17 birthdays!

Exactly seventeen years ago today, I was born. My parents had their first girl. My brother was a brother for the first time, and more happy to get a biscuit at the hospital than a sister. (It's the truth. There's photo-proof.) I was part of an average-sized family (haha.) Look, seriously, AREN'T I the cutest midget? Squished nose, red face, sweaty hair, empty brain and everything. (And my Winnie-the-Pooh pyjamas are cuuuute. They were really comfortable, although it did itch. But I didn't complain. I've always been a good girl.)

I celebrated my birthday with my brother. Photo's have me nibbling on a lego-man; probably my way of showing appreciation for my present.

I think I got a doll for this birthday. Lisa, her name was. I had a chocolate cake with edible paper on it. Paper with a picture of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet having a birthday party as well (you know, I was nice enough to let people celebrate Winnie's birthday as well.) I ate the paper. I was ADORABLE beyond measure on my second birthday. Where did my cuteness fly to? You need a picture, so voilà.

On my third birthday, I had just recovered from some sickness, so my cake was a simple white one with some chocolate over it. But duh, there was chocolate, so happy was the day. I wore a pink cardigan, a yellow party-cone-hat (which somehow really suited me at the time) and I smiled for the camera. (The next picture in this post will be one of my third birthday. And the one after that of my forth birthday. By the way.)

This is probably the first birthday I can remember without digging into old pictures. I ate chips and beans and salad and sausage, wore a huge pink paper crown (#embarrassing) and got necklaces. By this time, by the way, I had two younger siblings. Birthdays were getting noisier.

Another year, another chocolate cake. I have such a history of chocolate cake.

On my sixth birthday we had a family over and I had a PARTY. (How sophisticated!) I really loved my sixth birthday - I have good memories of it. I got a lovely red dress with flowers, and THE most gorgeous pink notebook with a ballerina on it and hearts and sparkles. I was obsessed with it, and bragged it around. I had a chocolate cake, and there's photo proof that my little brother was crying because I blew the candles, and not him. :-P (Sorry mate, that's how it works. The birthday girl blows the candles.)

I wore the same red dress on my seventh birthday. That's all I know. (Oh, and my cake had smarties.)

On my eighth birthday we had that family over again. (The mum of the family is my godmother,  and their kids were all roughly the ages of our family's kids, hence their frequent presence in my childhood birthdays.) I had a long paper crown on again (#embarrassing) and my cake was shaped in the shape of an '8' which is just COOL. (The following picture is me at my fourth birthday, not eighth.)

I had that family over again on my ninth birthday, and we ate muffins (I ate them in an agitated manner) and grapes and played 'pass the parcle.' (I hope you got the agitated manner quote. Because I only put that in for the quotes sake.)

Then I was ten. Double digits. Goodness, I felt so old that day, and now I look back and grin at my small-ness. I got pyjamas (really pretty ones, because they were pink, duh) and I got Kirsten and Felicity (American Girl books) collection AND some of the Caroline series in Little House. I must have been reading the whole day, and I must have really liked that a lot.

For my eleventh birthday, we put grape-juice in wineglasses and fooled my dad when he came home. (Of course he didn't really think I was drinking wine; he just pretended to think that, and I thought he really thought it.) By this time, by the way, I had seven siblings, so birthdays were  starting to get NOISY. (The following picture is just a random picture; nothing to do with birthdays. Of snow. Made yesterday.)

I ate croissants, and wore a necklace one of my aunts made for me, but I don't know ANYTHING else. Maybe I'm getting old.

I became A TEENAGER. How cool is that. This birthday was really fun: My grandparents came over, and, as a birthday treat, I tried on my mum's wedding dress and walked around wearing it in the house. (I'd like to do that again, actually; because it was a lot of fun.) (I remember my grandma asking me who the lucky fellow was. Ha. Lucky.) Oh, and I think this was the first birthday in which I watched Pride and Prejudice! The first of maaaany. (I say that as if I'm eighty.)

I know that I watched Pride and Prejudice. :-)

I watched Pride and Prejudice and became REALLY CRAZY. And I wished Emma a happy birthday for the first time ever. I got some clothes, and some Wanda Brunstetter books (about the Amish) which I STILL haven't read because they turned out to be dead boring. It was on this birthday also that I discovered it was National Hugging Day on my birthday. SO let's give hugs.

I posted about my birthday, for the first time. :-P And I had a post written for ME. Which I didn't deserve, because it was too sweet. I sang 'I am Sixteen' (and now I CAN'T), got some new clothes and watched P&P.

Well, so far my day has been wonderful and relaxing and I've been SPOILT. :-) I got some adorable jewellery, books and a scarf. (You want to know which books? Okay then. Fly Away Home by Rachel Heffington, While Mortals Sleep by Jack Cavanaugh, and the Emily Series by L.M.Montgomery with the MOST gorgeous covers. I'm in love.) And of course we're rewatching PrideandPredj (as my dad calls it.) Birthdays are good days; I love 'em. :-)

Olivia, you wanted to see my wall art. Here you go. :-) (I admit I'm rather proud of it. Good old Pinterest. You make my room pretty.)


  1. *squeals* Yay! I was hoping for this. :D
    Aww, I have to agree, you WERE a pretty cute baby. ;) (I wasn't the cutest. I was bald until I was three (still don't have much hair, ha!) and I had the hugest black eyes ever, and very large ears. Hehe.)
    Oh, let me just say, all those pictures = ADORABLE. Especially the one where you turned 3. Gosh, what a happy, cheeky smile. ;)
    Haha, I understand about little siblings wanting to blow out YOUR birthday candles. :P I think I actually blew out one of my sibling's candles when I was little, and got in trouble for it, hehe. ;P
    Oh, you have a godmother? :) (The first thing I think of is 'a fairy godmother!' when I hear that word, hehe. I don't have one.)
    Eating muffins in an agitated manner.....think, think, THINK. I vaguely know it, but I can't place....what IS that from? :P
    Wow, you wore your mother's wedding dress?! #jealous ;D I've SEEN my mum's wedding dress (and she still has it, of course!) but I was never allowed to wear it. :P
    Oh, I've seen P&P '95 so many times! And I've read that book! :D One of my friends lent it to me, just because she thought I'd like it. (She's about 7 years older than me, and more my elder sisters' friend than mine (although I definitely consider her one!) but she knew what I liked!)
    National Hugging Day?! Oh my word, that's a thing?! I gotta remember that. :D
    I'm glad your birthday is going wonderful! :) (And those books sound good! I've heard about all of them, to some degree.) Enjoy your P&P! ;D
    Oh, your pictures! I enlarged them to read the quotes ('cause I'm nosy that way :P) although I couldn't read the two little ones. My eyes aren't that amazing. Although from that small one on the right, I think I can make out that it's from Jane Austen. ;) And your sticky tape is ssooo pretty! (And you've got A LOT there! All those rolls! Haha! Unless they're not all sticky tape...) Very nice - I wish I had some place where I could decorate, or even some sort of beside table/desk. (I do have one. But a tiny dolly's wardrobe just DOES NOT cut it. Nope.) I have 3 notes stuck onto my bed post, and a tiny poster of when I saw Les Mis stuck on there too. :P Actually, after the whole musical, my Mum and brother and I went to a little display they had, of all these things Les Mis related. (That's where I got the mini poster from - otherwise you had to pay $25 at the theatre for a fancy one.) They had, for example, costumes that previous shows had had, and pictures of very old casts performing, or backstage, or the knife that people used to cut off Fantine's hair in one production, etc. Hehe. It was quite interesting! Especially seeing the wedding dress Cosette wore in one production! Anyways, I'm on a rabbit trail, here...
    Happy birthday (again)! :D After all, one can never be wished a happy birthday TOO much. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thanks (once again!) for your looovely long comment. :-)
      I know, wasn't I CUTE. I wish I still managed to grin cutely. Now I look like a hyena when I grin. :-P
      The muffins quote is from "The Importance of Being Earnest." VERY funny book - I highly recommend it. :-D
      Yeah, National Hugging Day is a thing - or at least in England. I'm not sure if Australia does it. I've been hugging my siblings today, whether they want it or not. I MUST HUG.
      I'll tell you what the two little 'quotes' are. The Jane Austen one (written by me) is "There's no place like Home for real comfort." SO TRUE. And the other little bit of paper says; "Pluviophile: A lover of rain." Which is me. :-P
      Yep, all those roles are sticky tape roles. I collect them. (I got another one today. A green one.)
      Wow, the Les Mis stuff sounds cool. :-D


  2. Naomi, all these picturrrrrrres of you!! This is precious. I squealed (inwardly). YOU WERE SO CUTE. (And, ahem, you still are.) :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Here's to the best one yet!

    (Nice wall art, by the way. Oh, and who is that random ballerina on your wall? In the purple tutu?)

    1. I WAS. I'm not that cute anymore, but THANKS. :-D If you say so. :-)

      THANK YOU.
      I AM STILL NOT OVER YOUR POST BY THE WAY. I reread it again without the presence of my sister in my room and CRIED.
      You're the bestest.

      (Oh, the random ballerina? I don't know. I cut that out of a magazine somewhere I think. She looks rather nice, I thought. I'd like to know her better.)

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a splendid day. Those childhood pictures are just beyond adorable.
    I like your wall art! I can even spot a ballerina up in the corner... :) :)

    1. Thank you, Katherine!
      Haha, yes, the ballerina. That's a picture of my best friend, actually. :-)

  4. Happy, happy, birthday! Wishing you the best! Enjoy your special day:)

    P.S. Love, love, love the wall art!

    1. Thank you Hannah! <3 I definitely did enjoy it. :-)
      And thanks. :-)

  5. Oh oh oh!!! Happy Birthday! I love all those adorable pictures of you!!! Seventeen is what I am now, though I'll be eighteen in the summer :P

    Wow, you got to wear your Mom's wedding dress?!! How cool! I've never gotten to do that!

    Oh, and I just LOVE your wall art. I've got art on my wall too, but it's art that I've made, mostly, because our printer can't print pictures properly. Silly printer. They come out all green and weird-lookinng :D That pink sticky tape is gorgeous :) Have a wonderful day! I'm off to do school work, 'cause it's not MY birthday :P

    1. Well look, we're the same age. :-D Thank you, Rosie!
      Yes, it was really cool - I'd like to do it again, because it should really fit me then. I was a bit kind of baggy as a 14-year-old. :-D
      Aw, thanks! I have also often put hand-made art on the wall (and believe me I KNOW ALL ABOUT BAD PRINTERS).
      No. Sorry about that. :-P

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loved this post!
    I too had a Winnie the Pooh birthday for my 2nd one! BTW Your little girl pictures are so cute!
    Snow! So so lucky!!
    You can still sing the second verse of I Am Sixteen!
    I want to read Fly Away Home so badly!
    And I love that verse on your wall (Ecclesiastes 7:14)!
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you, dear Ashley! :-)
      Haha, Winnie the Pooh. I never was a huge fan of him, but I suppose the bakery only had edible Winnie-the-Pooh paper, or something. :-)
      Oh yes, Ecclesiastes 7:14 is my favourite Bible verse EVER. :-) I've reread it millions of times and still it makes me smile.

  7. Happy birthday my dear Naomi!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    And you were the cutest thing eva!!! ;) What adorable photos!!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Abigail. :-)
      I KNOW. AREN'T I RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. :-D I wish I could have little me on my lap and hug her. :-)

  8. Happy birthday Naomi!

    Here's to your last year before becoming an adult. May the Lord bless and keep you all of your days.

    Love your wall art! (I should totally do something like that...) :)


    1. Thanks, Chloe! You're so sweet. :-)
      EHHH. I'M ONLY A CHILD FOR ONE YEAR MORE. How daunting. :-D

  9. Happy Birthday!!! :D

    This was such a cute post! I hope you continue to have an awesome day, (who wouldn't with P&P? :)) And lots of cake too.
    Also, you got Fly Away Home?! So exciting. I've been wondering whether to get that one or the mystery, so I can't wait to hear what you think!

    1. Thank you, Mary!!!
      I had a lovely day; although no cake. I went for crisps. :-D
      Yes! I started it today, and it's SO glamorously written. I think you follow me on Goodreads, right? You'll probably see my review. :-)

  10. Happy Birthday Naomi! Sounds like had a wonderful day. (Who can't watching Pride and Prejudice?)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! <3 Exactly; who CAN'T love P&P. :-)


    Enjoy the annual P&P! ;) (I think some people in our house might be watching a Lark Rise episode this afternoon.....)

    And have fun pinning today. ;D

    1. THANK YOUUU!!! :-)
      Oh, you're watching Lark Rise! How fun. We're both enjoying Julia Sawalha's magnificent acting talent, then. I really love to watch her. :-)
      Hahah, yes! I did. :-)

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    So my question is, how old were you when you first started to love reading?

    You got the Emily series! Yay! Aren't they so BEAUTIFUL? :D

    (And, awww, cute baby pictures!)

    1. Thanks, Meredith! :-)
      How old was I? Well, I've always LOVED reading; as soon as I was able too, that is. Maybe when I was five, it started to become a real hobby. :-D I don't know. I've always been sticking my nose in books.
      They ARE. I've been stroking my covers all day. (Slight exaggeration, but still. :-P)

  13. Happy Birthday, Naomi!! :D I love the childhood pictures you included! They're adorable!!

    Ahem, yes. Wanda Brunstetter books are rather boring. :/ I can understand why you haven't read them yet.

    You're wall art is BEAUTIFUL! Excellent job, Naomi! You really are good at decorating. :)

    Have fun watching Pride and Prejudice!

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you, Miss March!! :-D
      I KNOW RIGHT. :-O I used to like one trilogy when I was 11, but then as soon as I hit teenage years and tried to get into some more of her books, I got sick of it. :-P
      Thanks!! :-)

  14. Happy birthday! Seventeen was one of my favorite ages -- I hope you have a spindiddly year!

    1. Merci, Hamlette. :-)
      (I said Merci because I've used the word 'thank you' about 100 times already today. :-D I need a different word. :-P)

    2. I don't remember the French word for "you're welcome." In German, it's bitte. So I'll say one of the few French phrases I do remember! A bientot, j'espre! (See you soon, I hope!)

    3. It's 'il n'y a pas de quoi.' :-D Can you speak German? I did German for three years. :-)

    4. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch :-) I took it for a year in college and loved it. Well, no, I hated all the homework, but I loved the language.

  15. oooohhhh!! Happy Birthday!! I didn't realize we were so close in age - I'll be 17 in August! I must say though.. I like how 16 sounds better. ;) It even has songs written about it, and everyone says "happy sweet sixteen!". 17 seems left out. xD lol! No, I'm seriously excited to be older though. :D I love how you brought us along for each precious birthday.. and since I don't have a gift for you, I would like to tell you something I've been thinking of for a long time, in fact every time I read your posts.

    You have a natural knack for writing. You draw me in and I feel like you're talking to me - just me. We've got stuff in common. You're funny. You care. Everything you mention has this light sensation of beauty to it. You've just got this great gift for writing!! :D

    Happy Sensational Seventeen ;)

    1. Julia, your comment made me SO happy. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH, that was really REALLY sweet. :-D

      You finished my birthday off very happily. :-)

  16. Happy Birthday, Naomi!!! 17 is a pretty good age!!

    May love and laughter light your days,
    And warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world,
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life's passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours.
    ~Old Irish Blessing

    1. Erudessa, That Old Irish Blessing is so cool. :-) I'd never heard of it! Thank you! :-)

    2. You're welcome!! I love it and it is the perfect thing for birthdays or wedding cards.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR!!! *gives you a massive hug* You're as old as me now, and will be until September. :) This post was LOVELY, and you certainly have a better memory than me - I definitely can't remember all my birthdays so accurately.

    Love you! Have an awesome time today. :) (And you got another JC book - SQUEEEEEEEEEE.)


    P.S. Is the bit 'Lisa, her name is' supposed to be a take on 'Rose, her name is'? Or am I totally off the mark? :P

    1. Eva, thanks!!!!!! *RETURNS HUG BECAUSE DUH* - I think I'll love being 17. :-) Oh, don't think I knew these all by memory! I definitely had my photo album by my side continually while doing so. :-)

      YES. I DID. (Didn't you once say that 'While Mortals Sleep' was your favourites of them all?)

      HA! I didn't do that on purpose, no. BUT I COULD HAVE DONE. :-D

    2. Well, While Mortals Sleep is the first book in my favorite series EVERRRR, but it's not my favorite JC book. In fact, I don't think I could pick a favorite. :)


    I'm so glad that it's your birthday and you're having such a wonderful day!! I bet you'll love being 17--it's lots of fun! :-) (I remember my 17th birthday. It was almost five years ago now. YEESH.)

    Enjoy your lovely new books--and Pride and Prejudice, of course! :-) Favorite movies are fun, aren't they?

    I wish I could say something super-inspired and elegant, but I can't think of anything right now (I just got home from school and am pretty tired), so I'll just say, have a great day and a blessed 17th year!!

    Love you, Naomi :-)

    1. I had a wonderful day -- thank you, Jessica. :-) I like the number 17. :-)


      Awww, thank you. I love ya too. :-D

  19. Happy birthday Naomi!!😊 Love your wall of art! My sister has Fly Away Home and she loves it. I haven't read it yet though.

    1. Thanks, Ruth Elizabeth! So dar, Fly Away Home is really good - but it's not blowing me away. :-)

  20. Happy birthday dear Naomi!I have been secretly reading your lovely blog for some time now:) and I am a devoted follower. ( Found your blog through Emma Jane's, by the way.) I hope you have a beautiful year, dear!
    -Rilla Blythe

    1. Aw, thank you Rilla! (I LOVE YOUR PSEUDONYM.)

  21. Happy Birthday, dear Naomi! God Bless ya abundantly!
    Those pics are so cute, but thanks for uploading them anyway... At least, I can imagine how you look like now :D
    Read the letter your BOSOM friend, Emma wrote for you... How lucky you are dear to have such an understanding FRIEND. It's true that we can analyze someone's personality from their words. So I will agree with Emma on every single word, she said about you ^_^

    Wish ya a wonderful year filled with happiness and blessings,dear.

    1. Ria Sanive, thanks! I know, at least you can imagine. :-) (I have dark hair now, btw. The blonde's all gone.)
      You mean the post Emma wrote for me?... I read that (loads of times, haha) and I KNOW. I'M SO LUCKY - God is so good!

      Thank you so much; Ria!!

  22. Here's hoping you had the most marvelous and splendiferous of birthdays!!! :D

    Ooh, ooh, me! I got the agitated manner quote, and it made me super happy, just so you know.

    Eeeeeee, the wall looks so preeeeetttyyyyy! Thanks awfully for the pictures. (Aww, and you even linked to me! I DO appreciate it.)


    1. I did have a wonderful birthday - Really, really wonderful. :-)
      YOU DID. GOOD. :-)
      You're welcome! Of course I linked to you. :-)

  23. Happy Birthday! Since it's National Hugging Day on your birthday, I'm sending you hugs! :-)

    Wow! Seventeen! What does it feel like to be seventeen? (Just to curious before actually knowing what it feels like in June.)

  24. Well, looks like I've missed the party! But I say most sincerely, Happy Birthday, Naomi! Welcome to the world of 17! It's pretty fun. :)

    I feel awful that I didn't know it was your birthday until I read this post. The problem was, it somehow was not on my calendar. But, rest assured, it is now. :) You will assuredly be getting an on-time birthday greeting next year. ;)

    Awwww, you are so cute!!!! THE PINK CARDIGAN PHOTO ESPECIALLY! You look like such a happy child. :)

    I know!! We can't sing 16-going-on-17 anymore! It's rather horrible. :P

    Your day sounds like it was fantastic!! And what a book haul! I can't wait for some reviews. ;)

    Ahhhh!! YOUR WALL!! That is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Seriously, you have a knack for decorating. :) And haha! I have that very same Audrey photo as my laptop lock screen right now! What a coincidence. :)

    Again, I'm SO sorry I didn't know it was your birthday!! I feel pretty bad about that. :( I'm so happy you had a wonderful day, though!!

    ps. We're the same age now! :D Yay! haha

    1. Natalie! Don't worry about not-being-on-time. It's rather nice to get some messages a bit later on, actually. So thank you. :-D

      You have the same Audrey photo on your laptop. That is a coincidence! :-)

    2. Naomi,
      Awww, thank you!! I'm glad you don't mind. :)

  26. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (A *wee* bit late, yes, but better late than never? Yes?) Aww, I SO loved seeing pictures of you when you were little! It is almost like receiving pieces to a puzzle (the puzzle being you, since I haven't seen pictures of you at THIS age yet), and I do like receiving puzzle pieces.


    Of course, I already know, since I've been there and done that, but I do hope that your seventeenth year is as amazing as mine was! Seriously, mine was SO good -- mainly because of the grace of God. Without that, I mightn't have thought 17 was so wonderful. I like that age, because it's young enough to be considered a "child" when you want to be (i.e., when you just want to be silly without having to make excuses for your supposed maturity), but it's old enough to be considered an almost-adult in those times when being an adult is preferable. So seventeen will be marvelous for you, I'm sure.

    Anyways, have a wonderful day!

    1. Kaitlyn, thanks for commenting! Your comment made me very happy. :-D I know, you get pictures of me as a little girl, but not of me as a 17-year-old. Maybe one day I will put up a picture of myself, but not as of present. :-P

      Seventeen DOES sound wonderful! I think I'll love this age. :-D


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