Why hello.

Despite being crazy excited about Christmas (WHICH hello IS IN TWO DAYS) and about Christmas Eve (nothing else than TOMORROW), I have time to pop in with some hellos. But first and foremost, I have three questions for you. (Because I really am genuinely interested in your lives. No really.)
1. Are you spending your Christmas at home?
2. If your family does presents, do you know what you're going to receive?
3. What's your favourite Christmas Carol?
Okay. Now the post.

Firstly, look at how ADORABLE Charlotte and George are. I am in love with this family photo they released for Christmas... just look at the faces and the eyes and the cuteness. (JUST LOOK. It's EASY.)

Secondly, I posted a '3 Things I Love in a Story' post on Heidi's blog. Clickez-vous Ici.

Thirdly, I have written my story for the competition yesterday and I have submitted it. Fingers crossed I will end up winning fame and glory and a five-pound-Amazon-thing.

Fourthly, Several days ago I reread Rilla of Ingleside. Um. That might have been a wrong life decision because I am heart BROKE for Christmas about Walter and about the fact that there is no movie of this impeccably perfect book. I am writing a script. :-)

Fifthly, I can't wait for the books I'm going to get for Christmas. New BOOKS. And I also can't wait to open Emma's presents because it's a SURPRISE and I'm dead curious. (I know it's a dvd. But WHAT dvd?!!! Ahhh, the waiting, the waiting. It hurts.)

Sixthly, I have to go. Bye.

Oh, and seventhly, here's a Christmas video for you guys; I made it for you. A Christmas present, and all that. Merry Christmas, dears.

(PS. Sorry this post ended up being very short. I wanted to make it nice and long and chatty, but now suddenly it's evening, and I'm feeling a bit sick (praying it'll disappear!) and I'm tired. Sooo. Sorry. But I hope it was worth the post, anyways.)


  1. Hello, Naomi :-) I hope you're feeling better soon!

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, we're spending Christmas here at home. My mom has come to visit for almost two weeks, which is such a treat! My kids are out of their tiny little minds with joy over having Grammy to play with.

    2. Yes, we do presents, and no, I don't have a clear idea of what I'm going to receive. I know that my husband got me something long and tubular -- possibly a poster? And that he helped my kids make something for me. And I know I'm getting a book of some sort and a DVD of some sort from my parents. That's all I know about what's under my tree with my name on it!

    3. "What Child is This."

    1. Aw, that's so cute that your kids are so excited. Excited children are priceless things. :-)
      Haha! I always guess my surprise presents by the shape of it, too.
      I've never listened to that song... I should. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    2. You should! It's to the tune of "Greensleeves" and achingly beautiful.

  2. 1. Are you spending your Christmas at home?-Actually no I'm not. I'm going to my cousin's house for Christmas
    2. If your family does presents, do you know what you're going to receive?-I have a feeling I'm getting some books because I've been asking for it all month. And possibly some clothes.
    3. What's your favourite Christmas Carol?-My favorite christmas carol? Oh good lord I don't know....but my favorite Christmas song is that old Nat King Cole christmas song that I can't name at the moment

    Also, THAT'S A BEAUTFUL VIDEO YOU MADE. And I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!!

    1. Books and Clothes are usually the two things on my wishlist, too. :-)

      THANK YOU!!! And you too - have yourself a very merry Christmas. :-))

  3. I love the collage you used to open your post. I LOVE CHRISTMASY THINGS SO MUCH.

    1. Yes, I am, thankfully. I had to spend my birthday away from home, so I wouldn't want to leave all my music and books and things on Christmas. HORRORS. ;)
    2. Each person in my family is getting one book on Christmas Eve, and then we wait to open the rest of our presents on New Year's Day (we don't FULLY celebrate Christmas). I have no idea what any of my presents are.
    3. Ohhhh, how can I decide? I love so many! Probably 'Silent Night'. A boring and predictable choice, I know, but it's gorgeous and the Sainsbury's advertisement made me love it even more.

    I hope you win the story contest! I didn't enter because I don't really like entering contests (though I ended up winning the only one I did enter - haha). :)

    WALTER. RoI has permanently broken my heart. I LOVE YOU WALTER. I wish you had more Christmases in your life. :(




    1. I know. Christmasses just SHOULD be spent at home. :-)
      My dad says that Silent Night is probably the most famous song in the world. So yes, it's always a good choice. :-)


      Merry Christmas to you, too!

      ~ Naomi

  4. Christmas post!!! Hurray!!!

    Okay, so:
    1. Yes, we'll be at home. We live too far from our relatives (roughly twenty hours' drive) to spend holidays with them . . . so yeah.
    2. Yes, we do presents--and this year, I actually don't have much idea what I'm going to get :-) Usually, I give my mom a list/help her pick out stuff, but this year, that just didn't happen because of Reasons. So I don't really know--except that I did ask her for a DVD of S&S 08 (surprise, surprise) and I MIGHT be getting that. I don't really know ;-)
    3. Oh . . . gee . . . this is a tough one . . . but if you really press me, I'd have to say my tippy-top-favorite is "Little Drummer Boy." I've known that song for FOREVER and it makes me really, really happy. But I also love "Silent Night" and "O, Holy Night" and "In the Bleak Midwinter" and "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and "Mary Did You Know" . . . you get the idea. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

    Oh, I love Prince George and Princess Charlotte SO MUCH. I wish we had a million photographs of them--but at the same time, I'm glad we DON'T because if I were them, I know I would HATE to have photographers following me about all the time. So there's that. But yeah--I do love them.

    YOU'RE WRITING A SCRIPT FOR RILLA OF INGLESIDE?? LIKE, REALLY? LIKE, WHAT EVEN. Seriously. That's the best idea I've heard for a long time. :-)

    Oh, it was totally worth the post! I'm sorry you're feeling sick . . . I am too, actually. (I've been sick on-and-off ever since I got off school a week or two ago AND THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR. Ahem. Movin' on.)

    Oh, have you ever listened to this Christmas song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LHByznq1ho&list=PLLrHCf8iYn2FBSI7-aGkCkjUi2Dj3E3hl&index=8
    If you never have, you MUST. Please? Just as a favor to me? It's gorgeous and adorable and perfect and just awwwwwwwwwwww. I don't know how I ever got along without it. (I only discovered it yesterday, haha.)

    1. Eeek, I hope you get the S&S dvd!!! :-)
      Little Drummer boy has never been my absolute favourite, but I do see why you like it. :-)
      YES. I AM. (About ROI script.) Well, I've only just started, but it's a project I hope to pursue in 2016. :-)
      Ahhh, I hope you feel better sooon!

      WIll listen to the song!!!

      ~ N

    2. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! I can't wait to hear more about how the script turns out!!!!

  5. I'm sick too, at the moment. *inserts silent rage* Let's hope we both get better!! I need to finish my story for the contest, and make presents for people - Argh. I hope I can get it all done.

    Yes, we always spend Christmas at home . . . our relatives live Rather Far away. *sigh* But we have a pretty big family as it is, so Christmas is always a Jolly Affair. If only I can get better in time - !!!

    Our family does do presents. Um, so there are Various Things that I've asked for that I really hope I'm going to get, but I don't know about any of it FOR SURE. I know I'll get lots of lovely things from everyone though - I always do! Oh by the way, I love giving people presents :D

    MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CAROL?!! No way. I don't have A favorite. But here are several that I especially like: "Silent Night", "What Child Is This?", "Away In A Manger", and "O Holy Night." And there are TONS of others. And a ton that are 'Christmassy' without counting as Christmas carols. Like "Winter Wonderland." And "All I Want For Christmas." Not the Mariah Carey version though . . . I prefer Keith Harkin or Tiffany Alvord's version :)

    Merry Christmas, Naomi! *sends dozens of virtual hugs* :) :) :)

    1. Ugh, I'm sorry you're feeling sick too. I'm feeling a little better today, but I ain't meself quite yet. I'll pray for you, Rosie.

      I like Winter Wonderland too. :-)

      Merry Christmas!!!!

    2. Thank you for the prayers - I will pray for you as well :) Merry Christmas!

  6. That video made me smile! So lovely! THE BIRD AT THE END. :) x

    1. Thanks, Jillian! Yes, it's the bird from the ad. :-)

  7. Oh fun!

    1. Yes, we will be spending Christmas at home, we normally open gifts in the morning, and then head to my grandparents for a dinner. My grandparents live next door.

    2. Yes, we do gifts, and I am expecting to get new pajama's, books, (lots of these hopefully) and other somewhat nerdy and fangirly things.

    3. My favorite carol is Oh Holy Night. Gaahhh, it's so gorgeous.

    Oh. my. word. That family picture!! It's so cute! I have only seen Charlotte's baby pictures, none of her updated ones... She is so adorable! That dark hair is lovely...

    I can't believe that it's Christmas Eve tomorrow! We just arrived home from a trip to the USA about a half an hour ago, so everything went by in a blur!!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. That's so cool that your grandparents live next door! :-) Your gifts sound really cool - I'm getting books too. :-) (I agree with you on O Holy Night!)
      Charlotte is adorable, right?!!!!

      ~ Naomi

  8. Oh, it was definitely worth the post! And I do hope you're not getting sick. That would be awful to be sick over Christmas. :( Hopefully you'll be feeling better in the morning. :)

    To answer your questions:
    1. Yes, we will be staying at home for Christmas. My brother and his wife and son, and my sister's fiance will be over during the day, and then we're having my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins over for supper and the evening. It should be a really fun day!
    2. No, I don't know what I'm getting. Last year I had some pretty good guesses, but this year I'm all in the dark. Why do ask? Do YOU actually know what you're getting for Christmas? I thought Christmas presents were supposed to be a surprise. ;)
    3. Oh, I don't know. There are so many good ones. O Holy Night is a lot of fun to play on the piano, though. I'll just go with that one. :)

    Lovely post, Naomi! I agree, Charlotte and George are adorable! And their family picture is SO sweet. :) Good job on your video! I recognized quite a few of the movies you included! :D


    ~Miss March

    1. I'm feeling better now, thanks, although I'm not myself yet.

      Yes, I know, presents are supposed to be a surprise. But still. I like to know that I will like the presents. So yes, I do know most of them. :-P
      A lot of people seem to love O Holy Night! Good job I put it in the video. :-)

      Merry Christmassss!!

      ~ N

  9. Oh, goodness, they are cute! Another one of those moments when I wish dearly I was British.
    I'm just getting into Downton Abbey, but so far I really like it. Have you read Over a Hot Stove by Flo Wadlow or Minding the Manor by Molly Moran? They're both written by kitchen maids in the 1930s and it's just like Downton Abbey, so it made me think of you. I enjoyed them both.
    For the questions: yes, we're always at home for Christmas. My eldest sister is spending the night with her husband and my baby niece! I'm excited. Nope, I don't know what I'm getting. We draw names secretly for presents, so I don't even know who is giving me gifts.
    Thirdly, I love Christmas Carols and there are so many! Well, of course O Holy Night is amazing. It gives me thrills (I'm one of those Christmas-music-only-in-December type of people, but I make an exception for this song). And O Come, O Come Emmanuel and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen are probably in the top three. I also like the little-sung ones like Ding Dong Merrily On High, O Come Little Children and I Saw Three Ships. What's yours? I wonder if there are any British ones which didn't come over to America?

    1. No! I haven't read those books - they sound excellent, though. :-)
      That's cool that you don't even know WHO's giving you gifts. Goodness, the suspense must be high. :-)
      O Holy Night is amaaaazing. :-)
      Ding Dong Merrily on High a 'little-sung' song?!! *I* wouldn't call that a little-sung song. :-)

      Merry Christmas!

      ~ Naomi

    2. Yes, it is!
      Well, it isn't played as often as Hark, the Herald Angel Sings, or O Come All Ye Faithful. I fell in love with it after Little Women and now drive my family crazy singing it all through the Christmas season. ;)
      Merry Christmas to you!

  10. NAOMI! THAT VIDEO! It gave me chills. I'm being serious. There are goosebumps on my arms right now. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. :-)

    One day more, and then we'll know all. :-P "ONE DAY MORE"-- (stop, Emma.)

    Oh dear, I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling all better! I'll pray for you extra-hard tonight. You'll be fine -- you'll see. (If faith can do miracles, and we both concentrate super hard on praying for you to feel better....)

    I really, really, really love that video. Gaaaaaahhh. I think I'll watch it again. (Speaking of videos, I just watched the one you sent me -- and whaaaaaaaaat exactly are your siblings doing???? ;-P It made me crack up.

    Merry Christmas! (I'll tell you again tomorrow.)



      Stop quoting les Mis. :-P
      I AM feeling better now, but I was sick three times last night and it was darn awful. But hopefully I'll be myself soon (and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy all my relatives company today.)

      Hahah. They were trying to make a tent. :-P

      ~ N

  11. Eeeeeks! Christmas!!

    I am spending my Christmas at home, I do know at least most of what I'll receive, and my top three favorite Christmas carols are O Holy Night, O Come O Come Emmanuel, and Silent Night (I'm suuuuuuuuper picky about how they're sung, too, haha).

    Hey, I liked this post. It was nice to hear from you again :D


    1. Haha, same. I'm picky about how they're sung too. (Silent Night, especially. When singers go 'aaaaaaaaaaaaal is calm' (while sliding up on the 'all') I think it sounds awful.

      Thanks, Olivia! <3

    2. Y'all really need to try this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMjCwCubFeQ&list=PLLrHCf8iYn2FBSI7-aGkCkjUi2Dj3E3hl&index=1
      I know it's in Gaelic, but it's PHENOMENAL.

  12. beautiful video!
    1. I'm spending Christmas at home.
    2. I know I am getting plenty of candy canes and chocolate and I am pretty sure we are getting a board game for us all.And there are plenty of secret presents from sisters!!
    3. 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel' and 'O Come all You Faithful'. They are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Ainsley!
      O Come all You Faithful is beautiful indeed. Good choices. :-)

  13. Firstly, I have to write this in like, 2 minutes, so please excuse me as I rush. :-P
    To answer your questions:
    #1. Yes, I'm spending Christmas at home! My close family (parents + siblings) are having our Christmas today, Christmas Eve, and then we're having guests over tomorrow.
    #2. I reckon I will know most of them. ;-) My birthday is soon, too, so I can't tell WHEN I'll get WHAT.
    #3. That's really hard! I love The First Noel.
    Oh my word, Charlotte and George are ADORABLE. CHARLOTTE'S SMILE. GAHH. Can't handle. the. cuteness.
    I'll have to read your post later, I'm sorry. :-/
    I just submitted my story in, but I seriously doubt I'll win. :-P
    I liked the video, thank you. LITTLE WOMEN. :-D And The Book Thief, and Downtown Abbey....oh, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! Haha, I can't believe you put that in. ;-)
    Must dash! Merry Christmas to you! We're about to open presents....!!!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Ah, I hope you had a merry 'Christmas' on Christmas Eve! :-)
      I love the First Noel to. :-)
      I KNOW. I ADDED CLIPS OF LUCY FROM NARNIA. Aren't you surprised?!!! :-P

      Merry Christmas!

      ~ Naomi

  14. Oh, that family picture is so sweet! And new books are lovely :)
    As to the questions...
    1. Definitely at home. :)
    2. I don't know! And I'm terribly curious about it.
    3. Probably O Little Town of Bethlehem
    Thank you for the questions! It was fun trying to remember all the carols. Merriest of Christmases to you Naomi!

  15. Hello and Merry Christmas.
    ~ I'm spending Christmas at home. :)
    ~ I don't know what I'm getting for Christmas.
    ~ O Holy Night

  16. Oh, and I just watched the video. NAOMI!!!!! IT IS GORGEOUS! And it even has Celtic Woman's version of O Holy Night! Gaaaaahhhh, t'is beautiful :D

  17. Merry Christmas!
    My family will be spending Christmas at home. Actual relatives live thousands of miles away across the US.
    I only know a couple of my presents that I am getting. Normally as it happens, I end up finding out since I bring in packages and mail. :)
    I don't know what my favorite carol is. But I really like O Holy Night, Joy to the World, and my list could go on.... :)

  18. Love your post here, dear!! And so sorry to hear you're feeling sick... Me too. (One of those highly inconvenient colds... ;p) As to your questions:

    #1 - I am!

    #2 - Yes, we DO do presents and I know some of them and am super excited. ;D

    #3 - Oh dear. This one's nearly impossible... Well, one top favorite (that's not super well known) is Savior of the Nations Come. I LOVE the words and when sung briskly, the tune has such a deep and wonderful "marching" rhythm. Words and tune just fit together so powerfully and beautifully.

    (Btw, do you mind sharing where you got the image for your blog background? I'd really like to add it to my fairy tale board if I can. :))

  19. 1. I will be at home for Christmas. We are going up North the next day though! But SNOW!!!
    2. We do presents and I super, super hope I'm getting an electronic keyboard so I can play piano whenever I want. I think I'm getting books (maybe the 2 Carolines I don't have!) and movies (Maybe the Book Thief) and hopefully a Blimey Cow shirt :D
    3. I love Joy to the World!
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Merry Christmas Naomi! I hope you are feeling better! I'll be home for Christmas, and I know a few of my presents but I'm trying to forget them so they are more of a surprise when I open them tonight. I love so many Christmas carols, but one of my favorites is "Ding Dong Merrily on High".
    That photo is so adorable! As if I couldn't like the royal family more...
    Can't wait to hear about your Christmas presents!
    What an awesome video! I liked how you took the best Christmas-y scenes from period dramas. Have you seen the movie The Nativity? It's a great Christmas movie to watch, and kind of period drama like, if you count Bible times! ;)
    I've finally started a blog of my own (one that isn't for school)! It's called Lavender Spring. Here is the address: http://violetcottage.blogspot.com/
    I used your header tutorial and it worked really well!
    Merry Christmas,

  21. Merry Christmas, Naomi!!!!
    Here my answers:
    Yes,w e are spending Christmas at home. :) Just my immediate family, we celebrated with our extended family on Sunday!

    I don't generally know what I'm going to recevive, but I usually find out some how by accident...heehee. This year I guessed at least two of my gifts and was right. ;)

    Oh, that's such a hard question! I'm going to say "Angels We have Heard on High". But, mind you, I have many favorites. ;)

    Awww, the royal family photo is SO cute!!

    I hope you enjoy your new books! And oh no-I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon. :( I had a cold recently, too, and my brother still has a little one. But, take heart, people do not die of little trifling colds. ;) heehee


    I'm sorry you're ill, hopefully it passes! =D
    My favourite carol is Mary's Boy Child.. so so beautiful. Oh and Oh Holy Night.


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