Those daily things...

That sleepy, dizzy feeling when you wake up from a deep, delicious, deep sleep.
The feeling of putting on your favourite pair of jeans. It always hits home.
Hiding your chin in thick fluffy birthday scarves.
The taste of hot chocolate milk with whipped cream in the evening.
That 'emotional wreck' feeling after finishing a book that made you cry and go 'gahhh.'
That happy bubble I get inside when I'm on my laptop and I hear the message-noise. That normally means Emma's on her laptop too.
The huge, ginormous urge to visit all the filming locations of your favourite movies.
The proud feeling I get every time when I look at my completely-stuffed, colour-coordinated bookshelf.
Reading blog posts from good friends.
Watching old favourite Little House episodes with my siblings, and laughing at everything in it. (In the episode Country Girls we can't stop laughing at Sandy Kennedy's essay about Summer.)
That sweeping, fluttery feeling as Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle finally kiss in their impeccable roles as Elizabeth and Darcy.
The now-my-day-can-really-start feeling after I've tidied up my room in the morning.
That quick urge to write a quick blog post. Like now.
Dreaming about crazy stuff like one day buying a house in Lacock Village (Cranford) and driving to Williamsburg with Emma.
That feeling when you've just finished an entire pizza and your mouth is all warm and salty and guiltily unhealthy.
Writing about quirky characters.
When you get through a chatting session with your best friend and neither of us have Internet problems. Amazing things happen.
Getting sudden, cool story ideas just as soon as you've told yourself to sleep.
That sudden realisation that you should be analysing a poem right now for school... AHEM. AHEM.


  1. Yay. I was hoping you'd post something. :D
    Oh, that picture is so sweet - AND LOOK THEY'RE PLAYING ROMAN HOLIDAY!!!
    I LOVE all of these....but I just feel like commenting on some that really pop out to me. (I feel like I've said that too many times. I'm so lame.)
    Oh, I LOVE hiding my neck in a deliciously comfy scarf!!
    Yes, I really like hearing noises from our computer that means an email has popped in. :D One of the best noises ever, haha.
    Wow, I've seen the "Country Girls" episode ssooo many times, haha! (And yes! It is hilarious....all the episodes where the children read out their essays are so funny, haha. BTW, this evening my sister showed me a clip of some of the Little House cast in an interview! It was brought out in 2014, but that's fairly recent, considering the show was made what...40 years ago?! (They are bringing out a new movie of Little House, with different actors. Only it's not cast yet - it's still in the early stages. Also, they're bringing out another Anne of Green Gables movie. But I'm CONVINCED both won't be very good - they'll always be the characters I grew up watching. And nothing else.) Let me see if I can get a video of the Little House cast interview...https://youtu.be/BmGmhuDuCYo Albert looks EXACTLY the same!! :D And Ma sounds the same...and Almonzo and Mary look very much the same. I'd still recognize the others...but wow, I got such a kick out of watching it. :D It makes me feel so nostalgic... I love that show. <3)
    YES! It's SO fun writing about quirky characters! Haha, they're some of the best.
    I always get my best story ideas either in the shower, in the car or before I fall asleep. :P Haha. I wonder why, exactly, that happens....
    That last one doesn't sound as inviting as the others do, haha. ;) Well, have fun analyzing the poem! ;)
    ~Miss Meg


      Same, I know Country Girls practically by heart, haha. I've seen that Interview (are you surprised? ;-P) already, actually - it's SO cool. It made ME feel nostalgic too - they're ALL GROWN UP. (It makes ME feel so young.)
      There's going to be a NEW LITTLE HOUSE?!!! I knew about the new AoGG (and, judging from the trailer, it'll be slightly ridiculous, although fun) but I had no idea there was going to be a New Little House. I hope they stick more to the books this time. AHEM.AHEM.

      The poem was okay. :-P

      ~ N

  2. YESSSSS! I love these :) Writing about quirky characters - so darn FUN! You get to know them so well, it's like having more and more friends! Oooooh, and I so get the story ideas-as-I'm-falling-asleep. And then I'm afraid all night long that I'll forget them, and end up dreaming about them and getting even more plot insights :P I know, that's a little weird.

    Oh, haha, yes! Although for me it's the realization that I should be grading like a week's worth of Trigonometry - ARGH :P

  3. YES to all of these... I love them. It's the little things in life that makes it beautiful, no?

  4. Ohhhhh . . . I love it when you write posts about "little things" like this. They're so important and yet we usually take them for granted :-)

    Favorite jeans are the BEST. Oh, and story ideas just when you're falling asleep . . . YES YES YES. ;-)

  5. This whole post was a wonderful feeling! :)
    Jeans, hot chocolate, proud bookshelf owner, reading blog posts (this one!), and you perfectly described the wonderfulness of pizza, just gah! I was smiling more at each line.
    Oh, and I do kind of hate it though when I get story ideas right before sleep. There's always that brief struggle where I have to decide if the idea's good enough to warrant struggling out of bed for pen and paper, or if I should just trust my memory with it. It's notoriously bad though - normally I wake up and only remember I was supposed to remember something. Haha. Anyway. LOVELY post Naomi :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Mary. I know, IS IT WORTH the TROUBLE to get out of bed to write the idea down?!! Always a great struggle. :-P

  6. "That 'emotional wreck' feeling after finishing a book that made you cry and go 'gahhh.'" Oh my yes! Definitely had that feeling at the end of Rilla of Ingleside. It wasn't even my favorite book, but the ending!!! GAHH!! ;)

    "Getting sudden, cool story ideas just as soon as you've told yourself to sleep." I know! I know! And isn't it SO inconvenient? Some nights my brain simply won't stop and I end up pulling my notebook out again and again, before I finally reach the point where I can relax and go to sleep. :D Haha!

  7. *Scrolls through blog post*
    *Yes again*
    And that was my approximate reaction to this. :) I especially liked the Darcy+Lizzie kiss, and the fact that you want to see Williamsburg! It's amazing.

  8. Yes!

    "That feeling when you've just finished an entire pizza and your mouth is all warm and salty and guiltily unhealthy." Pretty much me. :)


    Yes, those books that leave you an emotional wreck. I agree with Miss March, and the part where *SPOILERS* Walter dies never fails to make me bawl. IS HE NOT THE SWEETEST MOST KIND AND HANDSOME PERSON IN THE WHOLE BOOK.

    The little message thing! Also that happy, darling little noise when you get a text message.<3 ( And getting letters in the (silent) mail!)

    That "sudden realisation". Story of my life since started school up again after break.:)

    Loved this post!! So homey, and cozy, if you know what I mean.

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. ASGHGHGFHJSGHJGSJ I KNOW WALTER IS THE SWEETEST CHARACTER IN THE WORLD OF FICTIONAL MEN. I cry SOOOO much when I read Rilla of Ingleside - it is RIDICULOUS. Gah, it's seriously my favourite fictional book. Ever. EVER. (I envy you your pen-name. Hey, maybe I should call myself Una.)

  10. It is amazing how much our welfare can get wrapped up with those in a book (or movie)! If that character dies, I just don't know how life can go on! :)

  11. YES!!! And I was privileged to get the fluttery feeling over Darcy and Lizzie less then 5 hours ago!! It had been almost 2 years since I watched it and it was SOOOOO good to see it again!

  12. I loooooooove this. :-) *dissolves in happy squeefuls*

    (By the way, I just discovered I can type in italics. It didn't really click with me before, but now I feel like typing everything in italics.)

    Look, it's Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck!!! That is SO cool. It gave me a little thrill. YES, driving to Williamsburg with MEEEEEEEEE. (Can we take the bunnies too?)


    1. But why would the bunnies be interested in Williamsburg? :)

  13. THAT FIRST PICTURE. Whaaaaaaaaat.

    Loved this :)

    1. Haha, half of these comments are on the picture. I CHOSE THE RIGHT ONE. :-D
      Thanks. ;-)

  14. I can relate to so many of these, bu the one that jumped out was
    "That 'emotional wreck' feeling after finishing a book that made you cry and go 'gahhh.'" YES. That was me with Storming. ;)

    And eeee, the picture!!! :D


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