We often have something extra-yummy for supper, too, like chicken. So Sundays are good.

    Of course we go to Mass in the morning . . . and in the afternoons we usually just hang out. Sometimes we'll all go to the park or something. If it's during the semester, I have homework as well (blech). And of course, in the fall and winter the boys will watch football on-and-off all afternoon and in the evening. I kind of like that because it makes for cheerful background noise :) I don't follow football, per se, but I'm always really happy when "our" team--the New England Patriots--wins. Because, y'know, I'm from New England. And I miss it. A lot. :)

    Foxhunting . . . mmmmmm. I don't know. I personally don't like hunting unless it's when people are actually going to DO something with the meat--like, eat it. Do people eat fox meat? I'm not sure.

  8. Hi, Naomi!

    I've following your blog for a while now, and just thought I'd shoot over a comment to say howdy! I really enjoy your posts: They're always so warm and witty, and your graphics are always lovely to behold!

    I too am a fan of period dramas and all things British. Among my favorite flicks are "A Man for All Seasons", "Master and Commander", "Amazing Grace", "Lorna Doone (2002)" "Pride and Prejudice (1995)", and anything else mixing good story-telling with scrumptious costume design! :D

    I also dabble extensively in creative writing, and am the editor of an online magazine called "The Fellowship of The King". The title comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's works...I read you're not much into fantasy, but our out-put is a pretty diverse mix of stuff, including history and media analysis. Anyhow, our latest themed issue release (which, admittedly, was fantasy/sci-fi!) can be found here:


    While you're there, feel free to peruse the rest of the site and other themes we explore there! Further, if you'd ever like to be our guest and send in any submissions of your writing, please do so. The editorial email is: campionsbrag@aol.com

    So do you live in the UK now, or are you in America...or somewhere else? Anyway, I congratulate you on the Queen's becoming the longest reigning monarch! I follow that stuff quite a bit myself...;)

    Pearl of Tyburn/Rosaria Marie

  9. Morgan, that's cool that your father is a music minister! I'm definitely a soprano - no-one can hear me when I sing low notes. :-) I don't have any specific favourite music artists - I like the traditional good ol' hymns and songs. :-)
    Well, I miiight do a week-day-post - it's just that they aren't really interesting. :-)

    Rosie, Oh, I see - that makes sense. :-)

    Jessica, Your Sunday sounds delightful! :) And Britain is taking fox hunting back because there's such a fox pest! Foxes everywhere. :-) (Talking about foxes, my siblings saw one in our garden yesterday. That was exciting.:-D)

    Pearl of Tyburn, Thank you for introducing yourself - lovely to meet you! I Also LOVE P&P95. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. :-D Right now I'm too busy to submit any writing, but thanks for showing me around. :-)
    Yessss - I'm still so happy about the Queen. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  10. That title makes me want to start singing. :-D (Sorry, it's the Les Miserables fan coming out of me.)
    YES. I love having reasons to dress up too. And sometimes I don't even need reasons - I just DO IT. ;-)
    May I ask a question? (You don't have to answer it if you'd rather not.) What kind of church do you go to? :-) Sorry if I sound judgmental or mean, but I was only wondering, because I couldn't quite understand the 'choir' part. We don't have choirs in our church (the whole congregation sings) but I do know of some churches having them. (Our church is a Reformed Baptist, if you were curious.) Haha, that choir picture is hilarious. I can totally imagine ALL of that. ;-D Oh, that's like ours - our church service is around 90 minutes too. You have table tennis at your church? :-P That just sounds so funny to me. Hehe. (I have nothing against that, though. Just saying.) Aw, man you get a nutella sandwich! My Sundays are lame compared to yours. ;-P But we get ice cream every night, so I suppose I'm lucky in that respect. (Although it's always the cheapest ice cream there is. Heh.) No, good gracious, not fries! Chips! Please, you must stay true to your self. ;-) It's chips. "And I take my guitar out; unfortunate as that may seem". Haha, aw.... :-P Well, I must admit, I'd probably agree with your brother but hey, being practical is not half as fun as being romantic. I haven't seen Downtown Abbey, so it's hard to say, anyway. ;-) Wow, you go to bed at 8? We sometimes have dinner at 8. :-P Well, in answering your questions, nope, my Sundays aren't greatly similar to yours (although there are SOME similarities). My Sundays....on a general Sunday (but of course, not EVERY Sunday): We tend to sleep in a bit more - get up around 7:30, get ready and leave at 9. Our church service goes for 90 minutes, then they have morning tea, and a prayer meeting. Afterwards, we have lunch and then they have adult Bible classes/Sunday school. By that time it's around 2, and we leave for home. Everyone is normally tired, so we often times watch a movie, or play a board game in the afternoon, and occasionally have people over. Baths at 5, dinner any time between 6-8, and either a movie, going to bed early and reading, or just downright going to bed is the normal. We don't have any other kind of 'fun traditions' or such, though. It's just a normal Sunday for us. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  11. Miss Meg March, I love your comments. Just saying. ;-P Haha. Emma thought of the Les Mis song, too. Oh, those weird Les Mis fans. :-P
    Of course I don't mind the question! I know - not all Churches 'do' choirs - we go to an Anglican Church, and it has a really cool choir. :-) Haha, yes, we have a ping-pong table in a little room in a hall in our Church. It's really fun.
    I know! IT'S CHIPS. :-) (I just mentioned fries, because everyone was going to go: "Chips? What do you MEAN, Naomi?" Hahaha.)
    Goodness, no! I don't go to be at eight. I generally read a whole long hour. I do a lot of things in my bed - when I say, 'I go to bed' I don't always mean 'sleeping.' Hahah. I normally tell myself to turn off the light at nine. Because I have to wake up at half-past-six the next day, sooo.
    Normal Sundays are the bestest. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  12. Hi, Pearl of Tyburn--I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR NAME. I'm Catholic too and I'm really interested in the "40 Martyrs," so yeah. :)

  13. The song's called "In My Life". Cosette sings it. (Actually a lot of people sing it, but it's sort of Cosette's song.) Just in case you cared at all! ;-P

  14. Hello dear Naomi! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! You can check out my post and the details Friday 10/2.

  15. Whoops, that was me commenting as Sadie. :-D I bet you knew that.

  16. I'm a Low Mezzo/Alto xD
    Your sundays sound so deliciously awesome (how's that for a new phrase? :))
    That choir photo! I have now saved that and printed it. As choir captain it's halarious for our noticeboard =D My friend Britt and I have a little noticeboard for concert notes and things like that hehe.
    Must email you soon tho!

  17. Whoops, thought I'd commented.

    "Fries, indeed." That made me grin;) Fun post!

    Oh, okay, SO the other day I was at the library and there was this magazine that had the most elegant, pink, vintage fluffy cover page that was just so YOU (it was a magazine about vintage types of things), and it also had an article about the costumes of Downton Abbey, which was great fun to read. Anyway, just thought you should know;D

  18. Sorry for the tardiness of this comment-and it's brevity. I've only got a short time to leave some comments right now!

    "I always like a good excuse to dress up - it is my one weakness."
    I completely agree. :)

    You Brits and your chips. Chips, indeed! :P They're FRIES, Naomi! Get it right! ;)

    Thanks for another fun peek into your life! :D You certainly have a very nice Sunday! Although I like mine too. :) After church we generally stay home and rest...or perhaps go for a walk. It's just so nice having a restful "do nothing" day. :)

  19. Britts and Aussies! :D It's Chips xD


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