The Little Things

The Little Things aren't that little if you accentuate them and give them a highlight in your favourite colour. I like accentuating them; because they deserve accentuating - they're wonderful, underrated, simple, pure and never-fading gems of comfort. I've had a pretty kind of melancholy day - I'm just kind of droopy and blue about basically everything (ugh, come on Naomi, brace yourself up, old sport!) - so I went ahead and told myself to make a little list of those always-there, good little things that make up my enormously good life. Let that silver lining shine, girls and boys. Here's mine for today:

1. The fact that spring is in the air - the birds are shining and the sun is singing. (Hush, I know. But the verb arrangement still fits.) Everywhere I go, I can spot little trees sporting a look of pinky blossom, and blossom equals a little taste of heaven.

2. Kate and William's India tour is making me happy - I'm an unashamed Royal fan, and I love keeping up with their appearances. Kate's Indian-inspired outfits have been pretty stellar so far. And can I learn her so-not-awkward-in-front-of-so-many-people-skills? (I need some. Heh.) (Just look how pretty she is.)

3. Emails from friends are always underrated bricks, aren't they? And especially my friends' emails - they're literally bricks. (As in the length. I have some chatty friends. :-P)

4. JUUUUNE. REMEMBER WHAT'S HAPPENING IN JUNE?! (Emma and I will meet. Yesterday I imagined writing a post the day before leaving, with 'One day more' in the title, to honour Emma and her love for Les Mis. (For zee new readers, Emma is my best friend. Her blog est ici.)

5. Call the Midwife. Gahh, it's so good. The second episode of the second season - the one where Cynthia witnesses the death of a baby and where Chummy leaves to Africa - was sooo good and made my cry buckets of my infamous tears. And then there's this romance between a certain doctor and a certain glasses-wearing-dear-lady-who-I-shan't-name-due-to-spoilers... and it's one of the most adorable romances ever.

(That picture of Poldark was for all those crazy Poldark fans.)

6. I LOVE Chummy so much. My future aspirations include publishing a novel and learning how to speak like Chummy. Naturally. (I'm slowly learning! My dear mother asked me yesterday, 'Would you like some tea?' and I said, 'Not to worry' instead of 'don't worry.' And that was very Chummy-like.) (I did have the tea after all. I just said 'Not to worry' because I felt like it.)

7. Solving a very queer computer problem. I felt so terribly clever.

8. Lacock Village; I still plan to come and inhabit within your shadows. I have not forgotten you.

9. You've probably all heard by now (and if you haven't, you're probably not interested, haha) - but are you excited about Love and Friendship??? (I still think they should've named it Lady Susan but I shall hush seeing as my opinions are not asked for.) The trailer made me grin a lot ("How jolly. Green little balls. What are they called?" "Peas.") and although the costumes are georgian and not regency I am really looking forward to watching this. (Fingers crossed I'll be able to see it on big screen. That would be epic.)

10. Finally - YOU GUYS. I'm sorry if I ever underrate your wicked ability to make me smile. Writing this post has made my day a good one. Plus I'm watching Call the Midwife tonight and I'm chatting with Emma tonight so of course this day is a good one. There are always good things in days; even when the majority of it was unnecessarily meh. :-P

Have a good day. (That was a command.)


  1. This was awesome, Naomi! I really admire you making this list--you know what to do to beat the blues!

    P.S. OH MY GOSSSSSHHHHH THAT CERTAIN DOCTOR AND THE CERTAIN LADY WITH THE GLASSES! (You guessed my favorite romance, and I DO plan to respond to your last comment about them, btw.) But seriously they're just the best ever and I love and adore them. Okay, bye ;)

  2. Lovely post, my dear. I'm sorry your day hasn't been exactly stellar. I know how those days feel. But I love how you chose to write a list of things you're thankful for, and things that make you happy! That's an excellent thing to do on such a day. :D

    "Birds shining, sun singing." Haha. Very creative. Got to mix things up sometimes, right? Keep it interesting. ;)

    Yes, yes!! JUUUNNEE!! Can't wait to read all the lovely posts you write in that month! :D

    I'm getting the feeling that I need to watch Call the Midwife sometime...

    Oh my goodness, yes! Solving crazy computer problems is enormously clever (or maybe it's just accidental...hehe. That's usually the case with me.) At any rate, it always gives me a HUGE thrill when I manage to stumble across a solution to a particularly baffling and ridiculous problem. Computers can be so weird sometimes.

    Thank you for this post, Naomi. And now I command you to have a very good day, too! (Actually, your day is probably almost over by now...is that right?) Well then, I command you to have a VERY good day tomorrow! Got that? Good. ;)

    ~Miss March

    1. Yes, got to mix things up sometimes, exactly. ;-)
      Computers can be SO weird sometimes. Hahaha. Say that again! :-) I actually quite enjoy solving them actually, and my granddad calls me 'his technical advisor' because I solve his computer 'problems.' (They're not really problems; and I'm really not that technical. :-P)

      Okay, I'll have a good day. I'm much happier today than I was on Monday. :-)

  3. Little things--YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Naomi, that's one of the things I love most about you--you never underestimate the little things in life. And you make ME want to pay more attention to them . . . which I sorely need to do. So, THANK YOU. :-)

    Do you know what else is nice? Today's my birthday! Yes, I'm really turning 22 today. (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.)

  4. awwwww, Naomi this is lovely! I love a good bit of thankfulness (I try to do the same on me old blog every so often!)- I am very glad for you and hope you feel better after feeling a bit in the doldrums earlier.
    I'm now confused- WHICH one is being filmed- Love and Freindship (spelling mistake courtesy of Miss Austen) or Lady Susan?!??!! x

    1. It's Lady Susan - but I think it has aspects of Love and Friendship in it too. Not very sure. :-P

  5. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE POLDARK. gah. gah. gah. Such wonderfulness!! I had Ross as my screensaver for a while there...lol! Have you actually watched the show? I can't wait for season 2!

    1. Julia, HIGH-FIVE GIRL. ;-) (I ordered the first season on DVD and it might come in the mail ANY DAY.)

    2. *huge grin* I CAN'T wait for you to watch it!!!

    3. *rolls eyes over crazy Poldark people* :-P
      No, Julia I haven't seen it, but SOMETHING tells me I should. ;-)

    4. *rolls eyes TWO TIMES at how you haven't watched Poldark*
      Yes, you had better. ;) Maybe you can watch it with Emma!!

    5. My sister is called Clowance after a Poldark character and my Mum's best friend named her son Ross after Poldark! They were both crazy Poldark fans! I've not seen it either!

  6. Yeah, I know the feeling. Those days when I just feel blah and I don't want to do anything, especially school. I just want to watch a Jane Austen movie or something. But, of course, I must press on and do things anyway. This is a perfectly lovely idea to think of all the good little things in life! I should remember to think of the good things.

    Spring! Yes! That is a very good thing. I love to go outside and just...*feel* the Spring! It's such a nice relief after all the brown of winter.

    Really, though solving computer problems--I love it when that happens! My older brother is the "computer expert" and so when I can figure something out without asking him, it's great. :)

    I have heard about Love and Friendship...and I'm not sure what I think. I don't know when I'd get the opportunity to watch it anyway, but I haven't even managed to make it through reading Lady Susan. I plan to, yes, as part of the Jane Austen course I'm doing this year, but I've tried before (okay, so it's been a couple years or something) and I just got confused. Do you like Lady Susan?

    Delightful post, Naomi! Your post to brighten your day helped to brighten mine!

    1. Ha yes, every family as a 'computer expert.' (In my family it's actually fallen on the girls, though. :-O)

      I've never read Lady Susan. My plan is to do so before I watch the movie!

  7. This post made me smile. (Most of your posts do anyway, but especially this one!)
    Yes, the little things in life make all the difference, don't they? It seems to me like you're playing Pollyanna's "glad game!" :)
    Heh, the weather is the main thing that's depressing me right now. It's been snowing often, and even though it melts right away, it's not fun. But I'm ever optimistic that spring will appear soon! :)
    Aahhh yes, thank you for pointing Kate and William out! Their recent trip must have slipped under my royalty radar! ;) I'm excited to see what they put out for Charlotte's first birthday!
    I'm so happy for your trip in June! It must be fun planning outfits to wear and activities to do. :)
    And Poldark, how lovely! I believe other's enthusiasm for this series has increased my appreciation for it. Happiness is most contagious, you know. :)
    Soo excited for Love and Friendship. And I am a little wary of the costumes (why do they pile their hair so oddly?), but I suppose it fits well on the whole, since it was one of Austen's earliest works.
    And as for number 10, the feeling is mutual! (And I will have a good day, thank you very much!) :)
    PS: I love how all your pictures coordinated in a color scheme of greens and golds. You could make a header out of them!

    1. Ugh, I'm sorry it's SNOWING where you live. That's really unpleasant. :-(
      I'm SO enjoying Kate and William's trip! Look at this adorable picture of them... http://40.media.tumblr.com/ea277630f3f07d0ce50c492c47c4c43e/tumblr_o5kco3Aczq1r3innio1_500.png
      The hairpiling in the Georgian era is RIDICULOUS. Agreed 100% (It's still kind of exquisite though. On some actresses. :-P)
      Yay, someone noticed the colour scheme! :-)

  8. Ah, YAY! JUST what I feel like. :D (Gosh, I say that all the time. I must be so easy to please. Hehe.)

    Well, I've got two weeks of school holidays and I'm DETERMINED not to waste them! So I can't let myself have a bad day, I just want to make the good days better. ;) Right now, I'm slouching (I know, awful posture going on here) in the study chair, with a chocolate Easter bunny beside me (I can't stop eating that thing!) and reading your post. :D I just washed my elder brother's car (he's gonna pay me ;)) for 2 hours, (inside and out!) so now I'm rewarding myself. It was the first time I've actually washed a whole car by myself, so I felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. :D

    Haha, "the birds shining, sun singing". (I was going to say exactly the same thing Miss March said. :O "Very creative. Got to mix things up sometimes, right? Keep it interesting. ;)" Wow... well, I'll just say, I second Miss March. ;D)

    I know! Kate is way too perfect. :P They have her on the TV a lot, (although I'm often in the shower at that point, so I've been missing quite a lot!), but when I can, I always stop whatever I'm doing to scurry in and admire her lovely manners and fancy clothes.

    Haha, you've got chatty friends? Who'd a thunk! ;P

    Yes, Juuuune! And I would be very happy if you entitled it "One Day More" (although I would have thought Emma would have done that ;)). It's coming up so sooooooonnnn!!! Oh, I just found a rhyme. JUNE is SOON. Hahaha. I'm so clever. ;D

    Solving computer problems makes me feel like a second Einstein. Even though all I did was basically restart the computer. ;P

    Um... *whispers* I may have been left out of the loop when it comes to Love and Friendship. I'll go look at the trailer then...
    ... HAHAHA. Wow, that was some funny movie trailer. ;) It looks rather comical, really. (And that line about those 'tiny green balls'. HA.) It made me giggle a few times. Well, I'll have to keep an eye out for that movie. :D

    Aww! *hugs* You're sweet.

    Thank you! I shall do my best to fulfill your command. Despite the fact that this morning I cleaned a car and this afternoon I'm cleaning a house. But no matter - it's holidays, and therefore I shall be happy! :D

    ~Miss Meg

  9. Oh Naomi, this was PERFECT. Just what I needed -- and probably just what you needed too. ;-) It always helps to make lists of those things, doesn't it? I've done that so many times. It puts things in perspective and reminds you how much there always is to take delight in.

    (The Bright Star picture made me sigh with happiness. The Poldark picture made me squeal with excitement. BECAUSE SOON I WILL WATCH IT AND THEN MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE.)

    June is soon, June is soon!!! I was telling a friend about your visit yesterday and it made me get excited all over again. ;-P Haha, I showed Sadie the Love and Friendship trailer the other day and now we've been quoting the "tiny green balls" part over and over. My favorite line is still the "Churchill" bit. "Is that how you say it? All together like that? I'd heard "church" and "hill" but couldn't seem to find either -- all I could see was this big house." :-P

    I SHALL have a good day, thanks to you. I'm going right now to email you, in fact. (I have something good to tell you.)


    1. HAHAHA. The Churchill quote. LOVE IT. "All I could see was this big house. Heh heh."

  10. Aw, I loved this. Little things are what make life so wonderful. Naomi, you always make me smile :)

  11. Spring is just wonderful, isn't it? I've been pretty droopy these two days also as I just finished being in a play and post-drama drama is quite pathetic. I'm rather a Royal fan myself, and isn't Kate's fashion just great in general?
    I'm SO excited and Love and Friendship. I noticed the Georgian attire also — but wondered if perhaps they set it earlier?

  12. Awwww, this was so sweet. I love posts like these. :)

    SPRING IS FINALLY HERE AND I'M SO HAPPY. I'm currently sitting outside as I type this. It's the PERFECT temperature out. Warm-but-not-too-warm and cool-but-not-too-cool. Chirping birds, fresh breezes, and blooming flowers. IT'S SO LOVELY!

    I didn't know about the "Love and Friendship" trailer! I'm looking it up straightaway. :)

    I'm so excited and happy for you and Emma!!!! :D :D


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