Well look whose birthday it is...

(In this post I'll be talking about this person. Because it's her birthday. And because I love her to bits.)

Sometimes I look back and wonder who I'd be now if I'd never met Emma. I'd still be super prejudiced against westerns, to start with, and I'd never dream of listening to country music. I'd not have a blog, probably, and I'd be more pessimistic than I am now, and less prone to do things, and more prone to say 'no' to everything that gets offered to me. I'd still hate Les Miserables, but I would have more money because I wouldn't have to spend 30 euros on sending Christmas packages every year. (Heh.)

Emma has taught me so much; and I love her so much; and she is, simply put, the best friend I would have ever dreamt of. I remember when I was twelve or so, that, while watching Anne of Green Gables, I wondered sadly why one couldn't have a bosom friend in real life. I had plenty of friends in real life, but none which I could see as my bosom friend. And oh, I wanted that one, good, good, tell-her-everything, talk-about-fictional-heroes bestie so badly sometimes! But I thought I would never find someone who I really related to despite personal differences. I saw those groups of friends on the road sometimes, giggling like crazy, and wondering why I never seemed to fit with other girls my age - why I couldn't find friends I could be really, really crazy with.

I wasn't a sad person before I met Emma. Oh, no. I was very happy. But when I DID meet Emma was EVEN HAPPIER. There's an old saying, 'Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there. ' Well, It was like I found this one sparkling star in the sky which I'd never noticed and it gave my whole life an extra layer of sparkle. (Talk about poetic friendship. Goodness.)

Today is Emma's seventeenth birthday - and VIOLET I HUG YOU IN CONGRATULATIONS. You are a nice kind of person sometimes, you know, and you deserve some kind of hug maybe. (That last sentence was sarcastic. What I meant was: You are such a sweet, lovely, happy and loyal human being, and thank you, and I wish I could hug you right now. Mwah.)

I've known Emma for two-and-some-more years now, and I can seriously not imagine what my life would be like without having that quirky fun-loving personality in good ol' America who sends me love and posts and emails and messages and letters with gorgeous handwriting, stickers and wax. Emma is a super humble person; because she calls herself horrible things like 'a bear' (no really, she once called herself a bear) while she's actually completely gorgeous and friendly and creative and loyal and so sweet. She encourages me, she stays strong and positive when she's going through something trying. She has such a good heart, as well as quirkiness, talent, weirdness and beautiful whimsy. Gah, this girl. <3

And she's so SMART.  (One doesn't need to be good at maths or writing chemistry essays to be clever. Perish the odious thought.) She's an amazingly talented writer, to start with. Emma writes like sunlight and the smell of leather and seaside and fields of corn. Unfair. No, really, she knows everything. Every singer I mention she goes like, 'Oh yes, this song is my favourite of his,' and I'm like, 'What, stop. I've only just heard of him.' And if I tell her a 'did you know' about a Period Drama she'll answer, 'Oh yes. I knew that.' At least once a week, she'll mention movies I never even knew existed, and whenever I mention a movie, she's like, 'OH YES! I love that movie!!!' (I'm like, Thanks.) Look, this is a conversation we once had in the chat box, and it's so accurate.

*Naomi asks something - I forgot what*
Emma: Oh yes, I knew that.
Naomi: "Do you know everything, sir?"
Emma: "I really don't know, sir."
Emma: Yes!
Naomi: Oh yes, of course you do, because you know everything.
Emma: Hahaha.
(I wonder what she was laughing at.)

Emma and I, we are different. Very different indeed. But yet we click like a lid on a bottle. (Lids and bottles are different too, so there.) We teach each other things. Well, I don't know about me teaching her things, but she definitely teaches me things. Emma is one of my role models; and I owe her so much for everything she does for me. (She's really wise. :-D) She taught me some of the following things, for instance. (These are just a few, on the top of my head.)

- Westerns aren't too bad.
- I am greatly to be pitied because I am British and therefore I do not celebrate Thanksgiving.
- Downton Abbey is the best TV show. Ever.
- Hidden Places is Lynn Austin's best novel.
- Listening to Christmas songs before Thanksgiving jus' ain't fittin'.
- Apparently 'North and South' is a Civil War Miniseries and not just the good Elizabeth Gaskell movie.
- You don't need to follow the fashion to be cool.
- Les Miserables just IS the best musical. No, Naomi. It IS.
- Wednesday evenings are really nice evenings.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear. I love you, girl. I love you to moon and back. (I was going to say 'I love you to America and back' but the moon option sounded more poetic.)

Finally, like this best friend of mine said in her ridiculously kind post to me, God had a hand behind this friendship of ours. He so did. There's no way we would have crossed paths and become so close without his amazing guidance behind it. He's the one who wrote this wonderful plot of girlish friendship. So Emma, let's say thank you to Him. Thank you, God. (And let's pray we'll meet soon, because DUH.)

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, gosh, this is SO sweet! :') I really don't know what to say! (Oh, but your point about being good at maths doesn't mean you're smart - yes, THANK YOU. Now I don't feel dumb, hehe. ;P)
    Aha! *taps foot* SEE, NAOMI?! Les Mis just IS the best musical. Emma says so, so it must be so. ;D And you did say it was one of the things she TAUGHT you. Hehe. I'm such a tease. ;)
    I think it would be absolutely adorably fun to watch you two, when you are together. Just imagining what it would be like, seeing you two just LIVE together, would make me so happy. :D
    Happy Birthday, Emma! You really, truly deserve every single word Naomi wrote about you. :)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Emma IS smart, but that doesn't mean she's right about Les Mis. :-P Just sayin. :-)

  2. Happy birthday, Emma!!!! Have a beautiful, wonderful, blessed 17th year!!! (I think you'll find being seventeen is a lot of fun ;-) )

    Love this post, Naomi!! It makes me so happy, reading you guys' posts about each other. Like I told Emma on YOUR birthday, my best friend also lives far, far away from me, so I can definitely relate :-)

    I love Les Mis. I don't think it's my favorite musical EVER, but I do really, really love it. (I'm planning to write a story about it, actually. Tell that to Emma. She'll probably be pleased. I dunno. Maybe. ;-) )

  3. Awww, Naomi, what a lovely post! I loved reading it . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I'd write more, but I'm super pressed for time. Got a drawing to finish - it's due today. As in, this morning :P *silently freaks out*

  4. Aw, Naomi, this was so sweet!!

    Happy Birthday Emma!! I hope you have a lovely, happy, super fun day, and an even better year!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Emma!!

    And yes Naomi, Westerns ARE the best!! Books and Movies!! IMO, the best Western books, are Louis L'Amour......which I have a gazillion of!!

  6. So beautiful, Naomi! Your friendship with Emma is so sweet.

    Happy birthday Emma!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  7. Naomi, this is the SWEETEST and NICEST and generally BEST thing I could have hoped for. YOU ARE SUCH A DARLING LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG.

    Really, I am so overwhelmed and so grateful and I feel so undeserving. ;-P How can I live UP to all of this. I'm glad I'm an inspiration to you, Naomi -- goodness knows you inspire me about every day. :-)

    YES. We click like the cap and bottle. That's perfect. ;-) (You were always good at coming up with analogies.)

    Well, I just happen to have seen a lot of movies. The way you described it was hilaaaaarious, btw. (*GASP* I said btw! Ahh! BY THE WAY, I mean.)

    I love you, Naomi! Thank you so much for this!!!! :-)


    P.S. Thank you, all you lovely kind people, for your birthday wishes!!!

    1. YOUR COMMENT. *huuuuuuuuuuuugs*

      Don't worry about living UP to it. You can be a bear now and then, but just know that you're not a bear by nature, that's all I'm saying. :-D Be you. :-)
      My analogies are the bestest. :-D
      YOU SAID BTW. Well, I said 'like' about ten times in that paragraph, so I suppose it's even.

      Happy Birthday!!!!

      ~ Alice

    2. For some reason it made me really really happy that you signed that with 'Alice'. It's been too long. ;-)

  8. Wow! Emma, you are extremely lucky to have a friend like Naomi and vice versa.

    Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you have an amazing year of being 17 with lots of blessings!

    1. I know, we're very lucky to have each other!

  9. Lovely post, Naomi! I'm so happy for you and Emma! Friendship is a precious, precious thing. :)

    And Happy Birthday, Emma! (Sorry I'm a day late.) I hope your day was really wonderful!

  10. Naomi,
    I was around twelve and (had just started loving Anne of Green Gables), too when I started seriously thinking/wishing for a best friend as well. :)

    Friends, wherever they are found are truly a gift from God. (Well, everything is, but you know what I mean. :))

    And Emma... I hope you had the loveliest of birthdays!!!


    You're the best :) No, really--both of you, Emma and Naomi--Y'ALL ARE DARLINGS AND I WUV YOU.

    Thanks for this beautiful post, Naomi! :)

  12. Love it! Sending virtual hugs to both of you because you are just so sweet and fun and full of shiny awesome :-D

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA!! I'm sorry this is such a late comment. :(

    Aww, this was such a beautiful and sweet post, Naomi! Goodness, I love reading the posts you two do for each other. :D

    Haha, the bear thing made me laugh. Emma, you are certainly NOT a bear!

    "Emma writes like sunlight and the smell of leather and seaside and fields of corn." Totally agree. You are going to be a famous author someday, Emma!

    -gasp- That's so true! Naomi, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving! You poor soul. :(

    I know exactly how you must have felt, wishing for a bosom friend. I felt the same way for a long time when I was younger. Thankfully, God has seen fit to bless me with many amazing friends (through the blogging world and real life!) and it certainly has brightened my life so much. :)

    I want to put my vote in that Emma and Naomi need to visit each other within the next year or two. And then, of course, they must do some vlogs or posts together or SOMETHING. Anything you two do would be so much fun. :)

    Happy 17th, Emma!!

  14. You are both such darlings! It's truly beautiful that you have such a friendship.

    Happy birthday, Emma! (And may I add, I like your name very much. :))


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