Goodbye M'dear Summer!

It's September. (Also, it's Wednesday, and my blog is called Wonderland Creek, and you're not blind. All kinds of factual informations you are already aware of.) But seriously. It's SEPTEMBER. Already.

August has slipped away. August has been extremely cheeky. The summer in general has been extremely cheeky, actually. It's been too short. Gone so fast. The clock seemed to be in a hurry, and now it seems to be tired. (It always works that way, and that's vewy unfair, friend.) The summer was also very sunny and made me feel not-guilty about wasting time and pinning hundreds of Downton Abbey and book-cover pins on Pinterest, so I ended up not writing half as much as I told myself in June I would.

But. I did do plenty of other things.

I ate tons of watermelon slices, and pineapple chunks.
I wrote about twenty-eight blog posts.
I read so much that I completed my 100-books challenge.
I edited 'Pen-Enemy', that book I pasted the beginning of on my blog. (You would do me an extreme honour if you read it by clicking ici.)
I discovered chatting and did so pretty offen with Emma.
I also discovered that I'm able to make videos, and I started my Youtube channel.
I kept a very lovely journal and made every page Good to Look at. (Which, I've learnt, is time-consuming, but manageable when one has the right kind of pens.)

I watched Lark Rise to Candleford and Gone with the Wind and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. (And also others.) (I am a poet and you did not know it!)
I recieved about ten new followers on my blog, which I 'preciate so doggonned much so Thank you.
I reread Rebecca and Jane Eyre.
I bought a green jumper which I never wore in the summer because it was so warm in the summer.
I RAVED over Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
I discovered I was a very bad writer and a very good writer at the same times. Yes, seriously, that's a thing.
I made about sixty to-do lists in total. I didn't tick off everything, because that's not what one does when one is a teenager and when it's holidays. But I did good. Let me pat myself on the back.

I ate a lot of ice-cream and topped 90% of those with whipped cream.
I dyed my hair lime-blue. JUST KIDDING.
I read 'Violins of Autumn' and 'Celia Garth' and a lot of other amazing books I've been wanting to read for a long time.
I went to England and Switzerland. I swam in the sea and I stayed at my Grandparent's house (which is like my second home) and I saw beautiful green mountains filled with trees.
I saw July turn to August in the middle of the night. (Nope, not as cool as I had imagined.)
I saw all my cousins. (Almost all, anyways.)
I re-did my desk-area and I re-did my bookshelves twice.
I became a neat person. Seriously. I'm actually super neat. Before the holidays there was always at least one part of my room that got eye-rolled over.

I listened to 'Belle 2013' soundtrack so much I can't listen to it anymore.
I bought a new necklace. It broke. I swapped it. It broke again. And then I bought another which isn't as pretty, but at least it doesn't break after two seconds of wearing it.
I watched Testament of Youth and my heart broke.
I also re-read Rilla of Ingleside and my heart really broke.
I wrote a long fangirly email to Lynn Austin, because I've always wanted to do it. Bucket List, and all that. Told her that I named my blog after one of her books! (No, she hasn't replied yet. As long as the reason is because she's busy writing my next favourite book, I don't mind.)
I did a lot. And yet I feel like it wasn't enough. Hehh.

So now I'm back to school days, and it's all back to ahh-I-don't-have-enough-free-time-ahhh-what's-this. It's really good to be back, in a way, because it makes me so appreciate and use-well my free time. But all the same, I'm saaaad the Summer holiday is over. Because it's hard for a girl who has many hobbies and ideas to spend the major majority of her day doing English and French and all that tolerable-I-suppose-but-not-nice-enough-to-tempt-me stuff.

But there's always good stuff. Because now...

Now we're a bit closer to Christmas!
Now we're getting closer to those cosy rainy days in which one can wear snuggly-up jumpers.
Now we're getting dark mornings and dark evenings. For some reason or the other I get uber-uber-excited about this. I just love waking up when it still grey-ish outside. It makes me strangely contented.
Now we have much less sweaty ughh-go-away-blanket nights. I hate those.

Now, to end this post, I'll going to give you a list of things (very random things, but things nonetheless) that have made me happy recently. Because there are always, always reasons to smile about. Even when you're crying. Duh.

-That little group of brown-topped mushrooms that whimsically appeared in the front garden in front of the post box this morning. It looks so darling.
-"The Guernsey and Literary Potato Peel Pie Society", which is a book I'm quarter-way into and which I already love to bits. It's quirky and filled with people who adore books. I feel like drawing little pink hearts all over the pages. (So far, anyways.)
-I can wear my new green jumper.
-I have 987 followers on Pinterest, which I think is amazing and wow-that-means-I'm-Pinterest-famous-ish. Not that I NEED anymore followers (hashtag duh obviously), but if you don't know where to find me on Pinterest, click here.

-Masked and Green Gables Fables 2 are airing veddy soon! Whiiich makes me excited beyond.
-Also, Downton Abbey Series Six. Makes me even more excited beyond, especially because I know it's the last season. (By the way, what's the difference between Season and Series?) (Is there a difference?) I hope it'll end well. Edith must be happy. Anna and Bates must have a baby. Mary must not forget Matthew. Tom must write from  America. Also, Daisy must marry Alfred. Please. Also, Carson And Mrs Hughes Will Be Priceless.
-I love books about books. Those are the best.
-I'm obsessed with randomly nice pictures and books and words and finding tiiiiny obvious things that make me very happy.
-My bed cracked the other day. It was awkward. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I slept in it anyway. But then every time I even did but this slight, slight move, I heard this scary crack. So at ten o'clock I finally sleepily got up and dragged my mattress on the ground. My brother made the bed the next day, while I did my English at my desk.
That little happening made me oddly happy. :-P

-I'm so happy I'm homeschooled. Doing English in my bed with a pile of hazelnuts there, a bowl with peach-bits there and a glass of fizzy pink drink here is just so much better than doing English in a classroom with annoying teenagers all around you. (Heh.)
-Life NEEDS movie soundtracks.
-It doesn't have them, though. (Hey, look, I just pointed out something ELSE you weren't already aware of!) But at least I have my MP3 player - a nice little chap I randomly named Clotaire. I listened to the True Grit and Royal Night Out soundtracks yesterday in the car, on the way back from Choir Practice, whilst looking out of the window to the treetops silhouetted black against the grey-blue evening sky. It was perfectly like being in a Period Drama. (Until my brother shouted something in my ear.)
-I saw an squirrel several weeks ago! Haven't seen those red autumn darlings for ages. T'was good to see her again.Two years I named a squirrel who I always saw climbing in the tree next to my window Natasha. And although it'll be a different one each year, probably, each squirrel I see has, will and shall be named Natasha. It'll be a tradition of My Own.
-I give thee all hugs.

I'm in a very whimsical mood today. And I like that. :-)

What did YOU do in YOUR summer? (Now I sound like Dr Seuss. "What would you do if your mother asked you?" (I always used to say: "Tell her, of course. The house is tidy, isn't it?" Haha.))
And what things have made you happy recently?


  1. Ohhh I want one of those doughnuts. Now.

    Anyway, this was a GREAT post, Naomi *smiles until face almost cracks*

    I knooooow. August was Too Short. I think for me it was partly due to the fact that I got sick with a bad cold in the beginning of August, so it wasn't until the middle of the month that I could really sit up and take notice again :(

    Hahahaha, you dyed your hair lime-blue "just kidding".

    Oh, I wish I could go to Europe :( Maybe someday.

    That necklace sequence cracked me up. I've had that sort of thing happen to me.

    Homeschooling is AWESOME. I totally agree with you there, old thing. I just recently got my own desk and now I have a place where *me, and only me* (excuse the grammar, but I think you get the idea) can work. And that's important in a household with a Lot Of People.

    Yay! I love those cosy rainy days, too! :D

    And I love those "tiiiiny obvious things", too. For example, I am really almost crazily happy over the fact that I have THREE new sweater-type things (one of them a Lovely Blue, with Sparkles), for the coming cold weather.

    So thanks for this post, my dear. It has made me strangely happy, smiling, bubbly, full of LAUGHTER. And that feeling is JUST AWESOME.

    I just realized that this comment is Shockingly Long, but I'm going to post it anyway, in hopes that you won't mind :D

    P.S. My siblings and I always used to say that about Dr. Seuss, too!

  2. THIS POST. I LOVE IT. I am so happy reading this right now, you have no idea. I don't even know why. It's just so dern happy. You're so cool. I'm so lucky to know you. May I cry on your shoulder? Thanks.

    (In case you're wondering if I've said goodbye to my sense for good, the answer is no. I'm just in a really weird mood because I have an audition tonight and I'm freakishly excited. Also I'm still an emotional wreck from watching Lonesome Dove.)

    As for YOU, I can tell you're in a VERY whimsical mood. :-) Gaaahhh, you're just so clever. I love your opening paragraph. And your closing paragraph. And everything in between.

    "I dyed my hair lime-blue." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    My heart swelled with best-friend pride when you mentioned the True Grit soundtrack. YES. So at least you like the soundtrack of a western. ;-)

    I'm soooooo happy to be homeschooled too. You can't do your math while sitting on a table in the barn with little white bunnies crawling all over you when if you're not homeschooled. It just doesn't happen. And you can't blare your western soundtracks on your ancient CD player. And you can't drink tea and sing Broadway songs. There is FREEDOM in homeschooling. :-)

    You name squirrels too!!! :-) That reminds me of the time my sisters and Mary and I were at our aunt's house, and we saw a squirrel -- actually, I think it was a chipmunk -- out the window and Mary named it Troy. So from now on, every chipmunk is named Troy. I will always think of squirrels as Natasha now! ;-P

    What did I do with MY summer? Heehee. You know.

    What things have made me happy? Well, this post, for starters. Allergy pills. (That sounds really weird, but if they make me feel better, then yes!) Westerns, bunnies, lime fruit bars, country music, Tractor Supply (best store ever!), Daddy mowing down the ragweed in the field by our house, Oliver waking me up in the morning by knocking things off the dresser (actually, it makes me happy AND aggravated. The only time I'm ever really tempted to use a swear word! ;-P), finding my lost earring in the bathroom trash can, watching Lonesome Dove again, comments from sweet blog readers....things like that. :-)

    I LOVE YOU. Goodbye.


  3. Not sure if you know this about me, but I was homeschooled too.....just thought I should mention that:) I am soooooooo excited about season 2 Green Gables Fables also....seriously LOVE that show to pieces!!!! I loved everything about this post, like it was all so applical to my life and then other parts of it made me want it to be my life (like traveling to England, which I hope to do in 2018...fingers crossed). Oh, you have no idea how much I adore reading your posts!! Thanks for one that was truly thrilling and had me smiling, remeniscing (that is misspelled, and anticipating the coming seasons. Lovely as always dear:)

  4. Yup. Pretty much.

    Lovely post, as always, m'dear! (And I love the pictures, again as always;D)

    I knoooowww--where did the free time go??? But yes, I'm also very happy to be homeschooled. One needn't risk the rejection of school, haha:D

    You watched SBFSB!!!! I knew that, of course, but reading it again made me doubly happy all over again.

  5. Lovely post . . . I'm so happy you had a good summer! It's always tough to go back to school, but nice in a way at the same time.

    Y'know, here in Tennessee I never feel like summer is too short. Sure, "summer vacation" may be kinda short, but the season of summer itself begins way before vacation starts (in May) and ends long after vacation stops (in October or thereabouts). Yeah, you read that right--we have summer weather FROM MAY TO OCTOBER. I'm not too happy about that, actually. I like fall and winter. I don't care much for summer weather--it's too hot and sticky and sweaty for my taste. And I can't wear my cold-weather clothes. Sigh.

    Fortunately, we're getting closer to fall now! Yippee!

  6. Great post! I I love all the pictures. :)
    Ugh, I dislike it when your necklaces break. Or even worse - the chains get so tangled up you can't even wear it and you spend HOURS trying to get it un-tangled! Ahhhhhhh! xP
    The difference between a series and a season. A series is the entire show. Like the ENTIRE Little House on the Prairie. A season is the section of the show before it takes a break for like a whole year (yeah, I wish it was only a day but...) and they make a new season the next year, etc.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Oh, this was lovely! It's probably helping me accept summer's end and the re-entry into the not-so-fun real world.
    ~I ate lots of watermelon too, and picked/preserved strawberries with my mom. ~Wow, 28 posts is impressive!~ 100 books, 245 days, color me awestruck; that's like 1 book every 2.5 days!~I still hope to read the rest of your story someday, it was very entertaining!~ Ooh, Princess Charlotte! That was so exciting to follow her birth! I haven't heard much news recently about the royal family, have you?~ How does becoming a neat person happen?! Do you take a magic potion or something? I'm afraid I'll always be at least fairly messy all my life!~ Yay for movie soundtracks!~ I can't wait to watch season 6! (And I think a series is all the seasons of the show together) When does it come out for you? It comes out in America on January 3rd, I think.~Ooh, that outfit with the lilac bouquet is my favorite picture from this post!~ *jealous glare at being homeschooled ;) ~ What has made me happy? Books and music and history and learning, as usual. Oh, and this blog. :)

  8. Ahh....that's the first thing I think of when you post something. A happy, comfy, "Ahh." The second thing is "Yay!" (Which is basically the same thing. :-P)
    As this isn't entirely applicable to me, since we're beginning spring (which makes me squeal with delight!), I can't really go on and on about what I've done, because that would basically be algebra, history, science, Latin, writing and piano practice. :-P But I still love this post, and shall re-read it when I DO finish my summer, next year. ;-)
    I wish I could follow you on your blog, so you could have 86 followers, but I can't at the moment. ;-) Someday. SOMEDAY.
    *whistles* Sixty to-do lists are pretty impressive. (I've got 7, I believe, beside my bed right now. Haha. Except they're not ALL to-do lists, just lists in general.)
    Oh, hooray for becoming a neat person! ;-D I wish my younger siblings I share a room with would become neat. :-P
    I know, I love finding tiiiny obvious things that make me happy. :-D
    EXACTLY. Being home schooled is the best ever - I wouldn't trade it for anything!
    Ohh, you listened to the True Grit soundtrack! It is a very lovely soundtrack. As is the story (although I'm sure Emma has told you that a million times before. ;-P) I love it when you can lean against the car and watch the silhouettes race past and think about anything you want with music playing in your ears. (Until some sibling crashes in on your magical world with an awful, down-to-earth question. ;-))
    Aww, I'll have to imagine getting a hug from you. :-D
    Yes, I like it when you're in a whimsical mood too. ;-)
    Haha, I never knew quite how to answer Doctor Suess's question. :-P I'll have to remember that.
    Well, I'll quickly add some things. (Since you asked so nicely. ;-))
    ~SPRING! My favourite season. The wind that comes in with especial gusto, the warm mornings, being able to roam free without feeling weighed down by restricting clothes, the flowers, and soon school holidays!
    ~The fun blue nail polish I've got on. My Mum was rather horrified but I rather like it. :-P
    ~My sisters playing music at their first bush dance this Saturday (there will be close to 200 people there apparently) and I get to go dancing. :-D
    ~Finishing a huge essay for school and getting good marks on my tests.
    ~Reading inspiring and lovely blog posts that make my day SO MUCH BETTER.
    ~Getting a surprise letter in the mail today from a 6 year old. (Yup, she's home schooled. ;-D)
    I loved all your pictures. As always, y'know. ;-) Take it for granted. Also, your writing. I don't think I'll ever, EVER get sick of reading it. It always leaves me with a smile on my face. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  9. Rosie, Aww, I'm glad you liked the post. I LOVED writing it. And me tooo. That picture makes me SO hungry. :-D (Haha, I put it up there and thought, 'MWHAHA. LET ME MAKE MY READERS HUNGRY.' I'm very mean. :-P)
    Oh, I'm sorry you were sick in August! That's annoying. Well, the necklace sequence did not crack *me* up at the time. Haha.
    Yes, places for your own is VERY Important when one has a lot of siblings. I agree 100% I'm LOOOOVE Sweaters with sparkles, so I Am Jealous. :-)
    I LOVE long comments. NEVEH apologise. :-D

    Emma, AH DARLING YOUR COMMENT MADE ME HAPPY. You're so cool. I'm so lucky to know you. May I cry on your shoulder? Thanks. (Talk about a copycat.) THANK YOU.
    I knew you'd like it when I mentioned the True Grit soundtrack. :-) I love the one track where at first it's the calm soft peaceful piano music and then suddenly it swells up in a sweeping violin-ensemble. You know the one I'm talking about? AHHH IT'S AMAZING.
    Haha. Exactly. There is FREEDOM in homeschooling. (Quite a lot, in your case. Hahaha.)
    Ohh, yes, you name YOUR sqirrles Natasha too. It's a very Squirrle-y name, isn't it? (I name EVERYTHING. I named a Very scary looking dog who takes walks with his boss (not vice versa) Terror. Best dog name ever. :-D)
    I loved your little list, darling. Lime fruit bars sound very cool. Nevah hear of those. :-)
    I LOVE YOU TOO. Goodbye.

    Madison, Yes, I did know that! And I KNOW RIGHT. ahhhhhhhhh. Anne and Gilbert together ASGDHJKGLDFHJSFL. :-D
    Thank you, dear, for your lovely, lovely compliments. That means a LOT to me. :-) Your comment made my entire day! :-) (You have no idea how I love your comments!)

    Olivia, Haha. Awww. Thank you. :-D
    I was thinking of you when I wrote the SBFSB title. It's a movie I somehow always link with you. MMMMMM I WONDER WHY. :-D

    Jessica, I know. It's is Tough, but it's good too. :-)
    Oh, Warm Weather can be very long too, here - but it varies from year to year. We're having some rather rainy days recently, but sometimes we still have sunny days in September/October. Once we were able to eat outside in FEBRUARY. Whiiiich went too far. :-P
    I prefer cold weather too. Winter clothes are so much cuter. :-)

    Lydia, Thank you so much. :-)
    EWW YES WHEN THE CHAINS TANGLE. I have spent a lot of my life untangling necklaces. I'm still not an expert, blehhh. :-)
    Oh, thanks! That makes sense! Thank you for explaining. Now I finally know.

    Abby, That makes me happy to hear, because that was my purpose for this post! *fistpumps self*
    Yeah. I've read more than a hundred by now, actually. (Also, I don't count re-reads. So I've read 'Rebecca' twice this year, but I'm only counting that as one.) I DO read fast. It's my one bragging right, so I brag about it Very Openly. :-D
    Yes! The Whole Princess Charlotte Saga was exciting. I also got very excited about her Baptism. T'was SO elegant. :-) No, there hasn't been much Royal Family news recently. :-/
    Haha! Well, I never was VERY messy - I was more like, 'Ohh, I'll do it tomorrow.' Now I kind of tell me self to do it 'NOW.' That's all that has changed, really. :-) I don't know when DA comes out here! I have to wait for the DVD's, because we don't have a TV, soo. :-P
    Aww, I'm so happy my blog makes you happy!

    Keep smiling, peeps!

    ~ Naomi

  10. Miss Meg March, Your comment popped up just before I published my last reply - (this happens a lot, it seems!)
    Oh yes, sorry - I keep on forgetting there are people who have different summer-times than I have. It's so funny, isn't it? Aw, I know what it feels like not to have an account - I was an Anonymous commenter for a long time, too. Did you know that? :-D
    I thought Masked was coming on the seventh? Maybe I'm wrong.
    Haha, yes, Emma has definitely DEFINITELY told me alll about the epicness of True Grit. I'll HAVE to read the book soon. :-) (Oh, and you know the feeling of being returned to Normal Life by a sibling in the car. Haha.)
    Heehee, the Dr Suess question. :-)
    SQuee! Your nice things! I DO love Spring. There's something SO happy about it. Congrats on the good marks! *clap clap* I LOVE SURPRISES IN THE MAIL.
    AND AW THANK YOU. *sobs* That is far too nice.

    ~ Naomi

  11. Naomi,
    Oh, hehe, yes I knew you were an anonymous commenter but I didn't know for how long. :-) Your blog was the first one I ever commented on and I was so ridiculously nervous. :-P I had been a 'silent reader' for 2-3 years before that, too. And now I'm one of those 'Anonymous commenters'. ;-) Someday I'll upgrade to a well-developed blogger, but as of yet I'll have to stick with this. :-D (The only real downside is that you don't know when there is a new post so you have to keep checking all the time, and you can't comment on people's blogs who don't allow Anonymous comments.)
    Oh, no, you would be correct and I would be wrong. I forgot today is only the 3rd. ;-) Never mind me! Masked will be out next Monday then - that's not far away!! :-D
    Yes, True Grit is very good! I am not one of those huge western fans (like Emma ;-)) but I really enjoyed it. It was a fresh plot and the story line was different to what I'd ever read, the writing was easy and it wasn't a huge book with boring parts or anything. I read it in one day, and normally it takes me around 1 and a half weeks to read a book, if I'm doing school etc. :-)
    Anyhow, you're welcome and thank YOU for the reply. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  12. I know...it is so strange that summer is already over (I Know that happens every year but it somehow never lessens the surprise;-))

    I am afraid my summer was quite inactive compared with yours...though I did manage to reorganise all my furnitures, and got new book shelves, and watched Cranford, and went to London (Ok maybe my summer wasn't that inactive after all)

    When you talk of homeschooling like that it really makes me sad that I was never homeschooled, I think it would have been wonderful.
    Love all the pictures..you sure have a knack at picking them out.

    Ooh..one thing that made me happy today was receiving a 50s style dress I ordered on Amazon, and it FITS, and it makes me wanna twirl and listen to 40s music.

    Wow, that comment got a bit longer than planned, well you know how it is.


  13. This blog post made me happy! I can't wait for Autumn too. I am super EXCITED!

  14. I've nominated you for a Blog Award. Please find the post here >> Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

    I would love to read your answers.

    Happy Blogging!

  15. and summer is over and gone waaay to fast!!! Summer is my season...I always get so depressed in September but I comfort myself by thinking about the pumpkin pie ice cream that comes out this time of year

  16. Naomi,
    Very, very lovely post; they are always just the happiest things!

    And don't talk about Christmas quite yet will you dear? Because I have so much to do with just general life let alone Christmas presents before then. :) But no, I'm only joking. ;) Because I LOVE Fall and Winter with all the cozy, twinkly lights and freezing weather and sparkling stars it brings!

    Random Lovely Pictures are the BEST! I just ran across a huge treasure trove of early 1900's to 1930's art/photos of medical nurses via Google/Pinterest yesterday and you can well imagine how over the top happy I was/am!!! So that would be one of the things making me happy right now. :)

    Rebecca - I need to find a way to read that soon.

    I seem to remember that you finished some book about an English village awhile ago too and I was wondering if you published it or any of your other stories soon. Because that would be truly marvelous. :)

  17. Did you finish all of Lark Rise to Candleford? I am almost done with the whole thing, and wish it would go on forever and ever...but it's not life, it's a series.

    I am also homeschooled, and I agree, it must be way better than having to be in a classroom all day. Plus, you don't have to do school all day, just finish what you are supposed to do that day and you are done. At least that is the way my family does it. And I get to teach myself!

    I went to my grandparents house in the Adirondacks of New York this summer which you can read about here: http://stlseeds.blogspot.com/2015/09/lake-george_1.html

  18. I loved this post! Ah, summer. Where have you gone?? It's crazy how fast it went. I've been trying to soak up all the last summery drops before autumn comes, but at the same time I'm excited for autumn. We don't have air conditioning and it's been so hot lately that cozy coats, scarfs, boots, and warm tea mugs sound wonderful.
    I love how you put that- "all that tolerable-I-suppose-but-not-nice-enough-to-tempt-me stuff." Yes. I don't MIND school, but I'd much rather be doing creative stuff I love. :)
    I LOVE that gif of the girl in the window seat with the books and tea....it's me! heehee I'm going to steal that gif and put it somewhere on my blog. :)
    I give thee a hug, too! Thank you for this whimsical post. It's just what I needed before I go to work on a paper for economics. Egh. :)

  19. I'm so glad you're loving TGLAPPS! :-D


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