Wonders of wonders...

Wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles... I WON MELODY'S SHORT STORY CONTEST!!!!!
(My blog is called WONDERland Creek, after all.)

I am enormously flattered and honoured and surprised at this - and enormously happy, too. It put the icing on the already-delicious-cake that is 2015. I'd love for you, my dear followers, to read it: So click here, and read my Christmas story; "The First Noel."

Thank you so much, dear readers, and a happy 2016!!!


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting.

  2. Naomi, THAT'S SO COOL. You WON!!! I am so happy for you :)

    I loved your story! It was so sweet and eager and beautiful. I knew as soon as I read it that it was you, it was so happy and bubbly :D

  3. Congratulations!!! You definitely deserved it--it was a beautiful Christmas story!

    And Happy New Year! Say, where you are it's already 8pm or so--am I right? That means you'll be in 2016 before we are. Odd, that.

  4. Congratulations on winning the contest, Naomi! You did an excellent job on your story!!!! :D Just excellent!

    ~Miss March

  5. Congrats! I loved reading your story!

  6. Aw, I just finished reading it, what a wonderful story!! :)

  7. Oh! You WON! (Not that that's surprising, of course.)

    Congratulations!!! The story is absolutely lovely and moving.

  8. AWWWWW!! That was a gorgeous story, Naomi!!!

    And Congratulations on winning!!!

  9. Congratulations Naomi!!! How wonderful!! =)


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