Period Drama Soundtrack - Game!

So, I have a Game for you all! T'is been too long, and all that. :-D

I hope it's not too hard. I did realise after I made the video that the soundtrack snippets might be too short. Don't get discouraged - the first four are the four hardest (in my opinion.) Also, you SHOULD recognise the last one. It's VERY recognisable.

Answers coming next week!


  1. 1) Emma (Gwenyth Paltrow) Funnily I was listening to this right before I took this quiz!
    2) ?
    3) ?
    4) ?
    5) ?
    6) Little Dorrit
    7) ?
    8) ?
    9) I know I know this one but I can't place it!
    10) ?

  2. Okay, so.
    #5 is--I'm pretty sure--Emma 2009.
    #6--possibly Testament of Youth?
    #10--I know I recognize it, but I couldn't tell you where it's from.

    As for the rest, ich hab' keine Ahnung, as the Germans would say. But it was SO much fun to listen anyways! Period Drama movies always have the best music, no? :)

  3. YAY!!!! These are my favorite kinds of games! I remember when Miss Laurie used to do soundtrack games. This is gonna be fun. :-)

    #1 Oh my goodness -- is it The Cider House Rules? I play that on the piano!
    #2 Dunno
    #3 LITTLE WOMEN. You had me from the first note. ;-P
    #4 Ohhhh, this is too much, by far TOO MUCH! TRUE GRIT!!!
    #5 Emma
    #6 Little Dorrit
    #7 BELLE!!!!
    #8 Oh, it's beautiful -- but I don't know what it is!
    #9 Pride and Prejudice?
    #10 Um...I recognize it, for sure, but I'm really not sure. It sounds like Poirot. Is it Lark Rise to Candleford???

    Ahhh, so many feels in this music! THAT WAS FUN.

  4. I don't normally do games, but I love movie soundtracks, so...

    #1 - Gwenyth Paltrow's Emma
    #2 - UGH IT'S SO FAMILIAR BUT I CAN'T PLACE IT. Anne of Green Gables? Or 2009 Emma?
    #3 - No idea. Though it does sound soooo familiar.
    #4 - Don't know.
    #5 - 2009 Emma
    #6 - Little Dorrit
    #7 - Don't know.
    #8 - Don't know.
    #9 - 1995 P&P
    #10 - I can almost place it...but I can't. :P

    This was fun! Can't wait to see the answers. :)


  5. The only one I recognized is the last one, the Lark Rise to Candleford one.

  6. Eeeeekkkkk!!! Another game! Yay! :)
    #1 - Emma (with Gwyneth Paltrow)
    #2 - ?
    #3 - Little Women
    #4 - ?
    #5 - Emma 2009
    #6 - Little Dorrit
    #7 - ?
    #8 - ?
    #9 - Pride and Prejudice 1995
    #10 - Lark Rise to Candleford

  7. Oh, my! This is tough!

    #1. ?
    #2. ?
    #3. Little Women (1994)?
    #4. ?
    #5. Emma (2009)
    #6. Little Dorrit (2008)
    #7. ?
    #8. ?
    #9. Pride and Prejudice (1995)
    #10. Lark Rise to Candleford

    Unfortunately, five is all I could come up with. Now I'm super curious to know what the other ones are from, because some of them sounded really pretty (at least, as far as I could from the EXTREMELY small sampling you gave us! Haha!). :)

  8. Well, this is my cup of tea I think. :D

    Bonus? The intro is from Cinderella! :)

    1. Something Rachel Portman, definitely... Emma 1996?
    2. Well, I don't know.
    3. Little Women
    4. Don't think I've heard this either... but since you like Downton Abbey and I haven't seen it I'm going to go with that. ;)
    5. EMMA 2009!!!!!!!
    6. Little Dorrit.
    7. hmm...
    8. I feel like this is Cinderella 2015... or not, haha. It was a very vague clip.
    9. Um. P&P95. ;)
    10. Lark Rise to Candlefooooooord (that was me singing)

    Well,it seems I need to get a little more educated on period drama soundtracks that you know about... :)

  9. Heyyyy!!

    My two sisters and I listened as hard as we could to these..and we are pretty certain we got most of them right. ;)

    1. Emma (1996)
    2. Sense and Sensibility (the first one)
    3. Little Women
    4. Downtown Abbey?????????????? (we've never watched it lol!)
    5. Emma (the second one)
    6. Little Dorrit
    7. Jane Eyre
    8. Young Victoria
    9. Pride and Prejudice
    10. Lark Rise to Candleford (DUH! ;))

  10. 1
    3 1994 Little Women
    5 2009 Emma
    6 Downton Abbey?
    7 I think I should know this too
    8 Is this from the new Cinderella? I know that is not a period drama technically, but we just rewatched and it sounds vaguely of the Cinderella's leitmotif of Lavender's Blue, I am probably reading into it.
    9 Pride and Prejudice 1995
    10. Wives and Daughters?
    I listened and relistened a bajillion times, but I am not going to get better than this. I am probably going to be so embarrassed at myself.

  11. Ooh, a video quiz! Music and costumes are the best parts of period dramas, in my opinion!
    1. Emma (one of the earlier ones...)
    2. The Book Thief. I get sad jsut hearing the music!:(
    3. Little Women! Love that soundtrack!
    4. ?
    5. Emma 2009
    6.Little Dorrit
    7. Belle
    9.Pride and Prejudice 1995 the Mr. Collins theme!
    10. Oh Naomi... ;) Larkrise to Candleford!
    Thanks for doing this quiz! It was lovely! :)

  12. Girls, sorry. I've now realised this game is really quite hard! Next time I do a music-y game, I'll make sure to give you longer snippets of the music! Apologies. :-/

  13. Okay, I'll try my hand at this. :-)
    #1.Hmm...I don't know but I'm going to guess randomly and say it's Downtown Abbey. :-P Yeah, that's probably really wrong....
    #2. Ugh....that sounds creepy familiar but then not at the same time. Maybe Jane Eyre? I haven't seen it but who cares, it's a guess. ;-P
    #3. YAY! I know that one!! Little Women 1994. :-) That makes me sniffle, that music. *sniffles*
    #4. Um....True Grit, I think?
    #5. Emma 2009. :-D I know that one!
    #6. Oh, that's Little Dorrit!
    #7. I don't know. Sorry.
    #8. Eeekk! I don't know. :-/
    #9. Haha, that sounds funny but I don't really know it. Maybe Lark Rise to Candleford?
    #10. *sigh* I don't think I've seen the movie, as I don't recognize the music. Let's go with Cranford. I betcha it's wrong. ;-P
    Anyway, a challenge is not a bad thing - I'm interested to see what the answers are, now! :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  14. Aw, don't worry--it was fun to listen to the snippets, anyway! :)

  15. This was fun! Unfortunatly, I am having a hard time recognizing the snippits - I'm not too good at that.
    Really the only one I (think) recognize is #5 It's Emma, 2009. I think . . . I think.

  16. Such fun! I only regonized a few..

    #1- Emma 1996 (Gwyneth Paltrow)?
    #5- Emma 2007
    #6- Sense and Sensibility?
    #10- Lark Rise to Candleford ;)

  17. I posted a comment a little while ago but since I don't see it here, I guess it didn't "take" and I'm going to try again :D

    Naomi, this game was fun! I'm not very good at recognizing music, but I (think!) that #5 is from Emma 2009. I'm not sure about any of the others . . . I KNOW the last one but just Cannot Remember where I have heard it before :)

  18. 1. Emma '95 (or 96?)
    2. ?
    3. Little Women
    4. ?
    5. Emma BBC
    6. Little Dorrit
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. P&P BBC
    10. LarkRise to Candleford

    Btw...What is the song that is in the beginning and end? I love it!!

  19. I love that picture of Sybil, by the way!
    3 Little Women. This makes me cry!
    4 True Grit. Ahhhh!
    5 Emma
    6 Little Dorrit
    7 Belle, isn't it?
    9 Pride and Prejudice
    10 Oh no! I didn't get the last one! It's probably Lark Rise to Candelford or something jolly that I haven't seen.:)

    Thanks for the game!

  20. My computer, drat its unfeeling mechanical heart, is refusing to let me watch videos AGAIN. Grr.

  21. Ummm,
    1. Emma (first one)
    2. Sense and Sensibility? (2008)
    3. Little Women!
    5. Emma (second one)
    6. Little Dorrit
    7. Belle!
    8. 2015 Cinderella?
    9. Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins
    10. Lark Rise to Candleford

    I think the game was just fine! Well, until I find out that all of my answers are wrong...then it might be a little hard. ;)


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