2015 Book List

1. Just Jane - First Read
2. The Blue Castle - Re-read - Read twice this year
3. Persuasion - First Read
4. Pride and Prejudice - Re-read
5. Longbourn - First Read
6. The Book Thief - First Read - Read twice this year
7. Gone with the Wind - Re-read - Read twice this year
8. Dear Mr Knightley - First Read - Read twice this year
9. La Silence de la Mer - First Read
10. L'Allouette - First Read
11. Jane Eyre - Re-read - Read twice this year
12. To Kill a Mockingbird - First Read
13. Remembrance - Re-read
14. Our Emily - First Read
15. Sissi - First Read
16. Right-ho Jeeves - First Read
17. Hidden Places - Re-read
18. Promises to Keep - First Read
19. While we're far Apart - Re-read
20. Though Oceans Roar - Re-read
21. Christy - First Read
22. Little House // Rose #5 - Re-read
23. Little House // Rose #6 - Re-read
24. Little House // Rose #7 - Re-read
25. Little House // Carline #6 - Re-read
26. Laura's Journal - Re-read
27. Farmer Boy - Re-read
28. "Little House book"* - Re-read
29. Back Home - Re-read
30. The Great Gatsby - First Read
31. Tales of the Jazz Age - First Read
32. Daddy-Long-Legs - Re-read
33. A Gentleman of her dreams - First Read
34. Vilette - First Read
35. 20th Century Girl - First Read
36. My Granddad's book - First Read
37. Half Broke Horses - Re-read
38. The Glass Castle - Re-read
39. Little Women - Re-read
40. Sarah Plain and Tall - First Read
41. Skylark - First Read
42. Caleb's Story - First Read
43. Before Green Gables - First Read
44. The Scarlet Pimpernel - First Read
45. Little House // Caroline #5 - Re-read
46. Little House // #7 - Re-read
47. Rebecca - First Read - Read twice this year
48. Madieke van het Rode Huis - Re-read
49. De kinderen van de Bolderburen - Re-read
50. Anna Karenina - First Read - I didn't finish this, but I'm counting it, because I read more than 100 pages and it deserves a mention. :-P
51. William the Good - First Read
52. The Family von Trapp - Re-read
53. A Tale of Two Cities - First Read
54. Stars in her Eyes - First Read
55. To Win her Heart - First Read
56. Castles in the Air - First Read
57. At Every Turn - First Read
58. Romance at Rainbow's End - First Read
59. Paper Roses - First Read
60. Secrets - First Read
61. A Change of Fortune - First Read
62. War Girls - Re-read
63. Summer of Fortune - First Read
64. Three Little Words - First Read
65. The Fault in our stars - First Read
66. Valentine Joe - Re-read
67. Morgen ben ik beter - Re-read
68. Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek - Re-read
69. Out of the Ashes - First Read
70. Running Wild - Re-read
71. With every Letter - First Read
72. Gracie - First Read
73. Home on the wide wild sea - Re-read
74. Eyewitness Auswitz - First Read
75. Bundles of Joy - First Read
76. De weg met Hindernissen - First Read
77. De nieuwe Secetaresse - First Read
78. Charms of the easy life - First Read
79. Little House // Martha #4 - Re-read
80. Kilmeny of the Orchard - Re-read
81. Goodbye Mr Chips - First Read
82. Testament of Youth - First Read
83. Twist of Gold - Re-read
84. Fifi Princessa - First Read
85. Mother Carey's Chickens - First Read
86. Mr Cousin Rachel - First Read
87. Carries War - First Read
88. Charlotte's Web - First Read
89. The Penny Whistle - First Read
90. Violins of Autumn - First Read - Read twice this year
91.  Dawn's early light - First Read
92. Celia Garth - First Read
93. Lyddie - First Read
94. A Lantern in her Hand - First Read
95. Love comes calling - First Read
96. A Distant Melody - First Read
97. Rilla of Ingleside - Re-read - Read twice this year, DUH.
98. War Brides - First Read
99. Cinderella - First Read
100. All she ever wanted - First read
101. The Iron Man - Re-read
102. The sweethearts - First Read
103. Northanger Abbey - Re-read
104. The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society - First Read
105. A Lineage of Grace - First Read
106. Ratje - Re-read
107. A Proper Persuit - Re-read
108. Les Justes - First Read
109. What Katy Did - Re-read
110. What Katy did at School - Re-read
111. Eve's Daughters - Re-read
112. Peacock House - First Read
113. The Wulver's Rose - First Read
114. The Greatest Gresham - First Read
115. Masquerade - First Read
116. All Things New - Re-read
117. Laughing Gas - First Read
118. These Happy Golden Years - Re-read
119. The Glass Bird Girl - First Read
120. An Elizabeth Camden novella - First Read
121. Les Miserables - First (and last) Read
122. Wonderland Creek - Re-read
123. Jane of Lantern Hill - Re-read
124. Listen to the Moon - First Read
125. A Woman's Place - Re-read
126. War Horse - Re-read
127. Bartje 1 - Re-read
128. Bartje 2 - Re-read
129. The Little White Horse - First Read
130. Private Peaceful - Re-read
131. Mansfield Park - Re-read
132. Inherit the Wind - First Read
133. Iwan en het geheim in de koffer - Re-read
134. Iwan en de Davidster - Re-read
135. Iwan en de gedurfde ontsnapping - Re-read
136. Iwan en het moskou circus - Re-read
137. Katja en het zilveren kruisje - Re-read
138. The Little Princess - Re-read
139. The Alpine Path - Re-read
140. The Story Girl - Re-read
141. The Golden Road - Re-read
142. Zie je wel, Ardie? - Re-read
143. Anne's niewe leventje - Re-read
144. Bagage Claim - First Read
145. School Stories - First Read
146. Loorna Doone - First Read
147. Watership Down - First Read
148. The tutor's Daughter - Re-read
149. Sense and Sensibility - Re-read
150. Anne of Green Gables - Re-read
151. Mary Poppins #1 - Re-read
152. Anne of Avonlea - Re-read
153. Anne of the Island - Re-read
154. Anne of Windy Poplars - Re-read
155. Anne's House of Dreams - First Read
156. Anne of Ingleside - First Read
157. Rainbow Valley - First Read
158. The Blythes are Quoted - First Read
159. Hattie Big Sky - First Read
160. Hattie Ever after - First Read
161. Words Unspoken - First Read


  1. Hmm....that's a decent list you have going. ;-) Let me jabber on about what pops out to me....I read Sarah, Plain and Tall this year, too. :-P
    Oh, I really want to read 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' soon!
    I have heard Rebecca is very good...what is your opinion on it? :-)
    I recognize a lot of Lynn Austin novels here...hehe. Why am I not surprised. ;-P
    Really?! You've never read Charlotte's Web before? That was one of the first 'proper grown up stories' I ever read. :-D
    Les Miserables first (and last) read. Ha. Haha. I see. :-P
    Oh, what did you think of Lorna Doone?! I like that book. :-)
    And what did you think of a Tale of Two Cities? (You don't have to give me a detailed account. A "Love" or "Hate" will do fine. :-P)
    Ah, what did you think of "The Fault in Our Stars" (it's a rather controversial book, I've heard)?
    My reading list isn't overly impressive. I guess I read about 50 books or less...although they were all pretty large, decent sized books. ;-)
    Actually, I just finished "The Sweetest Thing" a few days ago. I enjoyed the book, although there were a few things I didn't appreciate quite as much. Mostly the whole 'boyfriend/pop-calling" thing, and how the girls didn't really DO that much, just go to parties and stuff, but I guess that may have been what it was like back then. And also the fact it was about Christian girls, when they acted in ways that I don't deem overly proper or kind. But aside from all that, I thought the way it was written was very clever, and I loved the descriptions, the characters, the friendship and the setting - it was very enjoyable. :-)
    I considered writing out my reading list (I've got a list in some school book or something) but I decided I wouldn't. It would mostly be Dickens and Alcott and Montgomery and Tolkien. :-P And random other things. Actually, I DID read a lot of different authors, come to think of it...
    Anyways, must dash, it's tea time and I'm hungry! ;-D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Well, I LOOOOOVED Rebecca, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. (*cough* Emma *cough*) Seriously though, if you want something deliciously mysterious and melancholy and creepy but yet gorgeous... Rebecca is AMAZING. It really is. One of my best 2015 reads. (If Emma is reading this, she is probably snickering at that. But DON'T LISTEN TO HER. :-P)
      Nope, I hadn't! (About Charlotte's Web.) I loved it though. SO cute.
      Well, meh, I didn't enjoy Loorna Doone. It was dead boring for me, and I didn't love any of the characters + I don't like the time-period it's set in.
      Tale of Two Cities was better, although it still kind of bored me. Also, the French Revolution ain't my favourite time-period, either. :-P
      The Fault in Our Stars... WELL. I didn't like THAT either. (YOU asked me all these questions, Miss Meg. :-P) It was a good book, but it was too fluffy and modern for me. I don't know... it didn't get me.
      Aw, you didn't love The Sweetest Thing?!!! Yeah, the pop-calling thing annoyed me too. :-P No, but that's just the thing. They make mistakes, but then in the end they come out as stronger Christians. Because when Perri goes out with Spalding (shudder) she isn't a very strong Christian. And when Dobbs starts going to many parties and ignores Hank, she admits she's lost her faith. So that didn't really annoy me, personally. I'm glad you liked it, at least, although clearly not as much as me. Haha. :-P

      Thanks for commenting!!!
      ~ Naomi

  2. 161 books. WHAT. EVEN.

    Jeeves, you stand alone.

    I read quite a few (maybe 30-50?) NON-FICTION books this year, for college--but as for pleasure reading? Nope. That just didn't happen.

    Oh--you read Persuasion for the first time this year? Cool! What did you think of it? (You already know what I think of it, I guess ;-) ) Also, have you ever seen either film version? (I feel like I should know the answer to this but I don't.)

    Charlotte's Web--I love that one. I really do. It's beautiful . . . and it brings back so many memories, given that I first read it when I was 7 or so.

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever read any of Willa Cather's books? I don't like ALL of what she writes, but two of her novels--"Death Comes for the Archbishop" and "Shadows on the Rock"--are on my tip-top-favorites list. "Shadows on the Rock" might just be my all-time favorite, period. I have no idea if they'd be your sort of thing--but I LOVE them.

    1. HAHA. Thanks. :-D

      Persuasion was REALLY good. Not my favourite classic book, though, I must admit - it's *waitforit* my least favourite Jane Austen book, probably, together with Mansfield Park. (Not counting Lady Susan, of course.) But I still LOVED it though. Especially zee letter.

      Ahh yes, Charlotte's Web!

      Nope, I haven't! Are they detective-stories? Because I've definitely heard of her...

      ~ N

    2. Isn't that funny? 'Cause Persuasion is my favorite-ever JA novel, and Mansfield Park has my favorite JA heroine (Fanny Price). Everybody's different, no? It's fascinating, really, when you think about it, how much just-plain-VARIETY there is in the world ;-)

      Ahhh, yes, THE LETTER . . . We so need a new movie adaptation. We really do.

      No, Willa Cather didn't write any detective stories that I know of--"Death Comes For the Archbishop" and "Shadows on the Rock" are both historical-fiction novels. One is set in New Mexico in the 1850s, the other is set in Quebec, Canada in the late 1600s-early 1700s. I really love them :-)

  3. Woah this is an epic book list!! Nice job! =)

  4. Okay. I'm speechless. That's an IMMENSE book list! Do you have anything left for 2016? ;) Haha!

    What's Caleb's Story? Does that have any connection to Sarah Plain and Tall?

    I take it Dear Mr. Knightly was good since you read it twice. Maybe I should try that one sometime.

    Oh, by the way, how did you like Persuasion? Do you have a favorite Jane Austen book?

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm done talking now. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Haha, I ALWAYS have more books to read. (My to-read list has more than 100 books!)

      Yes, Caleb's Story is one of the Sarah Plan and Tall Sequels! Very cute.
      Yeah, Dear Mr Knightley is really good - although not AMAZING. I read it early in Jan and then re-read it last December. :-)
      My favourite JA book? SUCH a tie between P&P and S&S. Followed closely by Northanger Abbey and Emma. Persuasion was good, but not my favourite of all. :-)

      Loved the questions! :-D

      ~ N

  5. Wow, that is quite impressive.

    I also read Persuasion, To Kill A Mockingbird, Les Misérables, and War Horse this year. All for the first time.

    1. Thanks, Meredith. :-)

      Oh, good books! To Kill a Mockingbird has become one of my ALL time favourites. :-)

  6. Quite the book list you have here! I really have no idea how many I read last year. What I do know is that I read a lot of Agatha Christie and a lot of P. G. Wodehouse. I noticed quite a few of your titles were not in English, do you read/speak others languages or were they English translations? :)

    1. Sarah, yes, I am fluent in Dutch/Flemish as well as English - (my mum is Belgian, my dad is British) - and I'm kiiind-of-Fluent in French. (Most of the French books here were ones I had to read for school. Bleh.)

  7. WOW!!! Okay, hang on a minute. 161 books?!! You HAVE been busy, Naomi! I haven't read nearly that many. And you WROTE THEM ALL DOWN. I'm not that organized, I'm afraid :P

    Haha, Les Mis first and last read. I totally understand. I've not read it, but Jessica had a copy out of the library this summer? I think and it was like more than two inches thick with teeny tiny print. I'm getting a headache just thinking of it.

    Oh, you read Right Ho Jeeves! What did you think of it? I like it (duh, it's WODEHOUSE), but it's not exactly my favorite of what he's written. I think my favorite might just be The Code Of The Woosters. Have you read that one? In my 'umble opinion it's rather superb :) Good job on reading all those books!!

    1. Haha, THANKS!!! :-) Yeah, I love keeping track of what I read. :-)

      YEAH. LES MIS. It wasn't BAD - in fact, it was GOOD - but I don't think I'll dare touch the brick again. :-P

      I agree, Right Ho Jeeves wasn't the best. Oh, "The Code of the Woosters" IS BRILLIANT. I've read that one at least twice. (It's my brothers favourite too, and he's read pretty much every Wodehouse book there is.)

      ~ Naomi

  8. *gapes open-mouthed for several minutes*

    This is just crazy. I will never be able to read as fast as you. ;-P GOOD JOB!!

  9. All those book pictures look so beautiful! Is it weird to get giddy over pictures of books? ;)

  10. DANG, GURL. This is impressive.

    Oh, I just finished Anna Karenina! I liked it more than Les Mis, myself :P

    Aww, it looks like we had some of the same first reads this year! (Like Goodbye, Mr. Chips and A Lantern in Her Hand.)

    Good job, old sport! 161 books is truly an achievement. I don't know if I've ever read 161 books in a year in my LIFE.

    1. I LOVED the writing style in Anna Karenina - and I liked it more than Les Mis (less pointless info), but I just didn't care for it enough + I wasn't in the mood for thick books. I do want to re-try it, though. Good for you for reading it!

      Aw, thanks. :-) I read quite fast.

  11. oh wow! Let me scribble down some to read! =D
    I've started keeping a list this year as I didn't have much time to read last year what with senior and what not. *GASP* I know.. anyways. I actually have to go and get my uni English Lit books now.. Toorah!
    ~Evie :)

    1. Wait, they weren't all good. :-)
      Yeah, trust me, I KNOW what it feels like to have studies in the way. :-)

  12. Wow, what a list! And all the classics and all the rereads, I'm really impressed! I see you re-read Kruistoch in spijkerbroek. Did you read any other Thea Beckman books? She was my favourite author during my teens! I reread a few of her books two years ago, I should really reread more of them!

  13. This is incredibly inspiring. I can't read this fast. And so many rereads! I love rereading! :)


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