I finally have a beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice!

Emma and I went to Barnes and Novels the other day, and it has killed me. I am a student whose savings for the summer have gone into airplane tickets, so I knew I couldn't come out with the twenty-seven books I wanted to buy and the fifteen dvd's I wanted to buy also - and that was a TORTURE. I saw classics with beeeeyuuutiful covers (that solemn, serene, gorgeous cover of Anne of Avonlea is still haunting me, and I still want that squishy To Kill A Mockingbird copy. GIVE IT.), new books with shiny glitzy covers, books I'd never heard of that I just yearned to dive in to, and books I HAD heard of and have been on my Goodreads 'to read' list for like, thirteen hundred years. 

To make matters worse, Emma spotted a marvellous copy of Testament of Youth, and she was kind enough to point it out to me. Because I have enough money. (But then I returned the favour by pointing out a CD of the entire Hamilton play recording. She bought it, because Emma sometimes can't resist things like that.)

ANYWAY. About Pride and Prejudice, right? :-)

I love Pride and Prejudice. People might say, 'Blahhh shut up it's boring and it's overrated' but I really do love the story, and I really do love the book, and I really have read it more than five times out of my own will. (Actually, I haven't read it for a while, but that will change because... duh.)

The problem is: I own three copies of P&P, and they're all rather ugly. One is on my kindle. Doesn't count. Scrap. One is in a huge big copy of Jane Austen's seven works, and 1) it's no fun to read out of it because it's so heavy and 2) it's getting really ugly and it has no cover. (Ugh.) Then I have a copy I stole (no don't worry not really) from my Grandparents, which is nice and small and good and all - but it's not that pretty and I've been wanting a REALLY beautiful copy of P&P for years now.

SO THEN I SAW THAT COPY, and I was like, 'Maybe this is it.'

It was one of the first books I saw, so I left it where it was as I investigated the other thousands of books in the bookstore and experienced great levels of despair and grief. But at the end I KNEW - I NEED THAT P&P COPY IN MY LIFE. Ten dollars and all. So I went ahead and picked it out as my item of expense. (I bought it.) And I'm so glad I did because it's the beautifullest copy of Pride and Prejudice that I've ever seen. It's leathery and kind of soft, and the font inside is quaint and just gorgeous. (The back side of the cover has no stickers, no ads, no silly blurbs, no praises from The Times or whatever, just the first line from P&P. In beautiful scroll-y handlettering.)

Basically, I'm so glad I have it and that's that. Bye. Be jealous.

Also - a small request: Emma and I, if we have time this week (I'm leaving on the 25th... :-( ) would like to consider to do a podcast (we stole this from Amy and Melody; no shame). So, PLU-leese ask some questions - any questions - you might have in the comments right now. Thanks m'loves. Mwah.

(The 'Mwah' was a kiss.)


  1. That cover is so pretty!!!
    Oh yes, the torture of choosing which books to buy.. we've all been there.

    A podcast sounds delighful! (and we get to hear your voices:))
    What has been your favourite thing/activity to do together?
    Did you have any cultural shocks on coming to America?
    Favourite thing about summer?

    That's all my mind could come up with for now:)

  2. Ooh that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! I'm always so torn about buying pretty editions because I get afraid that I'll ruin them, but then again they're just so gorgeous that I feel happier reading them because of how lovely they are :) And for the podcast, could you tell us a funny/unexpected story or moment that happened? From both your perspectives! :)

  3. And OH I should have said this in my earlier comment, but can you try to imitate each other's accents for us?? 😊

    1. Do you not have a Barnes & Nobles in Belgium?

      I was there the other day, and YES-- so much temptation!

      Ohhh, why is it so hard to find pretty P&P copies? Like you, I have one on kindle(blah), in a Jane Austen collection(cumbersome), and a copy handed down from my Dad, and it's rather beat up and not that pretty. It's on my reading list for the next school year, so maybe I'll obtain a prettier one. Anyways, I'm glad you found a nice one! :)

      Oooh, questions:

      1). How much of what you talk about is books/movies/tv show related?

      2). Are you near the same height?

      3). Who of you is more like Anne, and who more like Diana? hehe :)

      4). Do you have a movie/book you enjoy bashing together?

      5). Did you develop any inside jokes?

      6). Naomi, what was the oddest thing about America to you?

      7). How late was the latest you stayed up together?

      Okay, that's a lot. You don't have to answer all of them. :D But you must do the podcast, even if you don't answer any of my questions, because it's a lovely idea. ;)

  4. I love that cover!!! Yay a podcast!!! What's your favorite/least favorite thing about America? How many movies/TV shows did you all watch? I'd really love any story about your time together actually :D

  5. Hamilton. YAS. (We won 11 Tony Awards last week, after all. Life is good.)

    I love your new P&P copy!! It's beautiful :-) It also happens to be my favorite shade of blue--so yay!

    Questions for your podcast . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

    What do you think of the accents here in America? Cool? Not cool? Weird? Amusing? Uncultured? (I'm curious ;-) )

    What was your favorite of the activities you and Emma did together?

    Was the weather very different from the weather in Belgium, or about the same?

    How many movies did y'all watch together? (NO REALLY I ACTUALLY WANT TO KNOW.)

  6. THIS EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK. There's a Barnes and Noble about five minutes away from my house (torturous for a bookworm who's trying to save money for college!), and I had several Christmas gift cards to spend there so of course I went as soon as possible, and when I first walked in I definitely wasn't planning to buy a copy of P&P. I'm not usually the sort of person who buys multiple copies of one book. But then I saw this gorgeous copy^^ and OH MY GOODNESS. I quickly decided that my kindle-version just wouldn't do anymore, and bought The Gorgeous Blue Copy with no shame whatsoever. I love the soft shade of blue, the calligraphy, the tiny flowers and leaves, the famed first sentence on the back-- all of it. Pure loveliness. In this case, I think it's safe to say that you can judge a book by its cover. ;) (Though I guess it *does* help if you've read said book multiple times.) All of that to say-- this post makes me smile. I'm so glad someone else appreciates the loveliness of this copy of Pride and Prejudice! :)

    Podcast questions, hmm...
    -^^Um, YES to all the above questions. Especially the accent imitations.
    -What's one thing about America that you wish you had back home? (And no, you can't say Emma, because that's a given. ;)) And what's one thing that you could DEFINITELY do without? :)
    -Other than Miss Potter, what fictional entities have you two been watching and/or reading together?
    -Do you have anything you'd like to say to other internet best friends who are praying they get to meet each other someday? :)

    Praying you both have a wonderful week! Can't wait to hear the podcast! It's been a joy to read of all your adventures so far. ^_^


  7. Eeeeekkk! I'm SO excited! I was really, REALLY hoping you girls would do a podcast!!!

    Questions, questions...oh dear. What to ask???

    Let's see..

    1. Were you homesick at all, Naomi?
    2. Did you two stay up late most nights, or did you go to bed at a reasonable time? ;)
    3. Were you ever bored during your visit?? (Haha. I KNOW! How dare I suggest such a thing, right? But, well, it is possible to be bored even during the most wonderful of vacations, so I thought I'd just ask anyway. ;))
    4. Did you find out anything new about each other that surprised you?

    I guess that's all I've got for now. I VERY much hope it works out to do the podcast!! :D

    And oh! Naomi! Your new copy of Pride and Prejudice is LOVELY! I'm so glad you were able to buy it. And that you found it here in America while visiting your best friend. That book is going to have so many wonderful memories attached to it!! :D

  8. *grins* I HAVE THAT COPY!!! :D Love this!
    Oooh podcast, I can't wait to hear your accent, ok questions..
    Can you do your best Dowager Countess impersonation?
    Can you tell us a joke?

    Can't wait to hopefully hear from you dears! :)
    I'm off to the bookstore now!


  9. Also random question but are your pages green or is that just my copy

  10. Your book looks lovely, dear. ;) I understand that overwhelming sense! I went into this GORGEOUS bookstore when we were on holidays last, and I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING! Mostly because they were so gorgeously bound! (You know, those gold decorated, leather feeling, wonderfully bound books - and yeah, I kind of have a thing about books being bound properly, as my dad is a book binder. :P) It made me laugh to hear that Emma bought the whole recording of Hamilton CD. (I wasn't at all surprised.)

    I know aalllll about not having enough money for those kinds of things. Heh. :P

    Ooohh, questions! I tend to be full of them... here goes:
    - Give us your best attempt at an Australian accent!! Hehe. *evil laugh*
    - What is a particular habit or quirk etc that you were surprised to find out about each other? (Since you've been living together for 3 weeks, I'd have thought there'd be at least ONE thing...)
    - Strawberries or (whipped) cream? (Throwing this one particularly at you, Naomi, since I know you like both. And don't you DARE say BOTH.)
    - Will you pretty please sing for us????!!!!! :D :D :D
    - Which one of you is more outgoing?
    - How many strawberries have you consumed today? ;P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. YES I second the Australian accent one because.. I don't know why I didn't think of it... Meg you smart person! :D OH Meg! Your email! I'll get to it soon :-D

  11. Reeaaally pretty!! (Give it to me instead. NOW.)
    Some questions? Hmmmmmmmmm....
    What did you and Emma think of eachother when you first saw eachother (like at the airport)? THE FIRST THOUGHT.
    What do you think of Emma's family, house etc.?
    Have you spotted any weird things about eachother? (Like, attributes?)


  12. I've seen that copy, and it's gorgeous! I'm fortunate enough to have a lovely, simple, old-fashioned copy of P&P that I got for Christmas (which my sister found at a used bookstore for, like, a dollar). Congratulations on your find. :)
    I can't think of any questions...I hope other people can, though, because I would love to read that podcast!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. That edition is gorgeous! After I read P&P (I got it from the library) I really wanted an edition for myself. I actually now have two...both of them are pretty but not quite as beautiful as that one! :D

    What literary characters do you think you are most like?
    What period drama character's wardrobe do you think you would love to have?
    Finally my signature question: Would you believe me if I told you cookies were picked from trees by a chipmunk and sent to the supermarket in a tiny plastic rocket?

    ~Lydia~ <3

  15. What a gorgeous book! I definitely think you picked the right one. It looks so pretty :)

    Ooooh!! A podcast! Neat. Um . . . questions:

    1. Did people comment much on your accent?
    2. What did you think of American food?
    3. Talk about the bunnies!!!
    4. How late did you guys generally stay up?
    5. What movies did you watch together that one/both of you hadn't seen before?

    And that's all I can come up with . . . I can't wait to see it!!!

  16. Yasy for Podcast! I love hearing voices of people I've read!!! Always so surprising if they don't speak the way I expect them to!
    Ok, so when will you meet again? That is my first question.
    Secondly, what would the Darcys call their children?
    Thirdly, what has been your favourite American meal!?

    Love the beautiful book!
    I've been taking part in a Pride and Prejudice giveaway on Instagram where you have to post a beautiful picture linked to P&P and one of the prizes is this edition- so pretty! I've posted a picture of me dressed as Lizzie and my I love Mr Darcy bag! Even if you aren't on IG, have a look at the pics everyone has posted, they are really nice!


  17. Bookstores are my favourite place to be, but as I am chronically short on money I can hardly ever buy any! When I do, though, I usually buy pretty classics, that I can keep for a long time. On the podcast, I would love to hear about your firsts (first word, first time on a plane, first kiss, etc) :)

  18. Your copy of Pride and Prejudice is beautiful! I always like to read books which are actually nice to handle and look at, if possible. The copy of P&P which I read was quite nice but not as nice as yours! I have read P&P once, a couple of years ago, and I want to read another Jane Austen this summer. I am not sure which yet!
    By the way, as you probably realise, you are not at all alone in your dilemmas in bookshops! I have experienced that a lot!
    How will the podcast work – will it be on your blog to listen to, or something?
    And enjoy your last few days in America!!!

  19. There are too many pretty books at B&N. I have bought too many of them myself. But some books, you just NEED to have a pretty copy of! I don't have this one, but I bought a particularly nice copy of "Persuasion" a year or so ago, and a matching one of "Jane Eyre," even though I owned both those books already. But I didn't own pretty copies. Sometimes, the splurge is worth it.

  20. Oh, and I haven't read through all the questions asked here, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating anyone, but here are my questions:

    Did you have more fun perusing Emma's movie collection or book collection? Were there any shocks about movies/books she did and didn't own? (Like, "I can't believe you don't own such-and-such book!)

    Are there plans in place or forming for Emma to come visit you?

    What kinds of interesting food did you try out? Was there anything that grossed you out? Or that you that made you say, "I'm going to take this idea home with me and share it with my family and friends!"

  21. THE ECSTASY AND TORTURE THAT IS BARNES AND NOBLE. Eek, it's so hard. It's like entering a perfect wonderland....and not having money when you enter said wonderland is soooo sad. :"(

    But yay! Congrats on your new beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice (overrated? never!). I remember seeing that copy in the store. It's so lovely. :)

    Aw, darn. I missed asking questions. But I can't wait for the podcast!


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