Soundtrack Game - Answers!

So, here they are. Once again, sorry it was so hard. Next time I do a music game I promise to add longer snippets. :-)

Players Scores:
Cordy: 80
Abby P.: 80
Emma: 70
Melody: 70
Sadie: 70
Kerry: 60
Julia Ryan: 60
Kristalyn Huber: 60
Miss March: 50
Eva: 40
Livia Rachelle: 40
Miss Meg March: 40
Lucy Riess: 30
Lois: 20
Jessica: 10
Clara Stone: 10


  1. Although it was hard it was a fun game! :-D
    I must have mentally commented ooops :P

  2. Wow! I only got one right--Emma 2009 :) Probably because Emma 2009 and P&P 95 are the only movies on that list that I've actually seen--and for some reason I didn't recognize the P&P music at all. Don't know why that is . . . Maybe because I've only seen the movie once? No, because I've only seen Emma once, too, and I recognized that one right away.

    It was fun, though! I really love Period Drama music :)

  3. What do you know, tied for last :) It was a fun game! I only got Emma 2009. That music I recognized right away - I think it will always be stuck in my head :)

  4. Well, I think I got everything I've actually seen... haha! ;)

  5. Haha! My sisters and I loved it, and didn't think it was hard at all. :D It was a blast. :) I am wondering which ones we got wrong though. ;) Keep these fun games up!

  6. I guess my answers weren't all wrong after all. Haha.
    Thanks for the game!
    By the way, I think I only got 80 points as I only got 8/10 right. Just so you know ;) Can't wait for your next game!

  7. Jessica and Rose, yeah I know the Emma 2009 Soundtrack is So recognisable. :-)

    Melody and Julia, I'm glad you didn't think it was too hard! That's a relief. :-P

    Cordy, Oh oopsy! I'll change it. :-) You did very well, though! :-D

  8. Well, I recognized all the songs from the movies I've seen (except Cinderella...but I've only seen that one once), so I really don't think this game was that hard. At any rate, I enjoyed it! :)

    ~Miss March

  9. Which 96 Emma,the Gweneth Paltrow one? The Kate Beckinsale version, which I am more familiar with and prefer, is 1996 as well.

  10. Livia, it's the Gwenyth Paltrow one. Soundtrack by my favourite composer - Rachel Portman!


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