The Golden Picnic Tag!

Hi wonderful people.

Rae tagged me with her gorgeously original tag called A Golden Picnic. It's all centred around Lucy Maud Montgomery (my fave forever) and specifically around the chapter called "A Golden Picnic" in Anne of Avonlea. This tag basically makes me super excited for spring, and an even more ardent fan of the word 'Golden.' Also, the questions are sooo Montgomery-ish, and I love them all. Thank you, Rae! (Click here for her main blog, and here for her Montgomery blog.)

"What a lot of elephant's ears," exclaimed Diana. "I'm going to pick a big bunch, they're so pretty." "How did such graceful feathery things ever come to have such a dreadful name?" asked Priscilla.
Have you thought what Priscilla thought? What is something you love but hate the name thereof?

Priscilla and I are of one mind. :-) Elephant's ears are a dreadfully ungracefully chosen name for a plant. But hang on... let me google it, and see what they actually look like. (I mean, they might be grey and plucky and actually look like ears of an elephant.) Riiiight, so they look like this, and while I don't think they are exactly GRACEFUL and feathery, they do go beyond the beauty of elephants ears. I would call them Fascineafs. Because they are kind of fascinating leaves.

Anyway. Something I love but hate the name thereof is Dobbs, a lovely character from one of my favourite books ever, The Sweetest Thing. Actually her last name is Dobbs - her full name is Mary Ann Dobbs, which is pretty - but it kind of annoys me that they call her Dobbs, because it's an ugly name. :-/

"Oh, girls, look at that!"
"That" was a shallow woodland pool in the center of a little open glade where the path ended. ...it was a glimmering placid sheet, round as a saucer and clear as crystal. A ring of slender young birches encircled it and little ferns fringed its margin.
..."Well, we must name this place before we leave it...Everybody suggest a name and we'll draw lots."
The names suggested were: Birch Pool (Diana), Crystal Lake (Jane), Glimmer-glass (Priscilla), and The Fairies' Mirror (Anne). Which name would you choose for this lovely dimple of water? One of these? Your own name? (It ended up being called Crystal Lake.)

Anne ALWAYS hits the nail on the head when it comes to names. I wish I had her by my side to name all my stories and novels, because I have so much trouble coming up with names. Yeah, I love The Fairies' Mirror. Glimmer-glass has a sweet ring to it, too. Birch Pool, however. Lack of Imagination. Jane's is nice as well, but it lacks SOMEthing magical. :-)

"I wish there really were fairies," said Jane. "Wouldn't it be nice to have three wishes granted you...or even only one? What would you wish for, girls, if you could have a wish granted?

Well Jane - love the question. :-) My three wishes at present are: 1. That I pass all my exams in May. 2. That terrorist attacks become a thing of the PAST and 3. That someone gifts us with Series Six of Downton Abbey.
(I was going to write, 'That I will meet Emma' but I realise OH YES. THAT'S COMING TRUE. Gahhhh. Still not over that news right there.)
(By the way, thank you to all you dear people who commented/emailed me concerning the attacks in Belgium. We're all fine, and - to be honest - it doesn't really feel like this happened so close to where I live. It definitely is scary, but I know God is here right with me. I'm fine. :-))

"I wonder what a soul...a person's soul...would look like." said Priscilla dreamily.
..."I read somewhere once that souls were like flowers," said Priscilla.
If your soul was a flower, what do you think it would be? 

A small clutter of complicated, creative, whimsical wisteria. My soul is pretty, Mmmyeah?

What is your favourite thing about Spring? (You can choose as many favourites as you need.)

The golden sunshine in the evenings and the mornings - the fact that you wake up in a light room, with cheering jolly sunbeams dancing impatiently behind the closed curtains, waiting to put a spell of natural spring light in my bedroom. I also love the little silky flowers getting born in the corners of the garden, and the daffodils around in town. I love Spring. It's so fresh and happy and each year everyone, everyone gets so excited about it - whiiich kind of proves it's amazingness.

Do you have a favourite kind of flower? What is it, if so?

I love, love violets. They're so innocent and silky and mauve... I don't know, there's something so royally about them, and yet they're so sweet and small and almost musical. I also love wisteria - the clutters that hang pouring down... gahhhh. (I have a thing for mauve flowers.)

Do you prefer rain or sunshine?

Hahaha. :-) Okay. I love both. Rain makes me ridiculously happy because all my hobbies are inside-hobbies and inside-hobbies are 1000 times more fun to do when it's raining outside and all is cosy and pitter-patter-y. HOWEVER, yeah, when one is outside, the sun is indubitably more welcome. And it's gold and warm. I love both for different reasons.

Is Spring your favourite season? Why or why not?

I looooooove Spring, but my favourite season is the cold bleak Winter. *some people gasp* Well yes, I love Winter. Because CHRISTMAS. December is like, my favourite month ever, and I have sooo many good December memories; I just can't not say that Winter isn't my favourite season. Also, the New Year and all its splendid resolutions and fireworks - and the snow - and the cute scarves - and my January birthday. I love winter. (But right now I have a huge yearn for Spring, not going to lie.)

Is it Spring where you live?

Yes, slowly but surely.

Do you like what season you were born in? Do you wish you were born in Spring or some other season?

Yes, I'm very happy indeed to be a January baby. No complaints, no plans to change my birth date. All's well; lets have some pizza.

Oh, one more thing! Happy Birthday to my dear little sister today! Remember when she was just BORN? One year ago? Gah, and now she's a bubbly-eyed screaming-her-head-off, wearing-real-shoes one-year-old. And she still has the most kissable chin. I love this girl.


  1. Ahh. This was a delicious post. Great answers, Naomi! And the pictures you included are SO lovely (the wisteria picture, especially. I love that one.) :)

    Speaking of the terrorist attacks, my mom told me last night what had happened in Belgium. I immediately thought of you, and was like "No! I have a friend who lives in Belgium. I can't imagine how scary this must be for her." I'm so glad to hear you're all right and that it doesn't seem as close to home as it really is. I've been praying for you. And what you said is true, God is there with you. He's never going to leave you. He sees far and beyond the circumstances of our daily lives, and He knows exactly how to take care of His children. We can trust Him fully in all of this.

    Aww. I had to smile when you mentioned your wish of seeing Emma! It's funny to think that that would have been on your list a couple weeks ago, but now it doesn't have to be because it isn't just a wish anymore. It's reality! YOU'RE GOING TO SEE HER! Oh, I'm so excited for you!!! :D

    I love what you said about spring and the golden sunlight in the mornings and evenings. That's what I love about Spring, too! :D

    Have a lovely day, Naomi!

    ~Miss March

  2. Yesss, wisteria. It's gorgeous! Violets are definitely one of my favourite flowers--maybe partly because my favourite color is purple! Winter--is lovely, but mostly jusst when it snows. I love snow, but I don't like brown. Christmas, though, yes.
    I'm glad you're all right! It's terrifying what is going on!
    I love your answers! Thanks for doing it, I hope you enjoyed it!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANNA!!!! You darling little thing. I can't wait till I can kiss your chin someday. ;-)

    I sort of skimmed this post, since A) I haven't read this book and B) I'm really supposed to be doing schoolwork right now, so I'll come back and read it through later.

  4. Beautiful answers! Spring is truly L. M. Montgomery's season (but then so is Summer... and Fall... and Winter), still, Spring just seems specially hers, don't you think?

    Your Christian courage and bold joy is extremely uplifting, Naomi! Thank you SO much for posting your perspective on life, it is the very best kind of contagious. :)

  5. So grateful you're all right--and that you're not VERY scared, because it must be bad enough as it is. I pray, like you, that terrorist attacks will one day be a thing of the past.

    What a fun, happy tag! I especially love the "if your soul were a flower" question--although I don't quite know which flower I would choose. Maybe lilacs? I like lilacs :-)

    Don't you like the name "Birch Pool"? It seems all right to me :-)

    I probably think that because I don't care much for naming things as a rule, though. I mean, naming PEOPLE and animals, sure; but I'd never name a tree or a pond or anything else. Like, even if the birch pool is really really REALLY gorgeous, I would just say "it's a beautiful birch pool" and leave it at that. (Can you tell that Anne Shirley and I don't have a frightful lot in common? ;-) )

  6. I'm so glad you're safe :) Terrorist attacks are awful! I hope they become more extinct than the deadest dinosaur!

    What a beautiful happy tag! Hmmm - I think I'd have chosen Glimmer-glass. But The Fairies' Mirror is awesome too :)

    My soul would probably be Japanese cherry blossoms. Like this:

    I like the season I was born in (summer) because, duh, no school!! But at the same time I wish I was born in fall or winter, because summer here is so darn HOT, that it kind of limits my dinner options. Like, I can't have pea soup or chicken pot pie or something. I have to stick with cooler dishes :/

    And Happy Birthday Susanna! God bless babies :)

  7. Ooohh, yay! :D I love these kinds of things!

    Oh, this chapter from the book was always one of my very FAVOURITE chapters out of the whole series. I just LOVED it. :)

    Haha, I didn't really like the name 'Dobbs', as well (and I didn't REALLY go for 'Perri' either). Surely the authoress could have thought of something more... poetic? ;)

    HAHA! I always loved it when they suggested names for the pool of water. Their answers were all so characteristic. ;P Admittedly, if I can imagine me in their friends group, I'd be Jane - her answer is probably something I'd come up with. *sigh* I just CAN'T think of such brilliantly original ideas like Anne... not yet, anyway. I'm working on it. ;)

    YES YOU DON'T TO HAVE SAY 'MEET EMMA' AS YOUR WISH ANYMORE!!! Oh... *feels all sentimental* :')

    I'm glad you are okay, with the scary things going on. But I'll certainly still pray for you. :)

    Oh my, I wonder what *my* soul would look like, as a flower... :P

    I AGREE. I don't know anyone who DISLIKES spring! How can you not?! It's much too amazing for that.

    Violets are so little and cute and silky. YES. :)

    *gasps* Winter is your FAVOURITE?! Haha, nah, I'm not surprised, 'cause I already knew that. ;P I think summer is my favourite for all the reasons YOU listed. (See?! If you lived in the southern hemisphere, your favourite would probably be summer. ;P) Although spring might juuust win over summer... maaaybe.

    I sometimes wish I were born in spring. :) I get annoying sometimes, about how my birthday is INBETWEEN Christmas and New Years! I mean, how much busier a time of year can you get?! ;P I've no idea what would happen if I wanted a big birthday party... give out invitations six months beforehand, haha.

    OH! Happy Birthday Susanna! I wish I could pop over and kiss her chin, hehe. ;D (Oh, I just realized that's almost what Emma said. Haha.)

    ~Miss Meg

  8. "Fascineafs" is a lovely name. :)
    I am still SO happy for you and Emma!
    Oh my...I didn't even know about the attacks in Belgium. I am SO happy you and your family are unhurt, Naomi!
    You're making me fall in love with violets and wisteria. They are sooooo gorgeous.
    Susanna is one year old?? I cannot believe it's been that long! Happy Birthday to her!! :D

    I really love this tag! I hope I can find the time to join in. :)

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