Busy, busy, busy

Pheww. I miss you.

It actually feels, for me, that I'm talking to you everyday. Because every day, I'm writing Jane Austen-related posts for the Jane Austen Week coming up. But of course, they all stay patiently in the drafts. I can't wait to publish them all - yesterday I wrote a long Pride and Prejudice 1995 review, chuck-filled with the most gorgeous pictures. (And maybe several capital letters, but I can't promise. Hahahaha.)

But I miss publishing posts and recieving those amazing comments of yours, so I thought I'd write a quick 'my life'-post for you. :-)

Is this a perfect gif, or what?

Mansfield Park. Poor Mansfieeeld. Poor Fanny Price. I am to write a defending-Fanny-Price post, and that's why I'm re-reading Mansfield Park, to make my post a bit 'meatier.' I've also made a Mansfield Park 'Fake Trailer' - and OH WE NEED A MANSFIELD PARK MOVIE. I mean, a good one. Where Fanny doesn't shout. (Because she doesn't. Heh.)

Lynn Austin novels. Currently reading 'A Woman's place' which doesn't only have the nicest cover ever but is also written so beautifully. I have a love-hate relationship with Christian Romance Fiction, but my relationship with Lynn Austin's novels will always be a PERFECT one. :-)

French books for school. Blehhh.


Loorna Doone! We saw the first episode last Saturday. And it ended with a village getting burnt!!!!! So of course we all couldn't wait for Monday to see the next episode. BUT THEN. My older brother wanted to see episode 2 as well, and as he left to college on Monday, this meant we had to wait till NEXT Saturday for episode two. So, anyway, that's tomorrow, and I can't wait. It's exciting but Loorna and John are ridiculous, sorry. Also, ughhh, the hair.

Sabrina. Because Audrey. :-)


Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Yeah. :-)


Not my novel, I'm ashamed to say. But I will pick it up next week, because we've got Autumn-holidays. (Only one week, but still, NO SCHOOL again. I cannot wait.)


Right now, those salty-crispy-peanuts. You know, the really unhealthy kind that look kind of orange. I LOVE them though. (Although ugh, my fingertips are greasy and now my keyboard is greasy. But 'oo cares.)


NEWSIESSSSS. I've discovered something which I should have discovered 16 years ago. WHERE HAS NEWSIES BEEN ALL MY LIFE. I'm obsessed with 'Now is the time to seize the day' and 'The King of New York' and ohhh, just Jeremy Jordan's voice and Newsie-look in general. *Swoon*

Vera Lynn's Lily Marlene and Bobby Darin's A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square.

The Young Victoria soundtrack. Because it's the sprinkliest goldiest music in the world.


For snow. I want it to snowwww! I mean, don't you? To have millions of snowflakes dribbling down so peacefully and beautifully, to have white pure-ness in vast twinkles streaming all around. I WANT SNOW. I mean, it's cold anyway, it might as well be really cold and snow. Right?

For like, ten plaid shirts. I have one, and I wear it all the time. I'd like ten. Or twenty. Or... *grins*

For GOOD movies of all Montgomery's books. Especially Rilla of Ingleside, of course, that one has the priority.


To stop this post because I have to do my French. I'm so sorry. :-(

Au revoir!


  1. Oh good, you're back! I was worrying I'd have to wait until Jane Austen week!( which by the way, I am sooo excited for!)
    Haha, that is a great gif! I also love the Hepburn tennis twirl! :) And don't get me started on the pictures!!
    I read A Woman's Place this summer. I loved it to bits! I felt so close to every one of those women.
    Snow? Boy, I like snow, I really do. But where I live snow comes and it stays for at least 4-5 months and shoveling 2 feet is not a lot of fun! But then again there's sledding and skating on the pond. How much does it snow in Belgium?
    Do have a good time with the French! It doesn't seem to be a favorite, but have fun anyway! ;)

  2. Snow and plaid shirts, YES!!! Plaid shirts are so comfortable and cute! We don't get a lot of snow where I live now :( but I'm hoping for a little! At the very least, freezing rain maybe? Hehe :)

    So looking forward to Jane Austen Week!!



    I miss Matthew. :-(

    Ahem. Moving on....

    Oh, you haven't finished LD yet? (Haha, whenever I write LD it usually means Lonesome Dove, but not this time! ;-P) I want to watch Sabrina -- it looks SO classy. Plus, I haven't seen enough Audrey Hepburn. :-)

    NEWSIES NEWSIES NEWSIES!!!! I could sit here watching that gif for the indefinite future. *gaaaahhhhh*

    I miss your blog posts too! (Even though I talk to you like every day...;-P) Hmmm, that makes me wonder -- maybe people are missing my posts...heh....

    ~ Emma <3

  4. Hallo, Naomi! Glad to have you ba --

    *reads that there will be a Mansfield Park post*

    *freaks out and abandons all pretence of decorum*

    YOU ARE GOING TO DO A MANSFIELD PARK POST?!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Whew, Fanny Price will finally get defended as she deserves IN PRINT.

    AND a Mansfield Park fake trailer?! I can't wait to see it! I love your trailers. Yes we don't need another robust Fanny Price!! *glares at Billy Piper*

    Yeah, I have to read all sorts of stuff for school too. I understand. Not French, I grant you, because I've already taken three years of French and for my senior year I decided: NO MORE FRENCH. Don't worry, I had the choice because where I live you only need two high school years of language and I already had THREE. Anywho.

    Lorna and John are ridiculous, are they? I haven't watched the movie but I hear that their more-than-a-friendship-relationship took about 24 hours, plus a meeting in childhood. *shakes head*

    School must be different over there. We just had our Fall break the week before last. I don't know how that works, but anyway.

    OHHH how I want snow!! And sadly we probably won't get much here - we never do. But we usually have ice storms :(

    Yes to a Rilla of Ingleside movie!! I really don't know why one hasn't been made before 'cause it would just be EPIC.

    Well just as you had to stop your post to do French, I now have to end my comment to go do Economics and Trigonometry and other Appalling Things. Au revoir, mon ami! :) :) :)

  5. Abby, No, I do plan to pop in occasionally, all though I can't write as many blog posts as usual. :-/ But November 1st is approaching fast, so. :-) Goodness YES. Audrey Hepburn's TWIIIRRRLLL. It's perfect. Well, it doesn't snow that much in Belgium - not half as much as I wish it would - but we normally have some in December and January. Not in October though. HUMPHH.
    Heh, French is not too bad, but it is when you compare it with blogging. :-)

    Mary, AHH YES PLAID SHIRTS. Once you start wearing one, you can't get enough!
    Thanks so much!!!! :-)

    Emma Jane, YOU'RE EMMA JANE AGAIN!!!!! I feel 14 years old again!!!! I MISSED THE JANE AT THE BACK OF YOUR USERNAME. *calms down*
    And, I miss Matthew tooooo. You know that, heh.
    Haha, I actually think of Little Dorrit when I see LD. There seem to be a lot of LD movies around. (Well, three, hahaah.) (You really like L-names things. Lonesome Dove, Legends of Fall, Lantern in her Hand... :-D) So no, we have to wait for R to finish Loorna Doone. I'm really impatient. Sabrina is nice, although not amazing. :-)
    Well, *I* miss your blog posts. Not hinting. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  6. Rosie, your comment popped up just before I published my last reply. You always do this! (Such TIMING, m'dear!) I will comment it later on... must go. :-)

  7. I noticed all of your Newsies pins:)lol....isn't the music fabulous!!

  8. MANSFIELD PARK!!!!! Naomiiiiiiiiiii! You are AWESOME!!! *hugs* (Of course you were awesome before, too. But ya know what I mean.) I love Fanny Price SO much--and I don't mean Billie Piper or Frances O'Connor neither. Because they are not Fanny Price. (I think we've established that already.) I cannot WAIT to see your fake trailer--and who knows, maybe it'll "go viral" and BBC will Take A Hint. Hopefully. :)

    Lorna Doone--you mean the movie with what's-his-face, with the weird curly hair? Yeah. I haven't seen that one yet, but I can see how it could be ridiculous. I feel like super-quick romantic relationships CAN be a thing sometimes, if they're done right and they occur under believable circumstances (like, in wartime); but Lorna's and John's seems a bit unrealistic.

    Yeah. I wish it would snow, too :)

  9. *cries ugly tears because of how perfect the Matthew gif is* and yes, i do wish it was snowing-because all this cold weather is okay, but i don't like it as much!

    And I'm (slowly but surely) reading Sense and Sensibility and already there's characters I don't like *cough*Colonel Brandon & the Miss Steeles*cough* and soon I'll get to reading Mansfield Park soon...

    Also, I've seen the Young Victoria movie-IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT.

  10. Oh, A Woman's Place!! Isn't that book the most delicious thing ever? I loved it! And the cover is gorgeous.

  11. Yup, I'm Emma Jane again. The 'plain and tall' was too long. Heehee, now I feel fourteen again too. :-) (A good feeling, that is -- fourteen was my favorite age, you know.)

    Huh, I guess I DO like L-things! Never thought of that before. ;-P And yeah, yeah, I know, I should post more. I WANT to post more...I just haven't been feeling it lately. I have these dry spells once in a while. Maybe soon I'll just be bursting with things to write about!

  12. Yay! You're back! I was just thinking this morning how I was missing your regular posts! I know your silence is for a good cause, but still, it was awfully nice to see this post pop up! :) (That is a very nice gif, by the way. Makes me want to watch Downton Abbey again from the beginning. Just out of curiosity, how many times have you watched Downton Abbey?)

    Oh, yes! I wish they would make a good Mansfield Park. I wouldn't consider Mansfield Park my favorite of Jane Austen's books, but it could be such a good movie if they'd do it right. (I haven't actually seen any of the current adaptions, but I've heard about them. Ehhh.)

    You had to wait for the second episode of Lorna Doone because your brother wanted to see it? Haha! That reminds me so much of my oldest brother when he was in school. Every time he'd come home we'd be talking about the movies we'd seen while he was away and his reaction was always, "WHAT?! You watched that WITHOUT me?" heehee.

    I'm getting excited about the Jane Austen week! It's going to be so much fun!

    Snow? Already? It's not even November yet! I understand, though...if it's going to be cold it might as well be snowing. :) What is the normal time of year for a first snowfall where you live? We've had snow in October here before, but that's VERY rare.

    Well, "let us not say farewell, but as the French have it, Au revoir!" :) Haha!

    Can't wait till November 1st!

    ~Miss March

  13. Okay, I must comment simply to say

    ISN'T IT JUST THE GREATEST??? Ahh, Jeremy Jordan's VOICE! YES!! (I'm trying to not do this whole comment in caps)

    And that gif!! And Seize the Day! And King of New York! And...and..

    You've just made me incredibly happy, my dear. ;)

  14. *pulls up comment box and prepares for a long comment*

    Ah, I can't wait for the JA week! Even though I probably won't be able to be very active in it, 'cause NaNo awaits. :) But I promise to at least read every post. Especially the Mansfield Park one - I love the book AND Fanny. (And Edmund.)

    Lynn Austin is super, isn't she?

    BECAUSE AUDREY. Always a good reason. ;)

    I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU'VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH NEWSIES. It's pretty much my favorite musical. My favorite song is 'The World Will Know', but I love them all, basically. And CRUTCHIE.

    Might you be listening to Bobby Darin's ANSIBS because I said I was listening to it, too? ;)

    I WANT GOOD MOVIES OF ALL HER BOOKS TOOOOOOO. Top three: RILLA (duhhhh), Blue Castle (duhhhhh), and Jane of Lantern Hill (duhhhhh). Also, Kilmeny of the Orchard, which'd probably be better than the book. :P

    Loved this post!


  15. Ohhh....that Dan Stevens gif..... *swoons*
    Wait a minute, episode? Which Lorna Doone movie are you watching? :-) Because the one we own is just a movie. Who are the actors in yours?
    Haha, we get that a lot. We sometimes hesitate in watching a movie, in case someone wails, "What?! You watched it without me?!"
    Oh, Audrey Hepburn reminded me - I recently watched Roman Holiday for the first time and it was charming. :-)
    NEWSIES! I'm extra anxious to see it, but I can't seem to get my hands on any - it appears to be unheard of in Australia. :-( So I put it on my birthday present list and hopefully I may get it. :-D
    Of course I want snow! I have always wanted to see snow, and never in all my life have I seen, smelt or touched real, genuine snow. *sniff* I will. Someday, I will.
    Someday I want to learn either Spanish, French or Italian. I am currently continuing my studies on Latin (although now I have to teach myself) and I have found I enjoy languages. :-)
    Can I do my own little list like yours? :-D Because that would be fun! Okay, I'll just pretend you said yes.....lately, I have been:
    -"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien. Slowly, very slowly, as reading time is rather scarce, sadly.
    -Blog posts. It feels as though everyone posts on the same day - some days I'm like, "Okay, can someone post something yet?" and other days (sorta like today) I'm like, "I love the posts, but do they all have to come at once?!" :-P I actually read this post of yours last night, but it was 11:30 PM and I was too tired to comment. ;-)
    -Lark Rise to Candleford! :-D I have seen 6 episodes from the first season. They're so darling. I love Dorcas. And Laura. And Alfie.
    -Charles Dickens movies, because some nice old gentleman my eldest brother looks after from church (he's VERY sick, and my brother is a nurse) lent us a whole set of them! We've seen at least half...
    -Like yourself, emails. Hehe. ;-D
    -My WW2 story, when I can squish it in.
    -In my journal.
    -Lots of letters to friends.
    (Also comments. :-P)
    -I never eat at the computer. We're not allowed to. :-P (It's carpet, you see. The study room, in which the parent's and kids' computers are in, also happens to be the hottest room in the house during summer, and the coldest room during winter. Humph.)
    Listening to
    -the P&P '05 soundtrack, because I'm playing Dawn and I was trying to figure out the tricky timing. :-P I'm also planning to play Georgiana at a piano concert one of my sisters is playing at (and her teacher invited me to play there).
    -My sister playing her exam pieces on the piano all the time, because her exam is very soon. I think those songs ring in my ears when I go to bed at night.... ;-P
    -That I can drive so I can go visit all my friends who don't come visit me (because they can't drive, ha). I have to wait another 2 years + before I can drive by myself. *sigh*
    -For Christmas to come. I'm already practising my Christmas carols on the piano. ;-D It's my favourite time of year, by far!
    -That the school term will be finished soon so I can go on holidays with my family at the end of the year, and we can go to the beach for two weeks! Yippee!
    -Aching eyes, from looking at the computer screen too long, and other small things. I'd better get off before I have a headache.... :-/
    Oh, and I can't wait for November the 1st! :-D
    ~Miss Meg

  16. I miss you too:( School is keeping me really busy, and so I haven't really been able to post/comment as much, and I miiiiiiiiiisssss everybody!

    Yaysies! Your "random life" posts are the bestest:D

    I reeeeeeaaaaally need to watch Newsies. I've heard it's AMAZING from so many people, and I already like Jeremy Jordan's voice from seeing him in another movie, so…I think I'm gonna like it;)

    I also want to watch Sabrina! I've seen the later version with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, which I liked, but I want to see Audrey in the role:)

    Jane Austen Week is going to be so great!!!:D

  17. And you're watching LD! Yay! Wait a second…your version has episodes?…ours doesn't have episodes…ah, well, it probably SHOULD have episodes, it's so dang long. Can't wait to hear what you think of it:)

  18. Rosie, Aww, I'm so glad you're excited! I hope I can do Fanny good credit! She's quiet and humble but she's AWESOOOMMMMEEEE. I quite like French, but it's still 'work' - and not 'ahh-nice-book'-like. You know. :-)
    Well, I've now finished LD, and Loorna and John were better in episode 2. But yes, their insta-love was a bit absurd, if you ask me. :-D I know, I will forever ask for a Rilla movie. FOREVER. :-)

    Madison, Haha! I know, I've been RAIDING Pinterest when it comes to Newsie pins. OHHH THE MUSIC IS AMAZING.

    Jessica, EEEEK I'm so glad you're excited!!!!!! I hope I'll do a good enough job with my post. Mansfield Park is not my favourite JA book, but I love Fanny and she DESERVES more love. Yes, BBC must make a new one. :-)
    Yeah, Lorna and John's insta-love is rather unrealistic. I mean, seriously, they exchange a few words and then already gaze into each other eyes. But they were better in episode 2. :-)

    Brittany, I KNOW MATTTHEEWWWW. He's mine though. :-P
    Colonel Brandon is actually supposed to be the good one - but yeah, the Miss Steels annoy me too, OBVIOUSLY. AND Ohhhh, the Young Victoria is amazing!!!

    Abigal, YESS THAT BOOK IS SOOO GOOD. Whose bits are your favourites? I personally ADOOOORE the bits about Helen's love story. I wish there were more bits about Helen.

    Emma, I know 14 is your favourite age. Because that's how old we were when we MEEEET. :-)

    Miss March, Aww, thanks!!! It's so nice to hear that people appreciate my posts. :-) Um, I've only seen everything of DA once (hello, it's LONG) - but my favourite bits? LIKE 50 TIMES. :-) I actually want to rewatch series one and two again, but it takes up months and months, sooo. :-/
    Same, haven't seen any MP adaptations either. Don't really want to, to be honest. :-)
    Heehee, poor-brothers-who-miss-out. :-)
    Yeah, snow in October is rare here too - normally our first snowfall is around the end of November? More likely in December, though. But it's a very cold autumn, so I'm hoping soon. :-)
    Heehee, the Mr Wickham quote. :-)


    Eva, That's okay, I understand. :-D I'm glad your excited for the posts!!!
    Yes, you KNOW I love Lynn Austin. AND OHHH NEWSIES. I'M CRAZY ABOUT IT ALL. I love Crutchie - the Broadway one, especially - his. broad. smile. :-D
    YES. I LOVE your music recommendations - thank you SO much for recommending that Bobby Darin one - I ADORE it. :-)

    Miss Meg March, *swoons with you* =)
    Yeah, our Loorna Doone version has two episodes - some/most dvd's have it all in one go. It's the one Olivia recently reviewed - 'the' version. :-)
    I know, same. "Are you SURE he won't mind us watching it without him?" :-D
    Ahhhh, you saw Roman Holiday?!!! I LOVE that movie - it's my favourite black-and-white movie. :-)
    You've never seen snow?!!!!!! *strokes Miss Meg over shoulder* Seriously, poor girl! I feel for you. Australia is just too sunny. :-D
    YesyesYES make your own list. :-D Ahhhh! I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE LOVING LARK RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Season 2 is the best one... keep on watching. :-D Also, the first episode of season 2 is weird - just warning.)
    I guess you wrote a letter to a mutual friend of ours recently. Someone of the name of... Emma, perhaps? :-P YES. CHRISTMAS AND THE CAROLS ARE THE BEST.
    Thanks! I'm so glad you're looking forward to it!!!

    Olivia, Awww, thanks!!!! I know - school overpowers us. Poor us. :-)
    Yes, you would LOVE Newsies. Jeremy Jordan isn't in the movie though (a pity...) - he's in the Broadway show (which is what I'm the most obsessed with.) The music is AMAZING.
    Sabrina was cute! Not amazing, but still really nice.
    Yeah, our dvd has it split up in 2 episodes. It was SO exciting and OMYGOODNESSTHEENDING. :-O

    ~ Naomi

  19. Yeah, I know :) Economics is like that for me.

    Insta-love annoys me NO END as a plot device. I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't watch Lorna Doone :P

    Me too. Forever's the word :)

  20. Yes. We must all rally round Fanny and MAKE people see how awesome she is. Because she IS, you know.

    No, Mansfield Park isn't my favorite JA book either, but that's precisely BECAUSE Fanny is my favorite JA heroine. (Confusing, I know.) You see, Fanny and I have sooooooooooo much in common and I relate to her SO easily that, when I read about all the awful stuff she has to go through, it's just like I'm actually going through it MYSELF and it really hurts. So I don't exactly "enjoy" reading the book. But still, I LOVE FANNY SO MUCH. I NEED a better movie adaptation of her story. Seriously, if BBC can do "Little Dorrit" without making a hash of Amy Dorrit's character, why can't they do "Mansfield Park" without making a hash of Fanny Price?

  21. Oh, goodie! I can't wait till Jane Austen week!!!!!!! And that is so strange that we're both reading A Woman's Place...because that is what I'm reading right now. I'm on page 219. :) Ahh, I do love poor Earl. And the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve. (And the fact that he he wears his heart all over both of his sleeves at the end of the book -- yes, I've read it before.)

    I do believe I'll have to go check out the Newsies...I read a bit about them over on Emma's blog, and you both have convinced me. I'm missing out on something good by not knowing about the Newsies. ;)

    Yes...yes, I do want snow. Cold is better with snow. Snow makes everything beautiful.

    As I said before...I can't wait till Jane Austen week!! Till then, (since you most certainly shall be receiving comments from me later),

  22. Kaitlyn, I finished it several days ago - EARL. Goodness. EARL IS MY FAVOURITE. I LOVE HIM. I review-ed it on Goodreads here (https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1195514424) if you want to read my further opinions.
    Yes. NEWSIES. You will love it.
    Thanks! So glad you're looking forward to the week!

    ~ Naomi

  23. Bobby Darin! I am always listening to Bobby Darin. I love it when other people do too :-D

  24. I'm learning French, too! But I have a ways to go before I can read French books...
    And Newsies-- YES.

    I'm going over to find your defense of Fanny Price post– I love her. It's so annoying when people don't appreciate her character. Not everyone is a sparkling Lizzy Bennet, and you know, it would be very boring if everyone was.


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