Random + The Happy Tag

(Hands up if you want to live in Miss Potter's house up there.)

I haven't been posting much lately, haven't I? Well, t'ain't that bad, but for me, it's pretty quiet on the posting service. It's just that this week... I'm kind of lacking in inspiration. Even writing down a 'what I've been doing' post would be kind of a boring post, because I haven't exactly done anything special this week. Oh wait; wrong attitude. :-P I read some of Celia Garth, I found that gorgeous picture of Miss Potter's gorgeous house, I wrote a small epistle on 'The History of my Dolls' which was so much fun to write, and I did a lot of doodling in sketchbooks. Oh, and I slightly redid my desk again, and chatted with Emma on Wednesday evening which resulted with laughing till I cried. But for the rest, school work and tiredness kind of took over these past five days. SO. I'm super relieved it's Saturday today, and that it's Sunday tomorrow. I love Saturdays and Sundays. Weekends are my one weakness.

(This is from a movie called Valmont, which no, I have no clue whether its good or not.) (I'm assuming not, although it looks gorgeous.)

To spruce up my slightly bleh-attitude, I'm going to focus on the positive and fill out The Happy Tag, as it's called. Hamlette and Eva both tagged 'anyone who wanted to', and I want to, so therefore... y'know, my filling it out. Basically you need to list stuff that makes you happy under the categories 'Books', 'Words', 'Movies/TV', 'Scents', 'Songs' and 'Misc.' (I agree with Eva - there should be a 'Fictional Characters' category. So I'm adding it.)

(This is from a movie called From Time to Time. Haven't seen it, but it looks cute.)

BOOKS. // To Kill a Mockingbird (That book just blows me away. My goodness.) // Celia Garth // Jubilee Trail // The Emily Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery // The book Emma is currently writing // Anne of Green Gables - My Daughter and Me // Gone with the Wind // The book of Proverbs // Corinthians // The Gospels //

WORDS. // Gossamer // Pulchritudinous // Sassyface // Blustery // Innocent // Jolly // Everlasting // Quaint // Dainty // Pluviophile (that means 'a lover of rain.') (Heh, why yes, I'm a pluviophile.) // Silvery // Breathe //

(Whatever this movie is from - I WANT TO SEE IT.)

MOVIES/TV. // Downton Abbey // Brooklyn (no I haven't seen it yet, but OH I WANT to.) // Our Zoo // To Kill a Mockingbird (Gregory Peck is just... flawless) // Emma 2009 // All the Good Jane Austen Adaptations // Little House on the Prairie // The Young Victoria // Miss Potter. (I need to rewatch Miss Potter so badly...) //

FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. (Haha, yes, I'm adding this.) // ATTICUS FINCH // Scout // Jem // Boo Radley // Celia Garth // Luke Ansell // Vivian Lacy // Emily Starr // Ruby Gillis // Atticus Finch // Atticus Finch //

(The Young Victoria. Never was there a movie with more eyecandy.)

SCENTS. // Chocolate (I've been living on chocolate these past days) // Mars Bars // A meal of pasta and tomato sauce // Waffles (a Belgian speciality ;-)) // Old Books and New Books // Mornings (why yes, you can smell mornings // Buttered Toast //

SONGS. // Any song sung by Laura Osnes, but especially Get Happy and Climb Every Mountain // The moving and SAAAD soundtrack of Brooklyn // This very fun song sung by Jane Powell, Ann Miller and Debbie Reynolds called Why Oh Why // 

(Apparently this is from a version of Great Expecations. Look at 'er silky sheeny dress.)

MISC. // The silvery moon behind yellowy clouds // Looking at the latest fashions in the shop windows // Emails from dear friends // Good Books // The Magic of Fiction // Well, just read this post - it made me very happy // My desk // Weekends (did you hear me? WEEKENDS) // Smiles // Church // Singing musical songs // Inside jokes // Blog posts // Getting writing done // Drawing fanart for things that aren't really very famous // Handcream // Bookshelves // All my books // Reading stupid and embarrassing stories I wrote when I was a preteen (*blush*) // Headers // Sunshine in the mornings - just like spring! // Snow in February (although it wasn't much. And it was kind of hail-snow.) // Period Drama pictures //

(This is from Brideshead Revisted - whiiiich I haven't seen but which apparently has THE BEST costumes EVER. Just look at her.) (Yes, that's Hayley Atwell.)

What are you happy about?


  1. 'Pluviophile' is a great word, going to remember that one! I think the Matt Smith/J.J Fields thing is 'Ruby and the Smoke'? Or it might be the sequel, although I can't remember what that's called - they were both in that anyway :)

    1. Yes, that's it! Ruby and the Smoke. :-D

  2. SO MANY GORGEMONIOUS PICTURES!!!!! (Ooooh look, I just invented a word! How did I do?)

    The picture of Queen Victoria inspired me to put on The Young Victoria soundtrack and now I'm listening to it for the first time in probably years and WOWWWWWWWW.

    I think it's funny how you start out by saying you haven't been doing much...and then proceed to list all the things you've been doing. ;-) You have had some moments this week. (And yes, Wednesday afternoon/evening WAS wildly fun.)

    I still haven't read The History of Dolls, but I hope to get to it today. :-) I love your list of words -- Sassyface made me smile. And oohhhhhh, "the book Emma is currently writing"?!?! YOU'RE SO SWEET. It's actually making me happy too. Isn't that a daisy. ;-)

    (Sorry, that's a Doc Holliday line. I watched Tombstone last night. YOU WILL HEAR OF IT.)


    1. I LOVE the word gorgemonious. *Pats back rather fondly*

      I KNOW. Goodness, hardly a DAY passes when I DON'T listen to TYV soundtrack! It's deviiiine. Hannah hates it because I listen to it so much. :-)

      Haha. But it doesn't feel like I've done much this week. :-)
      Isn't that a daisy? Ha. I like the LINE but I don't plan to watch Tombstone. :-P

      Thanks for commenting, luv.

  3. Gossamer IS a lovely word. Sassyface--made me smile. :) Quaint, dainy, silvery, yes, yes...lovely words.
    I love the Emily books too! So few people have even read them, I love it when I find out that someone else knows and loves them!
    Jane Austen movies! Chocolate! Yes.
    -Rae of Rae, a Drop of Golden Sun at raesdropofgoldensun.blogspot.com

    1. Seeing as the word 'Sassyface' made you smile - have you read Celia Garth ? (It's kind of that book's word. :-D)
      YESSS. The Emily books are awesome! (And, inspired by you, I'm currently rereading the Pat books! Pat is a DEAR.)

  4. I love this post!
    I'm hoping to read To Kill A Mockingbird sometime in March; I was going to yesterday, but it was already checked out at the library :(
    As far as what's made me happy...blue skies, too much pizza, early Easter basket shopping, and the beginning stages of a story, where everything's possible since it's shifting around so much and I'm too lazy to pin it down. And...this post made me happy! :)

    1. You MUST read TKAM. It really is a CLASSIC and rightly so.
      Too much pizza is always good. :-) Thank you for commenting, Mary!

  5. Loved your answers! (Especially the 'words' section.) And MAJOR kudos to you for adding the fictional characters bit. :) (I can see you're quite enamoured with TKAM right now, eh?)

    1. HAHAA. I KNOW right? I had to add it. :-)
      AND YES. TKAM is officially on my list of favourite books now. (I never was crazy about it before my last reread + then I watched the movie, and so now I'm stuck for good.) :-D

    Also, I want one of your Belgian waffles. And also Belgian chocolate. Poirot is a stickler for this and once my brother got me a box of chocolates for Christmas that were supposedly Belgian (and we made lots of jokes about Poirot) and they were heavenly. Hahaha.
    This post made me happy. I should probably fill out this tag too. :)

    1. Ha - BELGIAN CHOCOLATES ARE THE BEST. My Granddad (from England) always asks us to bring him chocolates (the chocolate in Britain is kind of meh), and my dad has this joke (it's a JOKE okay) that he married my mum for the chocolate, because she's half Swiss and half Belgian. (And Switserland has the best chocolate ever - like, even better than Belgian. :-D)
      ... Okay, enough bragging about chocolate. :-P
      Yes! Do fill it out! :-)

    2. You know you need to show me some Belgian Chocolate when I come on uni exchange m'dear? :P But really though.. :-D I think I will need to do this tag!

  7. The Happy Tag—yayyyyyyyy!!!! Loved your answers :-) Now I’m going to do it too, if you don’t mind. ‘Kay? Because I wanted to all week and I had no time. College, you know.

    Anything by P.G. Wodehouse; anything by G.K. Chesterton; everything Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie; “Shadows on the Rock” (Willa Cather); “The Kitchen Madonna” (Rumer Godden); “The Silver Chair” and all the other Narnia books; William Shawcross’ bio of the Queen Mother

    Chryselephantine; schuechtern, maritime; grace; lemonade; sparkling; silver; cream; indubitably; concatenation (because Wodehouse)

    Movies/Tv: Sense & Sensibility 08; Bernadette 1988; Seabiscuit; Thirteen Days; Tangled; The Sound of Music; The Force Awakens; Jeeves and Wooster; the Lawrence Welk show; Bill Nye; Magic School Bus

    Fictional Characters: Father Brown; Bertie and Jeeves; Holmes and Watson; Finn and Rey; Cecile Auclair; the Alden children; Lucy Pevensie; Jessica Prescott (HAHA); Colonel Brandon; Fran Brady, Joey Adamo, and Maisie Sadler (from my own novel—does that count? I say it does.)

    Scents: Spring rain; hot dogs; tea; fresh-washed cotton sheets; baby shampoo

    Songs: “Always There” (Celtic Thunder); “A Place in the Choir” (same); “Search Party” (Rachel Hardy cover); “Brooklyn’s Here” (Newsies); “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction); “Stand By You” (Marlisa); “Let it Go” (Frozen); “You’ll Be In My Heart” (Tarzan); “God Help the Outcasts” (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    Misc: Hot dogs and beans on Saturday night; snow; spring flowers; laughing over silly jokes with my classmates; planning new stories with Rosie; long car trips; my whole family; going to bed (yes, really)

    Well, that was fun! Now I feel happy :-)

    1. Chryselephantine; schuechtern, maritime??? WOW. Those words are SERIOUSLY COOL. :-D (I have no clue what they mean, though! I should go and google them.)

      Hahaha, Jessica Prescott. Wait... IS that a fictional character? Like, did you name yourself after a fictional character? What book is she in?

      BROOKLYN'S HERE. Oh yeahhh. :-) (Ha, you like What makes you beautiful? - One Direction personally drives me crazy. :-P) (But the song is just about okay, so I understand why you like it.)


    2. Schuechtern--sorry, that's German, I should've elaborated :-) It means "shy." And I'm shy myself, haha. Plus, I like the sound of it.

      Yes!!! Jessica Prescott is one of the main characters in "A Distant Trumpet" by Paul Horgan, which is a Really Long and Really Epic story about the American military fighting the Apache Indians in the Southwest in the 1880s. Like I said, it's roughly six hundred pages, so reading it is a PROJECT. But it's a fantastic story and I love it :-) I don't know if you would enjoy it . . . but Emma Jane might? She likes westerns, I know.

      But yeah, I really loved it; and Jessica Prescott especially made a huge impression on me. She's one of those really WISE and kind characters that you wish were actually real, so you could tell all your problems to her and get advice. Plus she's very pretty and has a wicked sense of humor. (Not very much like me. Ha, ha.)

      I love "What Makes You Beautiful." It's such a fun, happy song, and it has a pretty good message, too, when you think about it. If I'm feeling down, all I have to do is put that song on and it makes me smile :-) Lest you get the wrong idea, though--I'm not actually a Directioner (haha). "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Drag Me Down" are the only two songs I really like.

      But you aren't really a pop-music person, are you? I like some pop music very much, and others I hate--it really depends on the song. I have really wide-ranging tastes when it comes to music--if you look through my YouTube playlists, you'll see that I have everything from Taylor Swift to David Bowie to Les Mis to "The Rose of Allendale." It's kind of funny, now that I stop and think about it ;-)

    3. No, I do like some pop music; depending on my mood! :-) - and I went to re-listen to 'What makes you beautiful', and you're right - it IS a really fun and catchy song. :-) I like it.

  8. I can't put my finger on any one thing, but your posts make me smile.

  9. *hand shoots up* I wanna live there!! It's adorable :)

    I loved reading your answers to the Happy Tag!!! And the pictures you chose are sooooo pretty!

    I did the tag on Eva's blog, but I didn't put in Fictional Characters - can I do that here? Please please please! :)

    Okay: Sam Weller (his WALENTINE!!!); Polly Ann Dolan and Tom Dolan; Elinor Dashwood, Colonel Brandon; Bertie and Jeeves; Father Brown and Flambeau; Poe Dameron, Finn and Rey; Cinderella and Kit, the Captain; Jack Kelly and Crutchie. AND, if I'm allowed to do characters from my own story, then I'll add Kaia, Flint, Liam and Una. 'Cause writing them REALLY DO make me SO HAPPY :)

    So there you have it! This might just be my favorite tag ever :D

    1. HAHA. Sam Weller and his Walentine. :-) You have a character called Una??? I LOVE that name BECAUSE OF REASONS. :-D

    2. Yes, it's a baby :) Kaia finds it and takes care of it. Sweet, eh? But she DOES give it kisses. Unlike Rilla!

  10. Ah, happy things. Thank you for this blog post, Naomi (I hope you don't mind me calling you that, though it is dreadfully informal). I haven't been feeling exactly tip-top lately, and just remembering how simple happiness really is has been uplifting.

    I'm happy that I can FINALLY sing again and that spring is nearly here. In a few months I can plant my morning glories and marigolds and they will remind me of my mountains.

    1. Oh, of course you can call me Naomi. :-) I know, it's always lovely to know that there are so many little things to be happy about!! :-)

  11. Well, I'm slightly late, as always, but here I am nonetheless. :D
    *raises hand excitedly* I would LOVE to live in that house! Much more than the one I currently AM living in. ;) But if I could choose any house, it would be Green Gables. *sniffles* (Maybe when I have my own family - if I do - since we wouldn't all fit in it at the moment, haha.)
    I KNOW. I think Friday evenings are my favourite times of the week, because I know I have a whole weekend in front of me. :D
    Oh, I'm planning to read To Kill a Mockingbird soon! (There are SO many I want to read next... my mother likes me to alternate novels with biographies, so the next I'm reading is a biography, but after THAT, I think it'll be TKAM!) THE BOOK EMMA IS CURRENTLY WRITING. Ooh, I want to read it! :D
    Sassyface... haha. Yes, I can tell you like the word jolly! ;)
    OH IT'S MATT SMITH AND WHAT'S-HIS-FACE FROM NORTHANGER ABBEY. Not that I've seen them in a movie before. :P
    I still am trying to compute the fact that it's DownTON Abbey, because I was So Positively Sure it was DownTOWN. That was such a bitter disappointment, knowing I've been pronouncing it wrong the whole time. :P Oh, and Miss Potter is suuuch a darling movie! <3
    Um, excuse me, but you wrote Atticus Finch three times! Dear me, Naomi, you should CHECK your posts better next time. (I'm kidding. ;P)
    I'm inclined to disagree. I think Cinderella (2015 of course) has more eyecandy than The Young Victoria. (Not that I've seen all of it. But a lot of it.) But you can like whichever you want. ;)
    MARS BARS! I LOVE them. :D Wow, all that food you listed off... *desperately wishes the menu tonight was pasta with tomato sauce and waffles and chocolate and mars bars instead of roast*
    Oh, now let me go listen to these songs! :D (Oh, but wait...that horrid February Challenge. ARGH. :P Well, there's only one more day to the month, surely, I can excuse myself just for THESE songs?!) I'm going to anyway. Judge me if you wish. ;P
    I'm not a Mormon, but I know that song quite well, for some reason... I love happy songs, though, and she sung it beautifully. :) Wow, Climb Every Mountain brought tears to my eyes... I wish I could sing like that!! ;) HAHAHA WHY OH WHY IS HILARIOUS. :P I love the girl in the white dresses's voice best. :D I'm listening to the Brooklyn soundtrack now... oh, it's GORGEOUS. It's gonna make me cry... *sniffles* (I think I'm just in an emotional mood today. I'm tired. :P)
    Hey, I've seen that Great Expectations! It's probably one of the best I've seen... it's pretty recent... 2012, it was made. The fellow who plays Pip is in a few other movies too... such as the main character off War Horse.
    All those misc. things... just YES.
    (Gosh, if that soundtrack alone is moving me, how would I cope with the movie?! :P)
    Oh, I just realized that Cinderella's mum plays as the main lady from Captain America...oh. WOW. Didn't even recognize her. :P
    What am I happy about? That question is just too inviting. I'll have to fill out the tag. ;)

    1. Yes, Green Gables is really pretty too! :-) (I like Miss Potters slightly better though. Because it's an ENGLISH COTTAGE. :-D)

      NO NO. IT'S DOWNTON. :-) (I'm surprised I didn't correct you earlier. I always tend to correct people who spell it like Downtown.)

      What??? I mentioned 'Atticus Finch' three times? :-D

      HAHA. I HATED THE FEBRUARY CHALLENGE. And I so failed. (I'm not a Mormon either. Neither is Laura Osnes actually - but the choir who backed her up for that concert is.) I know... all zee emotional soooongs.

      Ha yes! Hayley Atwell seems to pop up in quite a lot of movies recently! She's in Testament of Youth as well. :-)

    2. Yes, you DID correct me about DownTON before... I was just reminded again, when I typed it out and then realized, "Oh wait, Naomi said it was spelt differently". ;)
      Haha, you hated the challenge you made up?! ;P I'm glad I'm not the only one who failed. I mean, I DID try, and I DID wait to watch things till Friday on lots of occasions (and I still do, with some channels) but the amount of excuses and exceptions tended to overpower the times when I DID keep to the rules. ;) (Yes, I knew you weren't a Mormon, but I just got the impression that Laura was. But anyway, that's nice to know...She is SO talented! And the choir was beautiful, too!)
      I'll just reply to your other comment on here, to save time. ;P
      The Lark Rise episode was... hmm... I'm pretty sure it was episode 8 of Season 2. :) I'm getting back into the mood of watching it now, and hopefully I can start watching more, not that I was ever 'out of the mood', for it... (Leap Year is on schedule for tonight though. Very Excited for that one!)
      Haha, you love Archie Kennedy?! I didn't think you had seen the Hornblower series. :P
      Hehe...you sound rather shocked to hear I listed Josie Pye. Well, I picked Josie because I think she spices things up. She's annoying and sour, but she gives Anne lots of occasions to add witty, snarky comments which I like, and Josie just adds another element to it. ;) And she DOES make me giggle, especially in the movie. (Particularly in the first part of the Sequel, when Anne is like "That's THREE times a bride Josie, not twice. But then, you're so very fortunate - the only thing you've had to wear twice is a sour expression". (HER EXPRESSION RIGHT THERE. HAHA.) I might not have written that quote perfectly, it was just from memory, but I LOVE that line. ;D In short, I like Josie Pye in the same way that you like Nellie Olsen. ;) (I like her too.)
      Well, you know what? I've never been to a baby shower either. ;) Nor have my cousins. They're very well known in Australia, but we've just never been to one. You see, my cousin that's pregnant is the only grandchild so far (out of 10) to get married, and this is her first child. I don't have cousins on the other side of my family (well, not exactly - it's really complicated, but basically on my other side of the family, my cousins are the ages of my parents) and so I've never been to any other wedding (or baby shower, for that matter,) for someone I'm closely related to. And that's mostly why it's JUST SO EXCITING. :D
      ~Miss Meg

  12. BOOKS - "The Three Musketeers" (I can't believe I'm loving it as much as I am)/ "Life Without Limits" / Romans / "An Old Fashioned Girl" / "Little Women"
    WORDS - Petrichor / Daisy / Squander / Trudge / Charming / Delicate / Smile / Pearl / Love
    MOVIES/TV - "Lark Rise" (watched an episode this week! :D)/ "Arrow" / "Calamity Jane" / "Soul Surfer" / "Cinderella" / "The Force Awakens" / "The Martian" / "Beauty and the Beast" / "A Little Princess"
    SCENTS - Freshly baked cookies / Cocoa / Pink roses (for some reason, pink ones always smell best :P)/ rain / Dinner cooking / My mother's perfume
    SONGS - "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood (was just listening to it... my cheeks are slightly wet :P)/ "What Are Words" by Peter and Evynne Hollens with the Piano Guys / "Back Home" Andy Grammar and Tiffany Alvord / "Something to Believe In" from NEWSIES / Anne of Green Gables soundtrack
    FICTIONAL CHARACTERS - Anne Shirley / Laurie Laurence / Emma Woodhouse / Poe Dameron / Rey (those two are Star Wars characters ;P)/ Bilbo Baggins / Josie Pye / GILBERT BLYTHE / Eugene Wrayburn / ARCHIE KENNEDY
    MISC. - The shadows clouds make over a stretch of sunny fields / Fun nail polish / When EVERYONE is home for dinner / Having a wonderful sermon this morning (!!) / The funny lines my six year old brother makes up / Long emails from friends / Giggling with your sisters late at night / Not riding a horse for 4 years, and then getting back on one last week and having my older sister saying I sit in the saddle really well *feels proud* :D / Planning with my cousins for one of my cousin's baby shower - the first I've ever been to! :D
    Tea time! Gotta dash!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Ohhh, what Lark Rise episode was it?

      Ohhh, Temporary Home is such SUCH an emotional song. LIKE JUST ER MER GOSH. And the AOGG soundtrack is the swooniest thing. :-)

      ARCHIE KENNEDY WHOOOHOOO. I love that guy.
      BUT WAIT. YOU LIKE JOSIE PYE??????????????????!!!! WHAT?? Explain.

      Oh, a baby shower. I've never been to a baby shower. (It's because it's not a British OR a Belgian thing. I actually never head of baby showers till I started talking to some American people I know. :-))

      Thanks for commenting, dear!
      ~ Naomi

  13. So many yeses! Atticus! Little House! Atticus! :)

  14. I should have added "blog posts by people like Naomi" to my misc section... Seriously, I'm all smiles after reading this!

  15. YES!! I LOVE Miss Potter's house! I've never seen that picture before, but it's darling!! And I think it would be a delightful place to live. :D Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Ahhh! I need to read To Kill a Mockingbird again. That book is SO good. And Jem. And Scout. And Atticus. AAAHHH!! (Haha. I had to laugh when you listed Atticus Finch THREE times under Fictional Characters. But he is a wonderful character, isn't he?) Have you read Go Set a Watchman? I feel you mentioned it one of your posts before, but I can't quite remember.

    Emma 2009! ABSOLUTELY! And Miss Potter!!! Oooh!! That is SUCH a good movie!!

    Lovely post, Naomi, as always! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. No, I haven't read Go Set a Watchman - have you? I'm kind of scared to start it, to be honest - I don't want to scar my opinion of Atticus (which, ha, is very positive at present) - but I DO want to read more Harper Lee, sooo. *shrugs*

      Thanks, Miss March!

    2. Yes, I've read it. It's not as good as To Kill a Mockingbird, but by the time I reached the end of it I was saying to myself "wow. That was a good book." It's very emotional. You FEEL Scouts anguish very acutely...at least I did. But the ending was very good in my opinion, and as to Atticus I really don't know what all the hype was about. Maybe I wasn't understanding something (the book can be a little confusing if you don't have a solid grasp of the history of the time), but I really didn't feel like Atticus came off in a horrible light. He wasn't perfect, and Scout needed to realize that, but I think there was sense behind some of his views...leastways I could understand why he would act as he did...and so--as far as I can remember--he wasn't really lowered in my opinion at all once I'd read the full story.

  16. That's a different version to the GE I saw for Eng Lit class at uni. We saw the 1999 version with the lead guy from Horatio horn blower as pip :-D

    1. Oh yes. The version with Ioan Gruffudd is the one I want to see.

  17. I would love to read the history of your dolls!
    I love that From Time to Time picture!
    Celia Garth makes me happy!
    Pulchritudinous :D
    WAIT is that from that new Netflix show that's coming out about Queen Elizabeth? idk but Matt Smith stars in it (And Claire Foy from LIttle Dorrit!) and that looks like Matt Smith.
    LUKE ANSELL makes me soooo happy!!!
    Belgian waffles are soooo good!
    I loved Laura Osnes skinging Get Happy! And it's from Summer Stock, say wha?!
    I'll be doing this soon!

    1. No, the picture isn't from 'The Crown' (WHICH I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT BY THE WAY!!!!!) - it's from 'Ruby in the Smoke.'
      I know right? Isn't Laura Osnes amazing! =)

  18. Haha, most delightful post!
    Such a weird coincidence connected to this post! I watched the 'Why Oh Why' video. (btw, it was fun!) Then a few hours later my sister shows me this video full of old movie dance scenes. And there was a Hit the Deck scene!
    The weirdest part was that I had never seen nor heard of that movie till you posted the video.

    -The Girl with the Gold Pen


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