Memory Nest Tag - {aka. a really adorable tag}


My very dear old chap, Olivia, pecked me. I know, it's very bad of her. Pecking is awful. But not in this case! In this case pecking is an extremely Good and Cosy thing to do. In that case, I am thanking my dear chap Olivia very cordially. Thank you. :-)

(Do not ask me why I am referring to Olivia as a 'chap.' It just kind of seems to fit, although she's very much a girl. (Maybe I'm feeling a bit Woosterish today.))

The rules for this game are explained in the following paragraph. (Not by me. By Erudessa.)

Instead of having to answer questions or tell random facts about yourself {like a normal tag} you make up random nonsense that starts with:
'When I grow up and have my own house' And then list a random fact. It can be true example: 'When I grow up and have my own house, I am going to learn to play the Violin', or serious, 'When I grow up and have my own house, I want and Old English Garden with a sun dial' or complete nonsense like, 'When I grow up and have my own house, I am going to make a different chocolate dessert everyday.'

Instead of an 'awards tag' it's a Memory Nest. We are helping each other build a nest made out of Memories. And instead of 'tagging' a certain number of people that have to answer questions, you 'peck' ONE other person. One thing, is that this can last as long as our imaginations hold out because we can come up with the most ridiculous things and never say the same thing (I know that you eventually run out of random facts about yourself when answering tags) but as long as we have imaginations this can go on and on!!
The rules: 
1.)  Thank the person that 'pecked' you.
2.)  List five things that start with "when I grow up and have my own house..." (they can be true, or utterly ridiculous, whatever you feel like writing :-)). 
3.)'Peck' one other person and let them know you have done so.

Doesn't it sound like the most adorable tag ever?!! I'm getting fuzzies. I'm glad I got pecked.

This tag is pretty perfect for me, because I'm always dreaming about stuff like that. Not that I'm not happy now, (duh), but it's really nice to dream. (Only, the bad thing about this tag, is that we're only allowed to write down five things. That's nothing. Like, just five. I could write down 1000 things, at least. BUT, I'll try. After all, life is not perfect, and one must face the trials of it. :-P)

1. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will own my Very Own Library. This has been my dream for ages. To have a large-ish kind of room and fill all it's walls with books, and more books. And hopefully have a ladder to make it look all kind of authentic and Victorian, because one might as well make it look like that when one has a library. I think I'll colour coordinate it, and then photograph the amazing rainbow room and post loads of pictures of it on my blog. (Stay tuned...)

2. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will own all the Period Dramas out there. And seriously, I won't have a to-watch list, because I'll have seen them all. I'll be the queeeeeen of Period Dramas. Of course, the DVD's will be found in the library, between the books, whichever colour the dvd spine happens to be. I might or might not own more than one DVD of Pride and Prejudice 1995, just in case someone wants to borrow one.

3. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will have a writing room upstairs, with pink walls, and a lamp that gives a kind of golden glow. There will also continually be movie soundtracks running in the room, but not Newsies songs, because I can't concentrate on my writing when I listen to Newsies songs. All I can do when I listen to Newsies songs is pretend I'm a Newsie and sing the songs. (It's exhausting, but I love it.)

4. When I grow up and have my own house...

I might host a book club. Don't you love the sound of that? I will invite all the great booknerds in my street over on Saturdays and we'll talk about books. Wait. No, that'll be boring. Because they probably read modern stuff, which I don't care about, and they probably read reeeaaaally slow, and I read one book in one evening. Oh well, I'll probably host one online. Take that as a compliment, ladies. :-)

5. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will have identical twin boys. Maybe. Also, I'd like some dark-red Kate-Middleton-style heels one day. Also, I'm going to make a VERY big thing of Christmas. Like, it's going to start in November, and end in February, or something like that. (I'm going to have Celtic Women Christmas Album on throughout those months, non-stop. Maybe.)

As nice as it is to dream, guys, I'm really glad I'm not there yet.

I'm so glad I don't have my own house yet. Right now I'm super happy to live with my siblings and have my little room domain, and just be a nonsensical teenager. But one day... that might change. (Although I doubt I'll ever loose my nonsensicality. I'm a hopeless case.)

And I peck: Hayden!


  1. Yay, I was waiting for this. :-D
    I was dreaming up what *my* answers would be if I was 'pecked' and my first thought was the same as yours - a LIBRARY! Indubitably. I MUST have one. Except I wouldn't want mine in colour co-ordination. If I was to have my own library I'd have them separated into genres rather than colours, or maybe alphabetical. I'm not sure, but either way, I'd LOVE a library. All those BOOKS. :-D
    Haha, the "Queens of Period Dramas". What an interesting title! ;-P I think that'd be fun, although in another sense it wouldn't, because then you wouldn't be able to discover any new ones! :-P
    Yes, although I think a window seat or a desk next to a window would do me. (Honestly, I have no desk for writing and it makes me so *sniff* sad. The closest I can get to a desk - or even bedside table for that matter! - is a tiny dolly's wardrobe that my great grandad made for my mother, and I've got my Bible, a journal, a book we use for Sunday School, my little note pad, random pieces of paper, pens, and my current book I'm reading precariously perched on top (which a knock from my reckless siblings would send it crashing down, haha). So a desk near a window would do me fine. ;-D
    Oh, a book club online? How grand! I'm afraid I wouldn't read fast enough for that, though. (I'm reading a thick novel by Dickens at the moment, and by the looks of things, it'll take me close to a month to read it. *siiigh*)
    I've always wanted identical twins! Or just twins in general. :-D My great aunty and grandpa were twins, and they say they 'skip a generation' which means one of my 5 siblings or I have a high chance of getting twins. :-D I think I'd prefer a boy and a girl for twins, but I'd LOVE any, identical or no, two girls, two boys, one of each, it doesn't matter - I really want twins!!
    Hehe, yeah, I don't think I'm ready for a house just yet. :-P I'm happy as it is. In the meantime, I'll keeping dreaming up my house, and future..... ;-)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. I KNOW. Libraries are musts. :-) (Yeah, I see what you mean. But I love everything colour-coordinated, so yeah. It's a me-thing.)
      Oh, I'm sorry you don't have a desk. I have my own desk, but I hardly use it! I always feel way more productive on my bed. I write, work and read at my bed. :-) (Right now I'm sitting on the ground, and not at my desk. :-P)
      Yes, I know the 'skip a generation' thing is something I've heard myself. I have two great-aunts who are (not identical) twins. But not one of my grandparents or parents. I'll have to marry someone who's father or mother is one of a twin. HAHA.
      Exactly, dreaming, after all, is half the fun!

      ~ Naomi

  2. This was fun to read Naomi! I totally agree with #1. A huge library would be my top priority too. Although I might add a dusty, white bearded, old librarian man. :)

    1. Haha! A dusty bearded old library man?!!! Lydia, that is CREEPY. :-)

  3. First of all, LOOK AT ALL THE DREAMY PERIOD DRAMA PICTURES. Oh, it just gives me happy tingles. Sometimes I forget how much I love period dramas. You always remind me. :-) I was surprised to see a picture from Angel, cause I haven't heard or thought of that movie in so long! You haven't seen it, have you? (If you haven't, I suggest you don't. It's terrible. Despite the presence of Michael Fassbender and his red hair.)

    Identical twin boys! That makes me think of...Master George!

    I want a writing room too. That is my Dream. It will have gingham curtains and be illuminated with soft yellow light and be stuffed full of books and smell like paper and ink.

    "All I can do when I'm listening to Newsies songs is pretend I'm a Newsie and sing the songs." SAME. And it's so much fun. :-D

    I really enjoyed this post, Naomi!


    1. I KNOW AREN'T THEY PRETTY. Don't you worry, I'll be always there to remind you. :-) Don't worry, I have not (and will not) seen Angel. I just liked the picture. :-) (I remember reading on your blog when I was a little teenager that you said it was awful. :-D)

      I know. Master George!!!! :-)


      Thanks for the comment, wuv.

      ~ Sassyface

    2. I love that you just signed off as 'Sassyface' -- because I just got Celia Garth from the library to read again. :-D

    3. I might re-read it as well. GOSH I LOVE THAT BOOK.

  4. I love Celtic Woman! And having a library has always been a dream of mine... especially with the library ladder. ;P

    1. Yes. The LADDER. One that kind of flies across the room on the shelves. That would be amazingly fun. :-D

  5. Fun tag, Naomi! I liked your answers. YES a library. What a great idea :D Oh and I looooove the sound of your writing room. I wish I could have that someday in my house too :)

    P.S. I know what you mean about Newsies. There's just so much energy that you just want to sing along, and that means that Nothing Else can get done :P

    1. Yes, right?!!! The writing room and the library. Dreams. :-)

      I know. ALL THE GLORIOUS ENERGY. Gah, I love those boys. :-D

      ~ N

  6. A huge colored coordinated library! Now THAT will be something to see! Be sure you do post pictures, whenever that library comes into your possession! :) (Oh, and that picture with the pink and blue background! Deliciousness! I love those colors together!)

    Haha! I think your fifth point was actually four points rolled into one! Nice way to get around the trial of only picking five things! :D

    I've always thought identical twins would be cool, too. Any particular reason why you hit on identical twin boys? Just curious.

    Lovely post, Naomi! I enjoyed it!

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes, I'm sure that if I ever have the library, I'll be so proud of it I will never stop sharing pictures with you. :-) (You'll get tired of it!)

      I know. I cheated with number #5. :-P

      Oh I don't know why I said twin BOYS. :-) I just really want to choose the names 'Matthew' and 'Gabriel'. But then I'd have so much fun dressing girls. *sighs* I'll just let God choose. :-P

      Thanks for commenting, dear!

      ~ Naomi

  7. Wait a second... you like Celtic Woman? Me too! It's one of my favorite things to listen to this time of year!

    1. Yes. I LOVE THEM. Their version of 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' is just Out Of This World. In my opinion. :-P

  8. Oh, this is so much fun! I love reading what everybody's dreams are for their own house :)

    Your own writing room . . . with pink walls . . . and movie soundtracks running nonstop . . . GAH. Icantstandtheperfectionjuststop. :)

    I know what you mean about Newsies--it's just so exciting you can't concentrate on writing. (Although it's excellent background music for a Really Boring and Mindnumbing Homework Task. Like finishing up a bibliography at 9 PM when the house is dark and everybody else is in bed. Life of a college senior. ;) )

    Christmas from November to February? Hey, that's what WE do! (Well, basically, anyway. We start on the first Sunday of Advent and we go all the way to February 2nd. And we play Christmas music THE WHOLE DOGGONED TIME. It's awesome. :) )

    1. Ah, thanks. I'm glad you like the sound of my dream writing room. :-)

      Really? I can't do things while I listen to Newsies songs. Maybe SOME things, but definitely not many. :-D

      Doesn't Advent start in December? (We 'do' Advent too. :-)) Yeah, I suppose we make a big thing of Christmas, too. I plan on continuing that. :-D

      ~ Naomi

    2. Yeah, it usually starts at the very beginning of December or else the very end of November . . . it varies from year to year. I wasn't sure if you guys did Advent, also--I know some Protestants do and some don't.

      When do you "end" Christmas? Like I said, we always go to February 2nd, but I think maybe that's only a Catholic thing :) (I do love it, though. That's the day we celebrate when Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the Temple and met Simeon, which is one of my favorite Bible stories EVERRRRRR.)

    3. We actually go to an Anglican Church, not Protestant. Advent is something there. :-)

      We definitely do read about the Simeon story. I think it's on Feb 2ond, too. Not sure. It's been TOO LONG. :-)

    4. I see . . . I get confused sometimes about different denominations, sorry :)

      I know!! It's been WAY too long. I wish it were Christmas right now :)

  9. You did it! Yaysies:D

    "Do not ask me why I am referring to Olivia as a 'chap.' It just kind of seems to fit, although she's very much a girl." Haha! This made me giggle:D Hey, it works--I call you chap, you call me chap, so we're all men of our word, really, except that we are in fact women. (If you get that reference, I shall be happy:D)

    Whoa, that picture with Uma Thurman and Anjelica Houston looks mighty cool.

    A library! And the Queen of Period Dramas! And a book club! *clutches at heart* Ohhhh, can I come visit when you grow up and have your own house?!:D

    And that writing room sounds oh-so-loverly. I love lamps that cast golden glows, don't you?:)

    1. *Hides* I do not get that reference. Sorry. :-/

      YES. VISIT ME. :-) Join my future book club! :-) Yes, of course I love golden-glow-lamps. That's why I mentioned it. :-D

      Thanks again for tagging me!

      ~ Naomi

  10. Hello! New to this blog business but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy yours immensely. It's odd to find someone my age with the same interests, I have to say.
    Keep on being cool!

    1. Hi Frankie, thank you so much! :-) You are cool, too. :-D

  11. This is such an adorable tag.:) I love how your posts are always filled with gorgeous pictures! Also I love your new header. Especially the picture in the upper right corner. *sigh* So beautiful.

  12. Ahahaha, this was so great, Naomi!!

    I can't wait to see your color-coordinated library of books and period dramas!!! Can I come and stay for, like, a month? I'll sleep in the library. :) heehee

    A writing room!! Oh, it sounds delightful. I dream of a writing room, too. And HA, yes it's practically impossible to do anything productive while listening to Newsies. Unless your family is gone and you can work in the kitchen with the music and dance and sing all you like. hahahaha

    Oh, count me in on the book club!

    Heehee, I think you bent the rules and managed to slip 3 things into #5. You naughty girl. :P

    Your idea about extending your Christmas celebrations made me laugh aloud!

    I agree. I love to dream about "some days" but, at the same time, I'm glad I'm not there yet. :)

    1. Yes, you are cordially invited, my friend. :-D

      HAHAH. I know, I'm very wicked. :-) But then, I have so many dreams! :-)

      ~ N


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