My Christmas

Our little fat Christmas tree in all its bad-camera-quality glory. His name is Octavio.
Can we all just sit back for a moment and talk about our Christmases? 
Do you mind? Thanks. Because I rather like the topic.

Mine was wonderful. I'd forgotten how awesome Christmasses can be. :-)
-We woke up early, and opened our stockings around the fire in the living room. 
- I dressed up in light-pink and dark-red.
-We sang Ding Dong Merrily on High and others. While there were candles burning, of course. They were red candles, of course.
-We went to Church and had a wonderful service with friends and candles and carols and God. 
-We had a big lunch with chicken instead of turkey (at least we kept it in the turkey-family.) 
-I was SO stuffed-to-the-brim that I almost didn't enjoy our pudding, which was ice-cream-with-caramel-and-toffee (the best, seriously.) 
-We cracked our Christmas crackers and read the silly jokes and put on our paper crowns. (Mine was green.)

An awkward attempt to make an elegant shot of me decked in fake-diamonds and fluffy Christmas-ness.

- We opened the presents under the tree and I got THIS amount of books. I also opened Emma's Christmas present and letter and got darn emotional.
- Everyone started reading their new books. (I've got a picture of all my family reading books on Christmas day. I've trained them well, haven't I?)
- We watched King Philip of Belgium's Christmas speech and Queen Elizabeth of England's Christmas Speech. Queen Elizabeth's was SO good - a lovely Christian message. (Watch it here, if you want to.)
- I organised my new books in my bookshelves. I have so little place left.
- We watched some of the Sound of Music. I mouthed all the words, because I really know that movie by heart - word by word.
- We ate dinner (although no-one was really hungry, lets be honest) and phoned my Grandparents in England and sang "We wish you a merry Christmas" for them.
- Of course we sang some more Christmas songs. Duh.
- And in the evening we played Pictionary and my team LOST which means my Christmas was ruined.

So. Now the books I got. There are MANY. THIRTEEN; I got thirteen books. I had not expected that. (I have to be honest though and tell you; some of these were early birthday presents. My grandparents put my Christmas present and my birthday present together.)

ZEE BOOKS (and dvd) I GOT (starting from the bottom of the picture):
1. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. This book was a "risk" to buy. I'd heard a lot about it; but I have no CLUE if I'll like it. I wanted to make one purchase like that, so I asked my grandparents to buy it. I hope it was worth the buy; because my copy is gorgeous and hardcover. Has any of you read it?
2. Against the tide by Elizabeth Camden. This is one of Hayden's favourite Christian Fiction books - and I generally like the same books as her - so I think I'll enjoy this one.
3. Therefore we are by my Granddad. This is a little thin book my granddad wrote about our family background. I've read it before, and I love learning about my good old ancestors.
4. Vienna Prelude by Thoene. Ashley likes this book a lot, and it's WW2 so obviously I want it for my OWN. But... I might not like it. So this one was KIND of a risk.
5. Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser. This one wasn't really a risk - because I've read 'The Sweetest Thing' by Elizabeth Musser and LOVED it, so I thought another Musser book would be a safe book to wish for.
6. Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh. My dear Eva made me buy this book. I decided I HAD to buy at least ONE Jack Cavanaugh book for Christmas; and I went with Dear Enemy. Can't wait to read it.
7. The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser. One of my favourite books ever, but I didn't own it, soooo. I gave this book to Emma last year for Christmas, and I've missed it so much. I can't wait to read about Perri and Dobbs again. Highly recommend this book! It's such a gorgeous book about friendship and God and love.
8. Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. My best friend Emma loves this book to bits, so I wished for it and it's sequel, Hattie Ever After and I GOT THEM BOTH. So happy. I've started reading this, and it's adorable and so good. :-)
9. Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson. I'm SO in love with the cover. It's gorgeousness alore. Can't waitwaitwaittttt to read this!!!
10. The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron. This one is a "risk", too, but I'm pretty sure I'll like it; because many of my Goodreads friends did + it's a Holocaust book, which means it must be amazing.
11. Code Name Verity by what's-her-name. This one has been rather highly rated by my Goodreads friends and it's WW2 fiction. So I think I'll be my cuppa.
12. Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay. I loved "Dear Mr Knightley" - it was charming and so literature-reference-y - and I knew I wanted to read more of Katherine Reay's books. So Lizzy and Jane is was then. Can't wait to read this one! I love the cover, too. That helps.
13. Jubilee Trail by Gwen Bristrow. SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. Because it's by the same author as 'Celia Garth' (which I adored) and some people have told me it's even better, which... which... kind of blows my mind. :-P

And the dvd I received is Meet me at St Louis!!!! FINALLY I WILL WATCH IT. Emma gave it to me. I mean. Who else would. (Thanks again, Violet. You should've heard me squeak.)

I'm so blessed. Not only did I get the best presents and have a wonderful time; I also have the best family, amazing friends, a Church with lovely people, a bosom friend at the other side of the ocean, and the most amazing news of all time - God coming to us as a little baby.

I'm quite upset it's a whole year again till Christmas, to be honest. :-/

How was your Christmas?


  1. Lizzy and Jane is so good! I do like Dear Mr Knightley better, but. Your Christmas sounds lovely! It made me feel happiful just reading about it. :)

    1. Good! I'm glad you liked Lizzy and Jane - I think I'll like it, too.
      Aww, really? Thanks! It was a lovely Christmas indeed. :-)

  2. Oh, Naomi, your Christmas sounds so wonderful!! And all the BOOKS-- I haven't read any of them but they all look lovely. Especially the one written by your Granddad. That's just cool. :)

    My Christmas was so amazing. Christmas always is, of course, but this one somehow seemed even lovelier than the last. :) On Christmas Eve my family all drives up to our house (I live in Tennessee, about three hours away from several of my relatives), one aunt bringing Memphis BBQ (which our family adores), and the other aunt and cousins staying overnight with us. My grandparents come over too and we all eat BBQ and Grandmommy's carrot cake and watch a Christmas movie. It's lovely. ^_^
    Then, Christmas morning, I head downstairs and my parents and little brother and I all open our stockings together before everyone else wakes up/comes over. I make Christmas tea and drink it while admiring the lights on the tree and all over the house (Christmas lights are my favorite) and basking in that warm-fuzzy feeling. Then everyone comes over and makes coffee and tea and such, because it's still pretty early, and then we all gather in the living room so Dad can read us the Christmas story in Luke (only this year we switched it up and read from Philippians 2). Then there's the Opening of Presents, and after that Mom sets out the breakfast casserole (or more of a "brunch" casserole since we don't get around to eating until about 10:30). The rest of the day is just family fun and celebrating Jesus, which is the best. ^_^

    Let's see, presents... well, my kindred spirit Sarah (who lives several states over from me) mailed me a Christmas present and it was my favorite thing ever. I squealed. She handmade this adorable fairy who is now perched atop my piano, and sent me a beautiful drawing she'd made for me on my birthday and also a cozy sweater. I sent her a book by Elisabeth Elliot and a drawing of my own. This was the first time we've ever been able to mail each other and it was so exciting!
    From family, money to buy books (always important), gift cards to a couple vintage clothing stores I love, a Downton Abbey mug, some very nice tea, and quite a few Practical Things since I'm going to college this upcoming autumn. But the Practical Things are still lovely and I'm just very grateful for all of it. :)

    I'm going to try and watch Queen Elizabeth's speech later-- Christian messages are the best. Especially on Christmas. Go Queen Elizabeth!

    I'm so glad you had a Merry Christmas; thank you for sharing it with us, and giving us the chance to share ours! :)

    1. Emily, Thank you for your wonderful long comment!! :-) I'm glad you had a merry one, too.

      I know how exciting it is to mail and get Christmas presents from a friend! It is THE most exciting feeling ever.
      Ohh! You got a Downton Abbey mug! That sounds soooo cool. :-)
      Exactly. I LOVE Queen Elizabeth. :-)

      Have a happy new year, Emily!

      ~ Naomi

  3. That is a seriously awesome book haul! So many books! I'm a little bit jealous. ;)

  4. I'm so happy you had such a beautiful day!! We did, too :) We had Mass in the morning, and it was my favorite priest and he gave SUCH an awesome sermon about Christmas and God coming down to Earth. It made me smile and smile :)

    I got lovely presents, too--including a S&S 08 DVD (YAYYYY!!!), some awesome music CDs including CELTIC THUNDER'S LATESY ALBUM (YAYYYYY AGAIN!!!), and a super-elegant paper fan that makes me feel just like a Period Drama Lady. And for a present for my whole family, I wrote a story about the dog in the stable in Bethlehem, and they all liked it a lot. So I'm very happy :-)

    1. *Latest, not "latesy" ;)

      Sorry, I'm sick in bed with the flu and typing with one finger :)

    2. Good Church services are the best. :-)

      Ahh! You got S&S08! Time to watch it again!!! :-) (Aw! I hope you get better really soon, dear! I'm so sorry you're ill.)

      ~ N

    3. YES!! I started watching the first two episodes yesterday and they made me soooooooooooo happy. My favorite Austen film evah :)

      Thank you so much--that means a lot :) Yes, it's no fun, especially since I've been sick for a while and it just keeps coming back! That's how I know it's the flu :( And Rosie's got it, too--rather worse than me, actually. So we shall have to just Lie Low for a while ;)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of books!

    I got four books and three movies(one was the 1995 P&P) and a kindle which counts as lots of books. ^.^

    1. You got a kindle!!! That is the best present ever (together with THE BEST MOVIE EVER, which you also got. :-D) - Seriously though, I use my kindle all the time. I got it for Christmas two years ago. :-)

    2. I'm using it way more often than I thought I would. It's a great present. :)


  6. Sounds like you had a stupendously amazing Christmas! :)

    AND YOU GOT 'DEAR ENEMY'. AOSDFJOJWERLSDFAWERI. (I already knew that, but it's still Thrilling to see it on your list.)

    Merry post-Christmas!!!

    1. I did indeed. It was wonderful and I'm so sad it's over.

      YES. I DIIIIIID. I really hope I love it as much as you do!!!

      Merry post-Christmas to you, too, dear Eva! :-)

  7. Merry Christmas!
    Your Christmas sounded amazing!!!

    1. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too. :-)

  8. I already heard all about your Christmas, so I don't have much more to say ;-P....except that's a LOVELY stack of books! Hey, I didn't know your granddad had written a book. That's really cool!

    Anything called Firefly Lane must have SOME potential. ;-)

    1. The 'book' my Granddad wrote isn't really a BOOK; It's more like a thick pamphlet. But it's really cool. :-)

      I'm actually really disappointed with Firefly Lane. The writing style was gorgeous and the story was really GOOD, but I stopped because of all the swearing and the worldly-values going on. I could feel even worse stuff coming up. Ugh. :-P

  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D I'm so glad you had a wonderful one! I got a number of books and movies and such, including the newer version of Persuasion, which we didn't have yet :D

    1. Thank you, Olivia! Your presents sound nice. (I hope you enjoy Persuasion!)

  10. Your Christmas sounds splendid, Naomi!! I'm so glad you had a good day! :D My Christmas was very nice. Busy, but good. We had people in the house pretty much all day--and my siblings and I got up at 5:00 in the morning, as we do every year--so it was really exhausting. But still fun! :)

  11. Nice watch :)
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    Maria V.

  12. Alright. It's midnight and I'm rather sleepy so please excuse me if I'm sounding rather...unintelligible. :-P
    Your Christmas tree (and caption for it) made me giggle. Oh, and looking back on that photo, your grand piano just caught my eye...!!!
    Oh, you got Meet Me In ST. Louis! :-D I'm currently reading The Sweetest Thing, you know. On YOUR recommendation. (Aren't you proud?!)
    I didn't get to listen to the Queen's speech because of TIME, but I'm sure it was sweet. (She's so sweet. And cute. Naww.)
    My Christmas...
    We slept in, had a cooked breakfast, and played card games. Then we had an early lunch and opened presents. (Do you wanna know what I got? I'm guessing you're curious to know... ;-P Okay, so I got a bow and arrows, (!!), a target to go with it (that's for all the kids to share, though), a digital watch, a hoola hoop (yes, I asked for that and I'm not ashamed of that fact), "An Old Fashioned Girl", a book bag and a bookmark, (this is including from my grandparents + cousins etc), Cinderella 2015 (!!), a floppy, straw coloured beach hat, a gorgeous letter writing set, chocolate, and a bead bracelet. :-) I was VERY happy. :-D Then we played a board game, had our traditional special dinner and sat around watching the carols on TV. :-D (That was Christmas Eve, 'cause my brother was working Christmas Day. We had guests over on Christmas Day. Oh, and we had an extended family Christmas where we did a nativity story (I was the narrator for the first time) and went carolling! :-D That was SO FUN. We did harmonies and everything, it sounded so good (a cappella, too). My Christmas was very nice. I'm sad it's over. :-( (Oh, and my great Aunty gave me White Christmas. Just casually rang me up happy birthday and said I could keep it. Like, AHHHH!!!!!! :-P)
    ~Miss Meg

  13. We just watched Meet Me in St. Louis! It's an interesting movie... I shall have to check out Dear Mr. Knightley and Lizzy and Jane, as this is the second time I've heard them recommended. I'm also going to have to watch Queen Elizabeth's speech! And Ding Dong Merrily on High! Of course! I tried to convince my family to sing Christmas carols with me... but no go. :( However, I do believe we may go Christmas caroling tonight with some friends who celebrate the whole 12 days of Christmas. And we did have a Christmas Eve candlelight service with carols. I just love Christmas carols... :-D
    My Christmas was pretty nice. My adorable niece was here (and oh, yeah, her parents too ;p). Being the youngest of only three sisters, I'm not used to having small children around and it's lovely. I read an Agatha Christie Christmas mystery (although a Christmas murder mystery is an odd idea) and then read Howl's Moving Castle (which my brother-in-law gave me, as he had drawn my name), though I've read it before, and finished it in about two days. It's a brilliant fantasy.
    Merry Christmas (it's still Christmas if you celebrate the twelve days!) and Happy New Year!

  14. (My, that was a lot of exclamation points!)

  15. What a gorgeous post! I love all the pictures, especially the one of you with the feathers and diamonds. No, I'm serious :) And WOW, look at all those books!! They look sooooo cool!

    Sorry I couldn't comment earlier - I really was pretty seriously sick with the 'flu. Confined to my bed for a couple of days and feeling like a ghost pretty much explains my inability to read blog posts. HOWEVER, I did manage to not be sick on Christmas. (Hurray!) And so I had a lovely Christmas too . . . I got a lot of wonderful presents. I got a new sketchbook. With really wonderful paper. I got a great journal-type notebook with a leather cover and a bookmark and an elastic band to keep it shut. I CANNOT WAIT to start writing in it, it's so inviting :) I also got a fan - a REAL FAN, made of bamboo wood and special paper. It opens so ELEGANTLY. I love it. It's white with red+black birds on it. It's fun to pretend with :P OH and the best present I got was a TANGLED DVD. I was ENORMOUSLY happy. Y'see, I'd asked for it Rayther Close to Christmas because of sickness and so on, and I was afraid I would have to wait for my birthday . . . but nope. I got a certificate in my stocking saying it was arriving soon. And now it's arrived and I AM SO HAPPY. I'm waiting to recover all the way though, so's to be able to laugh properly over it :)

    We went to Mass, which was beautiful and amazing and absolutely wonderful :) And for Christmas was happy and jolly and wonderful!! I went to bed PERFECTLY contented.
    And then of course I got sick. But it was a wonderful Christmas ANYWAY :D

  16. Aw, your Christmas sounds so wonderful, just a joy to read about it! My Christmas was very nice as well, I had my mother and sister over, so I played hostess. But it was all very relaxing anyway, all the recipes I had in my head worked out, haha!

    Your book haul is amazing! Kristin Hannah is one of my favourite authors, I've read almost all her books. Firefly Lane is beautiful though sad, but then most of Kristin's books can be quite sad. I also looove Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh!

  17. I hope you like "Meet Me in St. Louis" a whole lot! It's very sweet. At first I only loved Tootie and just liked the others, but now I'm very attached to the whole family. Especially Grandpa. "I have twelve guns in my room." That's the kind of grandpa to have!


    Aww, you seemed to have had a beautiful Christmas. Ours was very nice too, just spent quietly at home watching A Christmas Carol and doing other nice, relaxing things. :) One of my favorite gifts was Little Dorrit on dvd! Yay! :D

    WHAT a book pile! They all look so scrumptious!

    Sorry for how late this comment is, but I've had a quite time catching up on blog posts. :)

    I'm sad it's a year till Christmas tooooo, it went way too fast!!

  19. How did i miss this!!!?!?! Your christmas sounds super awesome! :-D I should do a post on mine but as its nearly Australia Day it's a bit late hehe. Oh how ironic I'm listening to the sound of music for orchestra now.. oh that movie has a special place in my heart.. *whispers* musicals slightly better though (probably cause I've played some of the musical score). The Captain and maria just make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside when they realise they love each other and oh my wordy so sweet.

    Those books.

    Thats all :P


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