My To-Do list / How did I do?

Last week - well, two weeks ago, on Friday - I posted this post, which featured a longish To-Do list for the week which is just gone behind me. It was filled with challenges and productivity. I told you I was going to give you special permission to openly scold me if I failed at this list, and some of you, much to my delight, said (kindly) that I wasn't going to be able to do all these things. But you were wrong, and you may NOT scold me BECAUSE I WAS A GOOD GIRL AND I DID WELL!!! (You may cheer softly.)

It was a lovely, productive week of writing, fictional characters and emails. I'm sad it's over. But oh well, school days have their own hidden charms - you just have to dig deeper to find them.

So let's see, shall we?

- Do a little bit of school-work every day.
I DID THIS. Except it wasn't 30 minutes, like I said I was aiming for, and I didn't do anything on Friday. It was more ten/fifteen/five minutes a day, but hey, at least I did get my schoolbooks out with a good will towards it. And on Friday I did some sport, which I dislike, and therefore qualifies as 'schoolwork.' So there. That's crossed out. I did this.

- Write at least a 1000 words a day.
I fist-pump myself. I wrote about 8000 words this week (not counting blog posts and journalling and anything that is not my novel.) There were some days in which I wrote less than a 1000 words, not going to lie. But then I made up for it the day afterwards for writing more.
Special thanks to my seven-year-old sister for Word-War-ing with me several times, and some thanks to my fourteen-year-old brother for War-War-ing with me once. There. I pat you. (I won all the wars, but that wasn't the point of the war. The point was getting writing done.)

- Visit a friend.
Two friends at Church had their birthday, and they had a party and everything. So I went this Saturday, with my older brother. Like, just us two, we drove into town and everything on our own. I felt rather like an adult, all sophisticated-like. (And my brother didn't cause any accidents; good boy.) I ate pizza at the party, and strawberry-chocolate cake, and it was nice. I looked like a normal teenager. :-)

- Make heart-shaped biscuits and/or muffins with pink icing for Valentine's day with my sister.
I MADE cupcakes. With pink icing. But they weren't heart-shaped. But I did make twenty-three cupcakes, and it took a whole morning to make it, so that totally, totally counts. Duh. My sister made a gorgeous double-layer chocolate cake, which she did flawlessly. My cupcakes looked nice in the end, but I had a lot of problems with the icing and I constantly asked said sister stupid questions like, 'Is this the right flour?!! Wait, IS IT?'

- Give my Grandparents huge big hugs.
Of course. It was lovely having them over.

- Read five books.
Well, that happened easily! On Sunday, I read 'The Cranford Companion.' On Monday, I read 'Emily of the New Moon.' On Tuesday, inspired by Ashley's Little House Week, I read 'By The Shores of the Silver Lake.' On Wednesday, I read 'Emily Climbs.' On Thursday, I read a French book called 'La Silence de la Mer.' (Click on the titles to see my Goodreads reviews.)
I also finished 'Code Name Verity' on Sunday - (by 'finish' I mean 'reading the last 100/200 pages) and I read the half of 'Jubilee Trail', which is an AMAZING and deliciously fat book which is on the road to become my new favourite book of the year. I wish I could read it all day.

- Not spoil time on the interwebs. 
I did a little of that, but hey, seeing as I didn't fail in this longish To-Do list, I can't have done too much of it. I was surprisingly obedient to myself this week. Goodness, wonders happen.

- Watch 'Cranford' (for the third time) and 'Twelve Years a Slave' (for the first time.)
I watched Cranford! It was lovely. I STARTED to watch 12 Years a Slave and buzzed off after having to skip three scenes and having to hear/watch dreadful scenes on slavery. (After 15 minutes.) Not my movie + wouldn't recommend it.

- Mend my sister's bracelet.
I made her a necklace instead, which is better, and prettier. This was all from the goodness of my heart, seriously, because making a necklace takes up more time than mending a bracelet. And I used the beads from the broken bracelet in the necklace. (The necklace is very pretty. It hasn't broken yet!)

- Decided whether or not I will or will not cut my hair to chin-length.
I WILL DO IT. I thiiiiiiiink. Maybe like, slightly below my chin. I'll cut it for spring.

- Review Cranford on my blog.
Indeed, you may click here to read it if you haven't yet. It took me hours to write it.

- Play zee piano at least once every two days.
Did this faithfully every two days. And not just for two minutes, either.

- Do something artsy with my little siblings. 
I made cards with my 7-year-old and 6-year-old sisters, my 4-year-old brother, and a 6-year-old friend of the 7-year-old and 6-year-old sisters. It was fun. We pasted loads of little bits of fabric on a piece of paper, then cut a heart out of that paper, and then glued the heart on a card. #Notbad.

- Write a Little House related post for Ashley's Little House week.
I wrote two! I filled out her Little House Questions, and I wrote a blog post called 'Things Little House Taught Me.' Many of you were so gracious to comment on them. Thank you.

What else I did that wasn't on this list:
- I emailed a lot. Emma and I wrote to each other very promptly this week.
- I chatted with Emma at least twice. (I lose count of these things.)
I celebrated having 100 (and two!) followers! Thank you all so so much for your kind words.
- I went ice skating with my Dad and some of my siblings. I never felt clumsier in my whole life.
- I got an email from ELIZABETH MUSSER. (Author of one of my favourite books, 'The Sweetest Thing.')

It was a lovely week - but now I have to go and be productive without a public To-Do List... Adieu m'loves!


  1. YAY. Today has been a good day, but I needed (and was eagerly waiting and constantly checking for) this post tonight, to make it complete. :D So let me ramble on (which I REALLY don't have time to do, but I'm going to do it anyway).
    Haha, well *I* believed you could get them done. ;) And you did! *high-five*
    Getting OUT your school books with good will is really more than half of it, so I totally count that. ;) And sport DOES count as school, definitely! What was the sport? I don't like sport (not much, anyway) either. :D
    Ah, good job! I haven't been writing a WHOLE heap...it's ridiculous how fast the day goes by. I practically blink and it's gone. >:/ (Yes, that IS exaggerating, but I do feel as though that happens most often.)
    Haha, I know EXACTLY what it's like to feel grown up when you go out with just an older sibling! :D I do that with my three older siblings too! I love it when just us siblings can go out (although I do LOVE family outings as well, of course) and be crazy. I know we'd never be able to get away with comfortably singing songs at the top of our lungs from the radio if Mum and Dad were there. :P
    Ah, I LOVE making cupcakes! They were always my 'specialty' alongside, pancakes. ;) I'm the queen pancake maker at our house, hehe. :D Cooking with siblings is SUPER fun, ESPECIALLY when you put on music and sing aloud to it Very Loudly. :D Oh, and doing it with friends is just as good! ;)
    Oh, okay, you just read five books in one week as easy as a wink...wow, whatever. :P It took me one month to read one book that I was very much enjoying! *sigh* It's so HARD to find TIME.
    I vaguely remember hearing about 12 Years a Slave. Okay, then I probably won't watch it then. :P At least not for a long while.
    I went through all my jewelry and threw out/gave some to my younger sister today, because my older sisters were clearing out their cupboards, and I ended up with a heap of things that I don't need but still wanted. ;)
    Oh, you must show me a picture if you cut your hair! :D
    I love playing the piano. SO MUCH. I can easily play it for hours every day. Maybe THAT'S where all my time goes....huh. It just slips by so fast, when I'm playing that beloved instrument, though!
    Good on you -being artsy is not a talent of mine. But I guess I can polish up with tiny little skill I have of it. ;) I'm sure everyone can be creative,in their own little way. There's just different TYPES of creativity. :D
    AH YOU WENT ICE SKATING! I love going ice skating, although I'm plain AWFUL at it. I feel very proud of myself if I can let go of the railing and not fall over,haha. ;)
    Wow, how did you score an email from Elizabeth Musser?! Lucky thing. ;)
    It's 10PM. And I've school to do tomorrow - I'm sure a tired brain will NOT help my ongoing struggle with geometry. I shall bid you good day.
    .....Good day! :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yayyyy. A long comment! (I always say that. :-P)
      Oh, it wasn't really SPORT - it was gymnastics-stuff. We had someone come over who did some with us - just for 'fun.' :-P
      I KNOW THE FEELING. The days pass MUCH too fast.
      Ha, my 14-yr-old brother is the king of the pancakes in our house - he makes them at least once a week. :-)
      Really?! I like playing the piano, but not THAT much. I have enough of it after 30 minutes in the most. (Well, that's not true. It depends on the pieces I'm playing.)
      Yes, I went ice skating. :-P I don't like it that much, to be honest, because I'm SOOOO BAD AT IT. I hate being bad at stuff while everyone else is GOOD at it. (That's very silly of me, I know. :-P)
      Well, I sent her an email, and she replied. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    2. Ooooh yes! I will cut mine too and we can be buddies! :-) I'll send you photos (I'm just ahem at the moment ahem kinda procrastinating on it cause ... why am I actually!? :P Will have to get this done its far too hot!)
      Heh I can't skate to save my life.. one time we went with another family from church (fairly recently actually) and my friend (from the family) Stuart had to take my hands (*swoon) and lead me round and we just held hands the whole time I was so terrible

    3. Yes, I know - we can be short-hair buddies. :-D

      HA. SAME. I was always holding my dad's hand. :-/

  2. Well done Naomi!! Somehow I missed your do to list post. :( Yay Cranford! I love it and I just finished Return to Cranford! Five books in one week?! That's way more than I could do. ;)

  3. Good girl, Naomi!! You DID IT. Awesome job!!! I loved reading this post. "Schoolwork has hidden charms, you just have to dig deeper to find it." Haha :)
    Your cupcakes sound gorgeous!! And WOW, you went to a party all by yourself, just you and your brother. SO grown-up :D Was it a party where you dress for it? Or just jeans and a sweater? :P
    8000 words!! MY GOODNESS! That sounds like a TON of writing! How many pages does that amount to? I'm not good at word counts :P
    I think you're going to look REALLY PRETTY with your hair cut :)

    1. Thanks! ;-)
      No, it was a casual party. I wore my jeans and a collared top. :-D
      So 1000 words is about two A4 pages. So 8000 words is... do the maths. :-D
      Aww, thanks.

  4. So glad you had a fun week!! (I wish I could say more but I have to buzz off and study for a German test. But I enjoyed reading this!)

  5. You did it!!! Yay. Didn't I say you would? (I can't remember. Maybe I was one of those people who kindly told you it wasn't happening. Haha.)

    I love all the pictures you used in this, by the way. It must be such a good feeling to have done all this. ;-) AND 8,000 words!!! *high-five*

    1. No, you had confidence in me. :-) (Not many people told me they thought I couldn't do it.)

      Yes. It feels GOOOD.

  6. Good job getting everything done! Now if only I could get all my stuff done....

  7. whoaaaa! 8,000 words?! Totally awesome! Isn't word warring A-W-E-S-O-M-E? :D :D

  8. WOW. You have very much impressed me, I have no idea how you can accomplish so much in one week. Do you like to wake up early or go to bed late? I've been doing that a lot lately, and it's helped me to be more productive(as well as sleepy, but whatever). ;)

    1. I like waking up early - I love having LONG, productive mornings. :-D But then I never could sleep in. (The latest I slept this holiday was 8 o'clock, and that was really late for me. :-D)

  9. Dang. Good job, girl!!

    THOSE PICTURES ARE SO CUTE! Like, mah gosh.

    You got an email from Elizabeth Musser?! That must have been thrilling; do tell!

    1. Thaaaanks! :-)
      Yes, so I sent her an email - asking who the girl on the cover of 'The Sweetest Thing' was (Perri or Dobbs; the two main characters of the book) - and then I told her I loved her book, of course. And she wrote back with a thank you and then she told me that her Grandma's old diaries inspired her to write the book. (And she told me it was Perri on the cover. :))
      Have you read 'The Sweetest Thing'? YOU SHOULD.

  10. Yay, Naomi! This is so impressive! YOU DID IT.:)

    "Schooldays have their own hidden charms" I suppose. Still trying to find them. ;)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  11. Ahem. Was that a reference to me in the first paragraph? ;) Heehee.

    Congratulations on completing your To-do list. I really am impressed with how much you managed to accomplish. Not so much because I thought you wouldn't be able to do it, but because I know I never could have done it. Reading a book a day is what really gets me...though by now it shouldn't surprise me, because if I've learned anything from reading your blog it's that you are a MUCH faster reader than I am. :)

    Oh, and writing three blog posts in one week, and 1000 words a day for your stories, blows me away!! Again, not because YOU did it, but because I can't understand why I CAN'T do it!! Haha!! ;)

    Good job, Naomi! I certainly have NOTHING to scold you for. ;) I'm glad you had a good week!!

    1. Haha. Yes. :-)

      Thank you so much for your lovely words. I do type quite fast... however that doesn't mean what I wrote this week was necessarily good. ;-P

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! Good job, my dear. I knew you had it in you. ;)

    But whhaaat. Wait. What. How fast do you READ? 5 books in one week. That just...that kind of blows my mind. Have you ever timed how long it takes you to read one book?

    If I wasn't too busy, it'd probably take me around 2 weeks to read an LMM book. You did it in one day. You did it TWICE in one day.

    Doing things with your sibling without parents is definitely one of the most grown up feelings ever! hahaha

    You got an email from Elizabeth Musser? That is so cool!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! :-)
      It takes you 2 weeks to read a LMM book? That's... okay. That's not very fast. :-P You probably read them way better than me, of course. :-D
      I know. I felt very grown up. :-)

    2. Haha, yeah. :P Some books I can read pretty quickly. I guess it just depends on how invested I am in the story. Not that I'm not invested in LMM's stories. But they're definitely more word-y and descriptive than most books so I think that's why it takes me a while. :)


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