My Favourite 40's Songs

That gif up there is the cutest thing in the world of gifs. JUST SAYING SOMETHING. :-D

So, if you don't know, Rose at 'An Old Fashioned Girl' is hosting a 40's blog party. I'm really enjoying her scrumptious posts so far, and I'm here with a 40 themed blog post. To join in, and all that. Instead of a tag, Rose has tossed some originality into the party and she's organised a 'challenge' instead. The challenge basically features a list of posts anyone can write for the blog party, and look, one of the possible posts was 'Make a List of your favourite 40's songs.' :-)

Songs from the 1940's are my jam. I LOVE those Vintage songs - I've listened to some till I can't listen to them anymore, and I think I'll always love Glenn Miller. I used to be an enormous fan of 40's songs - I hardly listened to anything but Judy Garland and The Andrews Sisters for months once. (Really.) Of course, I still love them, so here's zee list.

AIN'T WE GOT FUN // Renee Olstead
Right, so I'm really cheating on this song, but it's so much fun + it WAS a well-known song during the forties so adding it I AM. This particular version of the song is actually a modern version, sung deliciously by Renee Olstead, but the song dates way back in the 'twenties' (it's mentioned even in 'The Great Gatsby') and, as I saaaid, it was popular throughout the forties and fifties, too. "Ain't We Got Fun", it's called. (It sounds just as good as the title, I promise. I LOVE this song to bits.)

So. For your interest, there are few voices I love better than Vera Lynn's. Vera Lynn's voice is silver and endless fields of buttercups and cowslips. Her voice is goals. Her voice is the kind of voice that makes every song sound darling. She was 'the Nightingale' of the War, and her patriotic, English songs make my heart swell up in British pride. I love all her songs, and I can't really pin a favourite, but Lily Marlene is especially intoxicating. (Although I don't like it when everyone joins in singing. It spoils the Vera-Lynn-effect.)
I once asked my Grandma, "Did you listen to Vera Lynn when you were a girl?" And she said, "Vera Lynn? Oh goodness yes. Everyone knew Vera Lynn."

IN THE MOOD // Glenn Miller
No 40's song list is complete without some good ol' Glenn Miller. GAH I LOVE HIS SONGS. They're perfect when you're glum or down, they're perfect when you need to get things doing, they're perfect for old-timey feels. As I told Eva in an email in the other day, I never CAN decide which one of his song is my favourite. I love 'Little Brown Jug' and 'American Patrol' and 'In the Mood' all to bits, for instance but picking ONE? Hard. But I'm sharing 'In the Mood' because it's the one that makes my toes tap the most. And that's a good thing.

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN // Judy Garland
AHH THIS SONG. My love for it dates way back to when I was a little pre-teen with no blog. (Okay, I haven't been blogging that long; I shouldn't pretend.) There are so many songs sung by Judy Garland on my mp3 player, but I'm choosing to share this one because it used to be my favourite, and her dress is to die for okay I've always wanted the dress she wears so so badly. This song is no other song but 'Singing in the Rain'! (Now you know that song was a thing before the Gene Kelly movie.) Judy Garland sings this impeccably with perfect curls and cuuuute facial expressions in the movie 'Little Nellie Kelly'.

Another Judy Garland song, just because. Because it's so ridiculously fun, and because Judy Garland's facial expressions are seriously to die for, and because her dress is so ugly but yet so becoming and because I love it. Listen to it and smile. I really want to see the movie of this song.

CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO // With the Nicholas Brothers & Dorothy Dandridge
AHHH THIS VERSION OF THIS SONG. The Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge put an impeccable new swing and twist on one of my all-time-favourite 40's tunes. (Dorothy Dandridge is so, so cute. Those lil' shiny eyes of hers. And those shoes with the bow. Hashtag jealous.) (I also love that she was married to one of the brothers at that point.) (At that point. Sad.) Anyways, go watch the video. (If you're not doing my February challenge aka a challenge I am bad at. :-P)

Have you listened to these songs?
What are some of your favourite 40's songs?


  1. Ooooh In the Mood! We did that in stage band and I had to do the drums.. gosh that was a challenge but still fun!

  2. That is one adorable gif!

    What an enjoyable list:) I didn't know most of these but the ones I've just listened to are absolutely gorgeous! (Especially the one with Vera Lynn, what a voice!)

    And 2 Judy Garland songs! I just love her voice as well as her sweet appearance:)

  3. Singin' in the Rain! Oh, and Chattanooga Choo Choo. That one is definitely a favorite of mine.

    That gif is seriously the sweetest, bestest gif I have EVER SEEN. NOT kidding :)

  4. These were so enjoyable!! Yes, In The Mood!!<3 I love it how pretty much every version you hear is a little different. Glenn Miller is zee best.

    I loved that Singin' in the Rain with Judy Garland!! The intro was so cute, and THAT DRESS. Have you seen her and Mickey Rooney sing "I Wish I Were In Love Again"? It's so cute and funny!

    Vera Lynn has such a great voice! I'd never heard of her before.


    ~Rilla Blythe

  5. The gif is pretty sweet.

    I enjoy a lot of these songs, but I really enjoyed watching the Joint is Jumpin'. Jose Iturbi looked like he was really enjoying it.

  6. These are such fun! I love Glenn Miller and yes Dorothy Dandridge is so cute!

  7. I adore Glenn Miller!! Also, Mugsy Spanier. :)

  8. That gif is Doing Things To Me. No, I'm not kidding. It's seriously the most feels-y thing I've seen in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

    It also reminds me of how much I want to finish my WW2 novel and how I don't have any time right now. 'Cause, y'know . . . there's a scene just like that. At the end.

    (Sorry. Didn't mean to tantalize y'all. But it really is going to be a cool scene. Just sayin'.)

  9. Ahhhhhh, I don't know any of these songs except for Ain't We Got Fun. ;-P But I LOVE that one, especially Renee Olstead's version! It's used in the American Girl Kit movie (which is completely wonderful, by the way) so that's how I know it. Sadie and I listened to that a lot last spring. :-)

  10. Ohhhhh, that GIF! <3 She's literally JUMPING into his arms...aww...
    I am not very familiar with any of these..."Ain't We Got Fun" is very...fun. ;D She's got a nice, quirky voice, too...
    Very Lynn is a very lovely singer...I don't sing At All like her. :P My voice is basially the opposite. (A field of clover and weeds? Haha. I never was much good at similes... :P)
    Ah, yes, I know "In the Mood". :D It's pretty fun and catchy!
    Aww....Judy Garland is so cute. :P And her dress is very pretty, yes!
    Oh that second July Garland song is SO FUN!!! I'd never heard it before. :D And he introduced her as 'and boy can she really sing a song'! (or something like that) when I'm more gaping and saying, 'and boy, can HE really PLAY a song!'
    That last song...haha. (I'm not familiar with it.) Those boys must have been a handful to their mum when they were little...they're so ACTIVE and FAST. I desperately wish I could tap dance. I've never had the opportunity. I wonder if it's as hard as it looks...I wonder if I could even DO it. :P I wish it was something that was brought back into fashion again, that would be so fun! Oh, and yes, the February challenge...yeah, I'm not very good at it too. ;P I waited until Friday to read this post properly so I could see the videos (because I'm a good girl I am) but I'm afraid I've 'broken the rules' a little over the past few weeks... :P Still, there are 6 YouTube channels, at least, that I haven't been watching except on Fridays...and I don't believe I've seen any Blimey Cow at all this month. I gotta cut me SOME slack. ;D
    ~Miss Meg

  11. I love In The Mood!!!
    Haha, Mickey Rooney. :)
    -The Girl With the Gold Pen

    Ahem. That may be the cutest thing I've seen lately.

    Oh! "Ain't We Got Fun!" I remember hearing that in the American Girl movie Kit Kittredge....I loved it at the time, but I haven't heard it in soooo long. I'm glad you reminded me!

    I haven't heard the others you listed (except for Glenn Miller OF COURSE. I love his music so much!!) but I'll have fun going through them and listening to them. :) Great post!


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