Do you sometimes meet Fictional Characters in your dreams?


Despite the fact that my blanket never seems wide enough (I like to wrap myself in my blanket like a sausage roll, so seriously, blame me) and despite the fact that my cushion seems to be the wrong shape (because I roll the bottom bit so it fits snugly in my neck, so again, I am to Blame) I rather like sleeping. I admit. Of course, I don't do that much of it, because hey, I have books. But I like sleeping because I get some very cool dreams.

I personally hate it when people talk about their dreams, so I have no I idea why I'm writing this post. People telling you about their dreams is dead boring. (I have a sister who has long dream epistles every single morning. And a brother. I once fell asleep during breakfast. (No, not a true story.))

But I'm going to tell you some of my Period Drama characters dreams. In Very Short, so I won't bore you.

- I once dreamt that I was lost in a big city and that I met Mr Thornton (YES I MET MR THORNTON) and he - I can't remember what happened then. Oh well, he must have helped me home. Right? Right. (I can still see his top hat before me. ;-D)

- I met Mary Bennet TWICE in two different dreams. Only once it wasn't Mary, it was Lucy Briers, she actress who plays Mary. But once it was Mary. She played the piano at a party. It wasn't too bad, seriously. :-)

- I met one of the athletes in Chariots of Fire in one of my dreams. It was Aubrey Montague, I think. Yeah, well he was running in front of my house and slipped on the ice (it was winter, you see, and the roads were slippery and blue) and me and my brother went out to save him. Aren't we nice. I remember being very sad in the dream. Aren't I nice.

- I had a dream I was at a ball once, wearing a lovely red dress (this is my favourite dream ever, so I might be over-romanticising it), and Charlotte Lucas was there, and she told me a Young Gentleman wanted to dance with me. I'm pretty sure it was Charlotte Lucas.

- Oh yes, and the Young Gentleman was Roger Hamely from Wives and Daughters. I've DANCED with Roger Hamely, you guys. You can all envy me. :-D (No seriously, I did dance with him. T'was a waltz. And we never met again. He loves Molly! Not me! *bursts into tears*)

- Not very long ago I had a dream that Princess Margaret Rose from 'A Royal Night Out' came a visited me. She jumped from my bedroom window and died. (T'was quite 'extreo- extreo- din - extradinary.' (Lark Rise fans will get that reference.)) (I know Princess Margaret Rose isn't a fictional character - but it was the Margaret from a Royal Night out, so it counts. :-))

- I think I had a dream about Micheal Landon's Charles Ingalls once. It was a very creepy dream. I was very small.

- I'm sure there were more, but I must have forgotten more than half of them! These things happen.

I hope I'll dream about Walter Blythe one day. Or one of the Downton Abbey characters. See, this is another good thing us Fictional-fans have. We start meeting these characters in our dreams. IT'S SO COOL.  :-)

I seriously think dreaming is crazily cool. It's like having adventures in the night, but you don't know half of the adventures - you forget everything crazily fast. Who knows, I might have traced a murderer once - I might have met Matthew Crawley in a dream once. I've dreamed so many dreams I have no idea of. :-P

Anyway. Thus ends my post. Tell me, what fictional night-time encounters have you had?

No, I really want to know. :-)


  1. I was just thinking of how much fun it would be to do a post like this! You beat me too it! :-D I'll have to pop back as Japanese study calls me..
    Toodle pip!

  2. I must say, I was rather hesitant to comment when you said you hate people telling you about their dreams (in a nice way, duh). I don't hit the requirements of this post if I was to try, but I couldn't but help write a little about my dreams, as I believe they are quite different to most. But first, let me say this made me laugh a lot - your brain must be amazing, meeting all these literary characters! I'm sorry you didn't like meeting Charles Ingalls though. :-P What a shame.
    I'm sorry to disappoint, but I cannot recall any fictional characters encounters. (Although recently I met the queen! Except, she was riding a mower.... :-P Yeah, that's just plain weird.) My mind tends to use memories a whole lot. People I knew from waaayyy back in my childhood. For instance, some neighbours we had when I was 3, and they were in my dream recently. I still remember what they look like, at least, a little bit. Or a random little boy at the museum, came into my dream that very night. (Haha, THAT was so bazaar!) But the most funniest dreams I've had, relate to music, actually. And angles. I sometimes have music in my dreams! Sometimes from movie soundtracks, but the other day I actually COMPOSED music in my dream! I had never heard the song before (although it was a guy country singer singing it, he had a nice voice thankfully :-P) but I am quite positive my brain made up the song. It was a modern Christian worship song. :-D I've also had weird angles - like in a movie, it zooms in and zooms out, and once, (recently, in fact) I was watching myself! Like in a movie, I was watching myself and then it turned around to the other person, and came back to me. Haha, that was creepy. :-P
    Anyways, sorry if I bored you to death, but as I haven't met fictional characters that I'm aware of (although I'd love to! Brain, listen up), I thought I'd mention some other random things in my dream. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  3. I don't remember ever meeting fictional characters in my dreams--at least, not off the top of my head. I do remember making up a poem (or it might have been a song? I can't remember) in a dream once. Then when I woke up I COULD NOT REMEMBER IT. Seriously, isn't that aggravating? I don't think it was a particularly good poem . . . but still.
    You know Samuel Taylor Coleridge once did that, right? He made up "Kubla Khan" in his sleep and then when he woke up he started writing it down--and some random visitor interrupted him and he promptly forgot the last half. So now we'll never know what was supposed to happen at the end of "Kubla Khan." Too bad. Poor Coleridge--he must've been frustrated.

  4. Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean about people telling you their dreams. It certainly can get boring...especially when it's a long and drawn-out description. It's so hard to describe dreams because the thing that is usually so neat about them is the feeling you have while you're dreaming...and it's awfully hard to describe a feeling.

    I love it when I have "story" dreams. Actually a few of the stories in my head originated from dreams. I've gotten inspiration, characters, and settings while sleeping. Of course when you wake up you have to change quite a bit of the plot, because you find it really didn't make a whole lot of sense, though it seemed to while you were asleep. :) Dreams are funny that way.

    I know I've dreamed about movie characters before...but I can't think of anyone specific right now. That's so cool that you danced with Roger Hamley. I guess that gave you a thrill. :) I liked your dream about Aubrey Montague (honestly, I don't even know which character that is. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie), but you and your brother going out to save him was so sweet. (Yes, you were very nice.) ;) And you felt sad for him? Awww.

    Your dream with Margaret Rose! What even! She jumped out of your window and died?!!! Seriously? That is so random! Truly "extradinary"! (HAHA! MINNIE!!!)

    This was a fun post, Naomi! :) And I was not the least bit bored by your dreams! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Miss March

  5. *erupts in giggles*

    No, literally, I am laughing right now. For real. Can't you hear me?

    This wasn't the least bit boring! Dreams can be very interesting. But I guess it would get old if your sister and brother gave looong accounts of their dreams EVERY single morning. (I'm very curious -- which brother and sister? Let me guess...Hannah and Elias? I don't know, Elias just seems to me the sort of chap who'd have wild dreams. ;-P)

    I don't know that I've ever met any fictional characters in my dreams. I can't seem to remember any. I don't often remember any of my dreams, but when I do they're SUPER weird. I mean REALLY WEIRD. They usually involve my sisters and my cousins and I getting into some otherworldly trouble and having near-death experiences. Not sure why, but the cousins are almost alllways there. Maybe that's because we have so many crazy experiences in real life. ;-P

    You met Charles Ingalls! I'm jealous. Although if it was creepy, maybe not...


  6. Evie, Oops! I'm sorry I stole your idea. Well, great minds think alike! (I'd love to see your post on this, though. :-))

    Miss Meg March, Don't worry! I LOVED your comment. Wow! I love how you dream! I do that too, something from a looong time ago sorta comes back. :-) I'm glad you liked this post, and that it made you laugh! :-)

    Jessica, AH that's annoying. Wow! That story you told me is soo cool! Poor man though - you forget dreams SO fast, it's quite dangerous.

    Miss March, I know - it's really really really hard to explain dreams. They're so special. :-D I get story inspiration from my dreams too! I LOVE it when that happens, actually. Oh, you know, once I met one of my OWN characters in a dream. And I wrote the scene down the following day! :-)
    YES. Dancing with Roger gave me SUCHHHH a thrill. Oh and yes, I was crying in the dream with Aubrey. I've always been a bit in love with Aubrey in Chariots of Fire, so the dream was rather Romantic. :-D
    YAY You got the Minnie reference! :-) Thank you, Miss March!

    Emma, I'M SO GLAD IT MADE YOU LAUGH; I love making you laugh, you know. :-) (Oh, and THAT's what I heard! :-D)
    Wow! Good guess. It is indeed Elias. :-) Hannah used to talk about her dreams a lot, but now she realises how annoying it can be, so she's stopped. Now it's Miriam. MIRIAM'S SUCH A CHATTERBOX. I love her, but uhhhhhhhhhh. Her dreams are boring. :-) (And no, she doesn't actually talk about it EVERY morning. But pretty often.)
    I HAVE RIDICULOUS DREAMS TOO. :-) I normally forget them all, though.
    I love Charles in the book, but I REALLY don't like Charles in the movie. His hair alone. You might disagree. :-P

    Thanks for zee comments!

    ~ Naomi

  7. I've only met fictional characters in one of my dreams. (Well, probably more then that, but I forget most of my dreams once I wake up. ;) )

    So, I was touring this big old stone castle and somehow I was friends with all the Pevensies (from Narnia). And then the Telmarines ( the evil enemies from book two of the series) started invading the castle?! And suddenly a bomb was about to hit me, and Edmund shouted "NO!" and pushed me out of the way...

    then I woke up. ;P

    ~Lydia~ <3

  8. What a fun post! It put a smile on my face, reading about all the different fictional characters you've 'met' - and how! Some of those situations are hilarious. :) Like when Princess Margaret fell out of your window. =)

    Anyway, to answer your question, I've had a few dreams with different fictional characters and they (the dreams) are usually extraordinarily vivid - which sounds great, BUT I'm almost always sad (or even heartbroken) in them and they're usually quite depressing. The 'plots', I mean. And they're almost always hiiiighly personal (isn't it weird how dreams can be personal? Or is it just me?) and some of them I want to expunge from my memory, so I don't think I'll be writing a post like this any time soon. :P But I loved reading yours!


  9. Well, I just think Michael Landon's kind of hunky, sooo....;-P

  10. ONCE I DREAMED THAT I MET MR DARCY!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, really. And another time I met a fictional person from a book I was writing. That was pretty cool too. :)


  11. Eeee, Naomi, I'm SO glad you brought this topic up!!!
    Aren't dreams SO fun? My very favorite kinds are definitely the ones where I dream of my Favorite Fictional People. It IS like going on an adventure! I also love when the brain actually makes up a story for me. I've gotten story ideas from the dreams I've had!
    Oh my, you've met Mr. Thornton?? Ah, you lucky girl, you!! And you danced with Roger Hamley while wearing a lovely red dress!!
    Heehee. As terrible as this sounds I laughed aloud at your Princess Margaret dream. Poor princess. :(
    I've had dreams with the BBC Robin Hood characters, I've had lovely dreams with Gilbert and Anne in them, and many others. I've actually written a bunch down but I'd have to go upstairs to get my notebook and I'm too lazy to do so right now. :P Sorry!
    Anyways, this was such a fun post, and it entertained me greatly! :)

  12. Right now I'm just super jealous you danced with Roger Hamley. I'm sure I've met fictional characters in my dreams before but they escape my mind... probably because jealousy still pervades it. ;)

  13. Hahaha I laughing so hard now I can't stop oh my goodness gracious :D

    Okay. Let me compose myself.

    First off, this was an awesome post - your dreams are sooo cool!!! Charlotte Lucas told you a Young Gentleman wanted to DANCE with you? Oh that is so awesome - you know, come to think of it, I have actually never had a dream in which I dance with someone. I never thought of that until now.

    I have had some really weird dreams - on par, I think, with Princess Margaret Rose jumping in the window and dying - no, I'm not kidding. Mostly lots of action - escaping disasters and all that.

    The only time that I can remember that I dreamed about a fictional character was right after watching Pride and Prejudice. This happened with both versions, the '95 and the '05, in case you were wondering :D
    Any way, I dreamed that Mr. Darcy came and talked to me. After the '95 one I think he said something about walking and he was SMILING!! Seriously, that was sooo cool. And after the '05 one I think that he gave something - a present, I think. Which was also REALLY COOL.

    So yeah. Those are the only times that I've met fictional characters in my dreams that I can remember. But most nights I dream about the characters in the stories I'm writing/want to write. That IS something cool. You get to BE your heroines or MEET YOUR HEROS - oh they are sooooooo alive when I meet them in dreams.

    Well. That was rather random. And yeah, I do get bored when other people tell me their dreams, usually, so I hope I haven't bored you :)

  14. This is so cool!:D Yep, I've met characters in dreams before, too.

    I MET MR. THORNTON, TOO!!!! Well, actually, I didn't technically meet him. I dreamed up an extra scene from N&S between he and Margaret. It was a dang good one, too;) Though it didn't actually fit their story very well...

    I've also had some...er...disturbing dreams involving characters :-P

  15. I love the way Minnie says extrodinry!

  16. Lydia, Wow that dream is SO COOL. (And that says a lot coming from me, because I'm not a big Narnia fan. :-P)

    Eva, Thank you so much! :-) Yes, some of my dreams are personal too - although none of them highly personal. That's all right - I can see why not everyone would want to write about their dreams on the internet. :-)

    Emma, I don't! He's gross. :-P

    Kaitlyn, YOU DIIIIID?!!!! Wow. That's cool. :-) I met one of my characters too! It was so weird, but it made me very happy indeed. :-)

    Natalie, Thank you so much for your lovely comment! YES I MET MR THORNTON AND MR HAMELY. Don't worry, the Princess Margaret dream is understandably comical when written down. :-) ANNE AND GILBERT DREAMS. Ahhhh. That must've been cute. :-)
    And I write down my cool dreams too! (Don't worry, I'm too lazy to get up as well.) :-)

    Lois, I'm sorry, girl. I DID. IT WAS GLORIOUS. :-)

    Rosie, It makes me so happy that you laughed because of my post. :-) I love making people laugh. YES. I had two awesome me-dancing dreams. Maybe I wtch to many movies which involve ball-room scenes.
    You had TWO Mr Darcy dreams! I need a Mr Darcy-smiling dream very very badly. Yes, I've met characters of my Own too! It's soooo cool. :-) I LOVE dreams, and no I didn't get bored of your comment. Perish the thought.

    Olivia, Thanks! YOU DID?!! Well, there you go. We both met him. I'm curious now what that extra scene was about. :-)
    And yeah- let's not talk about those disturbing dreams. (By the way, did you see my Minnie-Alf video? I think you'd like it. :-D)

    Clara, YES. It's so precious! (Kudos to you for getting my reference.) I'm currently half-way through season three, and Minnie's getting funnier every episode!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Heehee, it was some kind of him comforting her/asking her to reconsider, and it was really cool. BUT then I realized that he would technically never do that (pride, dontcha know), but still.

      Okay, yes, so. I cannot WAIT to watch the Minnie-Alf video, and I'm TREMENDOUSLY sorry I haven't gotten to it yet. Here's the thing. I've been really busy the past couple days with travel and school and other stuff, so I haven't really gotten the chance to sit down at the computer yet. I do have this blogger app on my iPod which allows me to read most blog posts, but not videos. So later today I'm planning on sitting down and getting caught up with the blogosphere and watching the Alf-Minnie video. (Just so you know, though, you will in all probability be flooded with caps and squeals and fainting spells.) So yeah, long comment aside, I am really looking forward to it:D

  17. HE IS NOT GROSS. Maybe he's not the Pa of the books, but he's definitely not gross!

  18. Okay, so 'gross' is too strong a word. But I don't like Michael Landon's Pa. Point made. :-) He's so stubborn and his hair- oh, dear, his hair. And he always forgets to put on his shirt. I don't like it.

    But okay. He's not gross. He just not my type. :-P Better?

  19. It was jolly great fun reading about your dreams, Naomi! In fact, I think you have given me the Insp to do a post of my own upon the subject, with due credit of course. :) Would you mind?

    All right, so this might sound horribly strange, but I LOVE dreams. Truly, they might be one of my favorite things, the nice ones that is. :)

    I have heard before that dreams are usually mixed up impressions of things you remember and briefly (or not so briefly) think about during the day and it does seem like that is totally true, doesn't it? I wonder if that is why they can be such marvelous story inspiration, because all of the other stories/characters you know and love get all turned around and thus appear anew. :)

    I can't remember ever meeting any fictional characters, but I may have met some movie ones and forgotten. Clearly I need to take a hint from you and Natalie and write more of my dreams down. One of my favorites is one I am actually in the midst of making into a story. I have also had several in which I was a nurse, which was no doubt mainly influenced by Cherry Ames!

  20. YES! I dream about fictional characters a lot. And famous people. And then when I meet people who only dream about people they know in real life, they puzzle me.

    When I was pregnant with my 3rd kid, I was really stressed out by the place we were living, our efforts to find and buy a house, and my unexpected (not unwanted, just unexpected) pregnancy. I started dreaming about Sawyer, my favorite character on Lost. Protective dreams, as in he generally came and protected me from some problem or bad guy. They were really soothing. I've dreamed about him more than any other fictional character. My favorite one involved me being a stowaway on this giant ship, him finding me, and helping me stay hidden from whoever it was that was chasing me. There was also one where I was searching the back room of Walmart for baby socks, and he came and helped me find some, which was quite amusing in retrospect.

    Your dreams are all quite cool! A friend and I tell each other our interesting dreams, which has helped us both find patterns in them.


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