Period Drama Multiple Choice Game #3 - Zee Answers!

Firstly, before I say anything else, I want to say thank you once again for all your lovely comments and birthday messages. I've been overwhelmed by all the kindness and sweetness and FRIENDLINESS going around - seriously, it bought tears to my eyes (and to my nose.) I'd also like to publicly thank Emma for writing the sweetest thing in the world. Words can't express how much I love you, girl. SO THANKS. I really don't deserve the lot of ya. Merci à tous.

Now, the answers of the Multiple Choice game!

1. In this picture here, what are Matthew and Mary laughing about?
a) Lady Grantham insulted Isobel Crawley and really, it was hilarious beyond measure.
b) Sir Anthony had a mouthful of salt and made a scene about it.
c) Edith Crawley stumbled over her words and made an awkward scene.
d) Thomas accidentally dropped sauce on Robert Crawley's lap.

2. In 'Amazing Grace', what animal is Barbara (Spooner) Wilberforce holding at her wedding?
a) A chicken.
b) A baby elephant painted blue and green. (No, really.)
c) A cat.
d) A rabbit.

3. In 'Lark Rise to Candleford', which of the following is NOT mentioned as one of Dorcas Lane's 'one weaknesses'? (mark the not.)
a) Food
b) Love letters
c) Tea in the garden
d) Cashmere

4. Which of the following ladies had a pink wedding dress?
a) Cosette, Les Miserables 2012
b) Anne Shirley, The Continuing Story
c) Emma Woodhouse, Emma 1996
d) Mary Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie

5. In 'Saving Mr Banks', what colour was Pamela Travers set against having in the movie?
a) Blue
b) Yellow, because it reminded her of the Australian sunshine.
c) White
d) Red

6. In which of the follow Period Drama did the actor Peter Wight (click here for a picture) NOT act in? (Mark the not. :-P)
a) Emma 2009
b) Pride and Prejudice 2005
c) Lark Rise to Candleford
d) Our Zoo

7. At Daisy and William's wedding, what did Lady Grantham say that she had?
a) An inner romantic.
b) A cold.
c) A tear in her eye.
d) She didn't say anything. One doesn't TALK while there's a marriage going on on a deathbed.

8. In 'Horatio Hornblower,' what does Maria (who's Horatio's wife) give to Horatio before he leaves?
a) A scarf.
b) Chocolate.
c) Gloves
d) The news that she's pregnant.

9. In 'Loorna Doone', how does Carver die?
a) He sinks in a mud puddle and doesn't really seem to care about it.
b) He commits suicide by jumping from a cliff.
c) He commits suicide by drowning himself. (We always skip the scene.)
d) He ends in prison. Same as dead, that.

10. In Cinderella (2015), what does the Stepmother wear to the ball?
a) A dark blue dress, silk and diamond-y.
b) A green dress with gold gloves and feathers in her hair.
c) A dark green dress with a striking red collar and long green gloves.
d) A deep purple-and-black dress that shimmers all evil-like.

Emma Jane: 80
Ruth Elizabeth: 70
Miss Meg: 70
Miss March: 70
asmidgeonofsunshine: 60
Jessica Prescott: 60
Birdie: 60
Melody: 60
Rose: 60
Lucy Amanda: 60
Kristalyn Huber: 50
Erudessa: 40
Rosie McGann: 30
Meredith: 30

Thank you sooo much for playing!


  1. Dear me. I got nearly all of them wrong :P BUT it was so much fun, thank you Naomi!! You are a great pal :)

  2. Thanks for the game, Naomi--it was such fun!! (And, once again, happy birthday! :-) )

    I had no idea Cosette's dress was pink . . . I thought it was ivory. But nope, I checked and it really WAS pink. ;-) (I think it's one of those dresses which looks to be different colors in different lights.)

  3. Yay for the answers! I don't think I have seen half of these, and the others, well, I have a very short memory. :)

  4. Wow! Okay, so I didn't do as bad as I was anticipating!! Yay! This was a really fun game, Naomi! Thank you!! :D


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