My to-do list for next week

I love it when my country gives me a weeks holiday for no reason in particular. Well, they say it has a reason - for carnival, or whatever this one is - but basically they're just being nice to me, giving me a week off school and waking-up-at-half-past-six-mornings. I LOVE WEEKS OFF. They're my one and only and true one, ONE weakness. (Together with Chocolate. Chocolate is balm for the soul and solution for all problems.)

We have one next week (squee, squee, etc. etc.) and because I'm all for 'oh, I'm going to fill it and do a lot', I'm going to make a to-do list and, what's more, I'm going to do this ridiculous thing called 'making it public.' It'll be a test for me, because when the week is over, I will go through the list and see how many things of the list I have accomplished. And if the result is a weak, bad one... well, then you all have permission to SCOLD me and tell me that my ancestors are rolling in their graves.

(We're not going anywhere or anything, so therefore the picture above. Explanation over. I may proceed and bring my to-do list on screen without further nonsense and ado.)

- Do a little bit of school-work every day. Like, maybe 30 minutes a day. Because I can't fall behind, I always seem to have heaps and pages in my school books before me. Thirty minutes a day seems doable, even though dreadfully boring. I can do this. I'll do it first thing. Every day.

- Write at least a 1000 words a day. I currently have two projects running - a sad, sad tale about a blind man called Lionel with green eyes, and a happier tale about a fair, dusk, lanterns and an over-used plot line involving a love triangle - so the only way to get those two projects really running seriously is to actually write them. So at least 1000 words a day SHOULD happen. AT LEAST. Naomi. At LEAST.

- Visit a friend. Y'know, do some socialising. Staying at home is jolly well the best thing there is, but I have to sometimes pretend I'm a normal teenager, and hang out with a fellow teenager pretending to be a normal teenager, you know, sooo. (I haven't made any plans to visit anyone yet, so I should email someone to ask.) (That's on my to-do list for tonight.)

- Make heart-shaped biscuits and/or muffins with pink icing for Valentine's day with my sister. Valentine's day in our house isn't much of a big deal at all - (maybe one day, when the majority of my siblings are of eligible age) - but I just want to make heart-shaped, pink-iced biscuits this year. With my fifteen-year-old sister, who needs to tell me which button's which. You know, on the oven. (I'm a stranger when it comes to our oven. I haven't even given it a name, which proves how rarely we say 'hello.')

- Give my Grandparents huge big huuuugs, because they're coming over from good old England for a few days, and they're frightful darlings. My Grandparents and I squish each other to death sometimes.

- Read five books. (I have to say, in my heart, I'm aiming for a book a day. But I don't want to be scolded at, and I don't want my ancestors to roll in their graves, so I'll keep this to-do list slightly doable.)

- Not spoil time on the interwebs. My February challenge is going well so far (although it's slightly harder than I like to admit... HEH) but now Pinterest has become my close friend again. So I must be careful. I will be careful.

- Watch 'Cranford' (for the third time) and 'Twelve Years a Slave' (for the first time.) (I'm not sure if I'm ready for the second one. I think it might break my heart.)

- Mend my sister's bracelet. It broke the other day and she's always asking me to mend it, and I'm always saying I'll do it tomorrow. Sooo.

- Decided whether or not I will or will not cut my hair to chin-length. I WANT TO, BUT WHAT IF I DON'T?!!

- Review Cranford on my blog. (And try not to squeal to unladylike-ly about Sophie and Dr Harrison, because they're seriously cuter than daisies in a starlit, dusky flowerpatch.)

- Play zee piano at least once every two days. You know what piece I'm playing? You want to know? I'm playing the piece Georgiana Darcy plays when Lizzy and Darcy do their heart-melting dreamy little gaze + smile! THAT piece. I'm playing it and for once I actually like playing the piano. (It's a piece by Beethoven, called Andante Favori, for anyone who's interested. The sheet music is findable online.) (Yes, you may steal my idea and print it out and play it as well. We'll do a duet. How about that, Colonel?)

- Do something artsy with my little siblings. Try not to end up doing everything.

- Write a Little House related post for Ashley's Little House week. Check it out here. it's going to be REALLY fun.

Well, that's about it. I'd better not make this list too long, especially since I gave you special permission to scold me if I do bad. Well, I'm looking forward to the weekend and week laying ahead of me, and I hope I'll do ridiculously much and have a good old time. (What about you? Are you going to do anything special these following days. Or just... anything remotely interesting? Are you planning to join Ashley's swell Little House Party?)

Sincerly yours, and all that. x


  1. I need to get around to watching 12 Years a Slave too. And Cranford! I need to rewatch that! I remember loving it but it's been quite awhile.

    1. Sooo... I just watched the first 15 minutes from 12 Years a Slave. Yes, I stopped. It was just too terrible and sad and gruesome for me - I COULD NOT carry on watching it. (My parents are watching it at the moment, downstairs.)
      BUT CRANFORD IS AWESOME. Gahhh. I love that movie. <3

    2. I think that's a good decision, Naomi. From what I've heard, it's a very, very, very rough movie. Totally deserved its R-rating. Not saying it wasn't a good film or anything--I mean, hey, this stuff really did HAPPEN and needs to be talked about--but if you're sensitive to violence, give it a miss.

  2. Aren't holidays delicious? Even if you have no particular plans for the time off, just anticipating the lack of normal responsibilities is lovely. I've got some "free time" coming up. :) I, too, think, "I shall get ever so much done," and fail quite epically to get much of anything done that I had planned. Cranford is so good. (Well, the miniseries is. I haven't read the book(s).) Those sweet friendships between the ladies of Cranford. <3 I'm contemplating cutting my hair, too. Not to chin-length, though. I have had it cut it that short before and cried. :) Maybe an inch or two past my shoulders. How long is your hair now? Thanks for the name of the piano piece. I looked it up. Eight pages! Have you tried to play "Weep You No More Sad Fountains"? It's not difficult, but it doesn't sound like the right song if you only play it and don't sing it. The piano part is more harmony, I suppose, while the vocals are the melody. Do you think duets would work over FaceTime or Skype? The delay might make it sound rather awful. o_O

    1. Cranford IS so good. The book, in my opinion, is slightly boring - but I really want to read 'Dr Harrison's Confessions' - because the bits with Dr Harrison in the movie are my favourites. :-)

      Why did you cry when you cut your hair till your chin?!! I must know, and be warned. :-)

      My hair was very long several weeks ago, but I cut it till about 5 centimetres below my shoulders last week - and I LOVE it. (But I want to cut it some more. Maybe. That's what I'm thinking about all day.)

      Yes, the song is eight pages. It's really beautiful - I've reached page four. I'm getting there. No - I've never played that song - it's not my favourite song, to be honest; I'd rather play 'My Father's Favourite' from S&S. (Which I have played, and it's so pretty.)

      Haha. NO. Duets via Skype would not be the same. :-P

      Thanks for commenting, Kerry!
      ~ Naomi

    2. I'm not very good at dealing with change, and I guess that haircut was too much change at once. :)

  3. Wow, Naomi! I don't know how you're going to get all these things done! Not that I'm trying to discourage you or anything, I just know I wouldn't be able to do it! Read five books in a week? Never! (Unless they were very, very short books...then maybe I could do it! Haha!) Write 1000 words a day? Oh dear. I wish I could do that! ;)

    Anyway, good luck! I'm sure we won't have to scold you, too much. ;) Have fun pretending to be a normal teenager! (That part made me laugh, by the way!) And enjoy making cookies with your sister, too. I had to smile when you said you don't know how to work the oven. Maybe naming it would be the secret to saying 'hello' to it more often. (Heehee.) You're a dear, you know that?

    ~Miss March

    1. Haha, don't worry, Miss March - you're not discouraging me at all! In fact, you're encouraging me by telling me you think I won't be able to do all these things. Because now I'm like, 'I'LL SHOW MISS MARCH I CAN DO THIS.' :-D

      Aw, thank you. Your comments are the bestest.

      ~ Naomi

  4. You just made me smile, dear! (In fact, altogether you made my entire day much happier. ;D)

    Let's see. Next week's plans. . . Delving back into my novel-in-progress (I'm actually hoping to start back in later this afternoon after I wash a load of dishes ;)), take a look at my sisters' history studies again and figure out my game plan in that area, get back to exercise after being sick this week :/, and work on writing and screen capping my review for The Magic of Ordinary Days for Rose's upcoming 40's week.

    Annnnnd Andante Favori!! NOW I KNOW WHAT IT IS!! (Which also makes my day much happier.) Now I'm going to put my own 15 year old sister onto the detective work of looking it up. . . ;)

    1. Aw, thank you, Heidi!

      You're going to review "The Magic of Ordinary Days"!! I really want to see that movie - so I'm looking forward to it. :-) Yesss. Andante Favori is REALLY nice. :-)

  5. Oh, yes! And I have a Hamlet and Before Midnight review to finish, too. Hee. This is already shaping up to be a full week! ;)

  6. A list! I say, what a jolly good idea!

    Twelve Years a Slave!!! I've been wanting to watch that for a loooong time -- but my mom watched it a few summers ago and declared that I will not be watching it anytime soon. So, it was too sad? I know it's probably gut-wrenching, but I still want to watch it sometime. (Michael Fassbender's in it. So, yeah.) I LOVE the video of "Roll, Jordan Roll" with clips from the movie that's on Youtube.

    Ahh yes, your hair struggle. What to do. You know, it's really up to you; I can tell you to cut it, but I don't want you to if you won't be happy with it. ;-P

    I hope you get to do everything on your list!! And I hope you enjoy your holidays. :-) Hmmm, do I have anything remotely interesting going on?? Well, there's this gigantic stack of books on my desk which is making me giddy with happiness, and also a book I'm writing which is also making me giddy...and a few westerns I want to watch.
    Spring is coming (in like two months) and I there's always the A River Runs Through It soundtrack, so I guess you could say life is pretty good, all things considered. :-)


    1. 12 Years a Slave - well, I understand WHY your mom said it wasn't for a thirteen/fourteen-year-old-you. :-P It's a 15+ movie, and I've learnt from past experience that 15+ movies just AREN'T FOR ME. Holocaust movies aren't for me. Now I know movies about slavery aren't for me either. (Unless it's Amazing Grace. That's different.) It was really gruesome, and we already skipped two scenes in the first 15 minutes. I don't know, it's not my kind of a movie. (Brad Pitt is in it, also. But that does NOT make the movie necessarily your thing. :-P)

      My hair struggle. HA. :-P

      GIGANTIC STACK OF BOOKS. Sighhhhhhhh.

    2. WAIT THAT'S RIGHT BRAD PITT IS IN IT!!!!! Suddenly I want to watch it that much more. (Haha, sorry, you telling me that had the opposite effect on me than you probably intended.)

    3. No. No. I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT. No really though, Mum said Brad Pitt was only in ONE scene. I'm sure you can find that one scene on Youtube SO THERE. (My mum and dad watched it together and my mum said THEY were skipping half of it. I don't think I recommend it.) (And don't watch it for Fassbender, because he's a terribly mean one.)

    4. Oh. *snaps fingers in disappointment*

  7. Have a wonderful holiday, Naomi!! Gosh, I wish I could get a free week off too, right about now :-)

    Ohhhhhh, I can't wait to read your Little House post! I love those books. SO. MUCH. They're beautiful. (Which is your favorite, by the way? Mine's "The Long Winter.")

    Good luck deciding about your haircut :-) No, REALLY, though--I DO understand what a big decision it is. I would say, myself, that I have a feeling a chin-length haircut might suit you really well . . . so if you want to do it, go for it. Unless, of course, you feel like you might be really sad afterwards. (Gosh, I'm not being very helpful, am I?)

    Oh, I LOOOOOOOOOVE the third photo from the bottom. The one with the girl leaning out the window. It's gorgeous. *happy sigh*

    1. Aw, Sorry.

      My favourite Little House book - from Laura's books, a tie between 'The Little Town on the Prairie' and 'Those Happy Golden Years.' I can't choose between the two. :-)

      I don't think I'd be sad if I regretted my haircut. I'd just tell myself to like it. (I think I'm going to do it. :-D) (We should send each other pictures of what we look like, don't you think? And Rosie.)

      I know! I love that photo too. :-)

      ~ N

    2. Oh, I love "These Happy Golden Years" too . . . They're all amazing. I just love "The Long Winter" best because of all that SNOW. (I like snow. I just do. It's a Thing.) Plus, I love how Almanzo is in that story ;-)

      Sounds good! I bet it'll look really nice :-) Ohhhhhhh--we SHOULD!!! That would be so much fun--I can't wait to try it!!! I'll find one of me today that I can email you :-) (I'd be interested to hear if I look really different than you imagined, haha.)

  8. My sister has the "Let's stay home" picture framed in her house. ;)
    So, I'm curious, I thought you were homeschooled, but do you still follow the school schedule of the public schools in Belgium?
    I have been ill and so also have had time off from school, which meant overdosing on Downton Abbey and quite a bit of reading, of varied sorts. ;) I have the 1000 words a day goal, too, but have fallen dreadfully behind on that, and managed only a few thousand since October. (shameful, I know)
    Anyhow, enjoy your break!

    1. Really?! Cool! I want it framed, too. :-P

      Well, my dad is a teacher, so whenever HE'S home, we're on holiday. (That works really well.) (Unless it's a snowday. Then we still have to do work, and he gets to help us with Mum. :-P)

      I'm sorry you're ill - I hope you get better soon. And the 1000 words goal CAN be tough, I KNOW IT. But I'm going to tryyy.

  9. I loved your comment about playing piano. I really love to play, although I don't practice as much as I should. Most of my practice that I do is for music for church. But, thanks for telling me the name of that piece! (And I love the movie references as well.) :)

    1. I practice a little every day, but I'm not that good, either. I've been practising more lately, though - what with Georgiana's piece. :-)

  10. Argh, computer is playing up, deleting my SUPER long comment....*shakes fist at it* Why does it DO THAT to me.....
    Okay, so I'm in a whimsical mood and I was waiting for another post from you all week, so I'm going to talk about anything and everything. (Don't I always?) :D
    We don't have holidays next week. Although we did recently come off 2 months holidays (WHICH WENT SO FAST AND IT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH!) so it's really quite fair. ;) Still, I do so wish I was on holidays. :P
    Ooohh, wow, now THAT is diligence for you - doing school on holidays! My hat is off to you. :D (Only I'm not wearing one right now.)
    Oh, you've got another story going?! In my one I'm writing about the authoress of Lavender's Blue (which isn't really coming along...but I still have hope in it) the last thing I wrote of was when she went to a fair. I had never written about a fair before, but after having so much fun with it, I just might have to do it again. :D
    Well, does that mean I'm a normal teenager, 'cause I LOVE visiting my friends, only I rarely get the chance...Most people tell me I'm not at ALL like a typical teenager, it's just that I'm an extrovert. ;) (Most teenagers aren't, in general...if you watch this video, you'll understand. https://youtu.be/_veIGGP1Uh4 Haha. :P) I have introverts always telling me that they feel exhausted and need time to themselves after socializing, (which is fine, I mean they can totally do that!) but for me, I get pumped and let's-do-this and I just want to go out again! It basically has the opposite affect on me. ;)
    Oh, what a SWELL idea! I should do that - make heart shaped biscuits with pink icing. :D Except, last time I piped icing (onto cupcakes) the bag burst on the very first cupcake. Haha. I was having SUCH a bad day that day. ;) So I take it you don't do cooking much? I normally do baking every week (although often my two older sisters pitch in) and I have to cook a main meal by myself every Wednesday night. (Mum either gives me the recipe, or I choose one with the meat she has defrosted.) I can now cook 'most anything without thinking about it, 'cause I'm so much more comfortable and at home than I was 3 years ago, cooking. (I used to fret and inwardly squeal 'WHAT IF I MAKE A MISTAKE MY FAMILY HAS TO EAT THIS AS THEIR TEA WHAT IF THEY GET FOOD POISENING?!' I worried a lot back then. :P) I personally consider it a very good skill to have. (So thanks Mum, for MAKING me cook tea when I don't want to. Haha. :P)
    Aww....I see my Papa (grandfather - well, and my Mama for that matter) every Sunday at church, and he always comes up to me, puts his arm around my waist, squeezes my shoulder and says, "how are you today?" :)
    5 BOOKS IN ONE WEEK?! I can barely get one book done in 2 weeks! I don't READ slowly, it's just the time factor. My life: School, cleaning, cooking, exercise, music, writing, and THEN reading. I'm afraid my beloved books that I read AND write get pushed to the back burner when reality comes calling. :(
    Haha, I've been finding your challenge very...well, CHALLENGING. ;) I've already had to make a couple exceptions, but I think I have a justification, hehe. (We were going to have friends over and show them some line dancing we learnt at the bush dance, and I had to find the music. :D)
    I haven't seen Cranford yet! (On my to-see list.) Too many others movies to watch at the moment! :P


      Poor you about long comments getting swallowed up. That is MEAN. Maybe before you hit 'publish' you can save all the text - just in case it gets swallowed up, you can copy it all over again. I don't know. :-/ Thank you for rewriting it all, though - you're very kind. :-)

      I DEFINITELY have an introverted side to me. I love socialising and doing stuff with other people, but some ME-time is needed to 'load up my batteries.'

      Wow, you sound like a good cook. I know, cooking IS a very good skill to have (I never said it weren't. :-P)- but I don't do it much at all. My brother (the one who has the same name as YOUR brother) loves cooking; and he does it least once a week. My mum cooks most of the time, though. I'm okay that way. :-D

      I can do 5 books a week. I read a book last evening and this morning. I have time this week. :-)
      I know. Isn't the challenge CHALLENGING?!! :-D

      Cranford is REALLY GOOD. ALTHOUGH EPISODE TWO IS SO SAD. (We watched it yesterday evening. My heart is broken.)

    2. Yes, I have lately been saving all the text, but that last time it deleted it before I got to do that! (I somehow touched your background, and for some reason it didn't like that. :P)
      Well, sometimes I DO need to be alone, just for a little, to gather my thoughts and be ready for the next thing that comes up. I usually do that while driving in the car, or as I lie in bed at night. :)
      Oh, maybe I was bragging a little...(sorry if I sound a bit boastful. I need to work on that, I'm afraid it's one of my many faults. :/) But I like to THINK I'm a good cook, although I certainly can't cook a three course meal, haha. ;) I have LOTS of room for improvement, put it that way!
      Dear, dear, I'm not sure if I want to have my heart broken by Cranford. Is it very painful? :P
      ~Miss Meg

  11. I'm quite terrible at mending things. :P I wish I had that skill...it comes in handy, when you have a 6 year old brother and 10 year old sister, haha.
    Oh, that's a scary kind of thing to do, CUT YOUR HAIR! I cut mine in November last year. :) It was getting very long, way past my shoulders, and I had it cut only JUST beneath my shoulders. It's grown back a lot in 3 months time! I'm deliberating whether I should cut it, or just wait for autumn/winter, when I don't mind having long hair. :)
    Haha, well, I love reading your reviews but I don't want too many spoilers. :P Never mind though, I shan't be watching it for a good while, I'm sure, so it won't really matter. ;)
    Oh, it's always SO fun to play music off movies, especially when the actor/ess plays it in the movie!! :D I can play the song Emma sings (off the 2009 version) with Frank Churchhill...well, that was awhile ago, I might have to review it, hehe. The music was simple, so I tweaked it and added flourishes until it sounded more like how she played it. :) Oh, and I can play Georgiana - the piece Georgiana plays in the 2005 P&P! ;D (Come on, the music IS beautiful!! Even if you think otherwise about the movie...) And I can play Dawn well now, so I feel much better at it than when Lizzie tries to play it on the piano for Lady Catherine. *snort* Although, I do spend an hour or more every day on the piano, so I have good reason to. ;)
    I'm pretty pathetic at being artsy. I design dresses, I colour IN dresses, I draw weird looking people that I only show to my younger sister (we have drawing competitions, hehe) and I can make cards (rather poorly). That's about it. :P
    Oh, yes, I LOVE Little House on the Prairie! I shall look forward to that, presuming you get that done on your list. ;D (Don't worry. I have faith in you.)
    Hmm...what am *I* doing...well, school. Seeing the orthodontist on Tuesday and he'll tell me when I should get my four wisdom teeth out. Which will be...fun. On Saturday we're having an extended family birthday party (and my birthday is included) so I get PRESENTS! :D That'll be FUN. Oh, and the party itself, of course. ;P Nothing much that I know of, but there's always waaayyy too many things that pop up, haha.
    I'm off to have a splendid Saturday afternoon, hehe. ;) (This morning was crazy. I did some 'groundwork' with my sister's horse for the first time (ground work being, making friends, learning how to move their hind quarters, back them away, draw them close without even TOUCHING them etc) and then my sisters and I went for a bike ride. One of my sisters rode a horse, and the other rode a bike (like me). Unfortunately the horse was playing up, so it bucked off my sister (poor dear - she was alright though) and galloped back home. My sisters ran after her and since I was a good way away from them, I was left at the top of a hill, half a kilometre from our house. I wasn't quite sure what to do (I had no phone) so I just rode my bike full speed down the road towards our house and an old gentleman offered to take me back in his car to my house, so I hopped in his ute (nice old chap!) and he drove me back. Everything was under control by then, so my sister drove me and my other sister back to get our bikes, and us two rode our bikes home, haha. :P Long story. (And that was just the MORNING.) We have lots of big hills where we are, so it's very tiresome riding your bike, 'cause they're long and steep. But I've done it lots, although that doesn't exactly take away the hardness of it.)
    Anyways, this comment is (I'm sure) too long and will be divided into two comments, in which case I better stop blabbing and leave. ;)
    ~Miss Meg
    P.S. Oh, and I managed to take some pictures of our house for you. :D I'll have to send them through on an email sometime.

    1. Heheh, I will try to keep my Cranford review slightly spoiler-free. Although I doubt it, because there's nothing I hate more than writing spoiler-free reviews. (I'll add 'spoiler alerts'. For you. :-))

      You sound like a good pianist. :-) And yes, DON'T WORRY, I rather like the music in Pride and Pyjamas. (Hhahaha.) It's very pretty indeed. :)

      Ohhh! PRESENTS! Aren't late birthday presents the best?! You will have to tell me all about them in an email. :-)

      HAHA. The biking adventure sounds great. I like the sound of that old gentleman, too. :-D

      Thank you for your comments!!! <3

    2. Oh, well if you detest writing spoiler-free reviews that much, then I shall just have to skip over you post. :) (ALTHOUGH IT WILL BE VERY HARD.) But thanks, I'd be most appreciative if you added spoiler alerts. (Heh, I can just picture it: "Spoiler alert for Miss Meg!!". ;P))
      Aww, go on!!! ;) I'm sure you're a very good pianist, yourself. :) And I'm very glad to hear you like the music, off Pride and *cough* Pyjamas. :P
      Yes! I'm SO excited! Especially since I am quite sure I'm getting a Certain Broadway Recording Soundtrack From a Certain Musical We Both Have a Mutual Feeling For. Hehe. :D
      He was a very nice old gentlemen. In fact, I MIGHT have to add him into one of my stories. ;) He had SUCH a remarkably unique face. :D
      You're welcome! Thanks for letting me bombard your blog with them. (Not that you have much of a choice. Haha.)
      ~Miss Meg

    3. I'll add spoiler alerts, because I want you to read it. :-)

  12. A whole week off?! Lucky you! :) We don't have a break week for some time yet. *sigh* Your writing projects sound so interesting! I'm trying get writing in, too - how much is 1000 words? Three pages? I've never really done word counts, to be honest :P

    Ah, I'm not a normal teenager either :P I hate big parties - even hanging out with just one person can be stressful for me. Oh, you're thinking about cutting your hair? Good for you! I usually cut about six inches off my hair in the summer, but it always grows back. I've never had it cut any more than that. :P Although, when I was little, I used to have bangs, and I was always going back and forth between growing them out and keeping them. (I didn't like having to sit still while Mom trimmed them, y'see :D) In the end I grew them out.

    A Little House blog party?? That sounds fun! I looooooove her books :) I think my favorite is On The Shores Of Silver Lake. But I also love The Long Winter . . .
    I hope you get to do everything on your list!! Enjoy your week off :)

    1. A 1000 words is about two A4 pages. Should be manageable, right?

      Haha. We're both not normal teenagers, then. I like parties, but it can get too much for me.

      Yes! I can't wait for the Little House party!

  13. Hear hear for no school! You ought to compile a book of your quotes: I loved your "Chocolate is balm for the soul and solution for all problems!"
    Good luck with all your endeavors! That's a pretty tall order to finish in a week! Especially the hair-cutting; if your hair grows fast, I would try it. If it grows slowly...that's a hard decision to make!
    I listened to the Andante Favori and it sounds really pretty! Hope you enjoy playing it!

    1. Haha, you like my quotes? Thanks!
      My hair grows OKAY-fast, but not fast as in wow-that-grows-every-day-fast. :-P

  14. This post was GORGEOUS, Naomi.

    You get a whole WEEK off???!!! SO LUCKY. *Curls up in corner and sulks because my country is stingy about holidays*

    "Chocolate is balm for the soul and solution for all problems" ("There is no solution!!!") Sorry. Had to throw that quotation in;) But I digress. YESSS. CHOCOLATE UNDERSTANDS.

    "Staying at home is jolly well the best thing there is, but I have to sometimes pretend I'm a normal teenager, and hang out with a fellow teenager pretending to be a normal teenager." I KNOW.

    The oven. Ah yes. My family's oven and I do not even have a nodding acquaintance.;)

    Your hair! I know that feeling. I know what you mean, but maybe you should give it a try! I got mine cut super super short a few years ago, and now I am glad I did, because I actually, well, did it and saw how I looked with it. Kinda fun!

    ANDANTE FAVORI!!!! That minor part when Georgiana looks up flustered and then.............<3<3<3<3 It is a truly lovely piece.
    That S and S reference made me SO HAPPY. (BTW, I am actually playing "My Father's Favorite!)

    The pictures you chose are scrumptious!

    Loved loved loved this Naomi!! I hope you have a splendiferous week!

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Awww, Rilla (I'm STILL not over your pseudonym), your comment made me very happy. I'm so sorry... about YOU not having a holiday. :-(

      What is the 'there is no solution' quote from? I feel I SHOULD know, but I don't. :-P

      Well, thank you - what you said about cutting hair makes me feel good about cutting it. I won't cut it super super short, though.


    2. I'm so glad!:)

      It's from Emma 2009--the scene in the last episode when she walks over to Mr. Knightley's house. I love that scene! So funny, and yet Mr. Knightley is incredibly sweet!!<3<3<3

      ~Rilla Blythe

    3. Oh yes, I think I remember. I LOVE Mr Knightley. :-)


  15. This actually came at just the right moment for me, because I've got this week off school as well! I guess the English and Belgium school schedules are pretty similar. ;) Anyways, if you don't mind, I'll be stealing one or two of these for my own uses. (Muahaha.)

    YES PLEASE to Little House! Alsooo, just scrolling through the comments, I had to notice you have the same two favourites as me (Little Town and Happy Golden Years... I think the former JUST wins out, but it's close!). So I'd love to read something on either of those. :)

    1. Yes, I think so. Although in Belgium we have two months in the summer holiday, and England has less, I believe. (But don't worry, you guys have several other weeks throughout the year which we don't have. I believe it's roughly the same in the end.)

      YES. I know, I think I like 'Little Town' just a LEEEETLE bit more. :-P

  16. A whole week off? How wonderful for you!
    Making to do lists is one my favourite things to do (following them, not so much)
    It looks quite ambitious, but I'm sure you're uo to the task;)
    Making heart shaped biscuits sounds like a delightful thing.
    And Cranford...it's so great, I agree Sophie and Dr Harrison are the best, I found them quite lacking in the book.

    You're playing Andante Favori?? It's such a beautiful piece! I played it a few years ago (yes, because I heard it in P&P) and it was wonderful, though quite challenging towards the end.

    Enjoy all your freetime!
    I think the next week for me will be mainly dedicated to writing blog posts, but that's great fun too:)

  17. Lovely! A week! :-D Not that I can talk I've been on holidays since November.. ;)
    Yeah the Slave movie is really hard to bear, we had to watch it in Modern History and basically I hid in my exercise book drawing and writing quotes but I could still hear it *shudders*

    I really need to do my A&A post too!
    Have you seen Great Expectations? The BBC 1999 version?! :-D We just watched that and finished Our Zoo WHY DID IT END THERE?! Ahem.. so a writing project for me is season 2 screenplay.. (good grief evie)

    Hope its nice and cool over there? I'm sweltering! Ask Miss Meg although its been nice and cool the last few days *fist pumps air in happiness*
    Since it's 6.45am I should go :-)

  18. Congratulations on a week off!! I hope you have a LOT of fun! :D

    And ooohhh, Naomi, those stories sounds beautiful! I love how you describe them- "a blind man called Lionel with green eyes" and "a happier tale about a fair, dusk,lanterns"...SO pretty.

    I have the same problem!! I too want to cut my hair that short...but I'm also afraid that it will be a Terrible mistake. :( If you do cut it...could you send me a picture? I'd love to see! (if you don't want to or can't for whatever reason that's fine ;))

    Ohh, I LOVE the song that Georgiana plays! I'm going to look for the sheet music asap. :) We'll plan on a duet (if I ever get around to learning it. Which is doubtful. Between hymns for church and playing chord sheets for fun, I hardly ever practice "real" piano music haha)

    Have a lovely, lovely week! This was such a fun and cute post. I hope you accomplish your goals! :D

    1. Thanks Natalie! So far, the challenges of my To-DO list are going well. :-D Of course I'll send you a picture If I End Up Doing It! :-)

    2. Oh, yay! So happy for you. :) And thank you! :D


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