Happy Birthday to My Dad!

We have a running joke in our family that this looks like Dad when he was younger.

Well, LOOK whose birthday it is!

Today is the birthday of my favourite 46-year-old, my dear old father. He's been with me along all the way - he was there at my birth, duh - and he's just an Amazing Person In General. I love you, Papa. Maybe I'm biased, but he really is the best Daddy out there, and... well, I frankly don't quite know how to start this post!

Firstly, his faith is amazing, and he inspires me to be a better Christian. And then behind that, my Dad works for his family, teaches us piano, cleans the toilets, loves all his ten kids and calls Mama 'darling' more than her real name. (When I was a little girl I seriously thought my mum's name was 'darling.' Not joking.) He loves coffee and he plays piano like a seriously talented person and he loves God and he wears glasses and he's just the best. (I know, I should have used commas in this sentance instead of 'and's. But hey, you didn't know that "<3" was a heart, so let me.)

In the realm of family-ness, my Dad is known for his puns. Some of them are scandelously bad (Like if we're taking the ferry to England. "It'll be ferry nice"), others are tolerable (Like if we have lettuce for supper. "Lettuce pray.") and then there are other puns which are very good. I cannot give an example of those, because they are always so good no-one but Granddad understands them.

My dad is also known for his coffee. No, he says, I'm not addicted. Everything in moderation, he says. But yet not a day passes without a cuppa coffee. And it's always the same cups. Either that white cup with the bird on it, or either that small beige cup with the word 'coffee' on it - (you know, the one you got for Christmas.)

Also, one cannot associate my dad without thinking of his hands flying over piano keyboards. My goodness, I wish I could play musical instruments like my dad can - he makes it look all so wickedly easy. (He's composed musicals of The Titanic, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and many other stories. Seriously, why isn't he famous?!!)

So dear Daddy, thank you so much for everything you do... thank you for watching Pride and Prejudice with me every year and for being a male fan of it. Thank you for not cooking (that wasn't sarcastic), and thank you for giving me embarrassing nicknames (that was sarcastic).
I do have some complaints, though - why don't you read fictional novels??? You're missing out on something so big. And seriously, don't worry about the shoes being lined up straight today, will you? A little mess in the hallway isn't the end of the world. (Repeat that after me.)

Happy Birthday, Papa! 

I hope you don't get stung by seven (or wait, was it eleven?) bees, and that your fingers taste nice today and that you'll watch sssssssilly movies.
(Those were all inside jokes. None of you will understand, and don't ask. :-P)


  1. Aw...he sounds like a character from a book, but being real that makes it better! Happy birthday to your dad!

    1. My dad is very Flattered that you said that. :-)

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with Olivia!

  2. Happy Birthday, Naomi's dad!!! (Naomi, I already told you but this is so very adorable. ;-))

  3. Your blog post is so much fun! :) Happy Birthday Dad!

  4. How sweet! You have an amazing dad!

  5. This is so sweet. Happy birthday to your dad! He sounds like a great, fun person.

    ~Rilla Blythe

  6. Happy birthday, Naomi's dad! Naomi, please tell your dad from me that he should be proud of himself--being the father of a big family is not easy. I know 'cause I have seven siblings. Of course, big families are the BEST thing in the world ever--we all know that. I just mean it takes a lot of Effort. So, three cheers for you, Naomi's dad!!


    Seriously. That is the most amazing thing I have heard in a long, long time. You know how much I love that book :-)

    1. I know. Hats off to dads. :-)

      YES. HE HAS. It got performed at the school he works at and everything, and apparently it was a Very Big Hit. (I can't remember it, sadly enough, but I do know some of the songs and they're GREAT.) The sad thing is though - HE CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE. I don't want to believe this, but... but he can't find it anymore. :-O (Fortunately, all his other musicals are still in physical copies somewhere in the basement. :-D)

    2. Oh, no!!!!! I'm so sorry!!! But at least it got performed ONCE . . . and who knows, maybe someday you guys will find it again? Sometimes it happens--you think something's lost and then one day, BOOM, you find it again. Here's hoping, anyhow :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Naomi's Dad!!! You sound so smart - composing musicals?!!

    Naomi, this was so sweet. Our family has inside jokes too - and they are SO FUN. Families are awesome. EVEN when they straighten the shoes in the hall :D

    P.S. Though I must tell you that my Dad is ALSO the best Dad out there <3

  8. This is such a sweet post, Naomi! Your dad sounds like a wonderful person! Haha! The puns! ;) And the fact that he inspires you to be a better Christian. Seriously. You are so blessed! :D

    Haha! The inside jokes. I love inside jokes! They're so much fun! :) I hope your dad had a really good birthday!

  9. What a blessed man!!!!!!!!!!! You are a true daughter, Naomi. You have a loving relationship with your daddy! What a treasure! <3

  10. *tunes up viola and strikes up Happy Birthday*
    Happy Birthday to you! happy Birthday to you happy birthday dear mr bennet (well Naomi's dad) Happy birthday to you!) I hope your day was beautiful and that you were surrounded by loved ones! :-)

    Naomi this is very sweet and your dad sounds amazing!
    PS: How very cool about the musicals and those puns are beautiful.

  11. This post was so fun and sweet!!! I love that your dad calls your mom "darling"-and that you thought that was her real name! :D
    Haha, my dad doesn't read fictional books either. :( But I did share two non fiction books with him that I liked and he loved them, so it works out. :)
    Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  12. Awww! Happy Birthday, Naomi's dad! This post was darling :)

  13. *sad face* Blogger ate my comment. WAAHHH. Why does he always have SUCH an appetite when I'm around? >:/

    ANYWAY. Let me try AGAIN!

    Aww, a happy birthday to Naomi's Daddy! :D (And he's only 46? My Dad is nearly 20 years older than him. :P Hehe.)

    He sounds so sweet - I mean, teaching his kids piano, cleaning all the toilets (that's nice for you - I have to clean the bathroom and toilet 5 days out of 7!) and calling his wife "darling". :)

    My parents love their coffee too. :D Several cups a day, normally...hehe.

    It took me AGES to figure out what "<3" meant, too. :P

    Haha, puns. ;) Yup, I've heard a few good puns in my life, and a LOT of bad ones...

    Just the fact that he composes musicals - WOW. O_O

    My Dad doesn't really read fictional novels, either. ;) He sometimes reads them aloud to my younger siblings, and he used to do it with all of us when we were little... he liked reading aloud Tolkien books yeeears back. :)

    Haha, he sounds very tidy. ;D (I consider that a Very Good Thing.)

    I'm not even going to bother about the inside jokes. ;P This was very fun to read (and sorry I'm so late about commenting)!

    ~Miss Meg

  14. Happy belated birthday Naomi's dad! (Also he's the same age as my dad...what?) XD

  15. PS Your dad sounds amazing. Aren't dads just the coolest? :)

  16. This is all very undeserved!
    What a lovely daughter I have though and what lovely friends!
    Praise the Lord for all His many amazing blessings!

    Ok, back to my cup of coffee now...


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