Let us not say farewell.

Tomorrow, I head back home. This time in America has been a wonderful, wonderful experience, and I'm really sad that it is drawing to a close. At the same time, though, I won't attempt to deny that I yearn to see my family again, and that I feel like sniffing some European air. BUT IT IS SAD. Because I won't see Emma for a long, long time after this - and we'll go back to being the email-writing, chat-box-filling friends that we've been for so long. I'm so thankful for this visit - I got to know Emma even better; we got to know each other's real-life mannerisms, we got used to hearing each other's voices in the same room, to being in each other's presence and breathing the same air.

I love it here, and I'm sad to leave. I'll never forget this first visit. Not everything was gold and silver - there were times when I wished I was home, and when adjusting to a different household required some slight patience. There were times for Emma when adjusting to hosting a girl required some... adjusting. But allinall, and all that, t'was Swell as Swell's Land. (I made that up. It just sounds good, okay?)

We watched endless Blimey Cow videos, sang songs while going to places in the car, rode our bikes through pretty streets, went swimming and laughed as the day went on. Yesterday I was looking back on my journal, and felt kind of nostalgic. All those happy moments we've had these past three weeks are... done. And tomorrow the whole visit will be... done. And then all I'll have is the memories. Life is so dreadfully sad right, Emma???

(Shush. Let me make this dramatic. I'm seventeen, for Pete's sake.)

So... goodbye for now. I shall be disappearing for several weeks - journey back home, time adjusting, family vacation, no internet; you know the jest - but I SHALL be back. To haunt you. (And by that time I'll have the podcast ready... hopefully.) So adieu, m'dears. See you then!

(Please pray for my journey back, because I'm slightly worried about it. Also, pray that saying goodbye won't be too sad. Because for some ODD reason, I have this feeling it will be.)


  1. Have you ever read the Boxcar Children? "We don't say 'goodbye.' We say 'come again.' " :-)

    I'm sorry you have to go home, Naomi--oh, wait, that sounded weird, because I know you WANT to go home and see your family. I mean I'm sorry you have to leave Emma . . . But I'm sure you'll see her again someday, and think how lovely THAT will be :-)

    Don't worry about the journey home. You'll be just fine--remember, this isn't your first time travelling alone; you've done it all once already :-)

  2. Aww, Naomi. We're going to miss you. :( But I'm so glad you're going to have some focused time with you family after being away for so long. You probably need that. Have fun on vacation!! :D

    I'll be praying for your return trip, that you won't worry. Remember, you've done this before...you can do it again!! :)

    I'm so happy to hear that you and Emma had a swell time together ("Swell as Swell's Land". Haha. I like that. ;)), and I hope you'll be able to see each other again sooner than you now anticipate!

    Looking forward to your return...and the podcast!! :D

  3. I know how you feel. :( Saying good-bye to my best friend is always hard because it's usually at least a year until we see each other again. I hope the visit was all you hoped it would be!

  4. Of course I'll pray for you (and just did!). So glad you had this wonderful experience!

  5. Sending prayers and warm thoughts, Naomi! xx

  6. I'm so glad you had fun! A long visit like that is bound to have some small snags, but I'm glad to hear they were small. I'll be praying for a safe, smooth journey home and a bearable amount of emotion at parting.

  7. So glad to hear you had fun, Naomi! And I'll be praying for your trip back. I will say though, it's usually much easier travelling back home then it is going somewhere, for some strange reason :)

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Emma and America. :) It gives me chills and brought me *this* close to tears reading your blog posts about finally getting to see each other. :D Thank you for sharing a little bit of your fun through your blogs. I look forward to the podcast!

    I'll be praying for a safe and not-too-exhausting ride home for you.

  9. Ohhhh, Naomi, I'm so sorry. I will definitely keep you in my prayers (although this is a day late, I'm sorry!). It sounds like you and Emma had a marvelous time. Your words about your visit being WAS sad, though. You made me tear up. :'(
    I can't believe how fast your visit went (I'm sure it felt even more fast to you!) but I hope you have many more to look forward to in the future! Just think--you have so many beautiful new memories you never had before--and you get to keep them FOREVER. :)

  10. Okay - it feels like I was just envying you for getting to meet your long lost bestie from across the ocean, and now, you're leaving. I don't envy THAT. I'll miss you for those weeks - but pray I shall. Pray I have been, pray pray pray. You'll never forget these precious days, even though it may be sad to part. :P OH GOSH BE AS DRAMATIC AS YOU WANT ALWAYS - we do love it ;)

  11. I'm so sorry for you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time back there in America. Really wish for you(and Emma) that you could stay longer. It's hard to say goodbye to a dear friend. At least it's not a farewell and you will probably see more of eachother. I will miss your posts! I'm happy it's not forever.

  12. Praying for you of course! :D *hugs*

  13. I've been taking a little break from 'blogging', so this comment is a little late. :)

    I did, however, read this and I was definitely praying for your flight, your farewell, and your return home. I'm sure every one of them would have been an emotional (bittersweet!) roller coaster ride.

    I'm trying my best not to miss you too badly. There sure is a little hole there, though. <3

    I was so happy to hear you actually made the podcast! :D

    Let us not say farewell... but as the French have it, au revoir!

    ~Miss Meg


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