I met a man who once met Colin Firth.

{All the pictures in this post are snapped by me. They all feature a certain little village I will swoon over later on, and this said village will one day be my home village. (That's the plan, anyway.)}

I am back. :-)

*collapses on an armchair swamped with clothes that need to be folded up and tidied up back into the closet*

England was lovely, as it often is. :-) Belgium is, in practicality, my home - my house is there, my bookshelves are there, our piano is there - but Britain is my country in my heart. Britain is the country that makes me proud of my nationality, and that makes my heart swell up a bit now and then. (Besides, Britain is filled with filming locations. I think I want to devote my life to making selfies in front of Period Drama locations.) While of course no country is perfect - (seriously, if you're looking for a land filled with milk and honey and no negative aspects, just give up already) - and while I know Britain definitely has it's cons, it possesses such a huge, huge charm that I cannot resist... I just love it.

{Look! It's The Red Lion! That's the building they made into the shop in Cranford.}

It's pretty darn good to be back home again, though. To say hello to you guys again; to sit in my good old room again, to just have to look up to see my bookshelves, and to wake up in my bed. (There is nothing like sleeping in your bed.) Five days away might not seem like a lot to you, but once you get home after them, it seems like ages. It's always good to come back home, no matter how swell the days away were.

They were swell days. :-) I had a very good time; I bought three books (my own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, the book Call the Midwife, and a random book that looked so good called The Soldier's Return), I received my own copy of Lynn Austin's Refiners Fire series from Grandma, I saw old friends and cousins again, and... oh, my personal highlight... I visited Lacock Village.

Lacock Village - aka, my home in my heart. :-P It stole my heart away, even with all the cars and the signposts and the sunglasses-wearing-tourists.

{The other side of the road in which they filmed my favourite movie, Pride and Prejudice 1995.}

For those of you who are mildly unaware - Lacock Village is this tiny little village of about 80 houses (one of which will one day be mine. ;-P) and due to it's old-fashioned-ness and historical-ness, is often used as a filming location. My very dear own Pride and Prejudice 1995 used it as its Meryton, Cranford used it pretty much all the time, Emma 1997 (with Kate Beckinsale) apparently used it, and what do you know? They used Lacock Village in Downton Abbey Series 6, too! Harry Potter was also filmed hence, and several other movies as well. (The Lacock website mentions Lark Rise to Candleford, too. I did not know that.)

{Ignore the openreach-car and all the other cars. They filmed some Downton Abbey scenes in this road in the above picture. Therefore, I stood where Lord and Lady Grantham once stood. :-O}

Lacock Village is one of the prettiest villages on earth, did you know that? It really is. It possesses an incredible, rugged, charming, cutesy old-fashioned charm that is just irresistible. It really is irresistible. I AM LIVING THERE. One day. You wait and see. I am going to find myself a small fortune and buy one of those houses and meet Period Drama actors and actresses.

{Look at that, peoples. I stood there. In Miss Matty's road, right there.}

It was thrilling to stand in these roads - but also weird because people live there and I stand there taking pictures of their houses. (I did it anyway. Fandom overconquers embarrassment.) I didn't quite know where was what, and all that, but we figured out where Miss Matty's house was, and in what road they filmed P&P and Downton Abbey. We didn't have that much time to explore, so I didn't go and visit the bridge (which is featured in Cranford, I believe.) but it was lovely. :-)

{Excuse the awkward shadows, but this is Jessie Brown and Captain Brown's house in which Julia Sawalha stood and in which Loch Lomond was sung.}

We also didn't find Dr Harrison's house, but I think I found a house that looked like it. It had the letter hole and everything.

{Miss Matty's house!!!!!!!!!!! (That little girl is my little sister.)}

I spoke to one of the Lacock residents there - a very kind and friendly elderly man - and I asked him if he remembered Pride and Prejudice being filmed. (He lives in the P&P road.) He said, oh yes, he did. And he explained how they put a plastic sheet on the ground and covered it with earth and grass to hide the pavements and the roads.

And then he very casually said that he has a picture of Colin Firth standing in front of his door.

I was like, 'UM WHAT, how are you so CALM, sir?' in my head, and wildly envious underneath my more-calm appearance. I asked him if he met the Downton Abbey cast, and he said, 'Oh yes, kind of.' He really didn't seem to be that impressed with Period Drama actors and actresses; goodness knows why. I also asked him if he was an extra in one of the movies filmed, and he said he never wanted to, but that they did ask him. (If I were that man I would have jumped to be in the back of Pride and Prejudice.) What else did I ask him... oh yes, if he liked it that his house was featured in so many movies. To which he replied that there never was more than a glimpse. Again, this friendly nice man didn't seem very impressed.

A conversation between me and the nice old man who once met Colin Firth:
Man: They built something extra on The Red Lion in Pride and Prejudice.
Me: Wasn't that Cranford? They built the shop.
Man: Oh yes, the shop. That was Cranford. You know more than I do about this.

{The Red Lion, in all it's British Glory. Look, here it is also!!}

I told the nice old man (who I like so much I plan to write him a letter) that I wanted to live in Lacock Village, and then I went back to the car and waved Lacock goodbye. I'm coming back, Lacock. But for the time being at least I can brag and say that I met a man who has a picture of Colin Firth standing in front of his house. :-P

It's good to be back, dear people. What have you been up to? Have you ever visited a movie location?


  1. That's pretty cool!!! I love how enthusiastic you were. He probably loved it!
    I've been to Chatsworth which they used in the later p&p and a few other places. My mum was an extra in Downton. She wore a big cream hat for Lady Mary's wedding and sat next to a bearded man and I saw her skulking behind a couple of characters in another scene with a pram! I went to the same school (and dance school too) as Michelle Dockery who plays Lady Mary, which seems v bizarre still to see her on tv.x

    1. Kezzie, you are so cool. You met JJ Field, you went to the same school as Michelle Dockery and your mum was an extra in DOWNTON ABBEY?!!! :-O :-O (Tell your mum there's this girl (me) who's quite jealous of that. :-))

    2. Ha, ha, I will do. She's been in some cool things- she was in the last Pirates of the Caribbean thing too- she only really gets parts in period dramas as she has 'the rustic look' or hippies, apart from a few other things!

  2. You're baaack! :D
    Wahoo! Your holiday sounds scrumptious! And those pictures!! They look JUST like they do in the movies! :D Gah, it just looks like SO much fun! I don't know what else to say!
    Yes, you should live there. Then I will come and visit you. :D
    Aww, your little sister looks like a mini you. ;) (Are those your siblings on the left side in the second photo, too?)
    Haha, that man was probably rather tickled that you know so much! And you're gonna write him a letter? AWW. You're too cool.
    Your claim to fame is probably as strong as mine are. ;P

    I don't THINK I've visited a movie location... oh, I visited 'Craig's Hut' (off The Man From Snowy River) when I was about 3, but that's pretty much it. ;P We've had quite a few movies filmed in a little town about 2 minutes drive from where we are... we've never seen any of the movies, but they are not completely-unknown kind of movies. (I don't remember the titles of any, though. :P) We have lots of VERY old pubs in the little 'town' down the road, and that's where they film, next to them.
    What have I been up to? Um, not much... still doing school (ONE MORE WEEK!!!), cleaning, lots of cooking, seeing friends a lot, writing, reading... just the normal. Nothing fancy like going to Britain. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. I know, right? The houses like just like they do in the movies. (You are definitely invited to my future house in Lacock. :-D)
      Yes, those are all my siblings.
      Yep! I wrote him a letter - found his house number on google earth (I'm so sneaky, right?) - and posted it! Let's see if he replies. :-D

      You have old pubs?! Oh, I wish Belgium has old pubs. (Lacock has FIVE old pubs. Yet another reason to go and live there.)

    2. WAIT MEG YOU VISITED CRAIG'S HUT?!?! *turns green* That is so neat!!!!!

    3. If you mean the Snowy Mountains also.. *shoots hand in air* I've gone too! :D

    4. Naomi:
      Haha, that IS pretty sneaky. ;)
      Well, they ARE old pubs (in fact, one of them is one of THE oldest pubs in Australia, I thiiink), but they don't look at ALL like English ones. ;)

      YES I VISITED CRAIG'S HUT!! When I was three. :P It IS pretty cool... actually, I was talking with my family about it at breakfast time this morning, and I asked what movie locations we HAD been to... turns out more than I thought. ;) First of all, Craig's Hut, and also a Ned Kelly miniseries (which we own - it was made in 1980), where we saw LOTS of the movie sets - such as the jail, and other parts. I vaguely remember that, actually. Also we apparently visited a part of where a TV series called "All the Rivers Run" was made, but we don't know that show. ;P (Both Ned Kelly and All the Rivers Run (oh, haha, and also Man From Snowy River!) have Ingrid Thornton in them.)
      And there's one other one... in Saving Mr. Banks, we're quite sure some parts of them in Australia (particularly parts where she was riding on the train) were made near here. I thought that was pretty cool. :D

      YES! Those ones! That's cool - it must be an Aussie thing? ;D

      ~Miss Meg

    5. Neat! Oh, I think I've seen All the Rivers Run -- is that the movie with Parker Stevenson? I remember it being Australian. (I watched that a loooooooong time ago and thought it was really weird.) ;-P

    6. =D I ADORE All the Rivers Run! It's got John Waters in it.. it's beautiful, heh maybe I need to rewatch it!


    Oh my goodness! (And I didn't know DA had scenes there -- wow, this village is hopping with famous people.) There's the Red Lion! (Why are all English pubs called either The Red Lion or The Blue Dragon? Hmmm.) And Jessie Brown's house ! OH *faints*

    This is SO neat that you saw all this, Naomi. :-) You must live here someday. And then I'll come and visit you and we'll sit in the window and drink tea and watch Cranford. Ahh, it just looks so COZY. I love it.

    This older man sounds quite nice. I think it's funny when people don't seem to care about stuff like that, that you'd think they'd care about -- like meeting actors and actresses. (Of course, sometimes it doesn't make nay SENSE, but it's still funny.) I'm glad you sent him a letter. I think he'll be tickled.

    Have I visited any filming locations? Hmmm, well I've been to Williamsburg, which was used in the Felicity movie and probably a bunch of other movies. But that's all. Someday I'm going to the plantation they used as Mont Royal in North and South. Oh, and the town they used as Colorado Springs in Dr. Quinn, and all the Love Comes Softly movies.



  4. You're baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy!! I really missed you, you know :-)

    What an adorable little village--I don't blame you for wanting to live there! (I bet it will happen someday, too. Don't give up your dreams :-) )

    The houses are so cute. I really love old-style architecture like that. And it must be awesome to get to literally STAND ON THE SET OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE!!!

  5. NAOMI!!!!! It's so pretty! I love all the little old houses. SO different from America.

    That old man sounds so neat. He has a picture of Colin Firth?! Goodness! And was asked to be an extra. I would just LOVE to be an extra in a movie -- be so near famous actors/actresses!! I've not visited any movie locations that I know of :/ But I WANT TO.

    P.S. I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK :) :) :)

  6. England!!! Where Pride and Prejudice was filmed!!! My, how I would love to go there! And you met someone who has met Mr. Darcy! Really! But I guess old men just don't appreciate period dramas and Mr. Darcy as young ladies do!
    It looks like you had a lovely time! Welcome back!

  7. AHHHHHH! Ok let me get to my senses before I faint my dear.. you don't know what i suffer! ;)

  8. Yes you are back! Oh lovely! My phone vibrated last time at 8.40pm with your pinterest notification so I assumed you'd arrived safely, but alas we were in the middle of Northern Exposure.

    Yes I TOTALLY get what you mean about Britian being your country.. Although I am Australian, I feel a strong affinity with Scotland and its people, which is why I'm applying for uni exchange in Edinbrouguh. I mean walking through the moors in freezing wind in wellies with a border collie sprinting ahead of you and pausing to write or run down the hills with the bracken and the heather and I will stop now.. And envy my scottish/ northern english ancestors.

    Oooh the Red Lion! Eeeep! Books! Can you send me photos? Yes? Ok good? :P
    Isn't England the best place to get books?
    I did not know about the HP OR the Emma 1997 version although it did look mighty familiar in the latter which was on Monday afternoon (very good but not as good as the 2009 version).

    AHH! Aww your sisters so cute! Yesss to the man who had Colin Firth visit, he sounds like a book character to me… hmmmmhmmm

    Ok what are my claims to fame… hmm
    - We've been to Hobbiton and the Snowy Mountains.. So Lord of the rings and man from snowy river.
    ○ OH my nanna lived in the bay thingo and saw Narnia AND Pirates of the Carribian being made only she didn't know about how much I adore Narnia. I was visiting you see and she's like "oh yes there's a big ship yonder" me… "THE DAWN TREADER! NANNA!" her "that's nice dear would you like some tea and cake?" (she is from the uk) "me.. I …i.. I sure.." *gazes out window sadly.*
    - My friend Kate is related to Geoffrey Rush, who also has a Drama stuido named after him as he graduated from my uni.
    - Fellow kindred spirit from school Heather was an extra in the new Pirates of the Caribbean and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0920992/ that guy looked after her on set after they met at the read through. (She's got a talking part you see)
    - I might be meeting Cameron Daddo after the sound of music tonight (SCREAMING)
    That's all I can think of.. I've been up to reading Shakespeare and writing frantically into the night my English Literature essays and watching the online productions with David Tennant. Oh and investigating our family history. :D

    1. and apologies for all the typos. I'm not very good with smartphones you see

    2. Oh, Evie, your comment made my mouth gape! :P (I could squeal on about all of them but in particular)... :
      I wanted to see the Dawn Treader too, but it was a bit too far away!!
      And I'm actually super distantly related to Geoffrey Rush! :D (And I know that Uni. My brother told me about the Drama studio named after him. :))
      YOU'RE SEEING CAMERON DADDO TONIGHT!!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!!! (Also, my cousins (who didn't TELL ME THEY WERE GOING!!) saw the Sound of Music this week, and they got to meet him and have a photo and EVERYTHING!!! Like, WOWOWOWOWOW. Couldn't we have met the cast for Les Miserables? :'()

      Okay, I shall now be quiet. For a minute.

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Oh it was a beautiful production!!!! *sniff* didn't get to meet him but I've added him to my social media platforms (the public accounts of course) :P

  9. Your post title, Naomi! Oh my goodness! It reminded me of an old song "I danced with a man, who danced with a girl, who danced with the Prince of Wales!" he he. You had me laughing so hard!

  10. I loved reading this! The village looks so cute. And it's so interesting finding out the behind the scenes stuff of my favorite movies. And that nice old man seemed so sweet! Glad you had a good trip!

  11. No I haven't, but this was super amazing!!

  12. So happy you're back! You lucky girl, getting to go to "Meryton" and all that. :) It looks absolutely charming, and I'm so glad to see the lovely pictures. And what a neat experience that you met that kind gentlemen! I wonder what he would think if he saw your post. I think he'd be flattered. :)
    And it would be simply wonderful if, (I mean WHEN) you get a house in Lacock Village! I hope it would have a little garden. Or at least window boxes of flowers.

  13. Welcome back, Naomi!!!! :D Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I hadn't realized before that Meryton and Cranford were the same place, but that is so cool!

    And you met a man who met Colin Firth? Wow, that's exciting (though funny how he didn't seem that impressed over the whole thing. Haha)! Isn't it crazy how we get so excited over meeting famous actors, and yet when you think about it you realize that those actors are just ordinary people, after all. ;)

    Ahhh! This was a lovely post, Naomi! Thank you so much for sharing. And I agree, going away from home for a few days to visit relatives and do fun activities is AWESOME, but it is WONDERFUL coming home again. :D

    ~Miss March

  14. Ahhhhh, this post!!! I'm so happy you got to visit this place! And wow. I had no idea so much filming went on in this village. -adds Lacock Village to travel list-

    Your pictures. Are. Beautiful. The place looks utterly charming and stunning and just PERFECT. I would feel like I was in a period drama. Well, almost. If I could wear a Jane Austen dress when I visit I would love it even more. ;)

    Heehee, can I come live at your someday-house next time they film some wonderful show there? I'll help you spy on the actors and actresses and we can bring them tea and cookies and they'll be so charmed by us that they'll invite us to be extras. haha

    MISS MATTY'S HOUSE! HER STREET! AND JESSIE'S HOUSE! You stood where they stood...that is just too cool. It's hard to believe people actually live in those houses, haha.

    Haha, hard to believe how indifferent that nice old man was. But, if he's not a period drama fan, I guess he gets used to people filming in town. :P But eek, you talked to someone who met Colin Firth...that's the next best thing to meeting him!

    I am SO glad you had such a wonderful time. Your pictures are lovely and I can't wait for the day that you can share photos of your own Lacock Village house. Maybe the owners of Miss Matty's house will sell and you can buy that. ;)

    1. Natalie!!! I loved your comment. :-)
      And yes, I'm hoping the owners of Miss Matty's house will sell. :-P Precisely what I was thinking! :-)

  15. Oh, Lacock, so lovely! I totally enjoyed visiting there some years ago and really want to go back to have more time there.
    Though I personally wouldn't like to live there, not matter how beautiful it is, I would not like to have tourists always ooowing and aahing in the street while I do my groceries or talk to the neighbour, hehe!

  16. How completely cool! (Why yes, I'm 3 weeks behind on my blog reading. Sigh.) I love that you got to go there AND meet a man who met Colin Firth. I love visiting movie locations! I've only been to a few, but it's just so cool when you can match up reality and movieness in your head. And knowing you're walking around places that actors and actresses you care about also walked around. Totally cool. So happy you got to visit there!


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