The Versatile Blog Award

It's a short and snappy post today. Those aren't too bad. (At least, I think it'll be short and snappy. I have yet to find out whether I am in a chatty mood or not.)

Madison (the link to her blog is riiiiight here) nominated me with the Versatile Blog Award! Isn't that snazzy? (It sounds like a posh Oscar Award or something. Let me come up in a long glittering gown, everyone, and make a thank-you speech. Take out your hankies and give me a standing ovation.) It's not a super long tag (which is nice for a change) and all I have to do is write seven facts about myself.

I'm going to do this because apparently I like writing blog posts about myself. It's very disastrous.

1. I have never worn make-up. Ever. (If you don't count lip gloss.)

Before you ask; no, I'm not (most certainly not) against it. Why would I be against it? It's nothing harmful. In fact, I might wear a little make-up in the future - this isn't something which I've vowed never to do. It's just that I... haven't... yet gone up to buy some and put it on. I'm not desperate to do it. Also, I prefer reading in the time I would put on mascara. It's more beneficial to me.

2. I normally find auto-biographies boring.

I feel like I'm the only person in the world who isn't hugely touched by Corrie ten Boom. I like reading auto-biographies, but I generally find them very dragging towards the end. Also, they often have too much about historical happenings and then this country invaded this country and then it 19-something and blehhh, it's not really about the person anymore.

3. I am currently awaiting a letter from America. 
Or from Emma, whatever you like.

It is to be sealed with wax and it is to be awesomely sprawled with the most utterly flawless handwriting on God's blessed earth. Anyone who receives a letter from Emma can call herself a lucky girl. I'm SO LUCKY TO BE HER BEST FRIEND AND I WANT TO MEET HER SO BADLY. There I said it, I got that out of my system, we may proceed.

4. We only have two more episodes to go. In Lark Rise to Candleford.


I can't believe we're actually reaching the end of the everlasting stream of Lark Rise episodes!!! I'm going to miss it, people, and you are going to miss me talking of it. (You don't believe it now, but you will, you will, you willl.) I'm going to miss Dorcas and Minnie (MINNIE) and Alfie (HIS GRIN) and Daniel and EVERYTHING.

5. I wish models would smile.

Seriously, why do models look like the most obnoxious creatures ever? They make the dresses look like "things that make you boring and bleh." Why can't they smile? It's like they're trying to DISSUADE us to buy the clothes. Like, "Hey, I'm not happy in this dress and don't buy it because it's ugly and I can't wait to get out of this."

Last week I saw a big advertisement and the model was actually smiling genuinely. (And not in a 'heyyyyy'-way.) I noticed it immediately and I fell in love with the dress. (Not that I didn't fall in love with that red dress up there, but yeah.)

6. I can't think of number six.

Because that's so funny. You know, because I have a number seven, and not a number six. It's just droll. I'm soooo witty.

(That was all sarcasm in it's divinest, by the way.)

7. One of the best things about being part of a big family is all the birthdays.

Seriously, we have birthdays. A lot of them. I have nine siblings and (everyone, go duh!) two parents so that's twelve birthdays a year. (No we don't all have our own month. Come on.) So that means a lot of cool birthday meals with candles and cakes and all the good stuff.

It also means a lot of awkward happy-birthday-singing. :-/

There ya go!

Seven facts vaguely related to myself. With nice pictures dodged in between to make you scroll down, of course. I am one of the queens of pretty pictures. (I didn't say 'the queen.' Isn't that very un-obnoxious of me?)


  1. First off your pictures are always delightful!
    Secondly I agree about the Models, it's actually a pet peeve of mine?
    Yes those dresses are SO delightful! Honestly! :-D Hehe, I would like to say I'm the same about makeup.. do you count stage make up? Cause even though we're in the pit we have to have some on, just a bit of blush and mascara with lip gloss. The only time I've full on worn make up was to the school formal/prom.
    Great tag!

  2. Lovely pictures :) Your posts are always great that way.

    I've never worn makeup either . . . and I'm 21! Like you said, it's not like I feel it's BAD--it's just not something I can really see myself doing. I don't think it would fit into my personal style.

    I love autobiographies . . . but that's because I'm a history major. Autobiographies are fascinating to me because they tell a historical story in a more exciting way than your typical textbook will--because they're so PERSONAL. But like I said, I feel this way because history is totally my thing--if it's not, then you WOULDN'T like autobiographies very much.

  3. Oh, I was waiting for a new post! :) I checked earlier today but there wasn't anything. And then I thought it was probably getting late where you live, so there wouldn't be any possibiltiy of a post from you today. But, well, here it is! I'm delighted! :)

    You like writing posts about yourself? Oh! That IS disastrous! However, I do very much enjoy reading them, so I guess I forgive you! Haha!

    1. I don't wear make-up either. I did have it on once because a friend of ours came over to do a make-up party and my mom and sisters and I all tried some. I didn't like it very much, and my brothers were disgusted with me, because they'd never seen me wearing make-up before. So...Haha! I haven't worn it since. And yeah, it's not because I'm against it...I just don't feel like taking the extra time every morning. ;)

    2. Hmmmm...I don't read too many autobiographies, but I can see what you mean. Too many historical happenings would probably be bore me, too, because I'm sure I wouldn't understand it all. I like fiction!

    3. Oh, you are lucky! It's so much fun to get letters in the mail...and when they're from your best friend! Well, what could be better? (I hope you and Emma are able to meet eachother someday!)

    4. Oh, that's sad. :( Only two more episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford? Poor, Naomi! And poor me, too! Because I really am going to miss you talking about that show! Though, actually, you don't have to stop talking about it! Just because you're not watching it anymore doesn't mean you can't post about it! :D

    5. Hahaha! Yeah, you'd think they would try to show a little enthusiasm for their product! "The most obnoxious creatures ever!" Haha! Well put!

    6. Oh, my yes. Very droll, indeed! A number seven, but no number six? Funny how that works!

    7. That's so true! There's no shortage of birthday cake when you live in a big family!

    Thanks for the lovely post, Naomi!

    ~Miss March

  4. Haha, don't worry - maybe that's because people like reading posts about yourself, and you get more feedback from them.
    Oh, you've NEVER worn make up? Well, I can say that I blame you. ;-) I've worn it on several occasions (I'm quite sure all were for costumes when we dressed up to see a movie, or go to a party) but never for 'normal'. I'll be wearing make up tonight, actually. We're going to a ball. ;-D
    Oh, I actually love those kind of stories, if they're written interestingly. There are two that I love in particular: one about Bethany Hamilton (called Soul Surfer) and another about Nick Vujicic (called Life Without Limits)who is a Christian guy that was born with no arms and no legs. They are more modern, though, but I have read some older ones. Sometimes they can be boring, so I partly agree with you. ;-)
    Oh, how lovely! I'm a lucky girl, too. ;-D
    Ah, I am going to be seeing Lark Rise very soon, it's just I can't book the TV because the 7 other members of my family are not keen to watch it. >:-/ So I'm still waiting for a night when I can start it!
    Yes, I ALWAYS think that. "WHY CAN'T THEY SMILE?!" But surprisingly I've been seeing more smile lately, which Makes Me Very Happy.
    "Sarcasm in it's divinest". I like that. ;-D
    Yes. Although, sometimes it's hard. All of us kids are paired off in groups - there's always another sibling in our month. Although, our parents (rather sadly) aren't in the same month. (Gosh, that would be cute though!!) Still, it's fun when there's lots of birthdays to celebrate. :-D Haha, I like singing happy birthday. Except, we never start off at the same time - someone starts, and then someone else starts and everyone's singing different parts. ;-P
    Have to dash, I've a historical masquerade ball to prepare for!
    ~Miss Meg March

  5. Ahhhhhh......Lark Rise To Candleford!!! LOVED that show!!!

  6. *Excuse me, I meant to say I CAN'T say that I blame you. Otherwise I sound horribly rude. :-P
    ~Miss Meg March

  7. As always, Naomi, I loved all the pretty pictures in this post. THE LAST ONE, THOUGH. Oh my, that dress is sooo beautiful!!
    Oh no! Only 2 episodes left? :( I'm sorry. It's always so sad getting to the end of a beloved tv show!!! I hope you like the ending!
    Ahahaha. I completely agree abut models smiling! That should totally be more of a thing. I mean, who WOULDN'T be smiling with such a gorgeous dress on?

  8. Heeheeheeheehee. :-D

    Oh dear -- "I have yet to find out if I'm in a chatty mood or not" -- was that intended for me? Because I'm already feeling bad about missing our chat date this morning!

    Yeah, I'm not so much for autobiographies either. You're not the only person in the world.

    OH STAAAAHP. *blushes furiously* I do not have the MOST utterly flawless handwriting on God's blessed earth. You are too kind. ;-P Heehee. You'll get it soon -- probably on Monday, if the postal service cooperates.

    Good, I'm glad you got all that out of your system. :-D

    "Hey, I'm not happy in this dress and don't buy it because it's ugly and I can't wait to get out of this." *dissolves in giggles*

    I'm trying to think of something clever to comment, but I can't think of anything else except I liked this post, which sounds lame, but I do so there it is. :-)


  9. What clever answers, m'dear gel! :D

    I KNOW. EMMA'S LETTERS ARE THE BEST. I've gotten two, one with a bookmark, and one note about Western Week, and they made me so happy:D You're right; her handwriting is lovely:)

    In general, I too am abhorrently indifferent to autobiographies. Shame be upon me, but t'is true.

    Two more Lark Rise episoooooodes! We'll all be here for you to unleash all the feels! ;)

    You know, that's true about models…I haven't really thought about it much, but the frowns DO almost make you like the clothes less. Huh.

    I don't wear much makeup either--just something on my lips and blush and/or eye shadow, occasionally:)

  10. Oh good! A post about you. They make me happy. Plus all those GORGEOUS pictures!!!

    I've never worn make-up either. I just feel that it isn't really my style, you know :)

    I knoooooow. Autobiographies generally bore me - unless they are the kind with almost NO historical background. Or, if I am just really interested in the person and so live with the history stuff. But I'm not a history person really - although my sister is :)

    I LOVE getting letters. I know just how you feel :D

    Oh yes!! There are actually some clothing magazines that make me wince to look through them. It's awful!

    Wow, I love that picture under #5. I would love to be that girl.

    We have a lot of birthdays too :) I actually like to hear the "Happy Birthday" singing - it sounds good to hear all the young and old peoples' voices blend. Plus it's in candlelight. Everything is awesome in candlelight :P

    Hee hee, "one of the queens." Mmm, very un-obnoxious indeed :) But seriously, I love your posts because they are so bright and cosy with all the pictures :)

  11. Well, I do wear make-up...can I still comment? ;) I think it's fun! Although I didn't wear a lot of make-up through my teens.

    Wait a moment, you haven't ever met your best friend?! How very sad! How did you two 'meet' or become such good friends? Have you done a post explaining that?! I would be interested in reading it.

    I can see how auto-biographies can be rather boring. I do have one suggestion for you. It reads well and keeps things moving. It's called "Evidence Not Seen". Here is a synopsis: (That I didn't write. :D)
    "This is the true story of a young American missionary woman's courage and triumph of faith in the jungles of New Guinea and her four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp. Never to see her husband again, she was forced to sign a confession to a crime she did not commit and face the executioner's sword, only to be miraculously spared."
    So you could look into that one because as I said, it reads well and it is small(er).
    Delightful pictures and it was wonderful reading about you!

  12. I understand what you mean about models not smiling. It honestly turns me off from the product they're selling. Like just smile because this outfit is awesome, and the photos you posted are beautiful.

    Also, I understand what you mean about getting a hand-written letter. I wish someone wrote me one so I can read it all the time!!!

  13. Evie, thank you!! As I said, I am NOT against make-up - stage make-up IS different, though. :-P

    Jessica, I *can* see myself wearing a little make-up in the future (not tons), but for now I'm happy without it. :-) It's nice to hear that you feel the same way! I do like auto-biographies - it's just that soooo many of them go and talk about the historical happenings. And no, I'm not really interested in that, haha.

    Miss March, Oh! Goodness! You were waiting. (I did write this post rather late in the evening, heehee. :-D) I'm sure my brothers would be disgusted if I wore make-up, that's another reason why I haven't touched it! :-) I prefer fiction too. :-) And oh, don't worry! Lark Rise will continue to be mentioned on my blog, for ever and ever. :-D Thank you for your LOVELY long comment, dear Miss March. It is much appreciated. :-)

    Miss Meg March, heehee, I thought the 'can' was a typo. Haha. The two biographies you mentioned soun good - as I said, I like some. I've read some AMAZING Holocaust memoirs. It's just that most autobiographies can go on too much. :-/ Emma told me she had sent you a letter! YOU'RE LUUUCKY too. :-) Yes, me too! I've been seeing more models smile. Let's hope it continues that way. :-) Thanks for zee comment, m'dear.

    Madison, I KNOW. I'M LOVING IT!!!

    Natalie, I'm really curious about the ending of Lark Rise! We only have ONE more episode to go now. CAAAN'T WAIT. Exactly! Smile, models!

    Violet, No, don't worry, that wasn't intended for you. I actually wrote this post on Friday night. :-) And it wasn't your fault, don't worry about it. :-D I WILL NOT STOP COMPLIMENTING YOU. You know that. :-)
    Thank you, honey. YOU ARE SWELL. :-)

    Olivia, See? Emma TOTALLY has the best letters. They're slowly getting famous. Haha, shame on us. :-) And yeah, those models. It's ridiculous how sombre most of them look. Pathetic, really.

    Rosie, AWWW thanks. :-) I'm glad you don't mind the posts about me. :-D I'm not a huge history person either. Although I LOVE old-fashioned movies and Period Dramas; the wars and dates and all that bore me to deeeath. :-)
    Haha, in a recent video I watched, about birthdays, someone said, 'Just THINK about it! People chant over you in candlelight. How CREEPY is THAT?' Hahaha.

    Cordy, of COURSE you can! I'm not against make-up. :-)
    So yes, Emma and I met online and we've become SUPER close through email and blogging and chatting and all that. But I live in Belgium and she lives in America sooooo - we've yet to meet. It's VERY sad. :-D (Emma did explain how we met here: http://allthingsbonnyandbeautiful.blogspot.be/2015/01/the-very-best-of-birthdays-to-very-best.html)
    "Evidence not Seen" sounds good. I do like some biographies. :-)

    Brittany, I know! Models should smile because of the beautiful things they wear. And yes, I wish people wrote more letters. :-D

    ~ Naomi

  14. Oh yes, it's just those dates and wars and things. Brrrr.

    Hahaha :)

  15. Thanks for the link. It made for excellent reading. I do hope you can meet up one day!!! But at least you seem to be in excellent touch until then! :)


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