Just life.

Reading: The Story Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Once again.
Writing: A very sad novel. I don't know why I'm writing it, but I'm writing it.
Watching: Behind the Scenes of Newsies Broadway videos.
Starting to love: Corey Cott as Jack Kelly just as much as Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly.
Discovering: That I'm a Broadway fan.
Praying: For Paris.
Decorating: My room. For CHRISTMAS! You should see my lights, people, it's Very Pretty.
Listening: To 'Watch what happens' because I want to know all the lyrics. Also Christmas songs, and 'Baby it's Cold Outside.'
Wishing: That I could write better and that we owned the entire series of 'Road to Avonlea.'
Worrying: If my character cries too much and if it appears soppy.
Realising: How unimportant some things are. Like, why do I even worry about little things like.. like, I don't know. :-P
Dreaming: About my future, about actually finishing one of my full-sized novels, about meeting Emma.
Loving: that we ordered 'Saving Mr Banks dvd'. Because I've wanted to see that for a long time.
Talking: In an Oirish accent.
Singing: Christmas songs and Newsies songs. Not one more than the other. I can't choose between my dear songs.
Wondering: How on earth I have 90 followers.
Telling: You that this is my 300th blog post and that I wuv you completely.
Hoping: This post is post-y enough, because it isn't really right? Right. It's just a list of Me-stuff. Boring.
Musing: about whether I not I should buy more books. Hehehehe.
Yearning: to meet my very best of bestest friends in person and just BE with her. Bleh, why do we live so faaaar. *sobs in cushion*
Looking forward to: Eva's Montgomery week! SO excited for that, people, because I'm basically L.M.Montgomery's number one biggest fan. So go and check it out, here.
LOVING: this video. I can't tell you how much I love it, people. I've been rewatching it millions of times; I love iitttt. It's made my whole month, you know.
Hating: it when the Internet randomly decides to not work.
Having: to do some work.

What are you up to?


  1. 300th post? REALLY??? Congratulations! (We love you, too, don't forget :) )

    This is so much fun to read . . . I know what you mean about the "sad novel" thing; you always wonder, am I doing this right? Am I making it TOO sad? Will people still want to read it? Usw., usw., usw. (that's German for "et cetera" and I kinda like it :) ) Really, though, as long as it still means something to YOU, keep writing, I would say, definitely. You can always revise it later if it needs work! I'm getting kinda discouraged about my own writing lately but I keep telling myself not to panic cause it's only the first draft. (It don't help any that I haven't got ANY time to work on it right now, haha.)

    1. Aww, thanks. You are sweet. :-D

      Haha, I know, I'm going to keep on writing. With my eyes half closed. :-P

      ~ Naomi

  2. I loved this! Wow, 300 posts? Good for you!

    YES NEWSIES AND CHRISTMAS SONGS. That's what I'm singing too :P I looooved that "Watch What Happens" behind the scenes video so much! That just made my day, thank you :) Oh and Corey Cott is AWESOME. But that's not to say that Jeremy Jordan isn't . . .

    P.S. We wuvs you too. *hugs*

    1. AHHH YOU WATCHED THE VDEO. Isn't it AWESOME?!!!!!! Pity neither Jack Kelly's are in it. :-)
      I think I'm starting to love Corey Cott better - mainly because he's a Christian. :-P

      Awww, thank you. :-)
      ~ Naomi

    2. Hang on, no, I still have a huge crush on Jeremy Jordan. I can't choose. Hahaha.

    3. Haha, I know . . . it's impossible to choose. I know all about it :)

  3. This was "posty" enough in my opinion. :) I enjoy reading about the random little things you've been doing. It's just sweet.

    Oh! I do really hope you and Emma can meet sometime! That would be amazing! (Don't lose hope! Someday it will happen!)

    You're family bought Saving Mr. Banks? Oh! I love that movie! Have you never seen it before? I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    300 posts and 90 followers! Wow! That's impressive! Congratulations, Naomi! You're blog truly is a delightful place to visit!

    'When the internet randomly decides not to work" Ugh. Yes. That is one of the most infuriating things, especially since I can never understand why it's doing it! It doesn't make sense! And it wastes so much time!

    What have I been doing? Hmm...spending too much time on the computer, probably. :/ Also, I've been reading Mansfield Park. (Your Austen Week inspired me to give it a reread. :))

    Have a wonderful day, Naomi! And thanks for taking the time to share a bit of your life with us. It's always good to hear from you! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes, I know, I'm not losing hope. Someday it will! :-)

      Well, I *feel* like I've seen Saving Mr Banks already because I've watched so many bits of it online, but no I haven't actually seen it all in one go. SO I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD. :-D I think I might write a review. :-)

      Ugh yes, it wastes so much time. Blehhhhh. :-D
      I've spoilt too much time on the computer too. *hides in shame*

      Thank you, Miss March! You're such a good friend! :-)

      ~ Naomi

  4. I can't wait for Christmas to really hit full swing here in the USA. (We kinda have to wait till after Thanksgiving). So you are a L. M. Montgomery fan. I have a friend that is much more a fan than I am. I wonder how you two would compare in love of L. M. and her works. :)

    1. Same, I can't wait for Christmas to REALLY start. :-D
      Yes, I am a HUGE Montgomery fan. I bet I'm a bigger fan than your friend. :-P (Hahaha. I'm just saying that.)

      ~ Naomi

  5. Saving Mr. Banks...YES YES YES YES. Please post about your thoughts afterwards so I will have a real reason to talk about it FOREVER. ;) It is the best movie on the planet!!! <3

    1. I think I'm going to LOVE it. :-D You'll probably read a LOT of my thoughts. :-P

  6. Saving Mr. Banks...is..AWESOME. I can't believe you haven't watched it before now..it makes you want to watch Mary Poppins again. :D :D :D oohhh, decorating rooms for Christmas is sooo much fun. You should totally do a room tour. ;)

    1. I know, It's TIME FOR ME TO WATCH IT. :-D I did a room-tour-ish post once. Here: http://naomiblog15.blogspot.be/2015/02/welcome-to-my-girlish-abode.html

      My room's changed a bit since then, though. :-/

    2. YES YES YES. Movies like that make you want to watch the real movie all over again..it just makes you love it more! Awesome! I plan on doing a room tour soon. ;P

  7. Congrats on 300 posts, m'dear!:D

    Re-reading old favorites is the best, isn't it? Oh, and sad novels need to be written sometimes! I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

    I want to see your Christmas lights! :'(

    (Have I mentioned that I really like your header? I have, I know, but I wanted to say it again. T'IS LOVELY. And it's inspired my new one, partially :D)

    1. Aw, thanks. I'll try not to make it *too* sad. :-P

      I should post a picture of my lights. So you can see it. And thank you so much for your compliment on my header! *goes to look at yours* Ohhhh! It's so PRETTY?!!!! You also have Liesl on itttt YES I LOVE IT. :)

      ~ Naomi

  8. Okay, so I read this post almost 24 hours ago and have FINALLY found the time to comment. I have a feeling it shall be long - just a warning. ;-)
    Firstly, can I ask what the picture's from? :-D
    Oh, and I feel rather silly to say this, but I noticed you've somehow wrote your whole thing out twice, (unintentionally, I presume). Just thought I'd point it out, in case you didn't know. :-)
    I'll comment on a few of your points, but I loved reading all of them!!
    Yes, "Watch What Happens" looks like a hard one to memorize all the lyrics of.
    Yes, I wonder that too - if my characters cry too much and appear soppy! My girl who's in a concentration camp has had many reasons to cry though, but I don't want her to cry TOO much. :-P
    And YES! I worry WAY too much about unimportant, frivolous things....for example, tomorrow I've been asked to play at a concert my elder sister is playing at (the concert is being hosted by my elder sister's piano teacher) and I'm a trifle scared I'll mess up on the piano or something. I mean, the piano teacher can play "Flight of the Bumblebee", and I come along and probably mess up on my little piece from the P&P'05 soundtrack! :-P I'm playing a duet with my sister there, too though ("I See the Light" from Tangled!) and I think I'll enjoy that. :-)
    Oh, Saving Mr. Banks is a splendid movie! I was actually just about to book it in from our library for our school holidays, because my Mum hasn't seen it yet and I haven't seen it since it first came out!
    Oh, 300th post?! It felt like yesterday that you wrote your first one. :-) (I've read every single on of them, too. :-D) Your blog is one of my very favourites! It's always one of the first I check every day. :-D
    I do hope you meet Emma one day. (I hope *I* can meet her one day, too, but you should have that pleasure first - seeing as you are her closest friend and all.) You'll have SUCH fun, I know!
    Oh, I LOVED that video! :-D Now I'm going to have to listen to it lots! My favourite part was when they all did that little "scream" halfway through, haha. And I love her pants. They're really pretty. :-P They look like they're all relaxed and having fun (considering they're about to go on stage - seriously, don't they get nervous?!!!) and they treat each other as if they were siblings. :-) So sweet!
    I want to do my list now. I suppose I shall. :-P I might be a copycat and use your list, if you don't mind.... (Not that my life is so incredibly interesting, I just felt like I wanted to. I mean, why not? ;-)
    Reading: "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens. Wow. It's a big book. :-P
    Writing: Letters. Lots and lots of letters!
    Watching: Season 2 of Lark Rise, Tom Cruise movies (I think Emma set me off with her "Far and Away" post, haha), Masked videos, and Mind the Gap episodes.
    Starting to Love: Newsies! :-) I have been listening to the songs, and want to start memorizing them all!
    Discovering: That if I want to enjoy my school holidays, I MUST be spontaneous. *gulp*
    Praying: for unwell friends and family.
    Decorating: Our house with Christmas decorations this Sunday - I'M SO EXCITED!!!
    Listening: to Newsies, the P&P '05 soundtrack, Anne of Green Gables soundtrack, Piano Guys...
    Wishing: I could finish my school with a click of my finger. *siiigh*
    Worrying: About the piano concert, and how my huge maths exams will go, that I must do next week....
    Realizing: That life is unpredictable. Also, that I am TERRIBLE at explaining games. Especially card games. *cringe*
    Dreaming: about one day, if it will ever be, when I can meet some of the amazing girls I've met through the "blogosphere" (including you!).
    Loving: How our library has so many of the books and movies you guys recommend!! :-D (Or if not the library, YouTube or online sites, or my cousins..... :-P)
    (~Miss Meg)

      The picture is from 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.' I absolutely do NOT want to watch it, but I liked the picture. :-)
      GOODNESS THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME ABOUT THAT. I must have copied it out twice, by accident. How embarrassing. *blushes*
      Oh, have fun at the concert! I hope you do well. I'm SURE you'll do well.
      Aww thank you - I'm so glad you like my blog. :-) All us bloggy friends should get together one day. That would be SO fun. :-)
      I am TERRIBLE at explaining games too. I'm like, 'YOU KNOW' the whole time. It's quite funny. :-D

      ~ N

  9. Talking: a lot. I always do that, though.
    Singing: all the time, and driving my family crazy. I've been singing "King of New York" all today, except for that fact that I only know 10 words of it! :-P I've also been singing Les Miz songs, just to get me ready for that long awaited day when I'll see it.
    Wondering: if Blogger will allow this comment's length....I bet you it won't. ;-P I normally just cut it down to size, but if it won't allow it I'll have to spread it into another comment. (Ha, take THAT, blogger!)
    Telling: Everyone how I excited I am about Christmas! And holidays! And all the glorious things that happen at this time of year!
    Hoping: That this isn't really boring to read. Ahem.
    Musing: about a lot of things. Most lately, about what I'll wear this weekend. :-P (I don't go out much, so I "hate to waste a perfectly good outfit on an insignificant day"!)
    Yearning: to finish school quickly so I can have SCHOOL HOLIDAYS FOR OVER 6 WEEKS!! I'm going to kill myself doing maths (I did it for so many hours today and yesterday that my neck got all kinked and was REALLY SORE) but I need to finish the book! I never liked maths anyway....
    Looking forward to: Holidays! Ah, I can't emphasize that point enough. Everyone in my family is rather grumpy because we all are well and truly and utterly and entirely ready for holidays. In fact, we were probably ready for it 2 months ago. :-P But there's so much that has to happen first....
    LOVING: my life lately. I used to think it was boring and so on, but now so much happens and I can hardly keep up with it - I've been on so many more adventures this year, and probably learnt more lessons than all my other years put together!
    Hating: Maths. *shakes fist at it* And how nearly everyone in my family is sick. Again. :-( (I'm trying very hard to "think well" and hope for the best.) Also, how hot it's been. I mean, seriously, it's spring, and they're predicting it to be 40 degrees tomorrow!! (It was 37 today. Ugh.)
    Having: to finish this so I can do the many other things I have to do....I wrote up a "To-do List" for today (I really did expect WAYYY too much of myself, haha!) and I've barely ticked off 4 things. And it's already past 9PM. :-/
    I must go, cheerio! (Splendorous post, by the way. As usual.)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thank you so much for doing your own list. I really enjoyed it. :-D

  10. Ok, basically I'm commenting just to talk about Newsies. Hee.

    I LOVE behind the scenes videos too!!! Hmm, really? I personally don't like Corey Cott as Jack, but maybe I haven't given him enough of a chance. ;) Jeremy Jordan is SO PERFECT as him, though.

    I love "Watch What Happens". I have the Newsies piano book, and boy, is it fun to sing and play. I also love playing "Santa Fe". And "Something to Believe In", but I can hardly sing that one. Katherine's voice is so high! (but pretty!)

    Christmas!!!! :D

    Wow, 300th post?? Congratulations!!

    Hahahaha, I love that video tooo!!

  11. OHMYGOODNESS NEWSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ....yeah, no, actually, I still have no clue why everybody likes Newsies so much and I feel kind of bad about that. Like, I finally got it with Les Mis. And just about everything else. But I cannot Get It with Newsies. I think this is largely because of the following reasons:
    1) It is mainly about a bunch of boys. Blehh. :P
    2) I don't like the style of music, and it certainly doesn't go with the time period in which the story is set.
    3) All those fake horrible accents. Aghhhhh. >.<

    Okay done. :P

    I do hope you and Emma get to meet before too long. I know what you're going through, I really do.

    So, I must say I find myself curious about some details about you and your Life that aren't exactly socially acceptable to ask in the comment box, haha. Shall I email you about them, perhaps? That is, do you trust me enough to know that I am not a creepy stalker trying to obtain your social security number or something equally villainous? :P


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