Actors Multiple Choice Game - Answers!!

(I thiiiink this gif is from Miss Potter. Not entirely sure.)

After a week of studying, crying over Call the Midwife episodes, a dramatic cut of a bob in my brown tresses, unhealthy doses of my favourite thing in the world - (chocolate) - and many chat-sessions with Emma - I am here with the answers of the nice little 'Actors Multiple Choice Game'. I hope you liked it! :-)

1. Romola Garai is in a ton of Period Dramas. In which of the following does she not appear?
a) The Paradise
b) Atonement
c) Amazing Grace
d) Nicolas Nickleby

2. Julia Sawalha is my favourite actress ever - she's so much fun to watch! In which of these movies was she not?
a) Lark Rise to Candelford
b) Martin Chuzzlewit (1994)
c) A Christmas Carol (1997)
d) Horatio Hornblower

3. Hugh Bonneville has a recognisable face, but which of the following Period Dramas does he have nothing to do with?
a) The Monuments Men
b) Brooklyn
c) Lost in Austen
d) Daniel Deronda

4. Maggie Smith is a legend. In which of the following does she not appear?
a) The Secret Garden (1993)
b) David Copperfield (1999)
c) Chariots of Fire
d) Becoming Jane

5. Jenny Agutter was never my favourite actress, but have to admit I like the Period Dramas she's in. In which of these movies was she not?
a) The Pickwick Papers (1985)
b) Call the Midwife
c) The Buccanneers
d) The Railway Children (1970)

6. Lucy Boynton is such a cutiepie. Which of the following movies did she not cutify?
a) Copperhead
b) Sense and Sensibility (2008)
c) Saving Mr Banks
d) Ballet Shoes

7. Emily Watson is in everything. Except she isn't.
a) War Horse
b) Belle
c) The Mill on the Floss
d) Under the Greenwood Tree

8. Helena Bonham Carter has a very recognisable face that you shouldn't have seen in one of the following...
a) Miss Potter
b) Cinderella
c) The King's Speech
d) Suffragette

9. David Bamber is hilarious to watch. Which of the following movies missed out on his comical face?
a) Pride and Prejudice (1995)
b) He Knew He was Right
c) Pollyanna (2003)
d) The Kings Speech

10. Kate Beckinsale doesn't do a bad job. In which of the following does she not appear?
a) Love and Friendship (so excited about this, btw!!)
b) Emma (1997)
c) Downton Abbey, Season three
d) Pearl Harbour

Player's scores:
Melody: 100
Emma: 90
Miss Meg: 80
Kerry: 70
Kezzie: 60
Miss March: 60
Emily: 60
Jessica: 50
Ruth Elizabeth: 40
Rosie: 10


  1. Ooh! Goody! Some of my random guesses paid off! Heehee. ;) Only...bother! I should have gone with my first guess for David Bamber. I had a FEELING he was in Pollyanna... :P

    Thanks for the game, Naomi! It was fun! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes, David Bamber is the pastor in Pollyanna. Very funny. :-)

  2. Some of my guests paid off too!!

  3. La. I got the lowest score again. Fun game though Naomi :) OH AND HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR HAIRCUT????

    1. Poor you; all your guesses went the wrong way. :-P
      Well, at first I didn't. (I had a rocky Monday and Tuesday... :-( ) But now I do; I'm really pleased with it now, thank goodness! :-)

    2. Yay, Naomi is pleased with her haircut!!! :-)

    3. I know *pout face*

      Oh, I know how you feel. In the summer I usually opt to chop off about six inches of my hair, and for a couple of days it feels really weird, but then I decide to like it and everything's good. I'm so glad you're happy with it now though!! :)

    4. Emma, don't pretend you heard it first here girl. I told you so several days ago that I was pleased. :-P

      Rosie, Well with me it wasn't really 'a weird feeling.' It was a feeling of regret and... I don't know... SADness. But I really love it now. T'was worth the bumpy ride! :-)

  4. Thanks, Naomi--that was such a fun game!

    Oh, you got your hair cut? Awesome! I bet it looks lovely and adorable :-)

  5. I couldn't play this game in honesty. I got so curious as to what the answers were, so I HAD to look them up, and then I couldn't play because, well, cheating. :P But what a fun idea! I'm terrible with actors though.


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