An explanation, a suggestion, and an apology.

THE EXPLANATION: I deleted my two other blogs.

*shrinks* WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS. I make another blog, delete it. Make another, delete it. The only blog I'm really devoted and committed and loyal towards is this one, Wonderland Creek. The others... I just don't seem to have the same fondness towards them; and I don't have the same zeal and passion to write posts on them. They're more of a burden than a hobby... to say it the hard way. :-/
So yes; the Downton Abbey Fanblog has been kicked away. THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I AM NO LONGER A FAN. Perish the very thought from thy brain. I just want to write Downton Abbey related posts on here, where I have more readers and where I feel like my posts sound better. (This sounds weird, I know, but t'is true.) And let's be real, we'd all forgotten about the DA blog, anyway. Emma and I deleted it together, back when were were together in her room. (*Sad Face*)
Annnnd I also deleted the slightly-more-popular Period Drama Confessions blog. Now, I did really think about that for a while. Because I do really love you guys' confessions. So much, in fact, that I'm gonna keep a link on my sidebar where you guys can leave confessions. Now and then I'm going to post a post filled with you guys' confessions on this blog. Seriously, don't forget to submit your Period Drama confessions here.
It's just that all the picture-editing and the managing-a-second-whole-blog... it took more effort and time than I feel like putting into blogging. And I love Wonderland Creek much better than any other blog of mine I've ever had, and I feel like putting all different sorts of posts together on this one.

THE SUGGESTION: What do you think of a Downton Abbey themed week?

To PROVE that I'm still as much of a DA fan as I was before, I thought it would be cool to have a Downton Abbey themed week here at Wonderland Creek. Tell me what you guys think! (I know not all of you are huge DA fans, but I hope there are enough to make this happen! :-))

THE APOLOGY: I lost the podcast.

UGH. I'm SORRY. It's vanished off this earth; I have no idea where it's decided to fly to! I'm sorry, anyone-who-was-looking-forward-to-hearing-what-we-sound-like. I'm sorry Emma, for being unresponstable (I made that word up) about that. :-/ Apologies alore, and all that. (I sound very ungenuine, but really. Soary.) Actually, I sounded kind of annoying in the podcast, and it was kind of soft, so you haven't missed anything that amazing. We did have a LOT of fun making it, though, and eating peas behind the woodpile while doing so. And I promise I'll answer all the questions in a post sometime soon. :-)

(These DA pictures are killing me. Just saying.)


  1. I can understand the reluctance to keep up with several blogs. Much better to have one where you can post a variety. I like DA-bring it on!!!x

  2. I understand - I have two sideblogs and it can be hard to keep up with three altogether. Do whatever you feel is best for you. :)
    Personally I've never seen Downton Abbey, (I hope to someday though), but I think all the DA fans would love one! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. I AM SO HERE FOR DOWNTON WEEK. YES PLEASE. :D (And yes, those pictures are killing me too. But they're gorgeous!)


  4. I totally understand about the podcast! It happens! :-) I'm also thinking of deleting my Period Drama blog under that new account and putting it under this one because I keep forgetting to log in there and the comments pile up and so on.. (not that there were many but still)
    and you know my answer to a Downton Themed Week. YES YES YES!

  5. Ooooh! I was SO looking forward to the podcast. :( What can you mean by being so irresponsible as to lose it? Really, Naomi. I'm very disappointed in you. ;) Haha. Just teasing. I know it wasn't your fault. It's that annoying technology's fault. The way things just disappear for no reason! Grr. It's so frustrating. :P

    I noticed your other two blogs were gone, and I now understand your reasons for getting rid of them. I've often wondered how people can keep up with more than one blog at a time. I know that would be super hard for me. So yeah, I think it was a good decision, and I'll look forward to reading ALL the different posts right here. (Wonderland Land Creek really is your best blog, so why spread the fun over three different places, when you can have it all together? ;))

    A Downton Abbey week? Sounds fun! I say, go for it. And yes, the pictures in this post are gorgeous. That one of Sybil and Branson at the top...awwwww. :)

    ~Miss March

  6. Yes! A Downton Abbey themed week sounds awesome!

  7. Hmm... judging from your pictures, methinks you certainly do still like DA. ;) (On that note, I'm happy to read anything you write. DA included. :D)

    I noticed you deleted those blogs... I don't blame you. :) I could imagine very easily that it's nicer to have your one special blog, so I think you definitely made the right choice!

    Aww, well I'm a bit sad that I won't be able to hear your voices, but don't feel bad about it - technology is never something one can trust. ;P (Look at me, I'm so old fashioned I'm still prejudiced against it, hehe.) Well, if, perhaps, you ever find it, don't hesitate to share it. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

  8. I would LOVE a Downton Abbey week!! Beautiful but sad pictures.(the ones of Matthew and Mary...excuse me while I go cry a little...)

  9. Definitely, do a Downton Abbey week! With lots of pretty pictures of costumes and stuff, please :-)

    Awwwwwwwww, that's okay . . . don't worry about the podcast. After all, we don't need proof that you guys were together--we already know you were, and that you had a great time :-)

  10. Downton Abbey week sounds great!!
    Yes, I understand why you deleted the blog(s). I am thinking of deleting my Fan of Downton Abbey blog. Since I am more busy with the other blog and I don't know where to write about anymore, because I have all my favourite characters, and costumes, and the ladies, and the servants and..well, I don't have much to write about anymore. I am considering it, maybe it won't happen.

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  12. I would love a DA themed week..except...I haven't watched DA....sniff. :'(

    And ohh! You lost it! NAOMI. I'm just kidding. ;) I know how easily that can happen! No worries at all, dear. :) I will be looking forward to your Q&A post, though!

  13. The thing is, Naomi, I know how you feel with the other blogs. My L. M. Montgomery blog is sadly neglected. It's hard enough to find time for my one blog. So I understand.

  14. It totally makes sense to keep it to one blog, and the sidebar sub is a great idea. And who wouldn't appreciate a DA week? Everything's so pretty, even if you haven't seen it ^.^


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